10 Minutes Of Floyd Mayweather Perfecting The Sweet Science

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  • m.j jj

    m.j jj

    Hour ago

    Pure boxing in its purest form

  • Cloud TheFourth

    Cloud TheFourth

    2 hours ago

    It's pretty obvious that Floyd is one if not the greatest defensive boxer, but the new audience just wants to see knockouts and knockdowns, it is boring to watch live for most people



    9 hours ago

    So frustrating for the opponents hitting nothing but air 😂

  • none none

    none none

    10 hours ago

    Bismilah. Why didn't you include the fight with Pacquia?



    11 hours ago

    He is the defense master, manny is the offense master, of course defense is more evident than trying to look how many punches will land during a flury.

  • Omar Valadez

    Omar Valadez

    13 hours ago

    floyd literally has the ability to see the future😂 its like he knows every shot coming to him

  • jhun weird

    jhun weird

    20 hours ago

    If every boxer clinch,run,pay the judge, find the right time to fight for advantage thats the time that boxing was dead..just look how new generation boxer champs doing their scared on fighting each other 😆😆thats how floyd influence to new generation of boxers😆😆what a clown...😏

  • Fr. Andrew Werunga, flp

    Fr. Andrew Werunga, flp

    Day ago

    With fighters who throw many punches you might they outboxed FMW. That is only until you watch the fight closely. He was a master of the game, like him or hate him.



    Day ago

    This is great but you can’t put the Miguel’s cotto fight here cause mayweather suffered a lot in that fight

  • Caesar Augustos

    Caesar Augustos

    Day ago

    10 min of Floy, we don't even want a second. Gayweather

  • Tony O'Neal

    Tony O'Neal

    Day ago

    I know ricky hatton wish that footage didn't exist

  • Venn Bagalso

    Venn Bagalso

    2 days ago

    Floyd Runweather technique... no balls just keep on running. You have to be on the Olympic as a runner.

  • Anthony Lopez

    Anthony Lopez

    2 days ago

    What's even scarier is that this is Floyd with soft, brittle, and battered hands. Before his hands started giving out he was known as a power punching knockout artist....

  • shoaib khalifa

    shoaib khalifa

    2 days ago

    Tremendous focus 👊🏻

  • Nicklaus Haynie

    Nicklaus Haynie

    3 days ago

    I know who can beat mayweather

  • FlyRituals


    3 days ago

    *Oscar misses 10 shots in a row*
    Announcers: “He caught him, he caught him!!!”

  • Atilano Moncatar

    Atilano Moncatar

    3 days ago

    How about fighting with pacquiao before? Pacquiao almost win its controversal fight

  • Jhole Baldostamo

    Jhole Baldostamo

    3 days ago

    But he dont want to fight pacman again🤣
    Why? Hahah

  • eLmo TeL

    eLmo TeL

    4 days ago

    This guy Is the perfect example of
    How can money
    F**k a great boxer's Life..

  • Gabriel Zarate

    Gabriel Zarate

    4 days ago

    Guerrero’s technique is awful man 🤮

  • Leonardo Halm

    Leonardo Halm

    4 days ago


  • barry Telesford

    barry Telesford

    4 days ago

    reflexes of a cat

  • Noms Mor

    Noms Mor

    4 days ago

    They didn't even add what he did to Baldomir and Gatti (RIP). Big bad dudes when he fought them. Watch those if u want to see masterclasses in boxing.

  • Danny Dream

    Danny Dream

    5 days ago


  • Satyarth Shankar

    Satyarth Shankar

    6 days ago

    But how come this guy did not win agains that Paul guy (don't remember Jake or Logan)?
    One of the reasons I am not a big fan of Mayweather. He has skills, but not what it takes to be a GOAT.

  • Mr Grandi

    Mr Grandi

    6 days ago

    You can't deny this man's skillset

  • Carmelo L Perez

    Carmelo L Perez

    6 days ago

    How do you make it look so easy and perfect when you are on defense.????? ....... Mayweather respond... Yes



    7 days ago

    Bst Deffence-Offence ever✊

  • Spear Winin

    Spear Winin

    7 days ago

    Richest fighter I’ll slay



    7 days ago

    Nunca me conbesio como boxeador todo el tiempo se corrio

  • Jay Man

    Jay Man

    8 days ago


  • freebird 25

    freebird 25

    8 days ago

    thats not science, thats scared to get hit

  • Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo Bagunu

    8 days ago

    ocar dela hoya beat him floyd just win im the decision

  • Howard Dominic Malasa

    Howard Dominic Malasa

    8 days ago

    Manny Pacquiao is the Greatest of all time!

  • Maribel Mayubay

    Maribel Mayubay

    8 days ago

    Si boy takbo at boy yakap tang inang boxingero yan napakaboring panoorin

  • G_Shit


    8 days ago

    Hit and Don’t Get Hit, That’s the game of Boxing🥊 at the end of the day it’s about the fighters lives, no matter if they win lose or draw .

  • First Dragon

    First Dragon

    9 days ago

    I love his smile he’s always happy

  • The Emperor

    The Emperor

    9 days ago

    If only boxers can hit Mayweather's back when its expose.

  • Bonzer


    9 days ago

    King of Defense

  • D O U C E

    D O U C E

    9 days ago

    Estoy orgulloso de mis raices africanas

  • Marycel Meñoza

    Marycel Meñoza

    9 days ago

    Thank you for watching cartoon network....

  • Arjay Mendiola

    Arjay Mendiola

    9 days ago


  • E B

    E B

    9 days ago


  • Choko1211


    9 days ago

    Canelo's Dad... El papa de Canelo!!!

  • David Santana

    David Santana

    9 days ago

    The best

  • Jay Drains

    Jay Drains

    10 days ago

    Floyds defense was amazing against professional boxers.. and retired before his reflexes got too slow to defend himself

  • Meryalkar Rahul

    Meryalkar Rahul

    10 days ago

    He is an perfect boxer in world

  • Tommy K

    Tommy K

    10 days ago

    Please do more of the flurries against Floyd in slomo. I love what I see as the evasions can better be appreciated. When in normal speed it looks like punches being landed on him.
    Oh I love those clean shots. He should be given bonus points on those.

  • Giovanni Cudaminuta

    Giovanni Cudaminuta

    10 days ago

    Defensiv-Kämpfer toll!

  • Abubakr Al Siddique

    Abubakr Al Siddique

    10 days ago


  • Maria Reyes

    Maria Reyes

    10 days ago

    Ese Man es una persona ficticia su carrera está llena de combates arreglados

  • sholove Sholove

    sholove Sholove

    11 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣I remember that oscar fight made oscar so mad!

  • Ekquizit Sounds

    Ekquizit Sounds

    11 days ago

    And he is molding Gervonta Davis.
    jesus christ

  • Nick Roman

    Nick Roman

    11 days ago

    Amazing fighter, one of a kind. The Messi of boxing

  • Reid Spradlin

    Reid Spradlin

    11 days ago

    The handsomely dish coincidentally drag because interactive unlikely occur including a oval wallaby. arrogant, tiresome call

  • Timothy Middleton

    Timothy Middleton

    11 days ago

    School would've ruined his thought process. He would've been applying regular human logic to boxing and not his instincts. Geniuses need to be left alone. He was literally born to box.

  • Ruben B Ramirez

    Ruben B Ramirez

    11 days ago

    Show the whole fight. All we Saw was Floyd Surviving and backpedaling.

    • Ruben B Ramirez

      Ruben B Ramirez

      11 days ago

      @roland markland I just did .I just saw how Floyd Ran from Pacquiao. Floyd did more running and hugging than box

    • roland markland

      roland markland

      11 days ago

      There are plenty of fights on USflow that you can watch featuring fighters blocking punches with their head. Go watch them and enjoy.

  • 5.0 stang gang

    5.0 stang gang

    11 days ago

    Canelo “if we were both in our primes i would knock him out” 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Andy Mon

    Andy Mon

    12 days ago

    and only one boxer when the time he fought his on the running mode,no other than the one and only 8division world champion.,and this boxer can still beat a new generation undefeted welterwieght's right now hahaha

  • Black Lives

    Black Lives

    12 days ago

    Floyd mayweather is an anointed boxer.

  • Reginand Bolaños

    Reginand Bolaños

    12 days ago

    Manny beats Him

  • John Panolin

    John Panolin

    12 days ago

    One of the boring figthers of the world.

  • Mad Brawler

    Mad Brawler

    12 days ago

    Gayweather the running man..😏👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • olskoolrap


    12 days ago

    How can you not include the destruction of Gatti and obliteration of Corrales? 1 1/2 stars on a scale of 5 stars.

  • Ja Mo

    Ja Mo

    12 days ago

    They can hate all they want, but the truth is, hes the best to ever do it. He beat Canelo, he beat Pacquiao. Neither one of those guys has a win on their resume close to that. I know it's popular to hate Floyd, but he is truly a master of his craft, and a revolutionary in boxing. I cherished seeing him work for 20 years

  • Cabdirahman Cade

    Cabdirahman Cade

    13 days ago

    Or it's my imagination 😅😜🙈

  • Cabdirahman Cade

    Cabdirahman Cade

    13 days ago

    Hmm did Mayweather come with Lil weyn hmm 🧐

  • Playosaur Gaming

    Playosaur Gaming

    13 days ago

    Maidana won

  • jan kayzer Mancia

    jan kayzer Mancia

    13 days ago

    Maidana wons this fights ❤️

  • Kegan Davis

    Kegan Davis

    13 days ago

    @ 2:08 girl cheering for floyd (right) girl cheering for other guy (left)

  • Bob Rimoli

    Bob Rimoli

    14 days ago

    Mayweather es y ha sido siempre un protegido de los jueces.

  • Giankarlo Quintero

    Giankarlo Quintero

    14 days ago

    Maidana beat floyd 2

  • Ndabenhle Phiri

    Ndabenhle Phiri

    14 days ago

    Ultra Instinct!!!!!!



    14 days ago

    we can all agree manny pac man was one of his best opponents 💯🤣

  • Legend


    14 days ago

    Why did Floyd wear the red white and green colors against Maidana anyway? Lol

  • GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent

    GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent

    14 days ago

    Floyd Mayweather made the best boxers look like amateurs

  • Ryan Trainor

    Ryan Trainor

    14 days ago

    Hasn't he also maintained his conditioning and dietary disciplines for all these years? Something that very few other boxers have managed... And some people wouldn't even put him in the top 10.. SMH

    • Timothy Middleton

      Timothy Middleton

      11 days ago

      No alcohol or drugs. All discipline.

  • dave h

    dave h

    14 days ago

    6:42 whoosh

  • Miguel Salas

    Miguel Salas

    14 days ago

    I think floyd should come back and fight erislandy lara that should be an amazing road runner show they look funny running around the ring and hugging eachother they can probably fall in love

  • Arturo Gotti

    Arturo Gotti

    15 days ago

    Floyd makes me wanna get back into boxing

  • Weoh_black


    15 days ago

    He made everybody in the ring look crazy they was fighting air

  • Be like That

    Be like That

    15 days ago


  • Mar Rica

    Mar Rica

    15 days ago

    Boy ilag boy suntok kpag hindi nkaready klban boy shakehand tuloy suntok boy cheater

  • negros


    15 days ago


  • Monski


    16 days ago

    Turtle defense.

  • Ericson Jacques

    Ericson Jacques

    16 days ago


  • KingLeoIV


    16 days ago

    Clowns and haters call it "running" 😄😂

  • Gregorio Neto

    Gregorio Neto

    16 days ago

    Floyd é que nem uma vespa, pica mil vezes sem perder o ferrão!!

  • Al Po

    Al Po

    16 days ago

    Mayweather haters just don't understand the Sweet Science..

  • Eaz Sanders

    Eaz Sanders

    17 days ago


  • Toure Pelham

    Toure Pelham

    17 days ago


  • Desco _

    Desco _

    17 days ago


  • Idrissa Bangoura

    Idrissa Bangoura

    17 days ago


  • TrueSportsTalk Promotions

    TrueSportsTalk Promotions

    17 days ago

    Floyd's performance against Marquez was utterly ridiculous! He knew what Marquez was going to before Marquez even knew himself. Straight brilliance, sky high IQ and phenomenal instincts! SUPREMELY SHARP!!

  • Gee 6

    Gee 6

    17 days ago

    people can say what they want top 2 boxers ever. 1. Ali
    2. Floyd

  • Chris Forrest

    Chris Forrest

    17 days ago

    He’s so fast. that gives him all he wants

  • fay petra

    fay petra

    17 days ago

    Canelo relaly learnt a lesson.....here....glory schooled him...and he sweared not loss again hehehehe

  • G H

    G H

    17 days ago

    If mayweather was in a rap band it would definitely be RUN DMC

  • Warcotv


    17 days ago

    Chino Maidana won that night, everyone knows that...

  • A S

    A S

    17 days ago

    He beat Canelo so easy, and Canelo is one of the greats.