100 Days - [Minecraft Nether]

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100 Days in Minecraft's Nether is quite the challenge. With limited resources and little to no hope, I, Luke TheNotable survived 100 Days in the Nether. I hope you enjoy!

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Luke TheNotable
  • Luke TheNotable

    Luke TheNotable

    8 days ago

    Remember to subscribe! Or go to the nether

    • Chhuanawmi Khiangte

      Chhuanawmi Khiangte

      7 days ago

      Do 200 days pls

    • Wolfe Starships

      Wolfe Starships

      7 days ago


    • yuRp


      7 days ago

      U can make nether rich with nether rack

    • neon yellow

      neon yellow

      7 days ago

      But the nether is good

    • tankmen


      7 days ago

      Good soldiers follow orders

  • yucky_666


    15 minutes ago

    “i’d like to see what you can build in the nether, TIMMY”
    my name is timmy 😭



    32 minutes ago

    I like the name property 😂

  • Sophia Stone

    Sophia Stone

    36 minutes ago


  • Noah Ashton-Boyd

    Noah Ashton-Boyd

    42 minutes ago

    I Play Minecraft how do you Play Minecraft

  • Noah Ashton-Boyd

    Noah Ashton-Boyd

    46 minutes ago


  • Noah Ashton-Boyd

    Noah Ashton-Boyd

    49 minutes ago

    Minecraft is the best

  • I am a kitty meow

    I am a kitty meow

    59 minutes ago

    Make 200 drops in spellbreak

  • Elliott Batarse

    Elliott Batarse

    Hour ago

    As soon as u got that dimond pick u should’ve gone back for the netherite

  • Star Platinum

    Star Platinum

    Hour ago

    How do you know when a day is over

  • ArduinoBen


    Hour ago

    Shots fired LESSGO

  • Brode De Leeuw

    Brode De Leeuw

    Hour ago

    Is there coming a 3000 days on normal hardcore?

  • kaden long

    kaden long

    Hour ago

    eh a diamond helmet thats not very good...


  • Sergeant Winkle

    Sergeant Winkle

    Hour ago

    100 days in a Minecraft cave

  • Hung DangQuang

    Hung DangQuang

    Hour ago

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  • Miffel Wiffel

    Miffel Wiffel

    Hour ago

    200 days

  • Kalvin Gameing

    Kalvin Gameing

    Hour ago

    7:27 you good?

  • TeamRonin Z3

    TeamRonin Z3

    Hour ago

    This guy made the overworld look boring as hell
    Pun intended

  • hassan


    Hour ago

    another 100 days but with tors

  • Golden Sampoo

    Golden Sampoo

    Hour ago

    7:48 u scared the CRAP out of me

  • Holloway Ryland

    Holloway Ryland

    2 hours ago

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  • ThunderLK Playz

    ThunderLK Playz

    2 hours ago

    I found a diamond pickaxe with MENDING

  • Sarah Heath

    Sarah Heath

    2 hours ago

    I love your videos

  • Evie Stainton

    Evie Stainton

    2 hours ago

    I like how he roasts people for being bad at the game despite the fact that he can’t even build a staircase roof

  • Arya


    2 hours ago

    Oh wow the vid is 30 minutes EXACTLY

  • Melody Samuldejehshsk

    Melody Samuldejehshsk

    2 hours ago

    Yu nether surveving nether

  • landon palmer

    landon palmer

    2 hours ago

    oOn 22:04, Luke just broke a law he crafted himself, IT'S 6 BLOCKS! NOT SIX FEET!

  • K-Games :D

    K-Games :D

    2 hours ago

    tors 200 days plz

  • Fnaf Fanatic

    Fnaf Fanatic

    3 hours ago

    ITS CALLED A BASTION NOT A BLACKSTONE FORTRESS sorry keep up the good vids

    • Aidan Alexander

      Aidan Alexander

      2 hours ago

      I thought I was the only person who noticed that

  • The peeper levitathan

    The peeper levitathan

    3 hours ago

    Make this a 1000 days

  • It's Max

    It's Max

    3 hours ago

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  • Sangeeta Mishra

    Sangeeta Mishra

    3 hours ago

    Please try to upload sunday to sunday

  • DrexoGaming


    3 hours ago

    Please do 200 days in Creative

  • Rickey recks99

    Rickey recks99

    3 hours ago

    wheres tier 100 day

  • Head shot

    Head shot

    3 hours ago

    19:33 they are dancing

  • Elk sisters

    Elk sisters

    3 hours ago

    When he said oh ya he sounded like the kool aid man 😅😄

  • BigBenny


    3 hours ago

    Do 3000 days next

  • PokeRaider13


    3 hours ago

    22:15 so the drop rate is not good for what? falling in lava?

  • Zeyrox 99

    Zeyrox 99

    3 hours ago

    Me here confused=How did he knewed when a day passed in nether?

  • 준서수원


    4 hours ago

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  • fafpeho requmli

    fafpeho requmli

    4 hours ago

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  • PulsarYT


    4 hours ago

    I think Luke TheNotable did this playthrough to avoid redstone after doing 100 days of it.

  • MrBred


    4 hours ago

    When’s 200 days with Tors?

  • Marc Salas

    Marc Salas

    4 hours ago

    The pumped hand qualitatively crash because hovercraft evidently drain barring a freezing mexican. boundless, exotic psychology

  • Monster X5

    Monster X5

    4 hours ago

    Breed some babies kill some babies

  • Proxima Centauri

    Proxima Centauri

    4 hours ago


  • Jacob's Cool Channel

    Jacob's Cool Channel

    4 hours ago


  • Blubby! Animations!

    Blubby! Animations!

    4 hours ago

    Try 100 days in bedrock Minecraft

  • Mariaines E gio

    Mariaines E gio

    4 hours ago

    The eminent team extracellularly heal because drug secondly smell including a available bar. elfin, filthy supply

  • AureliaAndZang


    5 hours ago

    "got that water
    *Drip* "

  • Lunar•Phantom


    5 hours ago

    also nice vid

  • Alex Dughila

    Alex Dughila

    5 hours ago

    Luke TheNotable can i make a 100 days hardcore series cause im inspired from you will you give me permission pls and its on my other channel

  • BonkoMcBonkinos


    5 hours ago

    3000 days hardcore, we all want it

  • Jack Twiname

    Jack Twiname

    5 hours ago

    100 days ark

  • I like jojo bizzare ad

    I like jojo bizzare ad

    5 hours ago

    Wow I never see a 100 days on minec ne

  • LOLemo


    6 hours ago

    7:49 scared me so much

  • this is a name

    this is a name

    6 hours ago

    Pls make a Gold Farm and a Gravity Block Duper in 3000 days.

  • Little fire thingy

    Little fire thingy

    6 hours ago

    tfarcenim ni rethen erocdrah ni syad 001
    100 days in hardcore nether in Minecraft
    I hate my life I can’t make this feel like English and not gibberish:I

  • gaming with yash

    gaming with yash

    6 hours ago

    How did he get water and glass in nether for water bottle

  • ꧁Sølø꧂


    6 hours ago

    omg u listened to me thx i love ur vids ;p

  • technodiamond


    6 hours ago

    200 hundred days



    6 hours ago

    23:05 he saidreally miss the over world I hope the wither kills me
    I was more concerned that he was in hardcore and would die instantly 🤣🤣🤣😅

  • jens oldeman

    jens oldeman

    6 hours ago

    I think you should be able to spend some short time in the overworld just like how you would visit the nether in a normal world. I think it could spice it up.

  • Gavin Draper

    Gavin Draper

    6 hours ago

    Hi Luke

  • Samed Alkan

    Samed Alkan

    6 hours ago

    100 Days in Caves? Could be Interesting with the New Update.

  • Ewan Duffy

    Ewan Duffy

    7 hours ago

    Exactly 30 min

  • Christian Vennemann

    Christian Vennemann

    7 hours ago

    28:38 I, for one, think crying obsidian looks beautiful.

  • you'r god

    you'r god

    7 hours ago

    Where did you get wool In nether for bed

  • Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson

    8 hours ago

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  • Melinda N

    Melinda N

    8 hours ago


  • Melinda N

    Melinda N

    8 hours ago


  • Melinda N

    Melinda N

    8 hours ago

    my game crashed 2 times, today is the 3rd day

  • Георги Тодоров

    Георги Тодоров

    8 hours ago

    Dude u had 1 netherrite ingot in the chest u found in day 24 how can u even forgot ir

  • Bella AwesomeTv

    Bella AwesomeTv

    8 hours ago

    How much days do you know you have spent if you don’t have a bed? *Edited*

  • Elizabeth Mills

    Elizabeth Mills

    8 hours ago

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  • Wilma Anderson

    Wilma Anderson

    8 hours ago

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    9 hours ago

    Survive 100 days in muck on gamer difficulty. (OR you can't do that)

  • Izayah Summers

    Izayah Summers

    9 hours ago

    Luke will you please do a part 2 people would love it



    9 hours ago


  • Fabian szyszka

    Fabian szyszka

    9 hours ago

    Hey Luke. Can you please tell me what program you use to record and edit your videos? Because I want to start making videos myself and don't know witch program I should use.

  • R


    9 hours ago

    do you have some Plans when 3000 days is coming out?

  • Berend van Straten

    Berend van Straten

    9 hours ago

    "I just want to play with Tors"
    No one stops you from making a 200 days with Tors...

  • Poor People

    Poor People

    10 hours ago

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  • minecraft player

    minecraft player

    10 hours ago

    100 days in the nether with the tors! LLLLLLLLLLLL

  • FiftyTree


    10 hours ago

    The fire nation would be jealous.

  • my world

    my world

    10 hours ago

    100days in end world 😂😂

  • Victor


    10 hours ago


  • Dontaye Crockett

    Dontaye Crockett

    11 hours ago

    Luke: "the price of wood is insane these day's (him walk's by trees

  • Vinnie Martin

    Vinnie Martin

    11 hours ago

    Do another one

  • Zeyrox 99

    Zeyrox 99

    11 hours ago

    He just have a good gaming chair

  • Zeyrox 99

    Zeyrox 99

    11 hours ago

    Hey boi
    Survive 100days in creative in nether like i did😂

  • Zeyrox 99

    Zeyrox 99

    11 hours ago

    I survived 100days in nether

    But on creative

  • Zeyrox 99

    Zeyrox 99

    11 hours ago

    Le me=Who even cant survive the nether 15sec

  • Quentin Young

    Quentin Young

    11 hours ago

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  • Bridgette


    11 hours ago


  • Survivor Bros

    Survivor Bros

    11 hours ago

    19:53 meat canyon lol

  • Commentary_2_Swag


    11 hours ago

    I'm not mad or anything, but why did you copyright the 100 days thing?

  • Anna Aguilar

    Anna Aguilar

    11 hours ago

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  • jeremy sanchez

    jeremy sanchez

    11 hours ago

    Pepe head geremy

  • Swapno Drawing Academy

    Swapno Drawing Academy

    11 hours ago

    AMAZING SX💔♥️😱