5 Things I HATE About My 2021 CORVETTE C8

Published on Jun 10, 2021
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Even the almighty C8 Corvette has a few things that could be improved! Here's 5 things I "hate" about the all new mid-engine Corvette!

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  • 365 AutoDrive

    365 AutoDrive

    4 hours ago

    Five things you hate, one of them; you paid $50k over sticker. Idiot.

  • Adrian Reining

    Adrian Reining

    10 hours ago

    1. GLARE: Agree. I suspect higher models like the z06 will have more CF options though. 2. REAR VENTS: Agree. I suspect some mods will come out to help mitigate that though. 3. REAR VISIBILITY: Partially agree. This is only an issue on the 1LT. 1LT only accounts for about 16% of all orders. 4. TOP OFF ROAD NOISE: Partially agree. Some cars are better than others, but lets be real. You don't take the top off and roll down the windows if you want piece and quiet. 5. DOOR SPACE: Disagree. Really? That is just 1st world whining right there. BONUS 1: Partially agree. Brake dust is annoying but is a fact of life on all performance brakes except carbon ceramic. Most people with high end cars are washing them at least once a week anyways. BONUS 2: Comparing the C8 'base' model rim to a C7 z06 is just stupid. Compare apples to apples. The base C7 rims are WAYYYYY worse than the base c8 rims.

  • matt kehn

    matt kehn

    Day ago

    Noise at 11:18…. Bruh, you need to wipe??

  • TheSushiandme


    2 days ago

    1 thing i hate about the C8. I dont have one. :P

  • 365 AutoDrive

    365 AutoDrive

    3 days ago

    Stop buying the c8. Save your money, force dealers to start selling at reasonable prices..

  • themetalic1


    4 days ago

    I have been unsure whether to go with the convertible or not. You made two very good points they have pushed me in the direction of convertible. Thank you

  • Alex Bedel

    Alex Bedel

    5 days ago

    3 amuses me as a truck driver. You'll be ok, promise.

  • FUBiden


    5 days ago

    "My car is loud going 75 with no roof"... no shit dude, lol

  • 布萊恩


    6 days ago


  • John Farina

    John Farina

    7 days ago

    Not wild about the styling and the tail lights are awful.

  • J C

    J C

    7 days ago

    Why Buy it?

  • SAM Colt

    SAM Colt

    7 days ago


  • Michael Benedict

    Michael Benedict

    9 days ago

    I'll get a lot of hate for this by purist, but I genuinely believe it's time for the C8 to have scissor doors (lambo doors). Those doors are just so long and it would probably help in tight spots

  • Jeff Strongman

    Jeff Strongman

    9 days ago

    you dont hate that its not a Z06?

  • Klaus Dingeldein Glaube an dich und mach dein Ding

    Klaus Dingeldein Glaube an dich und mach dein Ding

    9 days ago

    Here you can see 5 things why I hate idiots!

  • Klaus Dingeldein Glaube an dich und mach dein Ding

    Klaus Dingeldein Glaube an dich und mach dein Ding

    9 days ago

    So buy an Audi or an Mercedes. Where is your problem? Idiots are Idiots!

  • MrFool


    11 days ago

    Well, all that comes with the 1LT lol

  • Mike R

    Mike R

    12 days ago

    no videos lately, heard the dude went bankrupt

    • HEMIFAN392


      8 days ago

      where you hear that?

  • mu Habeeb

    mu Habeeb

    12 days ago

    First world problems

  • Haro Master

    Haro Master

    14 days ago

    My only 5 things are it’s not a C7.

  • Chris De Marco

    Chris De Marco

    14 days ago

    Is the way you have the blacked out 'A' pillar, roof and engine cover a standard option?

  • 胡德群


    16 days ago

    Same as the Ferrari series,hard to clean the engine bay!

  • Bruce Young

    Bruce Young

    19 days ago

    Those things would piss me off too... let's see if they change some of the things you pointed out in future models... the water getting into the engine bay area should be a pretty easy fix for GM if they wanted to - a drip tray that channels the water away... there - DONE...!

  • James Burns

    James Burns

    19 days ago

    Drop a Corvette engine into a Chevy Silverado pickup and now you're talking baby! Plenty of power and ground clearance and towing capability! Plus good mileage! Crowned and unpaved roads capable. It's a Win! Win!

  • Super Man

    Super Man

    19 days ago

    Amazing Yellow C7 Z51 for sale: link at the bottom of that link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_A1C-3PcHo

  • drummerAVA


    19 days ago

    11:18… great fart… juicy

  • WS C

    WS C

    21 day ago

    Half the fun of owning a Hot Ride is enjoying just how "tight" you keep it.....stop whining about washing a window....maybe you can get your mom to clean 'em when she does your laundry!!!!!

  • Richard Forbes

    Richard Forbes

    22 days ago


  • Richard Forbes

    Richard Forbes

    22 days ago

    Wanna know who expects to ride in a semi convertible without there hair getting messed up..lmao! sounds like very little to complain about!

  • Richard Forbes

    Richard Forbes

    22 days ago

    You can also pay double or triple and have the same issues be happy with your fairly cheap bad ass car!

  • kjn311


    22 days ago

    The “ get a convertible” car is badass



    26 days ago

    you really complained about noise after removing a roof and a door opening in a small garage.. hmmmm......

  • Derek


    26 days ago

    Wish we could have heard your wife's opinion on the passenger seat comfort. I sat in the passenger seat for the first time last week and felt that there's no way they can continue with that center stack design. It feels extremely claustrophobic and I had no idea where to put my left arm

  • tarasded


    27 days ago

    The fact they're still putting chrome anywhere on any car is shocking...as if there isn't already enough blinding reflections on a car. Anyway, I would also add that gross square steering wheel to the list.

  • Leonard DeCant

    Leonard DeCant

    27 days ago

    Seems like a lot of whining too me. Having owned or driven many two seat sport cars wind, long doors and blind spots are pretty much a given. Know what you are buying,

  • Will Swenson

    Will Swenson

    27 days ago

    Don't know what your complaining about, you got a corvette....I can't afford one. I wished I could buy one. I'm not as fortunate as you are. Count your blessings. I'm driving a 15 year old car.

  • deep6this deep6this

    deep6this deep6this

    27 days ago

    the inside of every front windshield and rear window on every car i've ever owned presents the same awkward position when cleaning it.

  • Roberto Perez

    Roberto Perez

    27 days ago

    Carbon fiber adhesive would take care of #1

  • richard pohl

    richard pohl

    28 days ago

    garage is garbage

  • Carl Nespoli

    Carl Nespoli

    28 days ago

    I don’t understand the negative comments on these videos. The guy obviously pointed out some great I’m not so great things about purchasing the new C8. And still there’s morons who have to give a negative comments. Wow!

  • Richard DeBeer

    Richard DeBeer

    28 days ago

    Great video, thank you. I have a 2017 C& Convertible and love it except for same as your item with getting in and out of drivers side. I'm only 5'11", but a bit of an old fat guy (typical Vette owner) and even after I get in there is very little room for your feet if you lean the setback back at about a 10 degree angle. 
    I was hoping you would give your height and address that same problem,. From the video it "Looked like" your setback was almost vertical, so this maybe isn't a problem for you.
    Again, great video since I've been waiting to buy a C-8 but maybe I will rethink that now.

  • TAY


    Month ago

    Poor guy. 🙄

  • Mark Hoyle

    Mark Hoyle

    Month ago

    It's great to look at the negatives. Great video, cheers 🇦🇺



    Month ago

    As far as rear visibility: Toyota RAV4 rear view mirror has a feature that permits you to use the actual mirror or use the rear camera projected onto the rear view mirror. It is called the Digital Rearview Mirror. I find that it is a very convenient feature.

  • Steven Flores

    Steven Flores

    Month ago

    “Microfiber square”
    …holds up a rectangle

  • Phil O

    Phil O

    Month ago

    Way too many ads. Your vet looks great, but get rid of the spoiler and the vents on the door just not a good look. Very good vid, thanx.

  • Electro740


    Month ago

    dude complains about wind noise at highway speeds like bruh you get that shit in any car

  • Michael Robert

    Michael Robert

    Month ago

    Are you kidding me you drive one of the most beautiful super cars on the planet I you find almost silly little small problems to complain about for those five small issues 😭# spoiled and ungrateful

  • William Vilaseca

    William Vilaseca

    Month ago

    My solution for the door opening when I had my Camaro was park in reverse and close to the wall. The passengers would get in outside the garage lol.

  • Goldtop `54 blues

    Goldtop `54 blues

    Month ago

    Aww, first world problems

  • Julius


    Month ago

    The point of this video: Buy the convertible.

  • Steven Smith

    Steven Smith

    Month ago

    1get sunglasses. 2.dont drive it in the rain.Its a vette.3. Good point on that one.4.dont take off the top.haha! 5.you got a big problem with the garage park.

  • Richard Marcott

    Richard Marcott

    Month ago

    Several corvette aftermarket sellers offer carbon fiber overlays for the shiny trim.

  • Shederra Wilson

    Shederra Wilson

    Month ago

    I absolutely love my beautiful 2008 c6 convertible ❤❤❤

  • April Starks

    April Starks

    Month ago

    You can change the rearview mirror to the rear camera display and it eliminates the blind spots. It gives you a greater field of vision.

    • JV 82

      JV 82

      2 days ago

      @Collin Gibson the 1LT Corvette does not have it. 2LT and 3LT have it. I don’t know anything about the Camaro.

    • Collin Gibson

      Collin Gibson

      2 days ago

      @JV 82 the camaro has it but the corvette doesn’t? That’s wild

    • JV 82

      JV 82

      11 days ago

      They don’t all have that feature.

  • Thaddeus Dejong

    Thaddeus Dejong

    Month ago


  • TheWhatYouNeed


    Month ago

    Good ole 99. Fun on the on-ramps in my GT350

  • Dude


    Month ago

    Trying to get into my first Corvette within the next 2 years should I go with the C7 or C8? I think the C8 Base Models will be fairly affordable once the 2023 Z06 comes out. Right now in my area a base 2015 C7 Stingray is $50K, 2017 Grand Sport is around $60K & 2015 Z06 is $65K+. All under 30K miles. Hoping in the next 2 years they’re in the mid to low 40s for a Z06 or I’ll see what the C8’s are looking at in 2 years.

  • SuperUber1101


    Month ago

    I hit 120 mph with my top off, windows down. Yeah, it was noisy.

  • Auric Gold finger

    Auric Gold finger

    Month ago

    Buy a Tesla plaid. You’ll never go back to ICE cars

  • riyadhaf


    Month ago

    I think u r 100% true of the points u mentioned

  • David Warburton

    David Warburton

    Month ago

    Wish I had 5 things to hate about a C8.

  • dan george

    dan george

    Month ago

    As I have now watched the entire video I realize it must be a comedy skit... 75/80 miles an hour and hair is "all over the place".... unlike the C7....I don't think that you've had a C7 as mine "waived" my hair over 50 miles per hour and guess what....I liked it!!! door is too long for a small garage....give me a break.....the 1LT with no rear view camera and a high wing spoiler is a challenge regarding rear view visibility ....yep! that's about right... challenges washing the car in part due to the fact that its a rear engine....you've gotta be kidding😂

  • dan george

    dan george

    Month ago

    You also get a rear view mirror camera with a 2LT or 3 LT.... u should've moved off of the 1LT.....especially if you sprung for the high wing spoiler....

  • Stang


    Month ago

    When you put all that thought into the design, and yet you don't add rain guards to the vents. Someone was drunk that day...

  • Reece Daniels

    Reece Daniels

    Month ago

    Do you know how it feels to watch you take the targa top off so easily as a C4 owner

  • Dwight Betten

    Dwight Betten

    Month ago

    OH BOO HOO HOO I can't wash the rear windows of my '21 Vette C8 without my back hurting....... Damn GM! I don't remember that with any of my other Vette 's. And boo hoo on all my other complaints with this very expensive car. Sorry, I can't relate Bro.

  • onemoremisfit


    Month ago

    #6 Missing the 3rd pedal.
    Kidding aside, the blind spot issue is scary at a 45 degree intersection and a blind spot sensor can't tell there is oncoming traffic 75 feet away that will cream you if you pull out at the wrong moment. The only solution is try to use whatever lane area you might have at the intersection as you approach to angle the car closer to 90 degrees and maybe get a chance to see better.

  • Charlie Cantrell

    Charlie Cantrell

    Month ago

    How did you get the top half of the entire corvette black

  • Simba Roberts

    Simba Roberts

    Month ago

    Love this color

  • el perro que habla

    el perro que habla

    Month ago

    Number 6
    Didn't buy the convertible one

  • Zachary Holgate

    Zachary Holgate

    Month ago

    I'm 21 and I will be picking up my fully-loaded $112,225 2021 C-8 Corvette that I ordered off of Chevy's website I'll be retrieving it from my preferred Maryland dealership next month. It's white with a white interior and I'm very happy that I'll soon be able to add the C-8 to my collection of our family's 3 other cars, those car's consisting of my other car which is a 2021 $345,525 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Executive, my dad's $560,100 2020 Bentley Continental GT, and my mom's $265,220 2021 Maybach S 680.

  • Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith

    Month ago

    In 1994 I bought a new twin turbo Supra targa. If you think the wind and buffeting in the C8 is bad take a ride in one of those old Supra's and you'll appreciate what you have now. In 1995 I drove the Supra from Key West to Virginia Beach with the top out and I took so much wind buffeting to the top of my head that I lost some hair and I'm pretty sure I can blame my male pattern baldness on the wind damage to my scalp caused by that trip.



    Month ago

    For some reason, mabe it's the angle in this video in which you recorded this video. But it looks more like a camaro.

  • Jeff Musgrave

    Jeff Musgrave

    Month ago

    This is my dream car any Corvette any year. How can you be unhappy with a car would pretty much get you any woman on the street they turned heads and they're a mean sounding car waaaaaaah you poor thing😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tommy Nocar

    Tommy Nocar

    Month ago

    get the 2lt with the rear view camera for your rear view. why not menttion that

  • Ron Dail

    Ron Dail

    Month ago

    Valid points!

  • Mr McButthead

    Mr McButthead

    Month ago

    #1 the color

  • Silver Tad

    Silver Tad

    Month ago

    Is that a Mitsubishi?

  • Richie Anthes

    Richie Anthes

    Month ago

    What is there to hate??!!??

  • Laviolette Racing

    Laviolette Racing

    Month ago

    In The c7 the wind buffeting is only bad with the roof off and windows up souds like a helicopter! Lol
    with windows down its top shape!

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    Month ago

    The glare off the trim in rough! I would tint the entire windshield 35%-50%, or wrap the offending interior trim pieces in a matte color.

    • ray shudy

      ray shudy

      Month ago

      RP should have had the interior trim wrapped in carbon flash when he had the roof done.

  • Nate Rice

    Nate Rice

    Month ago

    So... lambo doors?

  • Chris Carter

    Chris Carter

    Month ago

    Number 1 should be that it doesn’t come in manual. I know it’s faster but I don’t care.

  • t3hmike


    Month ago

    Thing #6 - obnoxious wives/gfs who act out and pretend they're being cute.
    For the interior trim - take it to a good vinyl wrap place and have them wrap the aluminum trim in non-reflective stuff.

  • Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    Month ago

    Wow I just discovered your channel very insightful very informative.

  • BDevi0us


    Month ago

    Probably best to get a toyota camry with all that whinging

  • Randall Norwood

    Randall Norwood

    Month ago

    The only thing I cannot accept is those Camaro tail lights.

  • Shen Li

    Shen Li

    2 months ago

    Those are not problems at all.
    1, use a masking tape, easy fix
    2, use a masking tape again, easy fix
    3, just do not use the rear mirror, pretending you are driving a cargo van, easy
    4, wear a pair of ear plugs, easy fix
    5, cut a hole on the wall for the door to swing out, easy fix.

    • None of your business

      None of your business

      Month ago

      Cut a hole on the wall lmaoooo what are u talking about. Don’t use the rear mirror? Yup please never drive another car

  • Alan Larios

    Alan Larios

    2 months ago

    1 thousandth like

  • Roger Pullin

    Roger Pullin

    2 months ago

    five thigs I hate about your C-8
    The exterior color
    The interior color
    The color of your calipers
    The color combination (Black Top)
    The wheels
    The high wing, wait that is six, Might as well go for more
    It looks really cheap, non-Z-51, Looks to be LT1
    your tiny garage
    Still waiting on my Z06

  • matt becham

    matt becham

    2 months ago

    She can tell about the plane crash, with a gleam in her eye...Dirty Laundry.

  • Joe G

    Joe G

    2 months ago

    I'm walkin' here!

  • Travion Crutcher

    Travion Crutcher

    2 months ago

    So no one heard the fart at 11:12 and 11:18? Just me? Lol ok

  • Jeff Wisener

    Jeff Wisener

    2 months ago

    $500 for a.little carbon fiber. People are idiots to pay this much money for.junk like this.

  • Jeff L

    Jeff L

    2 months ago

    Doesn't the C8 have the rear view camera mirror?

  • Pete


    2 months ago

    I'm not big into modifications, I don't like spending a ton of extra money on stuff that's not really necessary, but I think I would have to get aftermarket wheels if I got the C8. I do not like the factory wheels at all

  • Leeoflow


    2 months ago

    Chevrolet, spons him

  • Koral Valdivia

    Koral Valdivia

    2 months ago

    If their is 5 things that you hate about the c8, why did you buy it

  • jeanette williams

    jeanette williams

    2 months ago

    hate the 2021 corvette it dont say corvette it say,s ferrari if im gonna get one it,s gonna be a corvette that i remember when i was a teen the c-4 but if i find it it,s gonna be low mi, & verry clean & runs like runs a chanp