8 Mile | Eminem's Final Rap Battles

Published on Aug 9, 2019
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In the final scene of 8 Mile, B-Rabbit (Eminem) has to battle rap three members of the Leaders of the Free World, back to back. Watch this compilation of all of the raps B-Rabbit does in those battles!

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"Eminem wins by a knockout!" raves Rolling Stone, as the Grammy Award-winning phenomenon makes his feature film debut in this gripping story about the boundaries that hold us back - and the courage that can set us free. For Jimmy Smith, Jr. (Eminem), life is a daily fight just to keep hope alive. Feeding his dreams in Detroit's vibrant music scene, Jimmy wages an extraordinary personal struggle to find his own voice - and earn a place in a world where rhymes rule, legends are born and every moment… is another chance. From Academy Award winner Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential) and Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind), 8 Mile is the triumphant film Time Magazine hails as "Powerful!" and Entertainment Weekly applauds as "Electrifying and Mesmerizing!"

© 2002 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Cast: Eminem, Kim Basinger, Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy, Evan Jones, Omar Benson Miller, Eugene Byrd, De'Angelo Wilson, Anthony Mackie, Taryn Manning, Michael Shannon
Produced By: Brian Grazer, Curtis Hanson, Jimmy Iovine
Directed By: Curtis Hanson

Universal Pictures
  • NNA


    Hour ago

    Still crazy good listening to his rap in 2021!! Nothing can beat this!

  • bonk bonk

    bonk bonk

    2 hours ago

    2:48 man this gave me goosebumps when the beat changed RIP Prodigy🥺

  • DarqueX


    4 hours ago


  • Blessing Simulambo

    Blessing Simulambo

    4 hours ago

    When Clarence said "Let that b!tch go first" He made the worst move in his entire career..

  • Naturedrex31


    5 hours ago

    Imagine losing a rap battle cause your opponent dissed himself and said your name

  • Yellow Moonishka

    Yellow Moonishka

    6 hours ago


  • Jealous Sphynx

    Jealous Sphynx

    10 hours ago

    This is so different when I found out every fact about Falcon is true

  • Famous Cryp

    Famous Cryp

    11 hours ago

    Waaiiit is the beat sampled from Mister Mellow by Maynard Ferguson?

  • Always Winning

    Always Winning

    11 hours ago

    Girl: He choking
    Eminem: Nah just waiting for the beat

  • Yo BroGaming

    Yo BroGaming

    12 hours ago

    Now, everybody from the 313
    Put your motherfucking hands up and follow me!
    Everybody from the 313
    Put your motherfucking hands up! Look, look...
    Now, while he stands tough
    Notice that this man did not have his hands up
    This Free World's got you gassed up
    Now, who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
    One, two, three, and to the four
    One Pac, two Pac, three Pac, four
    Four Pac, three Pac, two Pac, one
    You're Pac, he's Pac, no Pac, none
    This guy ain't no motherfucking MC
    I know everything he's 'bout to say against me
    I am white, I am a fucking bum
    I do live in a trailer with my mom
    My boy Future is an Uncle Tom
    I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob
    Who shoots himself in his leg with his own gun
    I did get jumped by all six of you chumps
    And Wink did fuck my girl
    I'm still standing here screaming, "Fuck the Free World!"
    Don't ever try to judge me, dude
    You don't know what the fuck I've been through
    But I know something about you
    You went to Cranbrook, that's a private school
    What's the matter, dawg? You embarrassed?
    This guy's a gangster? His real name's Clarence
    And Clarence lives at home with both parents
    And Clarence parents have a real good marriage
    This guy don't wanna battle, he's shook
    'Cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
    He's scared to death, he's scared to look
    At his fucking yearbook; fuck Cranbrook!
    Fuck a beat, I'll go a cappella
    Fuck a Papa Doc, fuck a clock, fuck a trailer
    Fuck everybody! Fuck y'all if you doubt me!
    I'm a piece of fucking white trash, I say it proudly
    And fuck this battle, I don't wanna win, I'm outtie
    Here, tell these people something they don't know about me

  • David Galindo

    David Galindo

    13 hours ago

    This shit is so epic

  • The Saiyan Nes

    The Saiyan Nes

    14 hours ago

    This movie proved it's easier to beat Thanos than Eminem.

  • Ray


    15 hours ago

    That Rabbit guy should rap battle Eminem.

  • Yeti-Pro League

    Yeti-Pro League

    15 hours ago

    0:57 that's falcon right there, or i should say black captain america

  • Coopdawg720


    16 hours ago

    "In the ghetto"

  • Abhishek Meena

    Abhishek Meena

    17 hours ago

    This is before CJ became gangster



    17 hours ago

    Let's not act like Lotto's verse wasn't up there with Em's. That battle was debatable



      14 hours ago

      @EPloar Div Everything he said was clear and made sense - usflow.info/tree/video/iJib2aXWnq2mptE

    • EPloar Div

      EPloar Div

      16 hours ago

      It wasn't. Dude was yelling the entire time, half of it was undecipherable.

  • Zeuzsy


    18 hours ago

    bee boop

  • Old School american

    Old School american

    19 hours ago

    who would pay money to hear this shit

  • Melissa Gray

    Melissa Gray

    19 hours ago

    i think clarance poooped his self

  • GEO906


    21 hour ago

  • Bull Terrier

    Bull Terrier

    22 hours ago


  • Bull Terrier

    Bull Terrier

    22 hours ago


  • Bull Terrier

    Bull Terrier

    22 hours ago


  • X Striiker

    X Striiker

    22 hours ago

    Who would’ve thought Eminem beat Captain America in a rap battle

  • DJ Knight6Gz

    DJ Knight6Gz

    22 hours ago

    Eminem is god

  • max osiatynski

    max osiatynski

    23 hours ago

    this guy found it easier to defeat thanos than eminem

  • محمد محفوظ[]mohamed mahfouz❶

    محمد محفوظ[]mohamed mahfouz❶

    Day ago

    العنكبوت النونو خطفت قلبه العنكبوتة

  • akris lin

    akris lin

    Day ago

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  • Risk To Hai

    Risk To Hai

    Day ago

    and this guy is now Captain America... XD lol

  • Captain's LogC

    Captain's LogC

    Day ago

    Nice one

  • Chelo Jaramillo Música

    Chelo Jaramillo Música

    Day ago

    Shook Ones pt. 2 - instrumental

  • Walter Lopez

    Walter Lopez

    Day ago


  • SmD71nG


    Day ago

    fuck it Imma be The Captain, What you gonna say anything about me.
    Now Eminem is in the MCU

  • Jus Ko

    Jus Ko

    Day ago

    This sent Clarence back to cranbrook

  • Jus Ko

    Jus Ko

    Day ago

    I love how seamless the cuts were in this compilation

  • XxrandomxX *

    XxrandomxX *

    Day ago

    "How to win against eminem"
    *Don't let him starts first*
    *Don't let him starts last*

  • Italiano


    Day ago

    what if eminem was yellow

  • monke shorts

    monke shorts

    Day ago


    • The Ghostwriter

      The Ghostwriter

      Day ago

      @Thecockandballer self depreciation.

    • Thecockandballer


      Day ago

      Self deprivation

  • Al-rock


    Day ago

    How a nigga man would name him Clarence?? That ridiculious. Damm man

  • Owen Smith

    Owen Smith

    Day ago

    The guy who plays eminem does a good job

  • Fathier Akbar Arfani

    Fathier Akbar Arfani

    Day ago

    3 1 3 , Fuck Freeworld

  • RaymondJacob0922


    Day ago

    lmao falcon'

  • SargentGimpy02


    Day ago

    Didn’t Eminem lose the Olympic rap battles IRL?😂😂

  • I S

    I S

    Day ago

    I-know-some-thing-about-you, you went to CRANBROOK that's a PRIVATE SCHOOL. Best line ever!!

  • Dilasa Ferryn

    Dilasa Ferryn

    Day ago

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  • Czxaswedf Zxasdwebn

    Czxaswedf Zxasdwebn

    Day ago

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  • skribbler


    2 days ago

    Eminem VS Big L
    *Imagine if...*

  • dylan stokes

    dylan stokes

    2 days ago


  • Eva Chapman

    Eva Chapman

    2 days ago

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  • Leo Stawicki

    Leo Stawicki

    2 days ago

    Eminem sucks.

    • bailli


      2 days ago


  • Inder Chahal

    Inder Chahal

    2 days ago

    Clarence lost so hard he grew up and joined the avengers

  • Danny McBride

    Danny McBride

    2 days ago

    I love when his ex friend with the busted nose started laughing 😂

  • Ya Boy Chris

    Ya Boy Chris

    2 days ago

    like if the best verse was vs papa doc

  • Quang Do Nguyen

    Quang Do Nguyen

    2 days ago

    After the dissing, Papa Doc becomes the new Captain America.

  • Watauva13


    2 days ago

    *mfs named Clarence watching this 👁👄👁

  • Sybren Desmedt

    Sybren Desmedt

    2 days ago


  • Water


    2 days ago

    0:11 I thought he said "come on reddit!"

  • Bognot, Karl Christian R.

    Bognot, Karl Christian R.

    2 days ago

    When you so good at rapping you diss yourself so they can't diss you no more

  • EtheGoat


    2 days ago

    Why don’t they make movies like this again🥲

  • Michael Lux

    Michael Lux

    2 days ago

    U know what I just realized if ya know wildn out there are alot of thing said in here in their episode lol that's probably why nick cannon dont want him on the show hell know hell roast every fuckin one of them

  • SpicePrince


    2 days ago

    2:55 : this is where the meme started.

  • Imad K

    Imad K

    2 days ago

    If Harry Mack was there he would make everyone there be friends with his rap 😂

  • Henry Lee

    Henry Lee

    2 days ago

    when he want to be Rap he became one

  • Tyler Dzikowski

    Tyler Dzikowski

    2 days ago

    Who Eminem or the other guy playing a rapper vs Eminem?

  • Count Jewku

    Count Jewku

    2 days ago

    @1:45 beat?

  • rxdder


    3 days ago

    FIRE 🔥



    3 days ago


  • Ágoston Murin

    Ágoston Murin

    3 days ago

    Rabbit Yeahh...

  • Chase Jarrah

    Chase Jarrah

    3 days ago

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  • Asia Mine

    Asia Mine

    3 days ago

    Hi I'm here after seeing a pig rap on Instagram 😊‼️

  • D.A. K.S.H

    D.A. K.S.H

    3 days ago

    I think Eminem should be on avengers. He can diss the villains and feel bad them bad about their lives.

  • Ali_steez47


    3 days ago

    “He’s scared to look in his fucking year book” 😂😂😂😂

  • Ali_steez47


    3 days ago

    Cmon let’s be real lickady won 😂😂

  • Joey Lin

    Joey Lin

    3 days ago

    asian > white > hispanic > arab > black

    • Joey Lin

      Joey Lin

      2 days ago

      @Madhurjya Dasgupta don't be so sensitive, ok?

    • Joey Lin

      Joey Lin

      2 days ago

      @Ring Kim no it's just based on intelligence and capabilities

    • Joey Lin

      Joey Lin

      2 days ago

      @Madhurjya Dasgupta did i trigger you?

    • Madhurjya Dasgupta

      Madhurjya Dasgupta

      3 days ago

      Seriously mate, get a life.

    • Ring Kim

      Ring Kim

      3 days ago

      why? im asian, and i don't think so. that's racism.

  • Vam C Chetan

    Vam C Chetan

    3 days ago

    Shoutout snoop dog

  • Phenix HSIEH

    Phenix HSIEH

    3 days ago

    After all these years, i never get tired of this, and there is never have such good movie afterwards

  • 50 Nitin

    50 Nitin

    4 days ago

    Em vs falcon😂

  • Quadz Lists

    Quadz Lists

    4 days ago

    If I could get in a rap battle with him I would die or win

  • Hartmann Denham

    Hartmann Denham

    4 days ago

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  • mercy killer

    mercy killer

    4 days ago

    Clarence showed us it's easier to beat thanos than Eminem

  • John Wick

    John Wick

    4 days ago

    10k of people can’t rap :)

  • Eoin Morgan

    Eoin Morgan

    4 days ago

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  • Wendell bobby

    Wendell bobby

    4 days ago

    Eminem did to clarence what he did to MGK on kill shot

  • No user

    No user

    4 days ago


  • qubi


    4 days ago

    All the battles were fire, but I think the best one was with lotto I aint even capping

  • Hadestrike


    4 days ago

    Pop pop!

  • Aubrey Krendale

    Aubrey Krendale

    4 days ago

    M and M's are better.

  • Glen Bradley

    Glen Bradley

    4 days ago

    The talent in this cast is actually crazy if you look up their films, Michael Shannon is nuts.



    4 days ago

    So that’s what future look like before the lean

  • David Tousley

    David Tousley

    4 days ago

    Fuck the Free World. 3-1-3.

  • Ninth Dragon

    Ninth Dragon

    4 days ago

    4:34 i cried in this part

  • Ronnic mike

    Ronnic mike

    4 days ago

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  • Babel 2 Paradise

    Babel 2 Paradise

    4 days ago

    Best Dub in movie history