Apex Legends: Emergence Launch Trailer

Published on Jul 22, 2021
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Change is constant in the Apex Games; are you watching closely? Pay attention or pay the price when Apex Legends: Emergence launches August 3.


Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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Performed by Marvin Brooks
Remix by 2WEI

Apex Legends
  • HeLlghatersg


    2 hours ago

    Make ps4 player be able to play on keyboard and mouse

  • Ryan Rockwell

    Ryan Rockwell

    11 hours ago

    So glad that since your update I have to turn off my console to leave a lobby or get disconnected before I can join 90% of the matches. Good job 👍

  • Sw00t_y PrD

    Sw00t_y PrD

    12 hours ago

    Jesus Christ is the King

  • DJRedFire


    14 hours ago

    Ghost By 2wei Remix and Marvin Brooks

  • Richard Shearer

    Richard Shearer

    Day ago

    So what’s the point of reporting smurfing if you don’t do anything about it these Xbox smurf accounts are getting way out of hand

  • حسن


    Day ago


  • Sweeping 2

    Sweeping 2

    Day ago

    Poor revent

  • Anubis


    Day ago

    Wattson and Caustic is the teamup i need more of in my life

  • Guarmaz


    Day ago

    We will never forget the first weeks of Season 10 where Seer had a flashbang and a 10dmg on his tactical. Those were sad and frustrating times.

  • ItsOnlyHugs


    Day ago

    I just want to say thank you Respawn for preventing me from grinding the rest of this ranked split out.
    Every update y'all have a multitude of issues. EA will continue allowing you guys to be the worst BR in history.
    Can't even get into a ranked game, it drops me 10x before I can finally get in to see ny team died or I did.

  • Zekey Pekey

    Zekey Pekey

    Day ago

    When I just started playing I was really happy when I heard that ghost 2WEI was the song for this, (which ghost is my favourite song)

  • 吉村啓介


    Day ago


  • [フクロウ]Owl


    Day ago


    We could only wish our teammates were like this 😔🔫

  • APEX好きです


    2 days ago


  • Pearson Owen

    Pearson Owen

    2 days ago

    Can we please get a kbm thing for console please

  • Crimson Doppio

    Crimson Doppio

    2 days ago

    Ok this didn't make me hyped it made me horni

  • Renegade Player

    Renegade Player

    3 days ago

    not gonna lie this inspirational

  • Cohyn Geneva

    Cohyn Geneva

    3 days ago


  • Shock Diverse

    Shock Diverse

    3 days ago

    Hello. I want to warn all players and developers of apex legends that the "administrators and employees of apex legends" who work in the game, so that the tournament works supposedly correctly .. they are manipulating, crashing, psychologically harassing "expert" players in this shooter field, so that they themselves win the tournaments and the $$$ prizes .. constantly, repeatedly and in the forums or helplines in EA games, they only give explanations that do not serve to blame us for this mistreatment psychological, cyber harassment by administrators and employees of the video game apex legends, since we, the expert players in this field of video games, have our cpu's, our connections constantly functioning correctly, and it is not our fault that the game crashes when you are going to win a game, when you are going to annihilate another player, etc. For days I have been recording these constant crashes in my games that prevent me from advancing in the tournament, prevent me from eliminating these "rats" employees, who abuse the option of working in this video game, using constant crashes, slowing down graphics, changing configurations of our cpu. without permission, etc. I have a lot of evidence on this.
    THE PLAYERS ARE NOT GUILTY OF SUICIDE. Those responsible for this continuous cyber-harassment are the same employees and administrators of apex legends videogame, who manipulate all the games by causing the game to crash and paying 10 minutes of our time for "supposedly" disturbing our fellow tournament players. I am more than 48 hours in continuous crashes in my two origin accounts. They chase me, they enter my game lobby, at the end of the games these players disappear so that I cannot invite them to another game and I cannot report them through the origin options. This matter is in the hands of a law firm, a police investigation in Spain. I recommend to all the players who have made them think through forum tickets, phone calls, help EA Madrid, that it is not their fault .. that they want us to think .. They are the same administrators or employees of apex legends who are constantly manipulating us AND NOBODY DOES ANYTHING. That is why it is in the process of a police investigation and a BIG massive complaint is in progress. I've been blocked on apex legends forums so I can't tell players what's going on. Now I see that they are committing suicide ???? this is true? I do not know if it is another tactic of these employees or administrators of apex legends to make us think that the fault lies with the players. They are psychologically mistreating the players, constant and repetitive cyber-harassment and this may be the cause of said suicides. I want to warn all GLOBAL players who investigate this matter, that it is not the fault of their internet connections, it is not the fault of the company that hire internet connections, it is not their fault of their cpu configurations to play. I hope this message is useful, since I have tests during 2 years of play that verify this continuous harassment of MY person through apex legends. Greetings to all, peace and health. I hope that together we can put these people in jail earning immunizations opr ALL THE DAMAGES CAUSED. I recommend going to doctors, police and lawyers and report these continuous ATTACKS to prevent us from choosing to have fun in a healthy community. Greetings to all, Merovinshio.

  • Limpe


    3 days ago

    Don't want to see a society based on this philosophy urrrr

    • Limpe


      3 days ago

      it would mean stuck atcaveman stage

  • Pelukas


    4 days ago

    I love this trailer soo much

  • Oliver Hodek

    Oliver Hodek

    4 days ago

    I like the fact that they embraced the fact that Horizon got clapped while Crypto was sitting in his drone.

  • what 6900

    what 6900

    4 days ago

    Apex please do an heirloom for crypto which is his drone

  • John Stiberg

    John Stiberg

    5 days ago

    The trailer is just, wow! Its so cool that it actuelly makes sence. Keep up the good work!

  • abxccc 123

    abxccc 123

    6 days ago


  • 010_Harsh Raj

    010_Harsh Raj

    6 days ago

    I liked the game when it started and loaded this movie
    since then its been a trash experience, let me tell you my experience
    game menu opens, ok nice. menu a bit overcrowded but ok
    starts tutorial
    very bad ping, >100ms it turns out they don't have a server in India (why?)
    tells me to switch weapons, how? stuck there
    watches a youtube tutorial turns out its a settings problem i had to change controls "scroll = switch weapon" (why it wasn't there since start?)
    comes back
    completes tutorial. nice
    still wont allow me to queue in matches :/
    restarts game, still nothing
    replays tutorial, nothing
    replays tutorial again, nothing, closes the game restarts
    game stuck in menu, i click on matchmaking of training, stuck in it since 10 mins :/
    replays tutorial again,
    ahhhh finally unlocked
    this is the first time i had to watch tutorials to actually get past tutorials of a game smh
    puts the game on queue, I'm in queue since 10 minutes :/
    re-queue myself, same thing :/
    restarts game, stuck on loading since 5 mins the circle just keeps spinning :/
    restarts game, same thing

  • Johan Sam

    Johan Sam

    6 days ago

    Plz release the game in ios

  • だに君!


    6 days ago


  • buoxian


    7 days ago

    revenant so cutie

  • buoxian


    7 days ago

    meow meow revvie

  • TheFoxGamez87


    8 days ago

    People who have watched hog hunt: 0 - 0

  • Pxthius & TeamQXS Clips

    Pxthius & TeamQXS Clips

    8 days ago

    Seer literally destroying the whole lobby...yeah thats about right

  • Paperbag Z

    Paperbag Z

    8 days ago

    Yall sould add death mic to the game

  • Avis Fratama

    Avis Fratama

    8 days ago

  • Avis Fratama

    Avis Fratama

    8 days ago


  • Avis Fratama

    Avis Fratama

    8 days ago


  • l Jae_Yeol l

    l Jae_Yeol l

    9 days ago

    진짜 오지게 밸런스 깨진다 오바해서 말해볼까? 보정하나면 1렙 짜리가 apex predator 잡을수있어 번역기능있는거 아니깐 무시할생각은 말고



    9 days ago

    i love APEX trailer's! so well done

  • TheCecile's Disciple (1st of twelve)

    TheCecile's Disciple (1st of twelve)

    9 days ago

    what a shame nobody talks how much jojoness has this guy.

  • Carolin Wawrzinek

    Carolin Wawrzinek

    9 days ago

    Hey Apex, I love your game and these trailers are frickin awesome but did you ever thought about making an anime about the Apex story?

  • relax library

    relax library

    10 days ago

    Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  • Ingish


    10 days ago

    I'm watching this and remembering sad-ist's hog hunt

  • Not Just Gaming

    Not Just Gaming

    10 days ago

    Who else feels inspired by his story

  • ChillWeeknd


    10 days ago

    lil nas x has joined the fight.



    11 days ago

    From hog hunt to apex legends trailer

  • Shania Tsosie

    Shania Tsosie

    11 days ago

    Seer is a legends he was born a he is a Moss.And he come a legends and his parents teach him to do the moves and then to you know where is all those people are in his powers to be used and he become a legend he was in the game.

  • Toxic TTV '

    Toxic TTV '

    11 days ago

    The Cirnobyle incident occures during the 9th day of september every year. Human looking creature(s) possessing supernatural abilities such as flight, high speed movement and ice creation seems to be the reason of this event. It/they eight about 162cm tall. The temperature significantly decrease on an inter-national level, even more when (a) Cirno(s) is/are near (50 meters perimeter)

    An incredibly large amount of people worldwide reported the apparition of the described entity/ies, I assume there may be a large amount of these entities or maybe only one moving at extraordinary speed around the world (the lack of testimony about multiple creatures seen at the same place at the same moment leaded me and other people to this hypotesis). 700 000 to 1 000 000 people are missing every 9th september causing medias to raise awarness every year about the Cirnobyle incident

    The abilties of the creature(s) may be various and extend to more than just high speed, flight and ice creation, national authorities do not possess more informations either which is why it is strongly adviced to not go outside during the entire duration of the day and waiting for it to end

    • Toxic TTV '

      Toxic TTV '

      11 days ago

      For optimised security I also recomend to follow these instructions: -gather a day worth of food -prepare warm clothes -stay in a rather small room without any windows or opening on the outside -avoid mirrors -[REDACTED] -do not answer any possible call for hel p coming from the outside -ignore the knocking sounds -keep calm

    • Emmanuel Mathias

      Emmanuel Mathias

      11 days ago


  • Emmanuel Mathias

    Emmanuel Mathias

    11 days ago


  • Thehonzagames


    12 days ago

    Sad-ist fans incoming cuz of the song XD (Video is Hog hunt Dream smp)

  • Bloop


    12 days ago

    Cheese, i see it in everything (thats what i heard first)

  • Armin Fazeli

    Armin Fazeli

    13 days ago


  • Wormhunter89YT


    13 days ago

    I have been missing in action I have return after a year.

  • this dude

    this dude

    13 days ago

    Hey response did octan die

  • Ben Roel

    Ben Roel

    13 days ago

    Apex has so much ahead especially there story line

  • Matheus henrique Molina

    Matheus henrique Molina

    13 days ago

    Podia também quando mudasse a roupa do Crypto podia mudar a skin do drone dele

  • 𝑪𝒂𝒊𝒂


    13 days ago

    I love how Revenant at 0:57 looks at Seer's tricks

  • August


    13 days ago

    Wow they added Father Pucci into apex

  • platformssz


    14 days ago

    finally a trailer were octane doesn't die

  • Skyper


    14 days ago

    I just bought lil nas x

  • Oscar Adams

    Oscar Adams

    14 days ago

    First time octane doesn't die sheeesh

  • Melvin Galdamez

    Melvin Galdamez

    14 days ago

    Can you add knm to Consol Apex plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • AwesomeRace


    14 days ago

    Lil Nas got into Apex?

  • Yellow Gem

    Yellow Gem

    14 days ago

    Stories from the outlands octane wound be awesome

  • Peek Morose

    Peek Morose

    14 days ago

    We Must All Agree Hank From Madness Combat Has To Be A Legend

  • Lucky Bumpkin

    Lucky Bumpkin

    15 days ago

    Is this the only trailer where otane is useful and isn’t getting killed or running away??

  • Ethan Bunnell

    Ethan Bunnell

    15 days ago

    This is cool but balance the rampage

  • Vexan


    15 days ago

    I like how they gave us combos in the trailer

  • nights plays

    nights plays

    15 days ago

    When lil nas joins smash bros

  • Flamme 5.0.6

    Flamme 5.0.6

    16 days ago

    Nice trailer, still DESPISE Seer as a legend.

  • JJ Finlay

    JJ Finlay

    16 days ago

    I feel like he’s gay

    • Aryutsuki Orihara

      Aryutsuki Orihara

      15 days ago

      I think Respawn confirmed Seer as pan like Ol' Fusey.

  • Katsu Krew

    Katsu Krew

    16 days ago

    Change. Fight it, and fall. Accept it, and Rise Above

  • joker


    16 days ago

    cool, it worked out, I'm also trying

  • loser


    17 days ago


  • Ghost Animal

    Ghost Animal

    17 days ago

    Apex when they make a new season and season color: Time to dye!

    Players: 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    Dislike if this didn’t make sense

  • ًHeavyWeaponsGuy


    18 days ago

    Now if your game could be easier to get into for newcomers. Then i'd gladly join it.

  • MattLeiZee


    19 days ago

    Crypto- i'll Break your shields with my EMP
    Seer- Hold my Micro Drones 🔥

    • Flamme 5.0.6

      Flamme 5.0.6

      16 days ago

      Really dislike how Seer just replaced Crypto.

  • little timmy_YT

    little timmy_YT

    19 days ago

    this music slaps harder than an actual slap

  • Just B

    Just B

    19 days ago

    I watch this beautifully done video all the time

  • Nathan chavez

    Nathan chavez

    20 days ago

    Apex lags

  • AJ


    20 days ago

    thanks for ruin Seer Apex Community

  • Dakito


    20 days ago

    Call me by your name

  • Haroun Ali

    Haroun Ali

    20 days ago

    Music name please

    • Ahmedstrator


      20 days ago

      Ghost - Marvin Brooks 2Wei remix, it's in the description

  • Candace Lee

    Candace Lee

    21 day ago

    I wonder how much longer my brother will be playing with Wattson 😈

  • Ali Alrumaih

    Ali Alrumaih

    21 day ago

    bruhhhhhhhhhh 2WEI would copy right the music

  • Trygve Sørensen

    Trygve Sørensen

    21 day ago


  • Kenneth Andrew Sutherland

    Kenneth Andrew Sutherland

    21 day ago

    Add Energy Pistol! (Plasma Pistol) and throwing weapons (Tomahawks or Knives)

    • Miembro del Consejo del huevo

      Miembro del Consejo del huevo

      19 days ago

      I heard something about a Cryo grenade

  • Daddy Communist6942

    Daddy Communist6942

    21 day ago

    octane goes a trailer without dying
    me: impossible

  • DrJayPlays


    21 day ago

    Easily the Best Launch Trailer

  • rion Shin

    rion Shin

    22 days ago

    I's a GAY!!

  • Jason Sellers

    Jason Sellers

    22 days ago

    dogshit trailer tbh

  • Ethan Macdonald

    Ethan Macdonald

    22 days ago

    Revenents so cool, why does he always die in the trailers 😂😂😂

  • Saturday Puss

    Saturday Puss

    22 days ago

    0:52 yeah jojo reference

  • Iker Ponce

    Iker Ponce

    22 days ago

    1:10 titan fall movement be like

  • Millan


    22 days ago

    Hi Apex people this is accualy weird. So I just want to say if anyone of you read this message. I love apex I ve stayed playing Apex for 10 year ui started playing when I'm 8yrs and I love you guys so so so much. My name is Milan kay bye

  • Ryuji


    22 days ago

    Phoenix long lost brother

  • TheJadeStricker


    23 days ago

    feels amazing to know the song before hand and seeing it in use of a trailer xD

  • Caleb Wells

    Caleb Wells

    23 days ago

    Fix apex

  • Murphme


    23 days ago


    • Murphy


      15 days ago

      @Flamme 5.0.6 But the thing is is that I really don’t have teammates that would want to play with me

    • Flamme 5.0.6

      Flamme 5.0.6

      16 days ago

      Perhaps you could get yourself some teammates you can talk with.

  • Comoluninbus


    23 days ago

    Ozuna x Apex Legends

  • The Z Family

    The Z Family

    23 days ago

    Has ice on hat from fingers
    Me: oooo ice ninja bandit guy?