Published on Jul 30, 2021
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HEY THANK YOU SO ALL FOR YOUR LOVE THIS SEAON! What a wild one it's been. Being back in the US and all together was much needed after 6 months all separate. We had so many laughs, amazing learning lessons and memorable experiences the past few months and we are so excited to come back next season. This last stretch was both awesome and intense for us to get all these videos done at the quality we wanted them to be, so I hope you enjoyed them! If anyone is reading this... Hey, thank you. We do really appreciate you.

THANK YOU to Eric and Meredith for helping us organize all the castle adventures!

What an amazing stay and even at the Highlands Castle:

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Yes Theory
  • Yes Theory

    Yes Theory

    Month ago

    Thank you for all the support this season. Covid really did make it almost impossible for us to run this channel, but bit by bit we are coming back in full strength. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS CRAZY EPISODE!

    • Eduardo Ambas

      Eduardo Ambas

      2 days ago

      I always watch your YT videos guys! It excites me everytime I receive notification that you guys have a new video.. Keep it up! 👌💯❤️ You guys are good people and inspiring.. 👌💯 I'm a fan here, all the way from the Philippines 🇵🇭 Hope you notice this message..

    • mahdi Island

      mahdi Island

      2 days ago

      It’s make yes go to next dream

    • Ксения Костюк

      Ксения Костюк

      2 days ago

      Whats the Castle called?

    • Crex


      8 days ago

      Post more it’s been a momths



      9 days ago

      greetings travel lovers, Indonesia also has many stunning and natural tourist attractions

  • Viraj Pawar

    Viraj Pawar

    13 hours ago

    waiting for more videos

  • Sanish Maharjan

    Sanish Maharjan

    17 hours ago


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    LA to the Bay

    Day ago

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    bhimsen thapa

    Day ago

    Can you come in Nepal for visiting different place plz reply me

  • WILL


    Day ago

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    SOL MEDIA (Lan Anh Spain)

    Day ago

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  • Aashik


    Day ago

    You guys are the best youtubers I have ever seen.

  • Tyler Michels

    Tyler Michels

    2 days ago

    Who else wants to know what happened to Ammar’s arm?

  • danee egba

    danee egba

    2 days ago

    This is beautiful, this is love, this is Life. Weldone YesTheory

  • UmaU6


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    mahdi Island

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    You guys told me everything that I know. Thank you, Also agree with Eric to patch

  • Psycho Gamer

    Psycho Gamer

    3 days ago

    You guys are awesome!

  • rc_woshimao


    3 days ago

    Coming from a communist country, I have mixed feelings about this video and the comments below. To be frank, I came to yes theory today to relax a little bit because I love this channel and the energy it radiates, but it just have made it worse......

  • hjth2003 yo

    hjth2003 yo

    3 days ago

    Yoo, the swedish dude should really be a bigger part of yes theory, very good vibes from that guy

  • Ophelia Peterson

    Ophelia Peterson

    3 days ago

    Pls make more vids

  • daniel Horn

    daniel Horn

    3 days ago

    This video was published on my birthday and they say its seekers day? Damn

  • sanjay sharma

    sanjay sharma

    3 days ago

    Really appreciate the idea I Always want to do that, You guys are still friends ?

  • Lara H

    Lara H

    3 days ago

    I wish to get one adventure at least with you

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    Moriom Begum

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  • LarissaInAction


    4 days ago

    well this made me cry

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    Love Marriage Couple vlog

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    4 days ago

    I need to start doing things like this.

  • mariah


    4 days ago

    when they were all singing in their own languages and everyone was joining in and so interested... i got emotional

  • TomD2fan


    4 days ago

    pLandemic 🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️

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    K J

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    Ste Butler

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    Gazala Kitchen and vlogs

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    Ngene Wae Vlog

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    M Abdullah

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    RJ Vlog

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    I love how wholesome every yes theory video is! It always makes my day :)

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    something Extra

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    I like the video greetings from Indonesia

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    Papel Picado

    6 days ago

    You should go on a train trip as different characters and make a movie with an actual plot while traveling!, would love to see the creativity of mixing some fiction with travel vlog vibes. Excited to see what you guys come up with ;)

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    Explore the world

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    Mette Bot

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    ADIL saleem

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    We want new part 2 as soon as possible remember this is not a video this is humanity of love 😍

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    8 days ago

    Their goal to get to 10m by the end of the years is gonna with about 2.5 months remaining is gonna be a crazy road.

  • Paradise Music Library

    Paradise Music Library

    8 days ago

    If you are reading this, Don't Give Up! You will make it!

  • Grace Mitchell

    Grace Mitchell

    8 days ago

    gosh i love people

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    Taskeen K.

    9 days ago

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    Kraken Derpinson

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    Jherico Capawan

    9 days ago

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    9 days ago

    greetings travel lovers, Indonesia also has many stunning and natural tourist attractions

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    10 days ago

    Friday September 10 2021
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  • John Erscel

    John Erscel

    10 days ago

    7:30-7:36 as a fellow introvert, I really fuckin' felt that hahah
    "Cannasee kwe kweshun"
    like dude, that literally sounds like a native dialect 😂😂

  • Picus Designs

    Picus Designs

    10 days ago

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  • Manoj Yadav

    Manoj Yadav

    10 days ago

    i want to meet you people in my life ,but thing is that i don't know it will be possible or not .but one thing is true that one day god will help me to get my dream .it's a great feeling to watch your videos it's very knowledgeable .
    thanks for nice and beautiful videos.
    have happy journey for your hole life

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    Abhash Pradhan

    10 days ago

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    masked cowboy

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    JP Capunitan

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  • Alahandro -_-

    Alahandro -_-

    10 days ago

    I honestly wish I wasn't stuck in Australia. especially after the last two years, constant lockdowns have felt like a prison. I didn't even get to attend my last years in school as much as I should've. They say global travel won't happen until at least 2024 without special requirements etc. Nowadays its even difficult to cross our state's border. I've been saving to go a trip but as it can't happen I literally live through your videos to get me through each day. Keep living life to the fullest, it's inspiring to see!!! You guys are doing a great job and honestly you give me the confidence to stand out of my comfort zone. something that has once been super difficult. Thank You :)

  • Alex Agafonov

    Alex Agafonov

    10 days ago

    visit Bulgaria 🇧🇬 it is a country that has so much history because it is the oldest country’s in Europe. It is located next to turkey and greece.

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    12 days ago

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    I believe in you, Love from a small YouTuber! 🖤.....



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    El¡zabeth R¡ley

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    Mud Gaming

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  • Mud Gaming

    Mud Gaming

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    13 days ago

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    • Burb


      8 days ago

      They said it in a vid dedicated to it , he works behind the scenes for now

  • Tyler Nagel

    Tyler Nagel

    13 days ago

    21:47 . I like this part till the end. I want to live my days affecting everyone I meet.

    • Tyler Nagel

      Tyler Nagel

      13 days ago

      Edit for mis-understanding effect vs affect

  • Imasha Wadugodapitiya

    Imasha Wadugodapitiya

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    sahil kohli

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    Fiona Walks

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    Hannah Turley

    14 days ago

    On the one hand, this is inspiring. On the other hand, this is terrifying lol. Makes me think how any kidnapper could pose as a content creator, dress the part, flash a great personality, and handfuls of people would blindly agree to go anywhere with them. With no details.... no verification.... If this idea got into the wrong hands, so many horrifying things could happen???? Y’all. PLEASE don’t say yes without using common sense. There are a lot of really twisted people out there.

  • Deven Edroso

    Deven Edroso

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