attempting to cook for the first time

Published on Jul 20, 2021
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nailea devora
  • naibanqna


    21 hour ago

    You need to cook more

  • ghost sodoku

    ghost sodoku

    2 days ago

    macaroni tispy

  • ghost sodoku

    ghost sodoku

    2 days ago

    hey baby sitter she burnt the pissa lol

  • Twinkle K

    Twinkle K

    2 days ago

    0:38 “TRADER JHOH” 😭😭😭😭

  • Ariana grande Supremacy

    Ariana grande Supremacy

    4 days ago

    My favorite video SJJAHSJA

  • nnngxxx


    4 days ago

    why are you trying to act like emma 😂😂😂😂 stop this

  • Máira ღ

    Máira ღ

    4 days ago

    I loved it!

  • Maria _

    Maria _

    4 days ago

    Wow... You really don't know how to cook 😅 I'll show it to my mum... Maybe she'll feel proud I can make a couple of foods

  • Gloss HXd

    Gloss HXd

    4 days ago

    whats the hd effect u did when u spited it

  • missjhelcenmae zafra

    missjhelcenmae zafra

    6 days ago

    NAI DON'T U DARE DO THIS AGAIN! cause it's either you'll burn the whole apartment or you'll end up food poisoning(:

  • Talk Julia!

    Talk Julia!

    6 days ago


  • Tzu Chu

    Tzu Chu

    6 days ago

    I don’t have a talent either 💀

  • Hajji Chaima

    Hajji Chaima

    6 days ago

    nai ad one jobbb..JUST TO ADD FLOUR AND SE FAILED THAT.

  • Louis Tomlinson

    Louis Tomlinson

    7 days ago

    no mames le puso cremora ASKJAKSJAKSJAKSJKAJSKAJSKA

  • Grace Galdamez

    Grace Galdamez

    7 days ago

    love you

  • Dania Meri

    Dania Meri

    7 days ago

    Where are your jeans from?

  • Lana Puran

    Lana Puran

    9 days ago

    1:28 you are a comedian

  • Mariah Rico

    Mariah Rico

    10 days ago

    italians watching this..

  • Christiana Z.

    Christiana Z.

    12 days ago

    Is it just me that likes how realistic and natural she is???

  • Isabel Peterson

    Isabel Peterson

    13 days ago

    Jesus Christ is our lord and savior

  • maia


    13 days ago

    i love this 😆

  • xx.Saphire_Rubi


    14 days ago

    giving gordan ramsey vibes!!!!

  • •𝙽𝚒𝚗𝚓𝚊_𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚣•


    16 days ago

    Nailea: I don’t have a talent!
    Me: girl you fr? Like your so talented, your lagit career is your talent! 💀

  • The Unknown Limelight

    The Unknown Limelight

    17 days ago

    0:59 u r talented at youtube and making us laugh and that's really amazing

  • Srishti Verma

    Srishti Verma

    17 days ago

    Her landlord watching this 👁👄👁

  • Raina Buenaflor

    Raina Buenaflor

    18 days ago

    do you still have merch?

  • Diptimoy Ghoshal

    Diptimoy Ghoshal

    18 days ago

    Nailea you can use oil to make the dough not stick to you if you don't have flour, it works for me.

  • Gaines Kids

    Gaines Kids

    18 days ago

    It's reallt not that bad is just needs a little ✨shaping✨

  • Valeria AV 🇮🇪

    Valeria AV 🇮🇪

    18 days ago

    Haz un video en español por fis

  • Janelle Valencia

    Janelle Valencia

    18 days ago

    How does this girl go from barely if we’re lucky posting a video and now shes an actual YouTuber and posting somewhat way better

  • random tech

    random tech

    18 days ago

    dang where’s the fire

  • Creepy boo

    Creepy boo

    18 days ago

    emma chamberlain wanna be

  • Vistra V

    Vistra V

    19 days ago

    i know im late, but the fact this came up when i looked in the category 'cooking shows'. i died.

  • Grace Mosiman

    Grace Mosiman

    19 days ago

    Nailea: I'm loosing brainsells this entire video.. me: lmao me too👏😭

  • DesTakeTwo!


    20 days ago


  • em


    20 days ago

    Same bestie I have yet to find my talent

    • em


      20 days ago

      Well I can reality shift

  • em


    20 days ago

    You are literally the only TikToker I like

  • em


    20 days ago


  • •CapricornForever•


    20 days ago

    I didn’t think u where supposed to bake the dough bevor you put the toppings on tho

  • Savannah Smith

    Savannah Smith

    21 day ago

    Do a whole series of trying to find a hobby!!! Like off the wall ones 😂

  • Harmony Martinez

    Harmony Martinez

    21 day ago

    This gave me so much anxiety

  • froppy hero academy

    froppy hero academy

    22 days ago

    not to flex but when I was 10 I cooked chiken pasta

  • Garda Sing

    Garda Sing

    22 days ago


  • Desiree Rosero

    Desiree Rosero

    23 days ago

    cook again!!!

  • amouna fayouza

    amouna fayouza

    23 days ago

    Don't cook

  • e


    23 days ago

    iTs nOt tHaT bAd iT jUsT nEeDs a LiTtLe sHaPiNg tO tHe eXploDiNg oVeN✨



    23 days ago

    Umm so our nai and Hubert? What y'all think about I mean for me if it's true so happy for them they look so cute together and if not I'll just have to get over that ship

  • vee


    24 days ago

    Alternative title: Nai getting attacked by her kitchen for 11 minutes and 15 seconds straight

  • Moonstruck


    24 days ago

    I’m sorry to break it to you but cooking is REALLY not ur thing try something else

  • Nirvani Subedi

    Nirvani Subedi

    24 days ago


  • F D

    F D

    25 days ago

    pizza attempted to cook nai

  • crownedalfie


    25 days ago

    how come nobody says anything about her eating off of the CORNER OF THE PIZZA CRUST WTF

  • Helo ヅ

    Helo ヅ

    25 days ago

    eu n entendi nada, alguem sabe se ja tem legendado?

  • Kelly B

    Kelly B

    26 days ago

    Makeup tutorial?

  • Natasha Ghose

    Natasha Ghose

    26 days ago

    she gives me emma chamberlain vibes

  • It's Makayla!

    It's Makayla!

    27 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey is typing...

  • Rose Laforest

    Rose Laforest

    27 days ago

    nia just wanting to make a pizza

    her microwave breaking and oven exploding: OOGA BOOGA

  • astro pro

    astro pro

    27 days ago

    que ve la gente pro en youtube? a nai, xau

  • Super Kananen

    Super Kananen

    27 days ago

    more cooking

  • Yolanda Xavier

    Yolanda Xavier

    27 days ago

    im in tears this is so funny

  • Anna Martin

    Anna Martin

    27 days ago

    who else wishes that she posts more

  • Eliza Fakaruzi

    Eliza Fakaruzi

    28 days ago

    Style is ur thing

  • Emma!


    28 days ago

    Get it ig🤭🤭🤭🤨🤨🤨🤔

  • Babe3059tootsyroll Best

    Babe3059tootsyroll Best

    28 days ago

    Is it just me or did the person on the phone sound like that Hub guy from tiktok (@bohemianrapcity)? Someone commented that it sounded like Vinnie to them, but idk if I agree😕. Not that it really matters but does anyone else hear it? I'm curious. By the way, this video made my day lmao

  • Ixxora ae-ri

    Ixxora ae-ri

    28 days ago

    "Pizza looks soo tasty"

  • prettypotato


    29 days ago

    I feel like we're making it obvious that you've never had gas station pizza before lmao

  • How Clever

    How Clever

    Month ago

    5:02 Imagine if it was cocaine instead

  • chicken nuggets

    chicken nuggets

    Month ago

    nai: pours half of the creamer nai: " its ok thos i only poured a little bit" me baking a whole cake no prob

  • LoLi ChaN

    LoLi ChaN

    Month ago

    if uon hear random high pitch screeches ery 2 sec dat ain't nai bitch

  • Reign Carylle D. Montemayor

    Reign Carylle D. Montemayor

    Month ago

    wtf hahahahahhahahahaha

  • Natalizia Rainy Sualdani 1734019

    Natalizia Rainy Sualdani 1734019

    Month ago

    nai ur such a mood

  • Natalia Quintero

    Natalia Quintero

    Month ago

    Nai: "Its not bad, it's not really that bad"
    Me, singing something from tik tok: It just needs a little shaping
    Also me, changing the word salon to pizzaria: TO THE PIZZARIA

  • rayhann


    Month ago

    Your talent is comedian nai. Trust me!

  • Sophie Barnhill

    Sophie Barnhill

    Month ago


  • Nanna


    Month ago

    “I’m so mad!”
    Idk why I found that so funny 😂💀

  • Valeria Hernandez

    Valeria Hernandez

    Month ago

    u should try and skateboard

  • Mystic falls

    Mystic falls

    Month ago

    Is started cooking at 9...

  • Michaela Hasbrouck

    Michaela Hasbrouck

    Month ago

    That pizza could have easily been at least a 6/10 with a roller and a little flour 😁 I like the creativity though 😂

  • Victoria Jernigan

    Victoria Jernigan

    Month ago

    I’m 12 I’ve been dancing for 2 years

  • nasser idriss

    nasser idriss

    Month ago

    this is soo funny she should do it with larray it will be so funny with him

  • Mallory <3

    Mallory <3

    Month ago

    You should do more cooking videos!!

  • Maura Carvalho

    Maura Carvalho

    Month ago

    You are much cute nai! ahhhh

  • Laura C Hernandez

    Laura C Hernandez

    Month ago

    Love love love your videos your hilarious and absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️

  • Mia Bartels

    Mia Bartels

    Month ago

    not her calling vinnie hacker

  • Caitlyn Plourde

    Caitlyn Plourde

    Month ago

    the fact that she had to think about her age is her talent

  • August Cait

    August Cait

    Month ago

    Me an atheist was praying when you ate the pizza

  • Qareena Ch

    Qareena Ch

    Month ago

    I definitely need more of those cooking videos 🥺🥺🥺😂😂😂😂😂 cuz this was LEGGGGGIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT 👌😆

  • br0ccolisoup


    Month ago

    was that hub omggg

  • tony stark is sad & special

    tony stark is sad & special

    Month ago

    God ur so bad at this 😭

  • G Tig

    G Tig

    Month ago

    GIRL UR TALENT IS MAKING PPL LAUGH HOW NOBODY ELS SAAYING IT!!!! ( oh also I love how she doesn't know bout cooking so she says when it tastes like a cinnoman roll) :D :D >o

  • Toto Crespo

    Toto Crespo

    Month ago

    Please dont scroll! I just want to say that Jesus and God love us that God gave His only son Jesus for us to be save!Amen!

  • stinky


    Month ago


  • More Fernandez

    More Fernandez

    Month ago

    nailea sos boluda tenías que poner harina antes de la masa

  • Mashmellow


    Month ago

    make more vids with Larray and Mario and maybe even ravon those vids make me cry laughing

  • Kendra Paul

    Kendra Paul

    Month ago

    Same sis idek what I'm talented with

  • Jade Setiawan

    Jade Setiawan

    Month ago

    it just needs a little...shaping, to the salon!

  • Vienna Dalla Luna

    Vienna Dalla Luna

    Month ago


  • Lorenzo Chironna

    Lorenzo Chironna

    Month ago

    amore mi, amo i tuoi video e amo te, ma me devi invitare li che ti insegno n'attimo a fare ste cose perchè ci stiamo tagliando le vene qui in italia... :)

  • Angelito Aton

    Angelito Aton

    Month ago


  • Angelito Aton

    Angelito Aton

    Month ago