Battlefield 2042 New Gameplay and Battlefield Portal Reveal!

Published on Jul 22, 2021
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Battlefield 2042 just dropped a bomb, Battlefield Portal. Remade maps from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2 and the ability to mix and match, make your own game modes and servers! This is huge... Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    Month ago

    Super in depth review, hyped! 😲

    • Sheriff noob

      Sheriff noob

      6 days ago

      @jackfrags ???



      7 days ago

      Stop 🛑 with so much CENSORSHIP

    • Ryman346


      8 days ago


    • Kevin


      10 days ago


    • knowlegde learn it

      knowlegde learn it

      16 days ago

      youtube stop with the censorship

  • Paine Thomas

    Paine Thomas

    4 hours ago

    So when are they gonna announce you as [Redacted]...

  • Robinson Delorme

    Robinson Delorme

    3 days ago

    locker and metro would be very nice for me

  • John Hastings

    John Hastings

    3 days ago

    The hardcore/tactical/survival games coming out of portal are going to be incredible.

  • Gradual Pull

    Gradual Pull

    4 days ago

    The only thing they can screw up is making it a micro transaction hell and we will have rainbow owns running around the battlefield.

  • YUT Torres

    YUT Torres

    7 days ago

    Is BF1 included in this game???

  • replicant #85

    replicant #85

    8 days ago

    Battle royale and bomb defusal in hardcore mode is all I'm asking for.

  • No1buzznut


    9 days ago

    The game comes out next month on 15th m8

  • Zachary Herman

    Zachary Herman

    10 days ago

    Wish they had BF1 in it. Would love to screw with the gas and mortars.

    • YUT Torres

      YUT Torres

      7 days ago

      That’s what I asked and the lmgs in the game are fire and so are the snipers

  • Mark Sheldon

    Mark Sheldon

    12 days ago

    Where do they go from here?? Or do they just keep adding to this for years to come??

  • Don Mclachlan

    Don Mclachlan

    12 days ago

    so basicly if you think about it bf 2042 from what jackfrag said basicly like a kid playing wiht toy soldiers like a gainjt toy box basicly

  • Javafreak


    14 days ago

    I'm sorry but I'm super HYPED for this game, and will be making a zombies mode where survivors all have gas mask skins and zombies are ww2 germans.

  • beyondthelol


    15 days ago

    Turned off because of specialists but ill still buy the game because of portal

  • Red


    16 days ago

    Nosehair canals

  • J A

    J A

    16 days ago

    Zombie mode? :d

  • Dylan Pursel

    Dylan Pursel

    17 days ago

    so hyped i got the ultimate edtion, own pretty much every battlefield game on pc

  • Z71 Dirtymaxx

    Z71 Dirtymaxx

    18 days ago

    You could pretty much do almost the same exact thing on BF3. Minus the collab of ww2. It was just nearly impossible to have someone join your server because they physically had to search for the name of your server if it was considered "custom"

  • Hurricane Haydo

    Hurricane Haydo

    20 days ago

    Man I feel horrible, I've been watching you for years and only just realised I'm not subbed, is changed now.

  • Glenn Musk

    Glenn Musk

    20 days ago

    Average AEK-971 fans
    Average M416 enjoyers

  • Devolved State

    Devolved State

    22 days ago

    just throw in the star wars characters too...if you are going ham go all the way

  • Dustin Nuttall

    Dustin Nuttall

    22 days ago

    So I can create my own server with all bots except myself? Better than having cheaters in the game.



    23 days ago

    I haven't played battlefield in years but I've never been so excited for a game. It looks good so far. Let's just hope they got it right this time.

  • The one and the only

    The one and the only

    23 days ago

    Will i need Xbox live gold to play with all bots or at all? I don't have it and am not planning on getting it any time soon.

  • Alec Bowman

    Alec Bowman

    24 days ago

    A modernized Tiger II would be nice.
    Edit: Oh, and the ME.262 would be nice.

  • xxTharq12


    24 days ago

    Basically, uptiered in War Thunder

  • slim Rummy

    slim Rummy

    26 days ago

    Man the age of vidio games we are in.... And I used to play 'Ape escape' crazy stuff

  • Fushimi 차관

    Fushimi 차관

    26 days ago

    9:43 ( Pause The Video ) Only Battlefield OG's Know What Ship That Is & It made me so f'ing hypeddd!!! It appeared in like 4 or 5 Battlefields and now the most recent one??!! That's a W

  • dale 8754

    dale 8754

    26 days ago

    Conquest an domination are the best in my opinion just all out war cant wait

  • Jared Richey

    Jared Richey

    26 days ago

    So freaking cool cant wait to play this!!!

  • Dylan DualSport

    Dylan DualSport

    27 days ago

    Will i need a PC to play with battlefield portal or will next gen consoles support that as well?

  • spooky pooky

    spooky pooky

    27 days ago

    Imagine doing real war stories from purple heart recipients.

  • K-POP Germany

    K-POP Germany

    27 days ago

    Time for 1942 Germany vs modern Germany

  • PoohsSmartBrother


    28 days ago

    It better get stuff from BF1!!

  • Shabo Zakomac

    Shabo Zakomac

    29 days ago


  • The_Wooly_Badger


    29 days ago

    Adding paschendale and the mg42 or mg08 and ill never play another video game again

  • Yel1oww


    29 days ago

    nice video bro, i make battlefield content to, i am gonna make bf 2042 content right when it releases

  • Gary Abbe Jr

    Gary Abbe Jr

    Month ago

    Man I hope they bring back Coral Sea from BF1942!!!! Dogfights and attacking carriers!!!!

  • Mario Martins

    Mario Martins

    Month ago

    Can’t wait until the boosting lobbies pop up 😂 ahah battlefield nostalgia or what.

  • Deno Moto

    Deno Moto

    Month ago

    The community is going to be split into a thousand shards. Then as players get bored and leave the game will die very quickly because nobody is going to want to move over to new servers and new play styles. This is a mistake a lot of developers keep making.

    • YUT Torres

      YUT Torres

      7 days ago


  • Arthur Muaya

    Arthur Muaya

    Month ago

    This is your idea right Jack?

  • Dylan Escriva

    Dylan Escriva

    Month ago

    BF : Vietnam!!!!! Are we going to pretend like that didn't happen???? Where is the BF:V remake? even just maps?

  • Andrew


    Month ago

    Lol this makes call of duty look so lazy and minor league

  • Dirty_operator


    Month ago

    This is gonna be sick. Can’t wait. Gonna be gnarly

  • SilentFox


    Month ago

    This got me super excited but i do wonder with portal mode, will portal mode be on current gen or next gen and pc only

  • Svall


    Month ago

    this is insane! well played dice!

  • mNz 997

    mNz 997

    Month ago

    "Nosehair Canals" lol... fine

  • Eldinii


    Month ago

    Courage JD lol

  • Sylo Johnson

    Sylo Johnson

    Month ago

    I'm soaked

  • jose lopez

    jose lopez

    Month ago

    Just noticed that we didn’t have the an Apache in bf3. It was a cobra/viper

  • NWOslave


    Month ago

    with all of this available i feel like this game could be active for years.

  • Jared Squires

    Jared Squires

    Month ago

    Here we are begging for basic options from Warzone and anti-cheat regulation.
    DICE is like “What era of our game do you want with your tornado?” 😂🔥

  • Keisha Shaz

    Keisha Shaz

    Month ago

    We need this to drop already

  • Malek Hekal

    Malek Hekal

    Month ago

    Excited to fight a robot with a m1 grand!

  • ikenna managwu

    ikenna managwu

    Month ago

    BF has always been legendary but they really going all out now... I'm too ready for this.

  • drcrem


    Month ago

    I am sexauly attracted to dice

  • BrandinX


    Month ago

    Holy shit this is amazing 🤯

  • FasterSpade 434

    FasterSpade 434

    Month ago

    So we just got arma 3 on console nice

  • Holy Stepper

    Holy Stepper

    Month ago

    this is going to make a lot of new youtbers

  • Holy Stepper

    Holy Stepper

    Month ago

    this is about to be the end all of fps games

  • NCA


    Month ago

    This will dominate COD in all aspecs

  • Tobias Jeremy Pramono

    Tobias Jeremy Pramono

    Month ago

    Idk why but.....
    I feel this game will got "Project Reality" Project

  • Jacob Shupe

    Jacob Shupe

    Month ago

    Does this game have destructive environment like BFBC2 did?

  • SrtJoker Gaming

    SrtJoker Gaming

    Month ago

    Graphics looks sick as🤯🔥 super hyped I can't wait to play this game

  • Zuzmaw


    Month ago

    If i can’t customize my soldier to have three penises, I don’t want it.

  • c


    Month ago

    Um what?! Dedicated fully customizable servers are back!? And in a completely user friendly modernized way? It finally happened. Someone finally filled the void. We've finally come full circle. People will be playing this game still 20 years from now.

  • Kevin Bond

    Kevin Bond

    Month ago

    So could someone make a project reality/ squad clone from these mechanics?

  • Brayden Taylor

    Brayden Taylor

    Month ago

    Damn. Now I wish we could go back to 1860s era and 1776 era

  • [LLJ] Joegrizzly [999]

    [LLJ] Joegrizzly [999]

    Month ago

    Visual scripting is cool and is a good way for scripting for everyone without too much of a barrier

  • Krish Rao

    Krish Rao

    Month ago

    So there will be custom lobbies …… invitational or free to join with rules of creators or u can have a random br experience…… is it right??

  • Việt Nguyễn

    Việt Nguyễn

    Month ago

    Don't be too complex, we can't handle this. Retro game is so much simple, simple is better

  • Only Da Lord Knowz

    Only Da Lord Knowz

    Month ago

    This is fckn cool!!!!!!!



    Month ago

    They need to do this for MODERN WARFARE 2

  • K W

    K W

    Month ago

    If they also gave us a map editor like farcry does it would be the icing on the cake.

  • Javier l0pez

    Javier l0pez

    Month ago

    An-94 from bf3 lettssss gooooo

  • alchemist89


    Month ago

    All I know is I want to shoot down a fighter jet with a panzerfaust.

  • Love4decor LLC

    Love4decor LLC

    Month ago

    This looks good, but honestly can we get battlefield 4 remastered.

  • Brian


    Month ago

    I want Vietnam and 2142 added to portal.... I will never need another vidogame

  • fyst pump

    fyst pump

    Month ago

    My mate asked me if I was getting the new cod this year. Almost killed the poor guy lmao

  • BB


    Month ago

    Arica Harbor, oh how I played that map back in the days

  • Cologne Trooper

    Cologne Trooper

    Month ago

    So do you have to rent a server to have ai battles?



    Month ago

    Quick question is the a10 warthog in the game

  • FiShYNiShY


    Month ago

    Should I wait for Battlefield 2042 or get Modern Warfare

  • Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith

    Month ago

    PS5 FTW

  • First Last

    First Last

    Month ago

    Dice: Battlefield 1
    Dice: Battlefield 2042
    Me: wait what?

  • JD R

    JD R

    Month ago

    How many gb?

  • Ian Babcock

    Ian Babcock

    Month ago

    I’m hoping for some BF1 content down the line.

  • Minuteman


    Month ago

    Battlefield 2 was the best Battlefield

  • Brono


    Month ago

    Just give us vote kick over the cheaters 🙄

  • Noman Qureshi

    Noman Qureshi

    Month ago

    warzone is best and free

  • Rockhampton Fisichella

    Rockhampton Fisichella

    Month ago

    I'll be ready!

  • AggytheSlob


    Month ago

    So essentially this could also be sued as just a regular server browser? I’M IN!!!

  • Edgar C. Guzman

    Edgar C. Guzman

    Month ago

    I hope this game destroys call of duty like never before!!!

  • Sir Saxon

    Sir Saxon

    Month ago

    Over the years I hope they bring back all the gamemodes, radio songs, vehicles, weapons, gadgets, settings, factions, and maps (vanilla and dlc) from 1942, Vietnam, Hardline, BC2, 3, 4, and 1. You could literally play ANY battlefield you wanted forever. This game will never die because there will always be new game modes and bots to fill the lobbies.

  • ViralHate.-.


    Month ago

    I really like i can make a Zombies gameplay!

  • i4got872 YTP

    i4got872 YTP

    Month ago

    Looks amazing. 🎲 🎲 🎲

  • Matthew Santillan

    Matthew Santillan

    Month ago

    I’m kinda hype lol

  • Lucalex


    Month ago

    nosehair canals

  • Deminx Gaming

    Deminx Gaming

    Month ago


  • RJJR


    Month ago

    Dice: "Yeah we're tired of making content. Here, you guys try it out"

  • Michael Schneider

    Michael Schneider

    Month ago

    Sounds like you can spend more time in the menus then playing the game.