Brandi Carlile - Right On Time (Official Video)

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The official music video for Brandi Carlile's "Right On Time."
New album 'In These Silent Days' available October 1.
Pre-order now:

Directed by: Courteney Cox
Produced by: REOS
Creative Director: Catherine Carlile
Creative Producer: Jade Ehlers
Producer: Dustin Heveron
Director of Photography: Mego Lin
Production Designer: Jonathan Denmark
Style Director & Costume Designer: Maryam Malakpour
Hair: Pamela Neal
Makeup: Loren Canby
Commissioner: Mandee Mallonee

Connect with Brandi:

Additional Credits:
Production Coordinator: Jared Heveron
1st AD: Mitch Yapko
2nd AD: Luisa Novo
1st AC: Edward Tran
2nd AC: Matt Berbano
Steadicam Operator: John Williams
Underwater DP: Ian Takahashi
Underwater 1st AC: Peter Lee
Underwater Grip: Josh Linkey
DIT: Drake Booth
Gaffer: Paul Kane
Best Boy Electric: Matt Olson
Best Boy Electric: Jay Carey
Electric: Colvin Ang
Electric: James Wray
Key Grip: Charles Tae
Best Boy Grip: Brien Chatfield
Grip: Laura DeShane
Grip: Dave Donaldson
Art Coordinator: Jason Modica
Leadman: Tyler Gattoni
Set Dresser: Kelvyn Cecchin
Art PA: Robert Leach
Art PA: Sara Linville
Editor: Jorge Sandoval
VFX: Manny Figs
Color: Lindsey Mazur - Forager
Stills Photography: Hannah Hanseroth
BTS Video: Jordan Knight
Craft Services: Michael Ebel
Medic: Monica Stewart
CCO Assist: Micah Sohl
Diver Water Safety: Jake Hicks
Locations Manager.: Stephen Brown
Storyboard Artist: Joel Venti
PA: Arielle Zolezzi
PA: Ninh Bui
PA: Khoa Bui
PA: Nour Nour
PA: Megan Ford
PA: Jasmine Garcia
PA: Jailen Moore

Come back now, even if you call me out
You might be angry now, of course you are
I’m scared too, didn’t mean to take it out on you
I know I always do, you’re the strongest person in the room
Turn back time
Help me to rewind and we can find ourselves again
It’s not too late
Either way, I lose you in these silent days
It wasn’t right, but it was right on time
Don’t look down, I can feel it when your heart starts pounding
It’s beyond your control, you know it is
It’s getting to the point where I can’t carry on
I never held my breath for quite thislong
And I don’t take it back, I did what I had to do
It’s not too late
Either way, I lose you in these silent days
It wasn’t right, but it was right on time.

Brandi Carlile
  • mollybeckerful


    22 hours ago

    Brandi, you are 'Captain Fantastic'...I am thankful for you and your heart. And because of the emotional release I experience through your talent, thank you. ❤ Also, I suggest a tour with you and Fruit Bats on the same ticket. ;)

  • patricia hitt

    patricia hitt

    Day ago

    I love her but I'm not a fan of the blonde hairdo

  • EweTube4


    Day ago

    Did you lnow she was scared to death about water before tbis video? Talk about conquering your fears! I have loved her since 2003, helps that I'm from the Pacific NW. Her voice, her lyricism, her ability to be so "human", just love her.

  • Paul Brothers

    Paul Brothers

    2 days ago

    Amazing... I only know you from the Joe Bell movie and I love the song at the end and I had to find out who you were. You're amazing. I am so glad I stumbled upon this

  • Jarrett Williams

    Jarrett Williams

    2 days ago

    Directed by Courteney Cox

  • Mel the Builder

    Mel the Builder

    2 days ago

    Oh my ❤️

  • Sarah Rainwater

    Sarah Rainwater

    3 days ago

    Check out the live version of this from the Gorge. Just awesome. I was there. She has a spiritual edge that is transcendent.

  • Bill Hoye

    Bill Hoye

    3 days ago

    The song is great, as usual. But the music video doesn’t seem to fit her honest lyrical style. It feels contrived and I much prefer to just listen to the record.

  • Colleen Pragalz

    Colleen Pragalz

    6 days ago

    Oh wow, my heart hurts..."I've never held my breath for quite this long" It's just so real...."these silent days". Love this so much.



    6 days ago

    Who is this lady i stumbled across this song on a random station WOW SHE HAS PIPES I cant say ive heard a captivating voice like this in a looooong time!

  • Christi Vollgraaff

    Christi Vollgraaff

    6 days ago

    Love this a lot!!!!!

  • Charis Taylor

    Charis Taylor

    7 days ago


  • Jacqueline Smith

    Jacqueline Smith

    8 days ago

    Reading her book, "Broken Horses", A memoir. Brandi Carlile. How much can a book dig deep in ones heart and dig out the emotions and fears? All the way through. I keep wondering how a person can be so frank and honest, warm, sensitive and loving. Her book reflects so closely to to my life. How did she know that this book, her albums, her willingness to share would help me so much. I forgive you, and forgive myself.

  • Deborah Rosenberg

    Deborah Rosenberg

    10 days ago

    I’m getting Elton John vibes.

  • Susie N

    Susie N

    11 days ago

    Okay as I am actively reading Brandi’s book & watching this video, the first thing that came to mind was “Brandi’s wearing her Honkey Cat shoes ❤️. Love the song but loving the book so much I’m getting ready to reread. WTG All

  • Gina Wright

    Gina Wright

    12 days ago

    My son will be 18 soon.. And he is a senior.. This song hits home.. Even if it's not about a mother and almost adult son... I can't stop crying. 💙 Thank you.

  • K P

    K P

    13 days ago

    How many artists is she brilliantly paying homage to? I’ll go first…Freddy Mercury.

    • K P

      K P

      13 days ago

      The Verve. Elton John.

  • Random Recordings

    Random Recordings

    13 days ago

    The human voice is a marvel of nature. Its versatility of expression and range are wondrous. Ms Carlisle knows how to use her gift in the most incredible ways. Ever changing, ever growing, touching the melodic notes that strike the chords of our deepest fears and longings, hopes and dreams. What an artist she is!

  • María Raiti

    María Raiti

    13 days ago

    Oh Brandi that last scene, all the courage it takes!!! To cross the treshhold right on time. I love your heart and the way you are so unapollogetically true to it.

  • sue smith

    sue smith

    14 days ago

    What a beautiful song make me cry ♥



    14 days ago

    Beautiful song ❤️❤️

  • Christian Mazerolle

    Christian Mazerolle

    15 days ago

    The music is lovely - but I don't understand how the ill-fitting, tacky outfit complements the song or video in any way. -Or the dirty, shaggy looking hair. -Or the poorly applied eyeshadow that makes her eyes look heavy and tired. Her stylist and beauty team failed her.
    She walks out with a bunch of fine looking people looking like the only clown.
    Seriously. A full sequined onesie with a piece of tule stapled to the shoulder and racoon eyes? That's what you do to this beautiful woman?

  • VioletIceFire


    15 days ago

    Brandie Carlile's voice is so breathtaking, also I noticed that Courteney Cox directed this, how unexpected!

  • PeterJoseph Hogenson

    PeterJoseph Hogenson

    15 days ago


  • Tiago Souza

    Tiago Souza

    15 days ago

    ✨✨✨ I Just watch a "Dream" that I have. Gratitude! Love and Blessings for ALL! 🙏🏻🤩🧡🌞💛✨✨✨

  • Yela Bombshell

    Yela Bombshell

    16 days ago

    I just love her range! Such a beautiful song❤️

  • Rachel Tripp Photography

    Rachel Tripp Photography

    18 days ago

    Thank you for this. I really needed this today.

  • Samantha Kotze

    Samantha Kotze

    18 days ago

    Can't seem to get over this song, it hits the core, this woman, always so much depth, just, sho

  • Rich Kosik

    Rich Kosik

    19 days ago

    Brandi Carlile still touching hearts & souls........looking forward to the release of the album/CD

  • Maria Correa

    Maria Correa

    22 days ago

    Totally love the Bowie vibe.

  • 907Alpha Prime

    907Alpha Prime

    22 days ago

    My god I just buried a tear six feet under …this hit me in the feels my guy

  • Tristan Walker

    Tristan Walker

    22 days ago

    Celine Dion? Is that you?

  • Tiberio Saraceno

    Tiberio Saraceno

    23 days ago

    Gotta give it up to Courtney Cox for averting a cliche ending. The song... that's just insane. I can't stop replaying it.



    23 days ago

    I am just in love !!!

  • Davey


    23 days ago

    Never head of Brandi until I heard her sing on an ad on Fox News and I'm in love with her music now. I'm so happy I discovered her.

  • Christie Leigh

    Christie Leigh

    23 days ago

    I loved it!

  • Donna Richardson

    Donna Richardson

    24 days ago

    Ahh Brandi...,💥 Sooo Darn Goood !!! Perfect timing, lyrics, & song for times like these !!! Pure, down-to-earth #music🎼🎶🎵

  • G. Teck

    G. Teck

    24 days ago

    Thank you so much for this song and the live version today you did in the raining forest 🌳. It’s beautiful and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect 🙏🏻💜

  • Senf Man

    Senf Man

    26 days ago

    I miss the long hair, I think it made her sexier.
    But the song is just wow

  • Pam Goodwin

    Pam Goodwin

    28 days ago

    Your voice is pure honey.

  • Mali Halls

    Mali Halls

    28 days ago

    Voice control and delivery...Right on it.

  • Jeff Adam

    Jeff Adam

    29 days ago

    First song I have heard from her. Excellent vocals, strong like Adele. I will be exploring her other work!

    • David Harris

      David Harris

      17 days ago

      check out “that wasn’t me”- it’s a beauty!

    • kiran niks

      kiran niks

      18 days ago

      You haven't heard "jokes on you" yet 😯.

  • Amelia Mustafa

    Amelia Mustafa

    29 days ago

    My grandma has just been diagnosed with dementia and this song makes my heart ache. I miss her so much 😢

  • Erry little Thing

    Erry little Thing

    Month ago

    Um. I love BC and the twins music. Amazing band, gorgeous lyrics and music, her voice is so warm and powerful. But I'm not as much of a fan as most of you seem to be. Does anybody know if Ani fans are also over the edge in adoration? PLEASE DON'T KILL ME.

  • SpiritzHoly


    Month ago

    After a hard day….a shot of Brandi to ease the nerves

  • Aubrey Esslinger

    Aubrey Esslinger

    Month ago

    we Love you Brandi!!!!

  • Smee


    Month ago

    This was a song to herself .. This is my sOooong 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    how is it that a song can describe everything you feel know and live💙💚 in this moment

  • DampCake


    Month ago

    She’s SO GOOD. like legends good.

  • Chris A Carrillo

    Chris A Carrillo

    Month ago


  • tinker bell

    tinker bell

    Month ago

    Brandi, saving country music one song at a time.

  • Rachel Roberts

    Rachel Roberts

    Month ago

    That voice is everything

  • Ambar Gray

    Ambar Gray

    Month ago

    howwww beautiful can a song be? and how beautiful can a video concept be..,

  • Cherie Ann Lasso

    Cherie Ann Lasso

    Month ago


  • Bill Bill

    Bill Bill

    Month ago

    Love the song but this video doesn’t do anything for me

  • D W

    D W

    Month ago

    Can’t wait for full release - Gorge was on 🔥 such an amazing night!

  • Scene It All with Jeff and Jon

    Scene It All with Jeff and Jon

    Month ago

    Just saw her perform at the Gorge, 16 years after seeing her perform at the Performing Arts Center in Bellingham, WA, and it was awesome to see how big she has become while staying humble and loyal. ❤️!

  • Vicky S.

    Vicky S.

    Month ago

    Incredible ♡

  • Dude


    Month ago

    Oh my! This song is something else! So good! Brandi just consistently slays me!

  • James W. Batten Jr.

    James W. Batten Jr.

    Month ago

    She sounds so much like a cross between Pink and Lori Morgan. Almost spot on Lori..beautiful. .

  • James W. Batten Jr.

    James W. Batten Jr.

    Month ago

    It's not Brandi, but it is. .omg..this is so much more of her essance...I'm blown away..incredible. awe..💖

    • James W. Batten Jr.

      James W. Batten Jr.

      Month ago

      Lori Morgan. .yes, I'm old..

    • James W. Batten Jr.

      James W. Batten Jr.

      Month ago

      Reminds me of a cross between Pink and. .aah..brain fart..

  • Janelle Bales

    Janelle Bales

    Month ago

    Can that me more beautiful or what ❤❤❤

  • renee pearson

    renee pearson

    Month ago

    Wow! Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Thanks for this heartfelt song.

  • joaldo ruiz caballero

    joaldo ruiz caballero

    Month ago

    What More amazing Is that the direction of this video más Made by Courtney Cox oír Mónica Geller from friends!!!

  • Aoife Feeney

    Aoife Feeney

    Month ago

    Fell in love with her even more after this 😍❤️ what a powerhouse

  • Ed Longmire

    Ed Longmire

    Month ago

    Wow! At first, before she started singing, I doubted my senses. This woman was not the Brandi I had come to know and appreciate. Silver Lame? Really? But then the opened her mouth, and out came this glorious voice and vibrato that should be patented. And, as usual, the lyrics cut right to the chase,
    cutting my heart out in passing. And the soaring phrasing... no words!

  • Bob Laws

    Bob Laws

    Month ago

    Someone help me out: the melody when she sings “either way I lose you in these sullen days” reminds me of a song from the 60s or 70s but I can’t put my finger on it. Does anyone know what it is?

    • tgflux


      Month ago

      A correction, I think, re the lyrics: New album 'In These _Silent_ Days' available October 1.

  • Ravencat 66

    Ravencat 66

    Month ago

    Weird music video but good job Brandi

  • Wilson Wagawqg

    Wilson Wagawqg

    Month ago

    Wow I love ur song Bbrandi

  • Poliglota On-line Brasil

    Poliglota On-line Brasil

    Month ago

    Que música linda, estou apaixonado 😍

  • pf t

    pf t

    Month ago


  • Jake Wilson

    Jake Wilson

    Month ago

    Is it me or does her voice and talent keep getting better?

    • Jacqueline Smith

      Jacqueline Smith

      8 days ago

      Better. Stronger. More freedom.

  • Nikki Newell

    Nikki Newell

    Month ago

    I just listened for the first time, and sat here with tears running. Wow!!

  • Brian Mcintosh

    Brian Mcintosh

    Month ago

    I just heard of this artist yesterday. Amazing voice, amazing song, exploring her work...

  • Trembol


    Month ago

    What an amazing tune! We added it to our BEST 2021 SONGS ⚡ ¡Qué maravillosa canción! Directa a LO MEJOR DE 2021
    Updated weekly 🌍 Actualizada cada semana

  • Elize Van eeden

    Elize Van eeden

    Month ago

    Always loved your music, this is beautifull.

  • Daniel Rosson

    Daniel Rosson

    Month ago

    Ive listened to this song like a dozen times today. 😬 it’s a great drive around and sing really loud song.

  • Chelsea Valdez

    Chelsea Valdez

    Month ago

    Brandi, you lyrical genius and beautiful soul, I love you!

  • TheBaker


    Month ago

    What an amazing song Brandi! #SlackerApproved 8/05/21

  • wsmama


    Month ago

    Due to my health, projected high temperature and potential increase in smoke, I won't be able to go to the rescheduled George, WA concert. WAAAAHHH! I'm so sad!

  • Kamil Cebula

    Kamil Cebula

    Month ago

    What the hell is this MASTERPIECE!!!! My goooood its so good!!!

  • Stephanie Gonzalez

    Stephanie Gonzalez

    Month ago

    THIS. SHE is everything musically to me. Reaches deep into my soul. Therapy.

  • S R

    S R

    Month ago

    Awww... I love you so much! I have been a fan for the last 15 years; you have helped me through so much! Thank you! 💋💋 This video is so deep and you are so cute!

  • jan balcerak

    jan balcerak

    Month ago

    I heard this song for the first time driving to work this morning. It blew me away. Haven't felt like this from a song in a long time. Touched my soul. Even the DJ was deeply moved. Thank you Brandi. Really needed this song today.

  • Diana Salazar

    Diana Salazar

    Month ago


  • Jayce Straub

    Jayce Straub

    Month ago

    Be careful out there guys!! We are not done with this virus yet!!! ❤️

  • Kenneth Idehäll

    Kenneth Idehäll

    Month ago

    Brandi Carlie bäst i världen. Underbart att hon är tillbaka igen♥️

  • Tom C

    Tom C

    Month ago

    Totally Awesome!

  • Twinklital


    Month ago

    Song with hope

  • Divine Nonchalance

    Divine Nonchalance

    Month ago

    Yep. I'm here for it.

  • VoxGothica


    Month ago

    The older Brandi gets, the more she transforms into Elton John. I like it!

  • Katarzyna Pracuch

    Katarzyna Pracuch

    Month ago

    how on Earth!

  • khachtel


    Month ago

    I have been following Brandi Carlile since she first started out, one of the KEXP DJ's played a demo song and I was blown away. I've been a fan ever since. Thanks, Brandi, for your talent and drive to keep making amazing music!

  • Rina Loré

    Rina Loré

    Month ago

    I've discovered a 🇨🇦Céline Dion' vocal doppelganger. I'm amazed at the range, humbled by the message. What a gifted artist, truth be told.

  • Melissa Brown

    Melissa Brown

    Month ago

    I love this song and I love her! She always sings what I’m feeling. Amazing talent 💖🙌🏻

  • Illuminize


    Month ago

    actually a great song with amazing vocals. 11/10

  • Jessica Aster

    Jessica Aster

    Month ago

    I love it. Rewatched it many times, but that first watch was the most impactful.
    The only thing I wish was different was if the band separately walked in front of the window like the other random people.

  • Annie Palmer

    Annie Palmer

    Month ago

    Gorgeous song. Rather disconcerting makeup and costume - I guess I'm rather uncomfortable with this new look for the Brandi I've adored.

  • Stephanie Barela

    Stephanie Barela

    Month ago

    What a voice and what a song!! Epic!!

  • Betina Lillebæk Rysgaard

    Betina Lillebæk Rysgaard

    Month ago

    Wauw 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  • EternalSilence


    Month ago

    This song was featured on a YouTube ad, and I listened to the whole thing. Beautiful. I hadn't heard this artist before, probably mostly because I don't know much about country music.

    • EternalSilence


      Month ago

      @Shawna Hanley Yeah, you're right. I originally thought she was pop, but then when I read about her stuff, she mentioned country, so I confused her for being a country singer. But it makes sense that it's genre blending as you said.

    • Shawna Hanley

      Shawna Hanley

      Month ago

      She’s not really country-- more like genre bending. Worth looking at, all of their music is excellent