Can’t believe we pulled this off. OUR NEW BOAT! (Revealed)

Published on Jun 7, 2021
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We're. So. Excited. We've been exploding waiting to tell you the massive news now that it's official: LA VAGA III has begun. It's been a real labour of love to find our new home. It's something that we're really looking forward to and something we're really confident we're gonna love. We want to take you inside our new home, what it looks like.... hypothetically. Yes, we haven't built it yet, so this is as big a journey as ever for us.

It's clean and green, it's a super stable and fast trimaran that we've always dreamed of. As our family is getting bigger, these things have got that all-important storm-dodging speed and an insane level of stability. The guys at really know what they're doing with these beautiful boats and we're so glad to be with them.

Follow us on this brand new stage of our journey. For our existing patrons, thank you so much for being part of this incredible journey. If you haven't already, head on over to our Patreon page to get the inside info first:

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Sailing La Vagabonde
  • Sailing La Vagabonde

    Sailing La Vagabonde

    5 days ago

    Woohoo!! What a relief to finally announce our new boat. Thank you for being so patient and thanks to our patrons for keeping this a secret. You did well! If you'd like to chat with us to discuss the new boat in more detail, we're going to go live on Patreon later this week. We'd love to see you there

    • Gus Erland

      Gus Erland

      14 hours ago

      A boat without living space for a family of four - what are you trying to prove? How dumb one can get before body tries to get rid of head as a useless limb?

    • Roger Heuckeroth

      Roger Heuckeroth

      17 hours ago

      Definitely go with the bigger one if at all financially possible!

    • Jim Davids

      Jim Davids

      22 hours ago

      @Seth Adams agreed, I feel this might be a prank because it’s such a bad decision

    • Jim Davids

      Jim Davids

      22 hours ago

      Tough on the family Riley, hopefully Elena and the babies appreciate speed over comfort and safety.

    • Matt


      2 days ago

      Thx for making 🇳🇿 look so good in the promo video👍. Think we were on Auckland harbor at the same time.

  • talyrath


    36 minutes ago

    I can't be the only one to notice this, but Riley has some serious Captain Kangaroo vibe going on right now >_>

  • Susan Strickland

    Susan Strickland

    52 minutes ago

    Unique design - good safety features for a growing family. Congratulations on the birth of your second child. God speed.

  • The Rick

    The Rick

    4 hours ago

    The real plan with all their youtube monies is that Elaina gets the large new home and Riley gets a slip at the local marina and goes out racing with Lenny every afternoon.

  • - Kamitz -

    - Kamitz -

    5 hours ago

    Congrats on the baby!!!

  • Ken North

    Ken North

    5 hours ago

    It's been 7 months since you made a video about Eleyna not wanting to sail anymore, and you go and buy a boat like this? I mean, it's an amazing toy, but a horrible family boat, I genuinely don't understand the line of thinking here. Eleyna is going to hate this before the maiden voyage is over.

  • Sigmatix


    6 hours ago

    Nothing less ecological than building a new boat, again...🤦 You lost me on this one.

  • terry cawthorne

    terry cawthorne

    6 hours ago

    I think you will have problems keeping batteries charged after using the engine. Say its a 25 hp (20kw) and you use it for 10 minuets, that's about 3kwhrs. I cannot see you having more than 500 watts of solar on a boat of that size, even if they worked at maximum efficiency that's about 6 hours to recharge, even if your motor could work in reverse and and produce 10 amps, whilst charging your batteries its unlikely you will have spare power for such things as fridge and cooker. And if you have to use the motor for even half a day you are stuffed unless you have a portable generator to charge the batteries.

  • Annie Here

    Annie Here

    8 hours ago

    Vietnam!! I didn't see that coming! Gods speed you voyagers!

  • ken Stewart

    ken Stewart

    8 hours ago

    Like your new boat, wish I could do that! Don't go on PKA again, Kyle's an idiot.

  • douger


    8 hours ago

    Umm if you look back at the last vid ….. I knew and I’m not a patron..? …….

  • Josh Pretty

    Josh Pretty

    8 hours ago

    Must be kiwi made, seeing you were sailing in Auckland!🙌💪

  • jon cund

    jon cund

    9 hours ago

    Can I have the old boat please?

  • Araceli Hodges

    Araceli Hodges

    10 hours ago

    Happy for you!!! But please grow out the bangs

  • rob mckinna

    rob mckinna

    10 hours ago


  • wilsono3170


    12 hours ago

    Did you go with the 40, 50 or 60?

  • Matt Lawrence Conceptual Design Studio

    Matt Lawrence Conceptual Design Studio

    12 hours ago

    What a life for those kids good on you guys you are kickin it

  • Trevor Ward

    Trevor Ward

    12 hours ago

    Mid Life Crisis Boat. lol.

  • Jc Me

    Jc Me

    13 hours ago

    So less space? Not smart

  • Mary Alice Richey

    Mary Alice Richey

    13 hours ago

    Not a lot of room on the new one. BTW - the bangs still not making you guys overly attractive. Sorry

  • David Karkov

    David Karkov

    13 hours ago

    Definitely interested in hearing more about the electric motors. How will you generate the power? How will you run the water maker?

  • R.Lola.


    14 hours ago

    with a trimaran youre the real mariner now

  • Josh Gilmour

    Josh Gilmour

    14 hours ago

    Stoked with the new tri-hull purchase, looking forward to the new adventures. Can I ask.. are you back in Aus? The trees/surrounding bush area and the birds defiantly give off and Aussie vibe

  • Kara Leeann

    Kara Leeann

    14 hours ago

    Honey, your pregnant again? Alright let’s buy a Ferrari! 😎

  • Kara Leeann

    Kara Leeann

    14 hours ago

    No part time nanny or crew?

  • The Tuna

    The Tuna

    14 hours ago

    25 knots on a sailboat Damn..

    • The Tuna

      The Tuna

      14 hours ago

      So rapido gives out free boats?

  • Ryan M

    Ryan M

    15 hours ago

    Subbed for the new build!

  • Old Cats

    Old Cats

    15 hours ago

    NICE! I like the new boat. How long are you keeping the pageboy haircut?

  • Daniel S

    Daniel S

    16 hours ago

    What happened to the last boat?

  • Billy Billy

    Billy Billy

    16 hours ago

    Tell paddy it’s actually 50% more marans but great call. Very funny

  • Tom Jackson

    Tom Jackson

    16 hours ago

    OK Sonny and Cher. Sort out the hairdos.

  • David Eaton

    David Eaton

    16 hours ago

    When will you start the search for a quad-maran?

  • mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    17 hours ago

    cruiser. This boat looks cool and might be fast but I feel you have given up comfort for speed, not a great selection in my opinion but congrats, it is new!

  • GabrielaMarissa


    17 hours ago

    S/o to Riley for chop sticking the baby guitar 😂 💯

    • mikin lirou

      mikin lirou

      17 hours ago

      Are you guys planning to be in area of Gibraltar/ Sotogrande Costa Del sol ? Would love to grab a coffee with ya'll :)

  • First name Last name

    First name Last name

    18 hours ago

    My guys cut the bangs get a clean fade around the sides you can leave length on top to play with the homemade bowl and scissor cuts are killing me!

  • GJSX Nobody

    GJSX Nobody

    18 hours ago

    Fast boat, but too small for a growing family. You are young and want speed. I get it, but you will spend 10 years of your life on this. People need their space. It’s nice to have separate areas. You will need it. Good luck.

  • Pierce Trey

    Pierce Trey

    18 hours ago

    I can't wait for the quadmaran!

  • Robin Turnham

    Robin Turnham

    18 hours ago

    This boat makes me think of WaterWorld

  • Brian Wood

    Brian Wood

    19 hours ago

    I haven’t watched in a while so can someone tell me what the hell happened to Riley’s hair?

  • PaulOrientedotcom


    19 hours ago

    Pretty sweet! You've sure come a long way. Lot's of hard work making this all happen. Happy sailing and congratulations!

  • Mark Upton

    Mark Upton

    19 hours ago

    Rethink this.

  • noname


    19 hours ago

    Come on be honest, you're only getting it because now you'll have two trampolines to jump about!

  • Pedro Le

    Pedro Le

    19 hours ago

    i feel this boat is Way smaller

  • Marissa McArdle

    Marissa McArdle

    19 hours ago

    Personally this would not be my choice for a growing family. Not only does it decrease comfort and living space but it significantly increases safety risks due to the flying hull and seperate disconnected cabins. As a Mom of two there is absolutely no way I would choose that boat!! Not to late to change your minds, we will still watch!!

  • Maranda M

    Maranda M

    19 hours ago

    Considering where they are wanting to focus on sailing next speed would be a big benefit!!!! The waters of Southeast Asia are some of the most dangerous in the world they are also home to the largest shipping lanes in the world. If you factor in that element yeah speed out weights an extra bedroom..........and before you go why in the world would they want to go there. From what I understand pirate Hotspot are well documented there. As long as you are smart about it and can move through areas pretty fast and aren't a sit duck the risk factors go way down!!! The move to a faster boat makes complete sense given where they hope to travel next.

  • livemorewithless


    19 hours ago

    So, your new ............. boat. Is twice as long as my house? It is a boat .................. right? haha

  • Lois Tallini

    Lois Tallini

    20 hours ago

    Dream futuristica yacht wow congrats guys lenny and no2 baby will have more room to run around🥰🥰🥰💯❤🍹🥂

  • Chris B.

    Chris B.

    21 hour ago

    Seem a little too fixated on speed at the expense of space when you get there. You will have a rocket!

  • Laurence Jarrett-Kerr

    Laurence Jarrett-Kerr

    21 hour ago

    Can you have perm go pro cameras installed into different parts of the boat to make filming easier.

  • Grzegorz Dybowski

    Grzegorz Dybowski

    22 hours ago

    Are you guys planning to be in area of Gibraltar/ Sotogrande Costa Del sol ? Would love to grab a coffee with ya'll :)

  • Sean Mormelo Music

    Sean Mormelo Music

    22 hours ago

    whats up with the dutch boy look?

  • Thunder MMA

    Thunder MMA

    23 hours ago

    I love the new boat!! Reading the comments, A lot of people are making it sound like this was a bad choice for your growing family..... but I think it will be amazing!!
    With that said I was really disappointed to hear Elayna say that the new boat was " The first really good cruising trimaran out there"
    I think the new boat is going to preform spectacularly and I'm so excited to see the family on it but at the same time there are other cruising trimarans out there that have been around a long time and logged a lot more nautical miles...Rapido is new and relatively untested and even though they have amazing design elements you never know how that is going to translate to a finished boat being build in a "boutique" shipyard in Vietnam
    Once again I'm SUPER EXCITED about the decision...I just don't think that comment was helpful, necessary, or intelligent

  • Mark Brayton

    Mark Brayton

    Day ago

    Yay! Rapido 60. Dream boat.

  • I dont want a name

    I dont want a name

    Day ago

    I watch to live vicariously through your guys' adventures and exotic locations. :D

  • Mike Sproul

    Mike Sproul

    Day ago

    Hard to hear what you are saying past those haircuts.

  • Patrick Banta

    Patrick Banta

    Day ago

    Stay friendly with Outremer.

  • Clive Walmsley

    Clive Walmsley

    Day ago

    Surely it's 50% more 'maran's?

  • Yoel Lemas

    Yoel Lemas

    Day ago

    Congrats guys!! looking forward to this new chapter! love from Miami

  • George endres

    George endres

    Day ago

    Yo that thing is sick,badass

  • Squire Jinx

    Squire Jinx

    Day ago

    Is it feasible to mount solar panels on the outrigger hulls?

  • cruisernet


    Day ago

    What's up with the bangs? I'm sorry but both of you looked better before the bangs. Both of you are good-looking people Riley you look like lord farquad from from Shrek.

  • Sara Lu

    Sara Lu

    Day ago

    I cannot get over Rileys hair. Sorry but I just can't take your videos seriously anymore..

  • Scott McCormick

    Scott McCormick

    Day ago

    They are only day sailors now. Room doesn't matter much.

  • Steve McKenzie

    Steve McKenzie

    Day ago

    I was checking out the 360 view of the 60ft. Is there a shower in the guest head?

  • laxmannate07


    Day ago

    Ocean 60 with training wheels?

  • Nathan Hansen

    Nathan Hansen

    Day ago

    Have you ever considered using those watchbands that alert you if someone goes overboard?

  • Allen Kinter

    Allen Kinter

    Day ago

    Sweet ride.

  • John Visser

    John Visser

    Day ago

    Be very interesting to follow this project. A coupla three questions if you guys have the time
    Based on experiences more than 45 years ago (the last time I was on a tri)
    - how well does it point?
    - how does it turn (tack or gybe)
    - how is it’s performance affected when the boat is at passage weight?
    An old sailor said to me a long time ago “a fast trip is a safe trip”. This boat will certainly fit that particular bill.

  • Bryan Watt

    Bryan Watt

    Day ago

    Cool! Did you get this one for free too?

  •  Soothing Mantra by Macman

    Soothing Mantra by Macman

    Day ago

    Super Congrats Guys 👍

  • Peter Hughes

    Peter Hughes

    Day ago

    Riley gets what he wants and lovely Elayna just wants Riley and family to be contented, A recipe for a happy life, Riley you are one lucky guy , you have a real diamond for a partner.!!!!

  • Jack Frick

    Jack Frick

    Day ago


  • Shippy MacShipface

    Shippy MacShipface

    Day ago

    Can you life on that? I was beeting that you get yourself a Neel Trimaran

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    Day ago

    Next boat after this one: An Imoca 60 on foils!

  • Ariela Jaeger

    Ariela Jaeger

    Day ago

    Meanlooking boat! I m not a fan of mean... Meanlooking planes.. cars... boats. Stylequestion!

    • Ptao Tom

      Ptao Tom

      Day ago

      You have earned it:) excellent choice thank you for including us and all your amazing voyages and adventures may God be the wind in your sail's!!

  • Devo


    Day ago

    Literally the first vid I've seen in over a year and my first questions were OMG is Riley wearing a wig, whats the joke here? The only thing what would have made sense is if someone came out dressed up like Lloyd Christmas to clearly be the other half of dumb and dumber because Riley is looking just like Harry... can anyone explain what I've missed, did he lose a bet, I'm at a loss here. 👊🤙🇨🇦

  • Emmanuel Maldonado

    Emmanuel Maldonado

    Day ago

    I’m happy for you guys I am. But I was a Violin player and at 3:17 you playing the total opposite string from the song it hurted me real bad 😩. But again I’m happy for you guys

  • Øystein Vik Vandbakk

    Øystein Vik Vandbakk

    Day ago

    Wtf! You badass legends! Honour your journey!

  • Amy Stephenson

    Amy Stephenson

    Day ago

    I'm so excited for you guys, the new boat looks amazing! However, I have to comment because my teenager walked in the room while we were watching and said that Riley looks like Lord Farquaad from Shrek!

  • Orson Olson

    Orson Olson

    Day ago

    Ah! Big Rapido, engineering the Ferrari of monomarans, because speed rules when you're young -- so exciting!

    • Rob H

      Rob H

      Day ago

      HA "speed rules when you're young" I'm 50 and still love speed

  • Magnus B

    Magnus B

    Day ago

    Why electric engines?

  • Valeria Zab

    Valeria Zab

    Day ago

    a fellow loving Patreon here congratulating the soon to be 4 of you now!! love you guys!! thank you for this incredible 6 year journey!!!

  • Rob Tyson

    Rob Tyson

    Day ago

    Man! So excited to get y'all in this boat and watch the next chapters unfold!

  • ken michael

    ken michael

    Day ago

    Great Boat! You have to study hard. I appreciate that you must continue learning in order to stay afloat.

  • Keith King

    Keith King

    Day ago

    In my opinion only, you proved what a safe and stable the French catamaran boat was by some of the storms you went through Out on the Ocean, oh, I don't think this boat has been proven as safe and stable as the French catamaran, in my opinion, I would have stayed with French catamaran.

    • kvalvagnes


      Day ago

      @angela1984a Yes that is correct - initially the trimaran has greater stability bec its so wide. If you put load on it the stability will increase more than on the cat -for the same reason.

    • angela1984a


      Day ago

      According to Riley this trimaran has safer sailing characteristics than any Catamaran. The physics of the thing makes it easier to feel when it's beginning to get overpowered. Physics will always make it a lot harder to feel when a Catamaran begins to get overpowered.

  • OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

    OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

    Day ago

    Cool Boat ! The Cool Factor is Wayy up there on this vessel !!! Only thing is , it’s Very Wide ! That’s Going to Make for some GREAT CONTENT down the road !
    “ The Boat Won’t Fit “ Content !

  • Wooly


    Day ago

    I have had a twitch in my left eye four a couple of days now very frustrating.

  • Jae Leno

    Jae Leno

    Day ago

    What happened to your guys haircut ?

  • D 357

    D 357

    Day ago

    You guys stop being a sailing channel ever since your son was born but now with a new baby on the way less sailing is your future

  • jcalas


    Day ago

    It doesn't makes sense at all. As a sailor and father of 3 I don't see how it makes for a good family boat for long distance cruising. The kids won't have their own cabin or they will have it outside, where you can't hear them. On the other hand dark interior with raw carbon fiber, "racing boat"-like accommodations won't make it a place where you will want to be for long periods of time. I hope I will be proven wrong but I think this is a huge mistake. Sorry.

  • Marc Anthony Marquez

    Marc Anthony Marquez

    Day ago

    You have earned it:) excellent choice thank you for including us and all your amazing voyages and adventures may God be the wind in your sail's!!

  • Greg Glendinning

    Greg Glendinning

    Day ago

    Hey Riley , my bro lives in Vn and is a mate of Paul.. I have been to factory as well. Great people ! Hope to catch once we can start travelling

  • Sarah Cooper

    Sarah Cooper

    Day ago

    This is absolutely amazing! I’ve been watching since the first LaVagabonde 🛥 safe sailing!
    PS I cannot handle Riley in this video!! 🤣😂🤣 ✌🏼🌏🐟🛥❤️

  • Richard Meester

    Richard Meester

    Day ago

    14:43 : "we are gonna have fold down race bunks, it's gonna be really uncomfortable for the kids" Now that's good thinking ! You don't want the little bastards around for too long. If they can stand on their two feet without help it's time to go.

  • Darren Wynne

    Darren Wynne

    Day ago

    Rapido 1 - Riley's hair 0

  • Wade MacDonald

    Wade MacDonald

    Day ago

    When i see Riley i cant help think dumb and dumber with that haircut...hahaha

  • 1ST General

    1ST General

    Day ago

    Is this April 1st down under ?

  • R W

    R W

    Day ago

    Thought you guys were going electric? No mention, please don't stick a diesel in the new boat.

    • angela1984a


      Day ago

      They did mention it. You must have missed it. They said they will be sharing a lot more info in coming videos.

  • Mochi


    Day ago

    Prayers and safe winds for the new sail... but I would be just a tad bit nervous with the growing family, jmo. All the best, cheers!

  • taxalterror


    Day ago

    Lovely boat, enjoy. good old Lenny. :)