Can the KING of FLAVOR make a $500 Wagyu Steak BETTER?

Published on Apr 21, 2021
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Will the master of all seasoning make the best steak in the world better? You know Japanese Wagyu A5 is great but Kobe Beef is known to the be the best. Today we try to make it even better.

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2 tbsp Butter
2 tsp Salt

* Kobe Beef Wagyu Steak by Grand Western Steaks
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Guga Foods
  • Guga Foods

    Guga Foods

    3 months ago

    Check out SimpliSafe here: SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Thank you SimpliSafe for sponsoring this video!

    • Fun With Minerals

      Fun With Minerals

      Month ago

      6:32 Wild west ay?

    • nick morales

      nick morales

      2 months ago

      Guga what happens when you dry brine a steak for 24 hours then dry age it?

    • Beray Hashim

      Beray Hashim

      2 months ago

      @Guga Foods Can u make a Dry age steak, than remove the pellicles and dry age for second time

    • Julio Aguilera

      Julio Aguilera

      2 months ago

      Guga have you tried the Bamboo salt? You should research it and try it on steak .

    • Ariya Mohammadinia

      Ariya Mohammadinia

      2 months ago

      Cook cow hump next

  • Nubian Paints N’ Koko Inks

    Nubian Paints N’ Koko Inks

    2 days ago

    Dry aged wagyu steak with umami seasoning has that even been done and if so which video? And it should go up against msg wagyu and regular dry aged

  • Got CHEESE ?

    Got CHEESE ?

    2 days ago


  • a a

    a a

    5 days ago

    Was that a fools and horses reference?
    "A little dab will do ya"

  • Hunter


    7 days ago

    Don't you need beef tallow from a roast for yorkshire pudding?

  • Ken Ramos

    Ken Ramos

    8 days ago

    Guga: "A steak this big can feed a family of 5"
    Me and my brother who eat like 2 people each: "Oh, really?"

  • Ricardo Vargas

    Ricardo Vargas

    9 days ago

    I can afford that experience 🥲

  • wiicky


    13 days ago

    take a shot every time they high-five each other

  • Zephan Mayeda

    Zephan Mayeda

    15 days ago

    I’m actually allergic to MSG but also the biggest advocate of it that I know mainly because the main study saying that it it is dangerous is actually quite racist

  • Yung Ddub Maniak

    Yung Ddub Maniak

    15 days ago


  • unidentified guy

    unidentified guy

    17 days ago

    I love yorkshire pudding, but gotta try your blender version. Seems so much easier than the recipe.

  • deminybs


    18 days ago

    Wow it's only been 2 months since this video dropped and I already only have less than half this bag of msg left 😂😂
    granted gave over 1/4 the bag to a friend in an old shaker but I've put it on streaks, in soups, etc and yes it's amazing, why is "NO MSG" a marketing point????
    might as well say "NO FLAVOR ADDED" 🤣🤣🤣

  • biggzman


    18 days ago

    It’s soooo bad for you MSG… causes cancer



    19 days ago


  • Kelvin Reyes

    Kelvin Reyes

    21 day ago

    I tried making the bread …. It came out as pancake lol

  • Magical Ace

    Magical Ace

    22 days ago

    I had a guga video ad on a video. Huuuge

  • John Lozano

    John Lozano

    22 days ago

    that's why we asian love MSG but not too much

  • nomad90125


    22 days ago

    It's like watching those TV advertisement for soap washing powder.
    Cleans whiter than white,
    Dazzling white.
    Blinding white,
    Every new add claims to be whiter than the last.
    So in theory" its so white today you need to wear welders goggles to look at it.
    Yes uncle roger your getting a bit boring now selling other people's product.
    Don't you have anything of your own making.?

  • nomad90125


    22 days ago

    Sorry uncle Roger, i eat meat not fat.

  • Rick C Bertino

    Rick C Bertino

    22 days ago

    In this case better flavor is not better for me because I get a massive headache from MSG. Have had it many times that I was aware of and times I was not aware and the same result. Gotta watch that stuff it is not necessarily good for some. That said great work guys as always very entertaining and informative

  • G-Vecom


    23 days ago

    If you put MSG into regular steak
    it will be better steak

  • G-Vecom


    23 days ago

    haha true

  • Cyan Animations

    Cyan Animations

    23 days ago

    Everyone: Ah, nothing gets better than a japanese A5 Wagyu
    Guga Foods: *Am* *I* *a* *joke* *to* *you?*

  • ShinKyuubi


    23 days ago

    ...Why am I watching this? I mean thanks for the bread recipe but..I'm not a big steak guy. Used to be when I was younger but there was a point in my teens where I just hated steak and beef in general..still don't really like hamburgers unless I make it at home. I've HAD Wagyu burgers before and those were the best I ever had..but expensive even for a QVC ordered product. I don't think I could afford a steak of A5 Wagyu and I only know one way to cook them..well done. Seeing pink meat in ANY meat product gives me the heebiejeebies since I once got sick from under cooked fried chicken at a buffet joint.

  • John Bastard

    John Bastard

    24 days ago

    Nutritional Meth, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Raimundo Machado

    Raimundo Machado

    24 days ago

    I'm watering just from watching these two eat steak!!!

  • Arambam Purnima

    Arambam Purnima

    24 days ago

    The king of flavor is can weak your bones if you eat a lot

  • Daniel Harris

    Daniel Harris

    24 days ago

    Bud, you made a pop-over, not Yorkshire pudding. I am quite horrified that you didn't make Yorkshire pudding, which requires a generous amount of fat and juice drippings from cooked beef roast included in the batter. Skip the butter and add savory beef juice. :D
    I'm like, wait! Stop the press. WTH? Guga made a pop-over not Yorkshire pudding!?!?!?! But he is trying to say it is Yorkshire pudding. No, no, no!
    Trust me, your mouth will explode from joy doing it the correct way!

  • Paul T Sjordal

    Paul T Sjordal

    27 days ago

    Have you tried marinating or dry-aging steak in miso paste? I highly recommend it.

  • Paul T Sjordal

    Paul T Sjordal

    27 days ago

    People don't like MSG because of past racism.

    • fart


      27 days ago


  • Abrapism Almawalker

    Abrapism Almawalker

    27 days ago

    That's happiness was so pure... I'm crying already

  • DJ Phat

    DJ Phat

    28 days ago

    If you have bad grades.... LMFAO! Hahaha. Awesome.

  • hippie shake

    hippie shake

    28 days ago

    Yorkshire pudding a staple diet of any roast in the UK 🇬🇧😋

  • Bukan Guru

    Bukan Guru

    28 days ago

    Micin adalah jalan ninjaku

  • BrewhahaTV


    28 days ago

    Love that guy MowMow

  • Joe Bedford

    Joe Bedford

    29 days ago

    isn’t the side dish a giant yorkshire pudding?

  • shmeenix !

    shmeenix !

    29 days ago

    Msg is good for flavor. If you eat chips you eat msg✌️😎

  • Johnny Plunkett

    Johnny Plunkett

    29 days ago

    I cant understand how that fatty thing could be good. I wouldn't buy it at the dollar store. Where does the fat go?

    • fart


      27 days ago

      @Johnny Plunkett Why not?

    • Johnny Plunkett

      Johnny Plunkett

      29 days ago

      Used to dip bread in the leftover cooked fat from a steak but it csnt be good for you.

  • Joji Kyre

    Joji Kyre

    Month ago

    Waygu A5 Dry Aged seasoned with MSG

  • Johannes Carlsson

    Johannes Carlsson

    Month ago

    Add this msg to an a5 brisket?

  • Dawa Bhutia

    Dawa Bhutia

    Month ago

    "... penetrate deep into the meat quick.." 😅

  • Fourea Twantye

    Fourea Twantye

    Month ago

    MSG = Mmm so good

  • Ross Scott

    Ross Scott

    Month ago

    I could never afford that that steak. I’d eat his charcoal if I was lucky

    • that anime GAI

      that anime GAI

      28 days ago

      @k I once saw wagyu A5 for 950$

    • I'm Dynamis

      I'm Dynamis

      29 days ago

      @k its 4000$

    • k


      29 days ago

      It’s not as expensive as you think

  • N97


    Month ago

    try yorkshire pudding with stew

  • Kenneth Nielsen

    Kenneth Nielsen

    Month ago


  • Unbox The Dog

    Unbox The Dog

    Month ago

    They’ve done so many videos like this and they still look at each other in amazement. So wholesome, I love this channel.

  • Wade Kidwell

    Wade Kidwell

    Month ago

    How do these cows walk around without melting in the sun lol

    • Rap Moreno

      Rap Moreno

      26 days ago

      That's their secret. They don't walk

  • Harry Gay Insta : HarryPiscesPerson

    Harry Gay Insta : HarryPiscesPerson

    Month ago

    Thx Japanese for Msg discovery, Umami flavours in Asia!

  • Tim MacPherson

    Tim MacPherson

    Month ago

    You can't mess with MSG man. It literally makes everything better!

    • stellingbanjodude


      Month ago

      Didn’t they try to claim at some point that msg was bad for you?



    Month ago

    Hear me out, A5 Dry-age Wagyu and MSG

  • yoeykaps


    Month ago

    I swear it looks better without it being cooked 🤣

  • Christian Bengtsson

    Christian Bengtsson

    Month ago

    That side dish is called an oven pancake in Sweden. We usually make either a sweet version with a little bit of sugar and vanilla, served with whipped cream and berries, or a savoury version with bacon in the bottom of the pan, and served with lingonberry jam.

  • Richard Harris

    Richard Harris

    Month ago

    uh oh time for me to test this out

  • Rale Brale

    Rale Brale

    Month ago

    500$ my ass

  • Colton Hauk

    Colton Hauk

    Month ago

    Looks like the beef version of bacon

  • Veigar Mains

    Veigar Mains

    Month ago

    Guga: *uses msg*
    Me: *Happy Asian noises*

  • Victoria Goldman

    Victoria Goldman

    Month ago

    I love the sides you add to the videos! I'm gonna try that Yorkshire pudding.

  • Jorry Tropnas

    Jorry Tropnas

    Month ago

    You’re amazing, you had your own add at the beginning of your own video. Crazy.

  • Venus


    Month ago

    It's not everyday where you see a steak sweating fat onto a grill

  • gummyPWNS


    Month ago

    Just saw an ad of you on your video I’m dead

  • Life’s Wicked

    Life’s Wicked

    Month ago

    All that beautiful wagyu fat dripping into the hot coals 😢

  • Dom DJ

    Dom DJ

    Month ago

    Yorkshire pudding is pronounced: York sheer pudding
    Also anyone reading this, try toad in the hole

  • Heath Whimpress

    Heath Whimpress

    Month ago

    Boo Ya Clown..just cook normal beef. if you paid $500 for that steak Iv'e got a car for sale you might be interested in...

  • inso80


    Month ago

    anyone still using the term umami is perpetuating a bullshit myth.

  • Joshua Nf

    Joshua Nf

    Month ago

    You make me want to buy wagyu but I can’t afford it. I’ll just stick with prime beef loin strip.

  • mcohen1981


    Month ago

    Hey Guga...try dry aging a steak in JELLO!

  • bambang winarno

    bambang winarno

    Month ago

    U should also dry brine it with msg

  • tabaks


    Month ago

    Simplisafe is tragically unreliable.

  • dagonmen dagonmen

    dagonmen dagonmen

    Month ago

    Dang, this is way more new leveled

  • I N

    I N

    Month ago

    Micin menguasai dunia

  • Joseph Uy

    Joseph Uy

    Month ago

    Can I apply to be adopted by you

  • Zachary Desjardins

    Zachary Desjardins

    Month ago

    Does anyone remember the video where he makes those potato stacks? I want to recreate that with my steak next week!

  • Eduardo Hernandez

    Eduardo Hernandez

    Month ago

    You know it's beyond amazing when Gugas eyes start to water. Lol!

  • Justin Kleina

    Justin Kleina

    Month ago

    Wer ist noch hier wegen Max? 😂💪

  • Mel


    Month ago


  • Over Heated EsKim0

    Over Heated EsKim0

    Month ago

    That is not yorkshire pudding.

  • Mr. Obvious

    Mr. Obvious

    Month ago

    Is there a MSG A5 DryAged Wagyu video ?

  • kamikazikaizer


    Month ago

    Too much msg will make you go bald

  • Muelmar Dela Vega

    Muelmar Dela Vega

    Month ago

    magic sarap lng katapat nyan..😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Malaysia 14 states

    Malaysia 14 states

    Month ago

    Me who has never eaten a5 : papa buy one please- 1 cut only-
    My dad who can buy a whole stock of it : no! To expensive!
    Me : bruh

  • Rômulo Moraes

    Rômulo Moraes

    Month ago

    msg... The king of cancer

  • Fai1025


    Month ago

    King of flavor + king of beef = (insert heaven)

  • dizzyrealbizzy22 yt

    dizzyrealbizzy22 yt

    Month ago

    Just imagine having guga as a friend I sit and eat over $100 to $200 of steak a week and friends of guys just get to come over and eat this for free

  • Kirsty Dews

    Kirsty Dews

    Month ago

    Being from Yorkshire I have to say Guga, Yorkshire pudding is not bread!!! It’s not anything without gravy and I mean British gravy not American style gravy.

  • Jonathas Junior

    Jonathas Junior

    Month ago

    How do you know Picanha ??

  • Lue Lee

    Lue Lee

    Month ago

    MSG is a salt byproduct that comes from fruits, dairy and vegetables. The flakes you buy in packages at any typical Asian market is basically seaweed salt.

  • Italian Trader

    Italian Trader

    Month ago

    But Guga, This is not a steak. This is fat marbled with meat

  • helder magalhaes

    helder magalhaes

    Month ago

    ... I would like to see Maumau cooking some steak... I bet he can do something as amazing!

  • Will Griffin

    Will Griffin

    Month ago

    Love the videos. Thanks for adding in the side recipes as well!

  • Zero Frecks Given

    Zero Frecks Given

    Month ago

    Where is uncle Roger

  • James Kirk

    James Kirk

    Month ago

    Guga should buy a calf and have it raised so he can slaughter and butcher his own wagyu.

    • Brendan Ocheltree

      Brendan Ocheltree

      Month ago

      It must be raised by a certified farmer



    Month ago

    8:23 just casually cutting steak with fork nothing to see here folks :D

  • gilang ignas raharjo

    gilang ignas raharjo

    Month ago

    Never see Mau Mau so excited

  • Chesneko


    Month ago

    Bro @Guga Foods NO offense this is my opinion but when it’s the taste test I think it’s wierd when you say “ur going for seconds” like is ur dinner 1/2 a broccoli 1 slice of steak and 1/4 of a cup of water AGAIN MY OPINION, but they should have seconds.

  • Peppermint Cookie

    Peppermint Cookie

    Month ago

    Uncle Roger just HAS to see this.

  • JP Massaro

    JP Massaro

    Month ago

    Now, for the ultimate steak, Guga, I challenge you to this:
    Kobe A5 dry aged for 35 days with MSG.
    Do it.

  • Connor McD

    Connor McD

    Month ago

    $350/14oz. Looks like ill never have a5 wagyu kobe...

  • Andrew van Leeuwen

    Andrew van Leeuwen

    Month ago

    had a lower quality wagyu bavette vs a higher grade bavette , these were Aus breeds , but the thing i noticed is that the higher grade was way to buttery , there was no meat taste ... is it me who is missing something ? i did not liked the higher grade ..when i eat meat i want to eat meat , and not butter .. sounds weird , but the meat taste was not even there ,,,

  • Naing tha Khain

    Naing tha Khain

    Month ago

    Uncle roger should react to this

  • KK


    Month ago

    I'm a Indian Hindu, I don't eat beef but I watch every video of GUGA.. 🔥