Cast Iron RESTORATION. Why I almost Dry Aged my Nephew!

Published on Jan 6, 2021
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Family is something we should all treasure. We are always there for the good times and bad times, however sometimes the bad times are difficult. That is what happened to this full restoration video of my beloved cast iron skillet. My nephew did the worst thing you can even do, here is the story.

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Guga Foods
  • G Gressell

    G Gressell

    5 hours ago

    Angel should have cleaned it.

  • Travis Walker

    Travis Walker

    10 hours ago

    I'm disappointed that you didn't use Guga's rub as a seasoning.



    17 hours ago

    - Angel after being dry aged for a month....
    Guga: " I know it doesn't look that good right nooow.... But watch this..."

  • Rodolfo Chirinos

    Rodolfo Chirinos

    18 hours ago

    Muertazo nephew!

  • InsideAssassin2


    2 days ago

    Make sure once the dry aging is done to go to town with your blow torch

  • Jered Burns

    Jered Burns

    2 days ago


  • Noneya Damnbusiness

    Noneya Damnbusiness

    2 days ago

    this is how you remove rust from a cast iron the hard way.. sand blasters and bead blasters are fairly cheap as is electrolysis. all would have done a far better job with far less work. for rust removal anyways.

  • Brian Pham

    Brian Pham

    3 days ago

    I think I should take his place on the show and test everything with you

  • Devlin Dreadwood

    Devlin Dreadwood

    5 days ago

    Almost as bad as a former room mate of mine that decided to disinfect my Lodge cast iron skillet in the Dishwasher

  • Kenji Ohsako

    Kenji Ohsako

    5 days ago

    "you do not want to get dry aged. it is not a good experience." hahaha

  • Ashley Ladan

    Ashley Ladan

    5 days ago

    Yay, finally a video I can watch! I don't eat meat so I don't like watching videos of it. But I love your videos guga, I'm glad you posted this one!! 😋

  • Kenna Butler

    Kenna Butler

    5 days ago

    Help! My mom used too much oiland burned it so I need all the tips and tricks everyone has

  • wolf black

    wolf black

    5 days ago

    Dry age steak with roasted!!!!!!!!!!🤤🤤 angel too

  • Wes cook

    Wes cook

    5 days ago

    I think Angel is secretly 69

  • Thanos Armeniakos

    Thanos Armeniakos

    6 days ago

    That's how u cook a cast iron perfect medium rear perfect crust with a nice colour... 😂🤣😂😂🤣

  • Devin Kim

    Devin Kim

    8 days ago

    Why didn't you make your nephew angel clean off the rust?

  • Thecatcovenantdude


    8 days ago

    You should buy an old neglected cast iron and make him restore the pan with the instructions in this video

  • Canadian Nomad

    Canadian Nomad

    8 days ago

    I use white vinegar for everything!!! It works great in the dishwasher for cleaning cloudy dishes.

  • Canadian Nomad

    Canadian Nomad

    8 days ago

    Not the momma him!!! Dinosaurs tv show.

  • Jared Ellsworth

    Jared Ellsworth

    8 days ago

    guga whys my cast iron pan smoke so much ?

  • JacksucksAtlife


    9 days ago

    This is the best comment section I've ever seen 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zack Cord

    Zack Cord

    9 days ago

    I got an ad made by guga before this video for a thermometer XDDD

  • Hamza Ouladidriss

    Hamza Ouladidriss

    10 days ago

    im too late but you should not let ur nephew eat the food u make every video for 2 months

  • Alexander Kayne

    Alexander Kayne

    10 days ago

    Your nephew is Not allowed around my beloved cast iron! I will skillet him!😆😅🤣 my heart sank when I saw that! I collect and have very expensive peices. My only other pans are pure copper sets.

  • Gung Foo Mon

    Gung Foo Mon

    10 days ago

    his fatty cuts (even if there aren't much, judging from the picture) should make for some nice seasoning.

  • BaTcAvEmAn5


    10 days ago

    I call bs on the nephew story
    Be honest too much fake story lines so people can watch videos on YouTube

  • mike


    11 days ago

    Why so much work ?? Sprinkle msg on it to season the rust and eat make everything better

  • M4NIAC


    11 days ago

    guga: taste it mao mao
    mao mao: mmm its tastes so good what is this
    guga: this is another episode of mystery meat
    mao mao: what is it
    guga: its Angel

  • Zense


    11 days ago

    make hit eat a fillet o fish

  • rob robert

    rob robert

    11 days ago

    Guga, what do you do when the porcelain on your Dutch oven is loosing it's no stick quality? I burned some stuff in it a little bit a few times. Not real bad, but that's the only thing I can think caused it.

  • Nick Lai

    Nick Lai

    12 days ago

    Dry age with MSG.

  • Mr. Spaceboy

    Mr. Spaceboy

    12 days ago

    should have had angel do the elbow grease

  • DJ Phat

    DJ Phat

    12 days ago

    I'm late to this but, why the hell did he leave it outside?

  • Kevin P

    Kevin P

    12 days ago

    Eh, it's a Camp Chef. Toss it and get a Lodge or Victoria

  • Ce Farther

    Ce Farther

    13 days ago

    Fantastic video!

  • ballistic


    13 days ago

    should of used a wire brush

  • Magus Perdé

    Magus Perdé

    14 days ago

    If I ever were to use that much white vinegar on anything ever its going to get mixed with A LOT of vomit

  • Shady_Cat07


    14 days ago

    My mom has kept her cast iron skillet since the 80s, and it is still in immaculate condition!

  • Christopher Allen

    Christopher Allen

    14 days ago

    Try restoring Cast Iron Using Electrolysis.

  • Duckling Floyed

    Duckling Floyed

    16 days ago

    Make home eat all 600day dry age tomahawk steak by himself.

  • René Cordes

    René Cordes

    17 days ago

    6:13 should have bought him a new pan missed opportunity man.

  • Derek C

    Derek C

    17 days ago

    Do I need to allow the pan to cool in between each oil coating while reseasoning?

  • Baguette


    17 days ago

    i wana see him dry aged

  • Jboat571 X

    Jboat571 X

    19 days ago

    And you give this kid wagyu.

  • Emiliyan Yankov

    Emiliyan Yankov

    19 days ago

    Alright, you forgave him. Cancel the vasectomy! 🤣

  • Uranium Vixen

    Uranium Vixen

    19 days ago

    ¨And go to town with the hoes¨ mmm.

  • Ronan Swenson

    Ronan Swenson

    20 days ago

    lol just lol

  • Dani Dane

    Dani Dane

    20 days ago

    I knew the day would come

  • nunio binez

    nunio binez

    21 day ago

    I was hoping you would show how to make the sauce as well.

  • Kira Mead

    Kira Mead

    22 days ago

    why dry age? Pineapple bath is the way to go!

  • Nathan Yu

    Nathan Yu

    23 days ago

    5:50 wait how do I cook onions on my car

  • Nathan Yu

    Nathan Yu

    23 days ago

    Ok most people know this but water and mettle epically iron doesn't sit well together

  • Spoffy


    23 days ago

    well, what are we cooking here his nephew?

  • Dr. Bubby

    Dr. Bubby

    23 days ago

    restored pan then to hit nephew with said pan

  • Thalstan Trailwalker

    Thalstan Trailwalker

    23 days ago

    umm, get the dry ageing bag....

  • Avaerage bad lands chugs enjoyer 69

    Avaerage bad lands chugs enjoyer 69

    23 days ago

    Hi guys guga foods here today we will be showing how to dry age and tenderise a strange kind of meat that looks like a human foot

  • TheFireLizard


    23 days ago

    I have restored several cast iron skillets. If it is mildly rusted. Wet sanding works well, then season it. If it is really rusted use a white vinegar soak overnight Then sand it with fine sand paper to clean. Then Re season. If is is not only rusted but pitted. This is my method. Soak it in white vinegar overnight or longer if needed until it is mostly clean. Sand the rust off. Soak it again in clean vinegar. Then use a steel wire brush drill attachment to smooth out the surface. DO NOT use hard grinding wheels or discs grinders or sanding discs. After that re season it. I season my cast iron by coating it in lard. I thin coating. Put it in an oven at 375 degree F. Leave it in for an hour and turn off the heat. DO NOT remove it from the oven until it is cool to the touch. This will take an extra hour or more. If it does not look slick and shiny. Coat it in lard and repeat the process. I have done this with old cast iron pans and griddles and even cast iron grill racks. I love cast iron I grew up using it. If you take care of your cast iron you can pass it down to your grandchildren as an heirloom. Well cared for cast iron lasts forever and is more non stick than any modern pan you can ever buy. It isn't good to use soap on a cast iron pan. Granted if it is an old well cared for pan with a really thick season you can get away with it. But it is still not good to use any soap to clean a cast iron pan and you shouldn't do it. To clean it scrub it in hot clean water with a mild scouring brush. Rinse it in clean water and dry it with paper towels. Lightly rub it in oil and you are good to go. For stuck on grime put clean water in it and heat it up on the stove to deglaze the stuck on leftovers and use a mild scrubber to break them up and scrub clean. Once its all scrubbed off, clean it with clean hot water and fully dry it then rub it with oil. My grandfather was a master meat cutter. He always told me. Hot cast iron skillet and a little salt, the steak won't stick. I have never had a steak stick to my cast iron following that advice.

  • LetoZeth


    23 days ago

    Some bad steak advice though.

  • timra360 _OW

    timra360 _OW

    23 days ago

    Nutella dryaged nephew

  • punjabi god

    punjabi god

    24 days ago

    why no dry age nephew



    24 days ago

    Guga: He did this to my cast iron pan
    *Shows Rusted Cast Iron Pan*
    “Nah, that won’t cut it. Use some pineapple and lemon juice as well.”

  • Joe Holahan

    Joe Holahan

    24 days ago

    Punishment should match the crime...should make him do the restoration to your standard!

  • The useless pickle eater

    The useless pickle eater

    25 days ago

    Next video: honey aging my nephew

  • Adam The Roofer

    Adam The Roofer

    25 days ago

    I say make Angel pay for the next high roller video. He has to buy the steaks (A5 Picana whole) he has to make all the portions of the meal and do the experiments so you can taste his testing!

  • Galaxy_Y T

    Galaxy_Y T

    25 days ago

    You should dry age then sous vide then pan sear then microwave then smoke then soke in water then grill then give him raw meat then eat wagyu a5 in front of him but he doesnt get any then use cast iron to sear and yea...

  • gadui ficoi

    gadui ficoi

    26 days ago

    The dead wallaby likely roll because hail splenomegaly file across a painstaking cockroach. stiff, quickest trail

  • Nick the Gamer

    Nick the Gamer

    26 days ago

    he must feel the pans pain.

  • rozhy2k


    26 days ago

    I've restored worse. A forgotten pan that was outside for several years, probably from the time that teflon came along. I've cleaned it with an angle grinder using a brass brush, just to find out, that the pan wasn't even clean from fat when it was abandoned outside on a balcony. At first, I thought it was production flaw, as there were pumps on the frying surface of the pan. What a surprise I had, when I put it in the oven for a couple of hours, just to find out that these "bumps" are fat with rust underneath that fat. So, had to go for the brush for the second time and after that, the regular stuff, wash it, season and so on. A great pan and works like magic now, too bad some people just don't know to appreciate a good thing.

  • keplerk


    26 days ago

    Kinda old but, make him eat a whole set of steaks seasoned with bambo salt

  • Antirevomag


    26 days ago

    This is actually very informative. Most of the videos i find just go "use steel wool until all the rust is gone!"

  • Kyle Eygabroad

    Kyle Eygabroad

    26 days ago

    For some reason his voice just really pisses me off idk why it just i think it is just accent

  • Rnk


    26 days ago

    Dry age his dog

  • Mister Mistah

    Mister Mistah

    26 days ago

    lol... i would of just bought a new cast iron skillet for $25 then cure it in the oven with oil...

  • Eliz


    27 days ago

    Oh, I have had that experience, hahahaha! Well, he looks sorry, and like he learned how to take care of the pan. Nice video!

  • potso


    27 days ago

    "Use a tender angel cut and season with garlic salt and pepper if that doesn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will"
    10 mins later
    *So how does he taste mao mao*

  • Kevy Tsiligas

    Kevy Tsiligas

    27 days ago

    ognon remove all taste because they contain sulfur in ;)

  • Arielus Grey

    Arielus Grey

    27 days ago

    Hahaha my cast iron skillet has been out for over 5 months now
    Fuckers gone completely at this point

  • Eagles Sixers Fan Keepingitreal

    Eagles Sixers Fan Keepingitreal

    27 days ago

    The fastest way to remove rust is how we did it in the US Navy by soaking rusted tools in KoolAid (unsweetened) or Cocoa Cola for a few hours or overnight, and wallah good as new

  • oscar aston

    oscar aston

    28 days ago

    Next video “can you guess tbis mystery meat?”
    Guga goes to sit down
    Everyone viewing “where’s Angel?”

  • Sayan Bhattacharya

    Sayan Bhattacharya

    28 days ago


  • Marcus


    28 days ago

    Angel should conduct an experiment for you to experience, obviously alongside a beautiful control steak

  • NieR A2B

    NieR A2B

    28 days ago

    Make him eat vegetables

  • Daymian Gamer

    Daymian Gamer

    28 days ago

    Hit his knees with it.

  • Arlithian


    28 days ago

    Marinade him in pineapple blend for an hour to tenderize him a bit.

  • JC Ottavianelli jr

    JC Ottavianelli jr

    28 days ago

    lol flip only once and Picana isn't a Brazilian cut

  • The ketundra

    The ketundra

    29 days ago

    Wet age him

  • Hehehe


    29 days ago

    i got a add with u and meater plus

  • Marcelino Mota

    Marcelino Mota

    29 days ago


  • Mango Steel

    Mango Steel

    29 days ago

    Baking soda water in a will neutralize the acid.

  • Ohem1


    Month ago


  • AtomicDog


    Month ago

    I would have found somebody with a sandblaster and then season it again.

  • charmander fan1

    charmander fan1

    Month ago

    Dry age and boil without seasoning

  • _aaaa


    Month ago

    Missed opportunity to sand/grind the inside to make it super smooth

  • deemon


    Month ago

    Cast iron stockholm syndrome is real... just use stainless steel.
    ( not that I wouldn't want to see some dry aged angel and mystery meat experiment... for your surviving crew )

  • Bryan Seare

    Bryan Seare

    Month ago

    You could thank your nephew for the views.

  • MilLosY


    Month ago

    Why almost? Let's make it happen!

  • Tammy Wehner

    Tammy Wehner

    Month ago

    scrape off the top layer, make a burger, fully clean and restore it and make another. have him eat good skillet burger first, then eat scruffy burger, dry!



    Month ago

    Give him a wedgie

  • Shadow Playz_YT

    Shadow Playz_YT

    Month ago

    To cook a perfect nephew I bring the meat to an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that the juices stay trapped inside of the meat and the meat has a perfect crust.