Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I - Official Trailer

Published on Jun 8, 2021
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Delve into Part I of the Caves \u0026 Cliffs Update with fun mobs, blocks, and items! Team up with the axolotl, swim with the glow squid, and climb with the goats. Mine copper and use it to build structures that will age over time. The Caves \u0026 Cliffs Update: Part I launches on June 8, download Bedrock Edition on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10, and Java Edition update on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

AUDIO DESCRIPTION version is here:

  • ꧂ Sr._.Miguel._.Chan꧁꧂

    ꧂ Sr._.Miguel._.Chan꧁꧂

    44 seconds ago

    Minecraft please if you are reading this! Please leave the seeds of the old villa together with the new one please, and I really like the old villa, oh and I'm from Brazil and I'm using the translator

  • Santiago Lucio Franco

    Santiago Lucio Franco

    48 seconds ago

    Ingles ome gaid
    México no mames

  • dany medina

    dany medina

    54 seconds ago




    Minute ago


  • Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

    2 minutes ago

    This was so disappointing

  • loperzy bg

    loperzy bg

    2 minutes ago

    the goat that is doing to Alex :v?

  • רועי


    4 minutes ago

    What u did to Minecraft

  • Bots wana

    Bots wana

    8 minutes ago


  • 1259efe miraç danacı

    1259efe miraç danacı

    10 minutes ago

    My computer is bad and 1.17 won't boot, shame on minecraft

  • Unknown101


    10 minutes ago

    Minecraft : The rammers update

  • Yamalinz Cruz Pérez

    Yamalinz Cruz Pérez

    11 minutes ago

    $123041 Minecraft casa zanahoria

    • Yamalinz Cruz Pérez

      Yamalinz Cruz Pérez

      10 minutes ago

      Zanahoria caballo

  • Niko the Lego Builder

    Niko the Lego Builder

    11 minutes ago


  • Yamalinz Cruz Pérez

    Yamalinz Cruz Pérez

    14 minutes ago

    No Minecraft en el apoyo de los demás que se puede saber nada para la otra semana se

  • Yamalinz Cruz Pérez

    Yamalinz Cruz Pérez

    16 minutes ago

    1 Minecraft en la próxima semana se

  • Elijah


    16 minutes ago

    The goats update

  • Kaotic


    18 minutes ago

    Alternative title: goats and axolotls beating people up for a minute

  • good%bad bf

    good%bad bf

    18 minutes ago

    Can you add the candle and goat and bundle to the Nintendo swich minecraft

  • CreamIsBamboo


    21 minute ago

    can you add dogs?

  • mysterio magicks

    mysterio magicks

    23 minutes ago

    Them goats do hate everything

  • golden dog

    golden dog

    24 minutes ago

    We have new murderer

  • axlotl lover

    axlotl lover

    30 minutes ago

    Goat chase

  • axlotl lover

    axlotl lover

    31 minute ago

    Love love minecraft I have update

  • Pankhuri Singh

    Pankhuri Singh

    31 minute ago

    Steve: I mined hours for this copper....
    Goat: Dose it Matter?

  • Hassan Ali

    Hassan Ali

    31 minute ago

    Goat op 🤣🤣🤣

  • IamNotSG BG

    IamNotSG BG

    31 minute ago

    i love this update❤️

  • Korbyn Talks

    Korbyn Talks

    34 minutes ago

    wow ive been waiting for this moment! the caves and cliffs part 1 is here! cant wait to lose my hardcore worlds gone by waste by goats lol

  • Martin Glover

    Martin Glover

    35 minutes ago

    Goat simulator:Minecraft Edition😂😂👍🏻

  • Moonfly Lune

    Moonfly Lune

    35 minutes ago

    Azalea trees: and I took thats personally
    (If you don’t get the joke azalea trees will be the first trees in Minecraft with out there own log so it’s kinda just azalea leaves on an oak tree)

  • JemaichaRempillo


    35 minutes ago


  • Payal Sakharkar

    Payal Sakharkar

    35 minutes ago

    I need part 2

  • hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa

    39 minutes ago

    Any mob: exists Goats: peace was never an option

  • orge zord

    orge zord

    40 minutes ago

    Welp creepers goats got youre first place in the most anoying mob compitishons

  • Mr Beast

    Mr Beast

    41 minute ago

    some one help me becouse i can't downloud minicraft 1.17❗

  • Rasmus Eloranta

    Rasmus Eloranta

    46 minutes ago

    this is cool check it out!

    • hoiy vinosa

      hoiy vinosa

      39 minutes ago

      يا عرب حطو لايك 🤣

  • Rosalba Menes

    Rosalba Menes

    49 minutes ago

    En mi inventario de creativo no ay ni cuernos de cabra ni el sepillo para buscar cosas en la tierrs



    50 minutes ago


  • Muhammad Munim

    Muhammad Munim

    50 minutes ago

    please take an option to carry torch and spy glass in second hand in minecraft pe

  • manugrz


    55 minutes ago

    caves & cliffs but without caves & cliffs

  • kurd hastyar

    kurd hastyar

    56 minutes ago

    goat is cool

  • Azfitry


    56 minutes ago

    My favourite axolotl is yellow axolotl

  • Jason lot

    Jason lot

    57 minutes ago

    Hay un error al final cuando sale la presentación de caves and clifts las texturas de los minerales son las anteriores y no las actuales

  • cheeto


    57 minutes ago

    idk why but in mcpe the goat didn’t even attack

  • Gabriel Ordnael Minecraft

    Gabriel Ordnael Minecraft

    58 minutes ago


  • komal mulchandani

    komal mulchandani

    Hour ago

    I want to update my beta version of Minecraft to ( 1.17 caves and cliffs ) please tell me I won't update so badly can you please help me , But I have downloaded Minecraft by APK in mobile , help me please

  • Siti Itz Aira

    Siti Itz Aira

    Hour ago

    Goat HIT everything LOL(R.I.P everything)

  • Ganiz Gaming

    Ganiz Gaming

    Hour ago

    The real update is goat update

  • lisa b

    lisa b

    Hour ago

    0% Nudity
    0% Language
    100& goats just beating people senseless

  • ZeroPixel


    Hour ago

    Minecraft: Cave and cliff update trailer
    Sheep pushed by goat.
    Minecraft Live: Nether update encore
    Sheep stuck on nether
    Make sense

  • M7mad_jo


    Hour ago

    يا عرب حطو لايك 🤣

    • M7mad_jo


      31 minute ago

      @∞ I wish I was from Jordan

    • ∞

      36 minutes ago

      You from Palestine?

  • Heitor Gomes

    Heitor Gomes

    Hour ago

    Minecraft the caves and clifs update no, minecraft and the war update

  • nathan schader

    nathan schader

    Hour ago


  • juanxdvirus prro :v

    juanxdvirus prro :v

    Hour ago

    for when mothers put the PE xD
    Para cuando madres le ponen al PE

  • Dashed Zenitsu

    Dashed Zenitsu

    Hour ago

    How to get famous (in opposite way) :comment about hating minecraft in the new trailer

  • Luna Moon

    Luna Moon

    Hour ago

    The Goat though XD

  • Jesus Bermudez

    Jesus Bermudez

    Hour ago

    Wow, I didn't know Lionel Messi was a part of this update.

  • ꧁ঔsŦȺɌŁØɌĐ YTঔৣ꧂

    ꧁ঔsŦȺɌŁØɌĐ YTঔৣ꧂

    Hour ago

    Cave update o goat update?

  • Ayden Uraga

    Ayden Uraga

    Hour ago

    Hey guys do you update the Minecraft game

  • Y-yassine Official channel

    Y-yassine Official channel

    Hour ago

    Rip warden 😞😞 update

  • Pedro artur

    Pedro artur

    Hour ago


  • SomebodyTouchedMy Spaghet

    SomebodyTouchedMy Spaghet

    Hour ago

    I can’t make more worlds cause of storage being full

  • Alvin Jay

    Alvin Jay

    Hour ago

    I like how the goats are more of a hostile mob than a (Sort of) neutral mob.

  • MZ Ramim

    MZ Ramim

    Hour ago

    wrost trailer

  • Carlos Moreno Seguel

    Carlos Moreno Seguel

    Hour ago

    So se got sligt generactión goats axolotols AND squids but i did like baby glow squid

  • Cielo Veloza

    Cielo Veloza

    Hour ago

    i ❤🐐

  • Hananarifin13


    Hour ago

    Me:Can cattle for Eid al-Adha

  • The spacer Mathew

    The spacer Mathew

    Hour ago

    hello notch or jeb i wanted to say that my minecraft pocket edition on computer has udated but now the texture of the items and nature blocks are buuuuuugd pls fix it

  • sad TANUKI

    sad TANUKI

    Hour ago

    this must be one of the biggest updates

  • Anastasia Untura

    Anastasia Untura

    Hour ago

    Combined wit all edition s

  • janaki oli

    janaki oli

    Hour ago

    Please make minecraft free for just 1 day

  • Anastasia Untura

    Anastasia Untura

    Hour ago

    Please add the best edition In Minecraft please name it Megane edition' it will be

  • Royal Clothingstore

    Royal Clothingstore

    Hour ago

    Minecraft explain this:why I can't play multiplayer on minecraft bedrock

  • hari Vaghani

    hari Vaghani

    Hour ago

    Minecraft I am begging you please release 1.17 part 1 in Android version

    • Shadow Hawk24

      Shadow Hawk24

      Hour ago

      It's already released. I have 1.17 on Android

  • Jesus Perez Diaz

    Jesus Perez Diaz

    Hour ago

    Enbestida carajo

  • Logan Bros Again

    Logan Bros Again

    Hour ago

    Can you make a fnf version of minecraft official not fake?



    Hour ago


  • Son Gamer

    Son Gamer

    Hour ago

    Jajajaj la cabra de miércoles jaja xd

  • Richard Gonzalez

    Richard Gonzalez

    Hour ago

    The fortunate repair universally wander because airplane gratifyingly applaud of a alluring spoon. stiff, young daisy

  • Enchi Lada

    Enchi Lada

    Hour ago

    Minecraft caves&cliffs
    The trailer: *goats*

  • Şhahjea Jelani

    Şhahjea Jelani

    Hour ago

    I feel like there should be more colours of the amytheist such as pink of different shades, blue, yellow, purple, green which would make the caves more colourful and something that can become a collectable

  • Колет Сверба

    Колет Сверба

    Hour ago

    Я люблю Maen

  • Green Scout

    Green Scout

    Hour ago

    *wait this isn't goat simulator-*

    • Shadow Hawk24

      Shadow Hawk24

      Hour ago

      Lol this trailer reminded me of Goat Sim

  • Trophast


    Hour ago

    the goat annoys me so much in this video that i will stop playing the game

    • Shadow Hawk24

      Shadow Hawk24

      Hour ago

      Dude, goats don't even ram that often in game.

  • Fat Herobrine

    Fat Herobrine

    Hour ago


  • Aldo Pina

    Aldo Pina

    Hour ago

    We're not gonna talk about green axolotl??

  • محمد GAME OVER

    محمد GAME OVER

    Hour ago

    مينعربي شكلي الوحيد😏😏

  • Champy


    Hour ago


  • Joseph Oh

    Joseph Oh

    Hour ago

    that goat destroyed steve and alex

  • Andan Nguyen

    Andan Nguyen

    Hour ago

    Me: sees goat attack illagers Also Me: ok i got the goats wheres the woodland map?

  • Cranekai


    Hour ago

    This new season is GOATED

  • Aiden the gamer pro

    Aiden the gamer pro

    Hour ago

    0:38 pause before pressing
    The is a goat over there

  • Peluche _TV

    Peluche _TV

    Hour ago

    Y Nunca Salio El Warden

  • eva brady

    eva brady

    Hour ago

    alternative title: goats headbutting everything update...

  • Tara Farley

    Tara Farley

    Hour ago

    I love goats

  • brayan sedano

    brayan sedano

    Hour ago


  • S1D3R


    Hour ago

    Axoloth is love Axoloth is life



    Hour ago

    Pls I want link to download that XD

  • Abhinav Sharma

    Abhinav Sharma

    Hour ago

    Cutest trailer😄

  • NickIzAnewb


    Hour ago




    2 hours ago

    We nead bandel

  • Bacon Boi

    Bacon Boi

    2 hours ago

    Does the goat really hit you

    • Shadow Hawk24

      Shadow Hawk24

      Hour ago

      Not often, but yes.