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Sydney Morgan
  • Anika Anikab

    Anika Anikab

    2 hours ago

    Um actually that’s my favorite thing 😅

  • Sandra Sif

    Sandra Sif

    5 hours ago

    I would actually love too do that lol- i dont wear makeup but once i cleaned one of my moms makeup brushes and it was lowkey fun-

  • Mirina XO

    Mirina XO

    Day ago

    I wash my brushes/beauty blender every time I use them, it’s so gross otherwise! And omg don’t put them on the floor! 😬

  • Butterfly Sqaud

    Butterfly Sqaud

    2 days ago

    Love Commenting on al your vids until you notice big fan plssss

  • Ariah Aguilar

    Ariah Aguilar

    4 days ago

    I actually love cleaning my makeup brushes

  • Mikhayla Hani

    Mikhayla Hani

    4 days ago


  • Sindhuja rani

    Sindhuja rani

    4 days ago

    Please do 🌈🏳‍🌈💐🍡🎨🧮

  • denise bishop

    denise bishop

    5 days ago


  • 🍀 clover  🍀

    🍀 clover 🍀

    6 days ago

    Sydney - explaining how she cleaned her brushes
    Her brushes - " ouch " that's hard have some mercy on me chill dude don't kill me ouchi

  • Goofy Ashlocks

    Goofy Ashlocks

    6 days ago

    Tell me how you keep your teeth so white 🦷

  • Nadire Uslu

    Nadire Uslu

    6 days ago


  • Davy Van Der Westhuizen

    Davy Van Der Westhuizen

    6 days ago

    You can also use soap and lego

  • KakashiHatake_Simp


    6 days ago

    I have the same spray!

  • Mary Anne Pillay

    Mary Anne Pillay

    7 days ago

    What is your name



    7 days ago

    She is cute at the last part

  • Nur Insani

    Nur Insani

    7 days ago

    were the same i Stragel with spraying

  • Addyson Mullesch

    Addyson Mullesch

    8 days ago

    Also another thing that you can use to clean your brushes it is take a 16 x 8 Lego or just any big Lego piece and put some foam soap or any kind of soap get your brush wet and scrub it under water on it maybe between scrubs you have to add more soap but if you keep doing that your brushes will be like brand new trust me I tried this and it works

  • Turtles EPIC

    Turtles EPIC

    9 days ago

    How long did it take to clean them all?

  • Fatimaaa Lodiii

    Fatimaaa Lodiii

    9 days ago

    Love the shirt tho XD

  • geet chd

    geet chd

    9 days ago

    How many make up brushes she have 1 million well for boys they don’t have to do this they don’t have daily work girls have a Lotta daily work do the make up brush your teeth it’s your breakfast pick out a dress so much

  • Ariana Hernandez

    Ariana Hernandez

    9 days ago

    Her: sometimes in life there are things u have to do but u don’t want to do and one of those things is cleaning your make up brushes

    Me: sometimes in life there are things you don’t want to do but you have to do like sleeping. But then when you fall asleep you don’t want to ever wake up.

  • Lisa Banks

    Lisa Banks

    10 days ago

    Can you do a jam / jelly mask and we will give you 1 million likes

  • lopa roy

    lopa roy

    10 days ago

    You can wash with soap

  • Diksha Mohanty

    Diksha Mohanty

    11 days ago

    I have that many brushes only they're for art

  • connie archer

    connie archer

    12 days ago

    Stop trying too hard in your videos; you look soooo desperate babe 😩

  • Aaliyiah Alexander

    Aaliyiah Alexander

    14 days ago

    Also one of those things is school but im glad school is over

  • Mariah Agius

    Mariah Agius

    15 days ago

    Who else LOVES her voiceee:::

  • Arielle Wilkins

    Arielle Wilkins

    15 days ago

    It looks like paint brushes how many she has

  • Brook&Michelle Van

    Brook&Michelle Van

    17 days ago

    I’ve never seen so many makeup brushes in my life 😅

  • flower girl

    flower girl

    17 days ago

    I love your shirt 💖

  • astride


    17 days ago

    Dude I think you are going to be finished with in the next few years,, and why do you have so much brushes 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Twigly Alicia

    Twigly Alicia

    17 days ago

    Good job!

  • Vlog&cultural Activity

    Vlog&cultural Activity

    17 days ago

    Why you are talking so much in every video you just talk and talk why

  • Mila Simonovska

    Mila Simonovska

    17 days ago

    And you know what I have to do...Read books📚 FROM SCHOOL 😭😭i have to do 4 to read them and im not even half at the first one I don't even want to do it.

  • Padmshreebalu K

    Padmshreebalu K

    17 days ago

    Creative 👍😀

  • Doodlenoodlee


    19 days ago

    Blue or green fairy soap works and some sort of alcohol ks better

  • 21 day ago

    I just use hand wash to clean my brushed :')

  • Lisa Elmore

    Lisa Elmore

    21 day ago

    I do mine like that to clean them

  • adriens my husband

    adriens my husband

    22 days ago

    She does everything lol

  • Linda Sabas

    Linda Sabas

    22 days ago

    Yes like really

  • Lauren Edens

    Lauren Edens

    23 days ago

    Not her fighting with the spray and the brush 😭😂❤️💓

  • Krista D

    Krista D

    23 days ago

    Make a pink lemonade face mask and we'll give you a million likes

  • The lovely Luna Ladies!

    The lovely Luna Ladies!

    24 days ago

    you can also put some dawn dish soap on the edge of the brush and works like a charm

  • ♡Jane♡


    24 days ago

    I use Legos

  • avella 🌸

    avella 🌸

    24 days ago

    I think if she turns the texture pad around it would fit very well with the drain :)

  • Bhabna's Beauty World

    Bhabna's Beauty World

    24 days ago

    I have more makeup brushes 😁

  • Unicorn  🦄  gamer girl

    Unicorn 🦄 gamer girl

    25 days ago

    You have so many brushes

  • Haya baby gamer

    Haya baby gamer

    25 days ago


  • baby yoda

    baby yoda

    25 days ago

    I have only one brush 😟

  • Summer Argent

    Summer Argent

    25 days ago

    Honestly I kinda look forward to cleaning mine
    Its satisfying

  • Mahesh Nagar

    Mahesh Nagar

    25 days ago

    Don't clean your face please clean your clothes

  • Mom's Love

    Mom's Love

    25 days ago

    I love you

  • Fragrants Time

    Fragrants Time

    25 days ago

    Why are you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty? is the your real eyes color? I love it.

  • CrystalBee


    25 days ago

    Girl! You need to get the make up brush cleaner bowl on Amazon. It’s AMAZING my brushes have never been so soft, clean, and it takes maybe 30 seconds per brush. I absolutely love it. I use it with. Eco Tools makeup cleaner. AMAZING! My beauty blenders I use the Beauty Blender soap gel, and a smaller mat like this that comes with a handle. Seriously though. Bowl brush cleaner!

  • Lakshita Gahlot

    Lakshita Gahlot

    26 days ago

    Everyone : looking at her brushes
    Me : how colorful the top is

  • Edimilson Francisco

    Edimilson Francisco

    26 days ago

    Dá para traduzir para português

  • Budor Ba

    Budor Ba

    26 days ago


  • Moochi Paws

    Moochi Paws

    27 days ago

    Me who lost her only brush:
    Bruh .... Sorry can't relate

  • Shru Shrey

    Shru Shrey

    27 days ago

    Mee admiring the skeletal hands on ur shirt😅

  • Autumn leaf

    Autumn leaf

    27 days ago

    My mom is going to need that purple thingy

  • aPersonWhoLikesWebtoon MM

    aPersonWhoLikesWebtoon MM

    27 days ago

    There were exactly 660 comments, not anymore

  • Shyam Kumari Maharjan

    Shyam Kumari Maharjan

    28 days ago


  • Verity Rodrigues

    Verity Rodrigues

    28 days ago

    That's alot of make-up brushes

  • Anyssa Romero

    Anyssa Romero

    28 days ago

    Can you clean your makeup towel

  • Horror Animations

    Horror Animations

    28 days ago

    I have the same makeup brush drier

  • Shamya Foster

    Shamya Foster

    28 days ago

    buit cheeks

  • Heather Hail

    Heather Hail

    29 days ago

    I love watching your videos your so creative🤗😍

  • Lyla


    29 days ago

    That shirt tho

  • Taro and Kawasaki💕🥺

    Taro and Kawasaki💕🥺

    29 days ago

    Me over here having five brushes her over there having 10 million brushes

  • Prasad Puttur

    Prasad Puttur

    29 days ago

    Omg , this lady has more brushes than an artist would ever have 😂😂😂🤣🤣🌷

  • AvaMarie Thomas

    AvaMarie Thomas

    29 days ago

    A tip for the spay bottle out your ring finger and your middle finger on the bottom and then your pinky and index finger on the sides then your thumb on the top and push down and there you can spray it properly

  • [•Slytherin Simp•]

    [•Slytherin Simp•]

    Month ago

    I am like cleaning my make up brushes

  • יעל קורדובר

    יעל קורדובר

    Month ago

    What to think about Israel and Palestine?

  • Rojalin Pati

    Rojalin Pati

    Month ago

    I am your big fan from India'

  • Therese Neema

    Therese Neema

    Month ago

    I have a crush on you

  • Diana Sandoval

    Diana Sandoval

    Month ago

    I don’t have to clean my makeup brushes cause I don’t wear makeup at all

  • cleaford ricafort

    cleaford ricafort

    Month ago

    Wow You have a lot of brushes

  • °Latte bear°

    °Latte bear°

    Month ago


  • Angie Gastel

    Angie Gastel

    Month ago

    Love your shirt and phone case😍

  • Random Side____

    Random Side____

    Month ago

    When he couldn’t get the thing on the brush that was me when I put on sunscreen

  • it's me zoya😇😇

    it's me zoya😇😇

    Month ago

    I love your voice

  • Richard Felix

    Richard Felix

    Month ago

    Ketchup mask and I'll give you 3,000 likes

  • Lekey Chaida

    Lekey Chaida

    Month ago


  • Cali Hasson

    Cali Hasson

    Month ago

    I found one were you put shampoo on your hand and swirl the brushes in it and then they are clean and smell good! Mine smell like strawberrys now 😂

  • Dora Liccardi

    Dora Liccardi

    Month ago

    omg i think i will stick with lip gloss lol 😂

  • Genie Land

    Genie Land

    Month ago

    I use dawn and rinse it very very well and it made all my brushes softer but what do y’all think?

  • Peace Olajide

    Peace Olajide

    Month ago

    She looks lik3 liana

  • Luisito Rdz

    Luisito Rdz

    Month ago

    She straggle to spray that into her brush

  • Snakes And cats

    Snakes And cats

    Month ago

    Me: how bad can it be?
    Also me: oh boy that’s a lot of brushes.

  • Sigita Ramanauskaite

    Sigita Ramanauskaite

    Month ago

    Thx sydney i acctually needed it! 🤗

  • Broke Bean

    Broke Bean

    Month ago

    and homework

  • Winter Gardens

    Winter Gardens

    Month ago

    Hi sydney!
    i heard if you say the you tubers name 3 time you get pinned!
    sydney morgan
    sydney morgan
    sydney morgan

  • xoxo builds♥

    xoxo builds♥

    Month ago

    let's talk about how many brushes she has

  • PinkZ_Angelina Zpt

    PinkZ_Angelina Zpt

    Month ago

    Can u do make up like bellie edilish

  • Instagram Insta

    Instagram Insta

    Month ago

    Her dress is super

  • adorexangie #stopanimaltesting i quit

    adorexangie #stopanimaltesting i quit

    Month ago

    Your so right!

  • D R

    D R

    Month ago

    Even kylie jenner does not have soo many brushes

  • airu nee

    airu nee

    Month ago

    What? What was that hanging thing? I need that for my art brushes

  • Emerii Shelton

    Emerii Shelton

    Month ago

    In stead of using that spray use soap and then rub it



    Month ago

    The colors