Clueless Predator Admits Everything To Chris Hansen

Published on Apr 13, 2021
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We're reacting To Catch A Predator and this dude is clueless. He admits everything to Chris Hansen and at one point even claims it to be the "cleanest and best pleasure". Get wish ordered Eminem out of here!
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  • CinnamonToastKen


    27 days ago

    1 like on this video = 1 giant SCREW YOU to people like this guy

    • Brett Dwayne

      Brett Dwayne

      Day ago

      @Edgar Taillon Yup, I have been using Flixzone for since december myself :D

    • Edgar Taillon

      Edgar Taillon

      Day ago

      pro tip: watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching all kinds of movies lately.

    • AlkinSlice


      7 days ago

      You guys should react to the South Park episode with Chris Hansen

    • bumperxx1


      11 days ago

      @Crystal Euwing don't worry I won't

    • Crystal Euwing

      Crystal Euwing

      11 days ago

      @bumperxx1 then don’t watch..?

  • Brooke Allshouse

    Brooke Allshouse

    5 hours ago

    Bruuuuuh thats 6 dudes a day lol

  • Loosif3r


    8 hours ago

    Something I'll never have again... Yeah cuz prison isn't where you find 13yr old girls dummy

  • BVA iLoveYou

    BVA iLoveYou

    12 hours ago

    It sounds like when he's walking out mumbling @11:17 says "thanks for making me waste my gas yo" lol, think you got worse problems to deal with lmao

  • Allie Paige

    Allie Paige

    Day ago

    "Are you ready for my thang in your mouth"
    Yessir........but thats not my intention.

  • Lapiz_laz06


    2 days ago

    Its more scarier to confess the truth then going to jail

  • k cjax

    k cjax

    2 days ago

    The beavis moment....uhhhhhhh uhhhhhh

  • Mel Melson

    Mel Melson

    3 days ago


  • another dreamless teenager

    another dreamless teenager

    3 days ago

    just listening to him took ten years off my life

  • E.T.


    3 days ago

    14:46 "call em' the anchor, because he's always going down"

  • Fearless Skateboarding

    Fearless Skateboarding

    3 days ago

    the guy low key looks like logan paul ahahaha

  • Gabby _

    Gabby _

    3 days ago

    Why not castrate them as part of the “rehabilitation” effort

  • lchurch01


    3 days ago

    11:12 Thanks for what man; you waste my gas yo? Hard to tell... Funny how he as no remorse and now mad about the money he spent when he is told he can leave. Shows what a POS he is and why you should never feel sorry for these turds.

  • Atom Saturniidae

    Atom Saturniidae

    4 days ago

    I like how he admitted to EVERYTHING except the condoms. Those were for balloon animals ig.

  • Darth Neo

    Darth Neo

    4 days ago

    lol watching again, 9:33 did they just touch,,lol

  • Incredibly Stupid

    Incredibly Stupid

    4 days ago

    Mannn literally the only appropriate response in this situation is "Yes I was here for disturbing intentions. Aside from jail time, I either need rehabilitating help or the chair." And I just mention rehabilitation because while doubtful, you truly have to hope that it can work for these kind of people. Otherwise... Probably best to permanently lock em up or shock em up at this point. Fckin wild man....

  • Drake Docson

    Drake Docson

    4 days ago

    “Look like he just got back from 8 mile.”

  • Xhilda Yzeiraj

    Xhilda Yzeiraj

    4 days ago

    You guys should read the comments on these videos

  • Spartan0536


    4 days ago

    There are "Predator Hunters" on Facebook that do pretty much the same thing, I am a member of one of those groups that exposes these child predators. The guy that runs it stopped for a month or so due to Facebook bullshit, when he started it up again it took him less than an HOUR for their decoy to get hit up by one of these guys. He busts MULTIPLE people per week without even trying, and this is week after week after week. Motherfuckers drive 2-3 hours just to get busted, I wish I was lying but I am not.

  • Shwaggy Shwagz

    Shwaggy Shwagz

    5 days ago

    Go on take a seat.

  • Typical Texan

    Typical Texan

    5 days ago

    What confuses me is that I'm 18 and have been talking to a girl since before i turned 18, is that ok?

  • Lucy


    5 days ago

    the fact he thought after admitting that he would just be allowed to leave... disgusting

  • Melchior Tod

    Melchior Tod

    5 days ago

    Their contributions to the videos is just them laughing the whole time but man i love it😂

  • Vixxen Fox

    Vixxen Fox

    5 days ago

    Buffpro got pretty hair! 😄

  • etoniqe


    5 days ago


  • Cricket Pickett

    Cricket Pickett

    5 days ago

    First I’ve ever seen someone booked into jail and they made them take a shower, this dude must have been pretty punky 😜

  • Maryanne Harter

    Maryanne Harter

    5 days ago

    I want a stay toasty light so bad !

  • Jasmin Lee Lynch

    Jasmin Lee Lynch

    5 days ago

    Totally off topic but I just noticed kens shirt is covered in tigers! I freaking love it and need it

  • J-Rizzle


    5 days ago

    It’s been a while since I’ve watched you two but it looks like you guys lost weight since I last saw you guys reacting to stuff on an actual couch

  • Lexi Ackley

    Lexi Ackley

    5 days ago

    Ken I loved you until you said couch gang

  • MissNinjaChild


    5 days ago

    Love when Dane calls Ken “Kenny” 🥺

  • Pino Lif

    Pino Lif

    5 days ago

    i love you too

  • Pr. MCP

    Pr. MCP

    5 days ago

    Prefer to be cancel in 2025

  • Kele Beck

    Kele Beck

    5 days ago

    James Charles stole this dude’s excuse

  • Betsy Contreras

    Betsy Contreras

    5 days ago


  • Raven Black

    Raven Black

    5 days ago

    "I drove this far for no reason!"
    *THAT'S* the best he could come up with?! Why didn't he say he was meeting up with her mother or something? It still wouldn't have worked out for him, but really?! "I drove this far for no reason." Wtf? 🤣

  • kalpar


    5 days ago

    what the hell did I just watch...

  • Solomon Rameau

    Solomon Rameau

    5 days ago

    Algorithm +1

  • Karissa Bekkering

    Karissa Bekkering

    6 days ago

    The facepalms at the same time were perfect 😂😂😂

  • babybluex


    6 days ago

    I love when they make their way to the front door to leave, thinking that that's the end of it . . . 🤣🤣🤣

  • berenice anderson

    berenice anderson

    6 days ago

    I mean he just said it all. An honest predator 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Mike


    6 days ago

    You guys should do to catch a predator Jeff Sokol!!! He was a real tool.

  • Daysha Williams

    Daysha Williams

    6 days ago

    He fixed his glasses and then I subconsciously also had to fix mine. It was a very weird chain reaction.

  • Emily Hay

    Emily Hay

    6 days ago

    idk why but I kept looking at goku in the bg behind buff, and he looks so disappointed in us all.

  • Tipsysweet Aussiemumma

    Tipsysweet Aussiemumma

    6 days ago

    Is this like the go to line for predators when they get caught
    "I drove this far for no reason"
    Like is there some class for predators that teach them to say this if they get caught. 🤔🤦‍♀️

  • Franklin Peter

    Franklin Peter

    6 days ago

    Why does that guy look like a deep fake pewds

  • Mr.creeper.jkh


    6 days ago

    Having buff as your uncle or ken as your dad must be one of the most epic things that happen in your whoooole life

  • timothy naquin

    timothy naquin

    6 days ago

    Shaq used to be a decoy for LAPD and Miami PD while he played in the NBA. Big ole Shaq used to act like a teen girl or boy to catch guy's like Slime Shady here

  • Yoosher BTheKid

    Yoosher BTheKid

    7 days ago

    Alright this was my fifth video.
    Ya got me.

  • Denise Raymond-Yslas

    Denise Raymond-Yslas

    7 days ago

    These people never change and never will

  • The Cali Stoner

    The Cali Stoner

    7 days ago

    Mom can we have 90's Eminem
    "We have 90's Eminem at home"
    (90's Eminem at home)

  • Gibson Pike04

    Gibson Pike04

    7 days ago

    This guy is the worst! Any follow up on him getting killed in prison?

  • TR230de


    7 days ago

    If he has brain trauma that causes him to be a predator then shouldn’t he be locked up for like ever for public safety?

  • LG Flash

    LG Flash

    7 days ago

    the cat predator please

  • Wail Faridi

    Wail Faridi

    7 days ago

    Eminem : "I gone touched on everything but little boys".
    Eminem from wish : "👀"

  • pessimisticbastard


    7 days ago

    24 men in 4 days? wtf? can we just shoot predators on site? that's the only way they'll stop creeping

  • Maria Reyes

    Maria Reyes

    7 days ago

    React to Paris Hilton’s YouTube videos



    7 days ago

    Will the real slim shady please stand up
    Chris Hansen: have a seat

  • Bang Chamber

    Bang Chamber

    7 days ago

    Replace Chris Hansen with Joe Rogan.

  • Kourtts Mason

    Kourtts Mason

    7 days ago

    Bro it's always so creepy when the dude beelines straight for the girl when they get there.

  • O S K

    O S K

    7 days ago

    Ken is getting huge!

  • K Couch

    K Couch

    7 days ago

    My name is Kyle Couch and I love and pprecige you guys

  • Saphire Xari

    Saphire Xari

    7 days ago

    Please PLEASE do more TCAP videos!!! there are some absolute GEMS who have been caught over the years

  • Kelly Jovenitti

    Kelly Jovenitti

    8 days ago


  • David Afanasiev

    David Afanasiev

    8 days ago

    Ken's shirt

  • Phoebe Euphoric

    Phoebe Euphoric

    9 days ago

    Lmao I am so glad you guys are covering To Catch A Predator ahahahahahahaa this is gold

  • Dustin Loucks

    Dustin Loucks

    9 days ago

    I wish it were legal to take these types of people out.

  • Alec Togashi

    Alec Togashi

    9 days ago

    Chris Hansen: "You brought condoms?"
    This dude: "Random, GO!"

  • Diane J

    Diane J

    9 days ago

    Hide your wife hide your kids hide you mother

  • Noah The Normal

    Noah The Normal

    9 days ago

    It's a shame Chris Hansen turned out to be quite the dirt bag himself

  • minarina


    9 days ago

    These predators need to be sent to the ranch.

  • Kevin Willbur

    Kevin Willbur

    9 days ago

    11:19 I think he said thank you so much for making me waste my gas yo... WTF? really

  • Romy Abou Jaoudé

    Romy Abou Jaoudé

    9 days ago

    Dane is the light

  • Charles Philip Adams

    Charles Philip Adams

    9 days ago

    What happened to Miranda Warnings? That actress wasn't 13 in truth so I think most of these creeps walk when their cases go to court as entrapment.

  • Yui !

    Yui !

    9 days ago

    Hansen: Did you bring condoms

    Dude: Yes....but that wasn't my intention

    Everyone: 👁👄👁 uhuh

  • Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf

    10 days ago

    This guy is so dumb.

  • Kraven Moarhed

    Kraven Moarhed

    10 days ago

    This one is so hard to watch.

  • Cali Clayton

    Cali Clayton

    10 days ago

    This guy sounds exactly like a Mr. James Charles 🤔 “I’m desperate”

  • manuel castro

    manuel castro

    10 days ago

    Do the episode of the rabbi lmao pleaseeeee

  • Jakob Fitz-Erse

    Jakob Fitz-Erse

    10 days ago

    The react couch series I didnt know I needed.

  • Come on Now

    Come on Now

    10 days ago

    I felt the anger you had as a father... im a mother of 3... don't trust anyone with your kids... I'm a survivor of severe child abuse.. the very ones who were supposed to protect me, tortured me

  • Ren Brown

    Ren Brown

    10 days ago

    Yo Buff is a snack

  • CallMe Apollo

    CallMe Apollo

    10 days ago

    Predators deserve to be put on ✨ Blast ✨

  • levi


    11 days ago

    you gotta do more of these. it’s just the right amount of comic relief to stop you from chucking your phone across the room because the people are disgusting

  • floresaza253


    11 days ago

    This is the cleanest, best pleasure.

  • Destiny Bates

    Destiny Bates

    11 days ago

    what he mumbled as he was walking out is basically “i can’t believe i wasted my gas money” or something like that

  • E Vogt

    E Vogt

    11 days ago

    Gives me such happiness to see ken and buff ready to fight this dude 😌😌😌

  • Robert Sikes

    Robert Sikes

    11 days ago

    Edp445 reaction??

  • Malinda Maynor

    Malinda Maynor

    11 days ago

    He deserves the menu that they served at the ranch

  • freddy avalos

    freddy avalos

    12 days ago

    Double face palm at 6:59 😂

  • The Art Van

    The Art Van

    12 days ago

    Let this be a lesson to all you pedos. wear a mask

  • activetemper


    12 days ago

    U guys are so funny I never laughed so hard untill I watched your vids

  • Nando Peraza

    Nando Peraza

    12 days ago

    Y’all gotta see when EDP445 got caught 😂

  • Nando Peraza

    Nando Peraza

    12 days ago

    I remember this from BHD back in 2016 😂

  • tim


    12 days ago

    react to the edp predator catch

  • xObsidianONYXx


    12 days ago

    This guy and Big Ed are competing for conductor of the cringe train.

  • Luke Oaks

    Luke Oaks

    13 days ago

    Shower and shampoo? Gotta make him all purty for his new friends.

  • Jeremy Dickey

    Jeremy Dickey

    13 days ago

    This was probably the funniest one 😂😂

  • M Slix

    M Slix

    13 days ago

    Chris Hanson king of vocal fry

  • Lakker94


    13 days ago

    Is it me or does Ken look a lot like Link from GMM?