Court Cam: Man SPITS on Judge, Then Starts Jail Riot | A&E

Published on May 7, 2021
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A defendant gets additional jail time for spitting on a judge, and then some more for starting a riot in jail in this clip from Season 3, Episode 7.

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  • A&E


    Month ago

    Tune in to Court Cam, Wednesdays at 9/8c on A&E, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at

    • Shirley U

      Shirley U

      Day ago

      @Sheep Dog ll

    • Jen Greene

      Jen Greene

      6 days ago

      Throw Away the key

    • YBF Lex

      YBF Lex

      7 days ago

      This dude Webb seems like a good dude. Not a selfish loser at all

    • Tyler Story

      Tyler Story

      17 days ago

      Do yall get a thrill out watching lives be put to torture These PEOPLE Need psychiatric help Take Ones life is awful but your putting in your anger to take another life away!!! Help people Forgive people WORK TOGETHER!!

    • Precious Perry

      Precious Perry

      Month ago

      When he spit on the female judge I knew he hated women even before knowing he killed his girlfriends. He can get parole in 25 years????

  • Marc Pell

    Marc Pell

    39 minutes ago

    That’s assault brotha

  • Frank Priv

    Frank Priv

    2 hours ago

    why keep him around

  • letty rodrz

    letty rodrz

    2 hours ago

    Very glad this monster was caught and never be out of prison!

  • Khriez Zzz

    Khriez Zzz

    7 hours ago

    Send him to guantanamo bay

  • mrs kath

    mrs kath

    7 hours ago

    You can tell there is something very wrong with him .trust me he will never see the light of day .

  • surfer boy 😨

    surfer boy 😨

    9 hours ago

    Put him on hard labor 6 days a week 12 hour days working on farm fields picking agricultural produce for those 25 years and let's see how much of a tuff guy he is 😎😎😎😎

  • Pastor Nezuko

    Pastor Nezuko

    10 hours ago

    Just letting y'all know that driving onto someone and pinning them against a wall can paralyze the person from the waist down, forever.



    12 hours ago

    “Bass Webb” 🤣

  • Anon Gomez

    Anon Gomez

    12 hours ago

    LoL Idiots sentence him with all those years. Then you give him the option or chance to possibly get parole. Trouble with America always protecting murders. Gas them!

  • Fernando António

    Fernando António

    13 hours ago

    This movie is useless.
    Web is a psycophat which means this his normal behaviour an this is his normal future path.

  • George Tomas

    George Tomas

    13 hours ago

    He is a spawn of satan

  • Bobby Cox

    Bobby Cox

    14 hours ago

    This guy is an absolute waste of money, manpower and resources. I don’t like knowing that he exists anywhere on earth.

  • Jordan Reid

    Jordan Reid

    15 hours ago

    This mans like woody harlelson on crack

  • Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson

    15 hours ago

    Parole. What the F

  • Ashton - Significant Edge Academy

    Ashton - Significant Edge Academy

    15 hours ago

    Can anyone please tell me why this guy didnt get the dealth sentence... now we pay for his housing, food and protection? Sometimes I feel like our legal system is... really flawed.

  • Zulu Shange

    Zulu Shange

    16 hours ago

    His new jailbird friends are going to take really good care of him. Before he knows it he will be someone wifey.

  • Mental illboy

    Mental illboy

    18 hours ago

    I feel bad for the dude.
    Something horrible must happened to him as a kid.

  • Leo mandchourian

    Leo mandchourian

    21 hour ago

    All this mercy, because he is white. Imagine a black man doing 1 thing along all the things he did. LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE

  • Decontee Sawyer

    Decontee Sawyer

    21 hour ago

    Kamala sent him bail money.

  • Zach Brennan

    Zach Brennan

    21 hour ago

    How that joker is still standing after spitting on a judge surrounded by bailiffs is astounding

  • Warren Bates

    Warren Bates

    23 hours ago

    One bad hombre.

  • D FACE

    D FACE

    23 hours ago

    possibility of WTF

  • Jose Mama

    Jose Mama

    23 hours ago

    That’s a good retirement plan.

  • Empty


    23 hours ago

    Wish I could spit that far

  • Bill Lynn

    Bill Lynn

    Day ago

    No parole! Are you nuts! No parole! No parole No parole!

  • Kev Napalm

    Kev Napalm

    Day ago

    Top 10 outlaw/gangster of all time💯🖤🌍

  • Nunya Business

    Nunya Business

    Day ago

    Why is this man still alive???

  • Rose Vlogs

    Rose Vlogs

    Day ago

    Ugh 🤢

  • Meow Meow

    Meow Meow

    Day ago

    Never name your kid Bass or C-Bass or any of those variations. It goes wrong.

  • Brianne Fowler

    Brianne Fowler

    Day ago

    The fact that he’s killed multiple people and still has a possibility of parole is mind-boggling.

  • MasterHustler


    Day ago

    True gangster!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chen Beixuan

    Chen Beixuan

    Day ago

    I don't condone solitary, but this dude needs solitary. He can't be left around other inmates, he will kill again!

  • Chen Beixuan

    Chen Beixuan

    Day ago

    its not about the judge being more important than a human. the court and the judge represent the nation and the people. His contempt is for the laws and system that uphold the nation.

  • Siptom


    Day ago

    This guy needs to be locked up forever.

    • vSnxgz CB

      vSnxgz CB

      Day ago

      He will and he deserves it

  • Changing Da Game

    Changing Da Game

    Day ago

    This guy was literally begging for life "without " parole, and they still made him eligible...... Unbelievable!🤦🏻‍♂️

  • aurora


    Day ago

    Possibility of parole, you kidding me

  • Junell Nael

    Junell Nael

    Day ago

    Possibility of parole after 25 years, crazy justice system

  • ChangingWhereabouts


    Day ago

    Oh you people are so funny ... apparently no one can see patterns and connections. If you had better system in place then you would have caught some like this a lot sooner. Now it’s taken forever to get him, forever to charge him, forever to prove his guilt and sentience him and the response is possible parole.
    People like that don’t change. If he ever gets out, more people will die.

  • DJPK


    Day ago

    Lol he rolls with the black dudes in the can

  • Luider ,

    Luider ,

    Day ago

    i feel happy that people are literally rotting in cages and are going insane like rats drowning very slowly

  • Jay Doherty

    Jay Doherty

    Day ago

    I love how the last sentence was life in prison. It’s not like he wasn’t going to spend 184 years in jail anyways

  • Gabby Ryan

    Gabby Ryan

    Day ago

    This man just hates women huh

  • Lovely Rich

    Lovely Rich

    Day ago

    Dam how many girlfriends has this man killed! That's only two until they find other bodies, this man is the devil🤦

  • Max Cranston

    Max Cranston

    Day ago

    1:07 the lawyers face on the right is exactly like that "Bro, what are you talking about man?" meme 😂

  • Papaya Papaya

    Papaya Papaya

    Day ago

    This is where you castrate his arms and legs and you leave him for the prisoners

  • Booyahkahshah shah

    Booyahkahshah shah

    Day ago

    Guilty on all acCounts and there's parole?

  • Michael Gilmore TV

    Michael Gilmore TV

    Day ago

    If he was Black, he would be dead inside the courtroom immediately for spitting on Judge or moreover, the deputies would have killed him in the hallway!

  • GetMeThere1


    Day ago

    They should remove all his head tattoos and install a new one "SHOOT ON SIGHT."

  • Travis Workman

    Travis Workman

    Day ago

    He should never have a chance to parole….

  • Bonnie Hopkins

    Bonnie Hopkins

    Day ago

    He has no remorse, doesn't care about being in prison for the rest of his life. Makes you wonder if he is really being punished for his crimes.

  • Ed Too

    Ed Too

    Day ago

    The Law sucks most of the time.

  • ThePKJ007


    2 days ago

    What a loser

  • Vinny Mac

    Vinny Mac

    2 days ago

    This is what the complete opposite of Steven Avery looks like.

  • B. RD

    B. RD

    2 days ago

    After all he did, Life in prison with the possibility of release after 25 years? What you can get away with in America today because of Corruption in the Political System is astounding....

  • Leon Athavan

    Leon Athavan

    2 days ago

    Why does he need to get out after 25 years ? parole ? Why ?

  • 浪客剑心


    2 days ago


  • Arron P.

    Arron P.

    2 days ago

    his mugshot looked nothing like him in person,.

  • Zach Scott

    Zach Scott

    2 days ago

    He can’t even be incarcerated safely. Put him down 🤷‍♂️

  • gerald aird

    gerald aird

    2 days ago

    This bloke should be incarcerated in Guantanamo bay for the rest of his life or even longer if he lives that long.

  • Stephfo


    2 days ago

    Bruh he crazy

  • 33 All the way

    33 All the way

    2 days ago

    Anyone know what the blurred tattoo says ?



    2 days ago

    Very fascinating to know what ticked this guy off...
    His demeanor is just pure defiant...

  • Fischbroetchen2k


    2 days ago

    Just me or should "knee cap displacement by blunt force" be a punishment to put some icing on a sentence for some people?

  • 8Ball


    2 days ago

    After everything he did, the people he killed, and the lives he destroyed he gets the possibility of parole after 25 years. He's a monster and should be dealt with as one.

  • Yas


    2 days ago

    I don't know... maybe torture isn't so bad for these types of remorseless criminals.

  • Keng He

    Keng He

    2 days ago

    Clear this one not waste resources

  • bigbilltoady


    2 days ago

    waste of oxegen.

  • dfy goh

    dfy goh

    2 days ago

    why does he get a chance of parole after 25 years, his X girlfriend is still going to be dead

    • Intensity . Density

      Intensity . Density

      Day ago

      He'll be only eligible after he completes all the sentences, which he'll be dead by then. He's never getting out.

  • officertenpenny aintservingyou

    officertenpenny aintservingyou

    2 days ago

    i love how his lawyer was like: wtf bro

  • Wiliam Minaya

    Wiliam Minaya

    2 days ago this world, there are quite a few evil duers, they care nor for the life of no-one.

  • Mike G

    Mike G

    2 days ago

    Go for him

  • Shane


    2 days ago

    Well thats one solution for male pattern baldness…

  • Regina Paul

    Regina Paul

    2 days ago

    He should have on a spit guard.

  • Karen Hall Rodriguez

    Karen Hall Rodriguez

    2 days ago

    Some people are just no good

  • TheKaneECO


    2 days ago

    Honestly can we just start executing people again. The amount of money wasted keeping these men alive just to die in prison is crippling.

    • TheKaneECO


      Day ago

      @Kiki J they are already losing their lives over nothing.

    • Kiki J

      Kiki J

      Day ago

      As cold as this sounds I honestly agree. But the problem is the court house is always failing and steady convicting innocent people and with execution, a lot of innocent people could lose their lives over nothing

  • Kwazimo Kava

    Kwazimo Kava

    2 days ago

    They shouldn't be allowed to be close the judge to anyone during court fullstop.

  • Jennifer Jones

    Jennifer Jones

    2 days ago

    Men like this should be put down...prison won't do anything for him

  • East India Company

    East India Company

    2 days ago

    For this lowlife Dismemberment is the correct punishment.

  • Juanita Richards

    Juanita Richards

    2 days ago

    This dummy is his own worst enemy. I'm glad....

  • Randy Mullins

    Randy Mullins

    2 days ago

    It's sheer ignorance & meekness to allow these savages to have representation

    • nancy leon

      nancy leon

      22 hours ago

      @Randy Mullins agreed, but it’s a slippery slope unfortunately. But this guy won’t ever be free again, let’s take some comfort in that.

    • Randy Mullins

      Randy Mullins

      23 hours ago

      @nancy leon yup, and it requires rewriting a.s.a.p.

    • nancy leon

      nancy leon

      23 hours ago

      No, not ignorance. The constitution, unfortunately.

  • Delusion In The Brain

    Delusion In The Brain

    3 days ago

    This guy looks like he is geting in shape in prison, maybe he's preparing? he might planing to break out.

  • Jason Foard

    Jason Foard

    3 days ago

    Dirt bag

  • scogator


    3 days ago

    End this case already.

  • Abdulsalam Daud

    Abdulsalam Daud

    3 days ago

    With the possibility of parole?! Whata crooked justice...

  • racistcultsareevil


    3 days ago

    You mean in 15 years normal people will have the privilege of interacting with that scumball?

  • Ledavezep


    3 days ago

    Rabid dogs like that need to be put down, one in the back of the head then tossed into the nearest dumpster.

  • Rich Tata

    Rich Tata

    3 days ago

    This dude is bad news

  • Thier petersen

    Thier petersen

    3 days ago

    Lil Wyte really lost it i see

  • Na Ich halt.

    Na Ich halt.

    3 days ago

    I better collect pokemon cards then years in prison

  • Na Ich halt.

    Na Ich halt.

    3 days ago

    As dumb as his name

  • ben noble

    ben noble

    3 days ago

    Why can’t we just put these kind of people down?

  • Matthew


    3 days ago

    Props to the guard who absolutely nailed the aim on the neck. Perfect place for the hit - impacts the throat to further discomfort the target, in addition to the effects. Top notch work.