Published on Jun 20, 2021
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David Profit
  • kermitlikesmeme s

    kermitlikesmeme s

    9 minutes ago

    I like the up music in the background

  • Just a chainsaw who is devil for fun

    Just a chainsaw who is devil for fun

    5 hours ago

    I saw part 6 and9 together. 🌝

  • Mark Scott

    Mark Scott

    17 hours ago

    Sometimes your head movements are out of sync

  • Veeno


    17 hours ago

    I think you meant the drinkable water

  • Michael Smith

    Michael Smith

    18 hours ago

    I actually worked on that house in surf city. Small world

  • Wake Up America

    Wake Up America

    2 days ago

  • Wubbys toy show

    Wubbys toy show

    2 days ago

    Fluffy corgi or normal corgi

    I vote fluffy corgi

  • Fire Plays159

    Fire Plays159

    2 days ago

    600th comment

  • Reconnecting...


    2 days ago

    The acrophobia ride at six flags is also compared to godzilla.🐲

  • Giovanni Gumalo

    Giovanni Gumalo

    2 days ago

    Wait which godzilla tho?

  • The chxosen one

    The chxosen one

    3 days ago

    I’m from surf city and lived on that road

  • Landhyn


    3 days ago

    The corgi wasn’t a crazy comparison

  • Kevin Vance

    Kevin Vance

    4 days ago

    Ffs get a normal fucking mic

  • JustMe


    5 days ago

    Its jard to believe there is o my this much water

  • Adam Skiba

    Adam Skiba

    6 days ago

    You should have done:
    A man's jeans vs wife's + price.

  • Krystian Składowski

    Krystian Składowski

    6 days ago

    Which Godzilla

  • Dark


    7 days ago

    The Godzilla one makes my heart warm

  • white sheep

    white sheep

    7 days ago

    Earth is 70% water what are you talking about in the first picture

  • Vortex Anims

    Vortex Anims

    7 days ago

    This guy has all my respects he goes to the point already
    Props to you bro👌

  • Domenic Avanesov

    Domenic Avanesov

    7 days ago


  • Superior Flame

    Superior Flame

    7 days ago

    Ok did this guy really just say you looking at the milky looks different from a camera’s vision when both pictures were taken by camera. Unless they drew the milky way

  • winterblxssom


    8 days ago

    “crazy comparison pictures”
    **shows 2 corgis**

  • Ego-Less Omnipresence

    Ego-Less Omnipresence

    9 days ago

    Higher dimensional beings be like grab one of those Apes we'll upgrade them and upload sentience.

  • OrangeTwist


    11 days ago

    This dude is a one trick pony

  • Krreshmcm


    13 days ago

    Surf City = facts. It was bad here.

  • Not a woman

    Not a woman

    16 days ago


  • SillyGoofyGooberGoose


    16 days ago

    Bro that’s the skeleton of someone who has returned to MONKE no wonder it looks so similar to a human skeleton

  • Sophia Lalicker

    Sophia Lalicker

    16 days ago

    Me who lives in NC: oh crap not Florence-

    Sorry if your name is Florence

  • ClaytoniusDoesThings


    17 days ago

    What iteration of Godzilla is that? Because the most recent incarnations of him as absolutely massive.

  • siddharth


    19 days ago

    Plot twist: Godzilla is just a cat but the japanese being little lego figurines saw it as a monster

  • Jade


    19 days ago


  • Proud to be a Christian

    Proud to be a Christian

    19 days ago

    God loves youu!!!

  • taxi cab

    taxi cab

    19 days ago

    i didn’t even know which was which none of these were labeled.

  • I I

    I I

    19 days ago

    First picture is fake

  • Uman Oup

    Uman Oup

    19 days ago

    Regular co- corgi

  • Mailmaniac


    19 days ago

    That first one is not remotely true

  • Godzilla


    19 days ago

    I hate you humans...

  • Lulu Elizabeth Black

    Lulu Elizabeth Black

    20 days ago

    he looks like a white absorber

  • Nessa Bartunek

    Nessa Bartunek

    20 days ago




    20 days ago

    Ah yes, I just took a screenshot with my eyes

  • witch with a dick

    witch with a dick

    20 days ago

    This is a comparison of a human skeleton and a gorilla skeleton
    Me *gorilla noises intensify*

  • Sophia Nielson

    Sophia Nielson

    20 days ago

    I need a fluffy corgi now thanks

  • Sky


    20 days ago


  • Päňđý_Płåýś 15

    Päňđý_Płåýś 15

    20 days ago

    gO bAcK i woNt tO bE mOoNke

  • Journey Thomas

    Journey Thomas

    21 day ago

    I want a fluffy Corgi

  • Paige Hale🤍

    Paige Hale🤍

    21 day ago

    But earth is97% water-

  • pog gamer is gaming 🤯

    pog gamer is gaming 🤯

    22 days ago

    Omg this is so scary im literally on a road trip to surf city right now no joke.🙄

  • Calicø


    22 days ago


  • haris khan

    haris khan

    22 days ago

    Doesn't matter the fluff doesn't change the taste there both really good especially when they're marinated

  • good burber buritos

    good burber buritos

    22 days ago

    Chonke monke

  • Liambigbear99


    22 days ago

    Are you daily dose of internet??

  • ender


    22 days ago

    the rock and dwayne johnson look like the same person!?!?

  • Dan Walk

    Dan Walk

    23 days ago

    The claw one is amazing. The polar bears claw just looks like a blade.

  • Bianca Rickord

    Bianca Rickord

    23 days ago

    I drove down that road after the hurricane, it was horrible.

  • Milk


    23 days ago

    I appreciate the up music.

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Gaurav Kumar

    23 days ago

    Btw the eye sea much clearer picture in night just because of light polution the image blurs out

  • iicio


    23 days ago

    I refuse to believe anything this person has to say so much lies it's pissing me off 😆

  • Denys 277

    Denys 277

    23 days ago

    To be honest I've neve seen more than just like 10 stars when looking up

    • Matilda Vikström

      Matilda Vikström

      8 days ago

      Maybe you need glasses? Or go somewhere without electric light.

  • Get Some All Day

    Get Some All Day

    23 days ago

    You look like absorber

  • Sandman


    23 days ago

    First one is cap

    • Sandman


      23 days ago

      Wait I’m a dumbass

  • jKANEcj


    24 days ago

    Well I mean Japan did make the kaiju that made me love other kaiju godzilla if he becomes a real thing yea they will be ok

  • Weebster


    24 days ago

    The jeans one made the word 'pedo' flash across my mind

  • Big bish

    Big bish

    24 days ago

    I thought his videos were good buy he just ass just spewing shit now, our planet is mostly water

  • Dreamzilla


    25 days ago

    Japan highest bridge height is compared to Godzilla

    So that's how Godzilla pass through the other side by the bridge without going on land.

  • Isaac Ramirez

    Isaac Ramirez

    25 days ago

    Wait a minute, how did you get a picture of what we see?

  • Abdelhakim 12

    Abdelhakim 12

    25 days ago

    Can I screenshot the stuff that my eyes see?

  • Insert Username

    Insert Username

    25 days ago

    Water and air one is big 🧢

  • JigglyMonkey23


    25 days ago

    I was in surf city

  • cmon200


    25 days ago

    Y u holding a pine cone

  • ugh


    25 days ago

    Fluffy corgi 🥺♥️

  • KingFire :p

    KingFire :p

    25 days ago

    You have a very calming a soothing (?) vioce.

  • Tristan Thompson

    Tristan Thompson

    25 days ago

    I live near surf city and in hurricane florence I lost my house

  • Cora Doornbos

    Cora Doornbos

    26 days ago

    Everyone talking about the rest of the video.
    Me: CORGIIIIIII!!!!!!

  • nightmare in action

    nightmare in action

    26 days ago

    Can he keep his face straight and his eyes

  • Claudia C

    Claudia C

    26 days ago

    The fluffy corgi must be so much warmer

  • Ace Q

    Ace Q

    26 days ago

    Bro… I’ve been to Surf City… this hurts

  • Just a kid who makes content

    Just a kid who makes content

    26 days ago

    Give the water and air back please

  • Evan Curtis

    Evan Curtis

    26 days ago

    The earth is 70% water

  • RNGenesis


    26 days ago

    When he talks, his mouth moves around unusually

  • By The Books Gaming

    By The Books Gaming

    26 days ago

    The first cameras image is a single shot without any sort of editing the second one is a composite of multiple images stacked on top of each other with editing it’s the same thing nasa and any other space company do to take long distance images

  • Caught In 4 K

    Caught In 4 K

    26 days ago

    He looks like a combo of the urban resque ranch james charles and the weekly report

  • Griffin


    26 days ago

    I live a couple miles down the highway from surf city, and it's weird cause I've seen that house quite a few times

  • Binky the chubby bunny

    Binky the chubby bunny

    26 days ago

    fun fact: not all Godzillas are the same height!

  • ihartspeling


    26 days ago

    I have a house ~300 yards away from that picture at surf city. Florence was pretty crazy

  • 「spxdes」


    26 days ago

    I have heavy light pollution so idk wtf your talking about my sky is completely black

  • Emmanuel gaming

    Emmanuel gaming

    26 days ago

    I just want to say did anyone see that stop song because it kind of looks like how tricky appears

  • Jenny Jenny

    Jenny Jenny

    26 days ago

    How did humans create night vision when we have no vision at all 🥳

  • Zac Daff

    Zac Daff

    27 days ago

    Shoulda used a stainless steal or galvanized door knob smh

  • el pigginz

    el pigginz

    27 days ago

    I don't like you David, not one bit.

  • Man_ Spooders

    Man_ Spooders

    27 days ago

    The last one I’m gonna say it here first both of them are still cutest

  • The Marksman Cast

    The Marksman Cast

    27 days ago

    I live in NC and this is 100% true

  • Bimmer Man

    Bimmer Man

    27 days ago

    That’s the old 1954 Godzilla when Godzilla is only 160ft, Godzilla nowadays is 393ft and some version is 800ft +

  • Joshua Olivier

    Joshua Olivier

    27 days ago

    Very much incorrect but oh well

  • Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy

    Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy

    27 days ago

    Every night I can't see shit. Except darkness and stars so how the hell do people see the Milky Way with their bare eyes

  • Narancia Ghirga

    Narancia Ghirga

    27 days ago

    What, is his wife 5?????

  • Rupal Jhariya

    Rupal Jhariya

    27 days ago

    First fact is lie hocks

  • Your Daily Yeelad

    Your Daily Yeelad

    27 days ago

    Nice song i love up

  • Blood Bushcraft

    Blood Bushcraft

    27 days ago

    I've been to surf city NC before and after

  • Naia Bever

    Naia Bever

    27 days ago

    I live in surf city and that’s not even the worst part after hurricanes

  • Autumn Busch

    Autumn Busch

    27 days ago