CRISTIANO RONALDO was just going out for tea and this happened...

Published on Mar 14, 2016
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Watch what happens when Cristiano Ronaldo goes out for a cup of tea at a local cafe. How many sips of tea will he have before being swarmed by excited fans?

Manchester United

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  • Andyka Sari

    Andyka Sari

    6 minutes ago

    Big respect

  • One Day You May

    One Day You May

    24 minutes ago

    Shows how selfish people are. They just wanna get a photo they don’t truly care for him

  • uvishka Tharindu

    uvishka Tharindu

    28 minutes ago

    Cristiano ronaldo is a talent boy

  • Va Lentin

    Va Lentin

    40 minutes ago

    Not even "Hello" lmao, only the "CaN I TakE a phOtO?"
    Guys are so cringe, just let him live his life peacefully 🤦‍♂️

  • Aelna Thomas

    Aelna Thomas

    47 minutes ago

    Any malluz here....👀🕺

  • Glicha Sasha

    Glicha Sasha

    48 minutes ago

    I would ask for a photo too!

  • Juan Huaylupo

    Juan Huaylupo

    53 minutes ago

    Un grande cristiano,que dios siempre lo acompañe.

  • Joyce Mburu

    Joyce Mburu

    57 minutes ago

    He's definitely overwhelmed and uncomfortable!!!

  • Sara Haidery official

    Sara Haidery official

    Hour ago

    1 k support is needed 💜❤️💚💜💛
    💜❤️💚💜💛 l❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹

  • OpDuoGames


    Hour ago

    How does he hold compuser

  • Monirul Ibna Rabjal

    Monirul Ibna Rabjal

    Hour ago

    The GOAT for a reason 🥰

  • N K

    N K

    2 hours ago

    I think he’s trying to send a message:
    Sometimes, being famous—people will see you as an object rather than a human being.

  • Özgür Karakaş

    Özgür Karakaş

    2 hours ago

    Müthiş kişilik😍❤❤❤

  • el guero ranas

    el guero ranas

    2 hours ago


  • afnan fareen

    afnan fareen

    3 hours ago

    I wish if I was there at that moment to take a pic with this legend I am fan for more than 10 years

  • Han Solo

    Han Solo

    3 hours ago

    Aunque muchos lo tomen como juego, CR7 es el más humilde y carismático, supera por mucho a muchos jugadores, incluso a Messi, CR7 EL MEJOR. SIUUUU💚💚

  • Music Hits

    Music Hits

    3 hours ago

  • shekhar singh

    shekhar singh

    4 hours ago

    India main hota to ab tak bheed ke niche dab jaata 😂😂😂😂

  • 돌아와난봉꾼


    4 hours ago


  • stupor mundi

    stupor mundi

    4 hours ago

    what a great guy, such good humour too xD



    5 hours ago

    Youtube recommed this video after 5 years

  • Curious Pug

    Curious Pug

    5 hours ago

    He can't wonder around in public without getting recognize in europe or in asia but he probably can in USA

  • JokoHolic


    5 hours ago

    Damn son I want a photo too.

  • Angel Coco

    Angel Coco

    6 hours ago

    Por dios que paciencia pobre flaco!

  • F R

    F R

    6 hours ago

    it just shows how much people love him.. much respect

  • Toufic Vnr

    Toufic Vnr

    6 hours ago

    Il mérite il a pas était l'un des meilleurs sans travail je lui souhaite encore plus de succès il a travaillé dure je suis pas un fan de foot mais il mérite le succès et beaucoup plus c'est un vaillant

  • Ya Na

    Ya Na

    6 hours ago


  • Jeanet Da Costa

    Jeanet Da Costa

    6 hours ago


  • Drharigovindsinger


    7 hours ago

    Ohh god hes very down to earth person . HUGE love

  • SKM4 30

    SKM4 30

    7 hours ago

    That's why being famous is such a hard thing but it's good to know that you don't need to be famous in order to become wealthy.

  • JJ


    7 hours ago

    That's the downside of being famous,you just can drink a tea in peace 🤣🤣

  • Tazz


    7 hours ago

    Personally I would HATE to be bothered for pictures. Especially so many?!!! Wtf?? I like my privacy!! I've had at least 3 opportunities to talk to famous people. But I always act like I don't know who they are. Just because they're in movies, sports or entertainment industry, doesn't make them any more special than anyone else. Respect people's privacy / space!!! #NotForMe

  • Oreo Beatz

    Oreo Beatz

    8 hours ago

    Holaa, esta es una de mis ultimas producciones musicales, espero te guste y me ayudes a compartirla

  • radabee1


    8 hours ago

    True fans would leave him alone instead of treated him like an animal, he’s an footballer not a toy

    • Marcos Vazquez

      Marcos Vazquez

      6 hours ago

      Yeah it makes me mad to see that

    • radabee1


      7 hours ago

      @LushTube Oh yeah cause you know me so well ? Do one idiot

    • LushTube


      7 hours ago

      You'd ask for photo too if you ever got him that close

  • emilio boa

    emilio boa

    8 hours ago

    Re molestos pidiendo fotos

  • julio aguilar

    julio aguilar

    9 hours ago

    Omg poor guy



    9 hours ago

    The people who didn't take a photo with cris will now regret 😂😂😂

  • Keej Vaj

    Keej Vaj

    10 hours ago

    Ronaldo keep being nice because God will bless you for bringing joy to your fans lives. Please don't change, always be nice and humble. ❤

  • Gaudin Lotto

    Gaudin Lotto

    10 hours ago

    Great job

  • Mike Hopkins

    Mike Hopkins

    10 hours ago

    He must have the patience of a saint.



    11 hours ago

    Wild people 👌🏼🥶

  • Jose Jose

    Jose Jose

    11 hours ago

    Yo no podría aguantar eso esa es la parte que no te cuentan los famosos que no puedes ir a tomar un café

  • Sadiq Eynullayev

    Sadiq Eynullayev

    12 hours ago


  • Plati100


    12 hours ago

    He’s just being hypocritically and tactically smart for his self image, as usual. Comment section is just a party of fanboys

    • Mike Hopkins

      Mike Hopkins

      10 hours ago

      Well you would have had something to say if he had been nasty and told the fans to sod off. Some people find fault with everything, you must be a lefty.



    12 hours ago

    Full of humour lol good man

  • Amirul Amirul

    Amirul Amirul

    12 hours ago


  • Kolton QT

    Kolton QT

    13 hours ago

    It’s awesome that he takes the time to get a photo with everyone!

    • Violeta Depaoli

      Violeta Depaoli

      2 hours ago

      It’s for a video…..

  • T. Mert

    T. Mert

    14 hours ago

    If there was no instsgram, that woulsnt happwn that much lol

  • azizul aziz

    azizul aziz

    14 hours ago

    Let Dora the explorer take photos with him. He will be surprise. 😂

  • Tahir Khan

    Tahir Khan

    14 hours ago

    Scripted because No One Says Ohhhhhhh Cristiano

  • J S

    J S

    16 hours ago

    Honestly, I don't understand these people
    Let him drink his tea, God

  • Pedro França

    Pedro França

    16 hours ago

    Por Que será que alguns não se contém 🙄😏⁉️🇧🇷🇵🇹



    16 hours ago

    Latest CR7

  • NasH Hash

    NasH Hash

    17 hours ago

    Photo okay but why grabbing him this is to much

  • Rohit Pothal

    Rohit Pothal

    17 hours ago

    Well if it was india forget about the the tea he needs 20-30 bouncers 😂😂

  • Patrick Murray

    Patrick Murray

    18 hours ago

    The downside of fame.

  • santosh sahoo

    santosh sahoo

    18 hours ago

    People have to understand that privacy is of utmost important. Still they behave like the uneducated. Shame.

  • Pankaj Goyal

    Pankaj Goyal

    18 hours ago

    Look at people saying there photo would be the last. How would they know. Just another way of feeling less guilty and calm his potential frustration.

  • JChimos 14747

    JChimos 14747

    18 hours ago

    The problem here is FOMO.
    I can say with 100% certainty that I would not ask for a photo with Cristiano Ronaldo. But I am in awe of the man.
    I'd want him to be able to sit down and relax, enjoy his chamomile tea, just as I do. Without being pestered for photos. But as I sit there, seeing him deprived of that by so many people, who don't care enough about his experience, but care more about their own popularity/photo opportunity, i'd begin to wonder if i'm being stupid to not take the opportunity too. I still wouldn't ask, i'd much rather him be able to enjoy in peace. But a lot of people would cave and want to seize the opportunity, scared that they're missing out. And of course, it snowballs from there.

    • Insane Clown Posse

      Insane Clown Posse

      3 hours ago

      Thats character bro, you are a rich man

  • Ehab Hassan

    Ehab Hassan

    18 hours ago

    مثقل دمك

  • Mohammed Fawas

    Mohammed Fawas

    18 hours ago

    Video 2016 comments few minutes ago

  • Yi Yum

    Yi Yum

    18 hours ago

    Very good video 👍

  • Manoj Kumar

    Manoj Kumar

    18 hours ago

    Lol this was like cool .
    Come to INDIA 😁🤣here we wont let celebrities to breath...

  • James Myers

    James Myers

    18 hours ago

    How damn annoying, let him sit and enjoy his tea, I get it, but for Christ Sakes let him be!!

  • Trident Gameing

    Trident Gameing

    19 hours ago

    He are legend of football but i can't know him till i spend time with him or know him

  • Millenium Oficial

    Millenium Oficial

    19 hours ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo tem vir ao Brasil

  • ወሎ ሚድያ /Wollo media

    ወሎ ሚድያ /Wollo media

    19 hours ago

  • anyonlinr


    19 hours ago

    I mean, he signed up for some of this but it's too much. he should have shouted GROUP PHOTO ONLY and taken a group photo with everyone in it and that's it! Must be so draining some days.

  • Aleena suresh

    Aleena suresh

    19 hours ago

    Love❤️ from Kerala 🇮🇳

  • Destroyer


    20 hours ago

    *Ronaldo Stonks vendiendo su perfume*

  • Denis Georges Arnaud

    Denis Georges Arnaud

    20 hours ago

    Il peut même plus boire un café tranquille ...
    Un peut de respect laisser le finir de boire tranquille Non?

  • Denis Georges Arnaud

    Denis Georges Arnaud

    20 hours ago

    Il peut même plus boire un café tranquille ...
    Un peut de respect laisser le finir de boire tranquille Non?

  • السفينة


    20 hours ago

    I think you forgot to pay for the coffee or tea That you do not have contact me Do not be shy

  • Mensen Van De Kempen

    Mensen Van De Kempen

    20 hours ago

    Ronaldo ‘coolest guy of sporting world’. But what makes Cristiano so special is how he is with disabled people.

  • CR7 AYAN

    CR7 AYAN

    21 hour ago

    It's my dream 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm feeling jealous

  • Vikram Sheokand

    Vikram Sheokand

    21 hour ago

    This made me smile today 😊😊

  • vinh 84 vlogs

    vinh 84 vlogs

    21 hour ago

    so handsome



    22 hours ago

    "Todo lo que necesitas en esta vida es ignorancia y confianza en ti mismo, así tendrás el éxito asegurado".
    Mark Twain

  • ОtSoS PRO

    ОtSoS PRO

    22 hours ago

    Блээээ как же ему сложно

  • Pratik Pattnaik

    Pratik Pattnaik

    22 hours ago

    Imagine you sitting for a tea, with hundred things on your head, family problems, break up, lost someone close, you've come out because it's digging you inside four walls and people come asking you "Photo" without letting you sip your worries away in peace.
    Let's not judge anyone. They're also humans and not a single one came to ask hi, how are you doing. Our beautiful society 👏

  • Spongebob


    23 hours ago

    Fun fact : This is not the first time you are here.

  • Milan Vacek

    Milan Vacek

    23 hours ago

    Lidi otravný ani kávu ho nenechají vypít.

  • SpaceXtreme


    Day ago

    What a nightmare...I just wanted to drink tea n chat with my friend

  • Max Santos

    Max Santos

    Day ago

    O cara é muito gente boa pelo visto

  • Timmy Cheung

    Timmy Cheung

    Day ago

    I think a good looking guy likes him doesn’t matter where he goes and whether the people there know him or not he still be attractive especially to the girls



    Day ago

    Me thinking of the coffee shop and their market. It wont be rough for a long long time 😎. This guy is simply the GOAT

  • Mehdi Dn

    Mehdi Dn

    Day ago

    At least let him finish his tea...

  • Aida Abadilla

    Aida Abadilla

    Day ago

    He is so amazing. 💕💕💕

  • cena dg

    cena dg

    Day ago

    It's a big responsibility to be in power

  • Muharram Tv

    Muharram Tv

    Day ago

    Boring life fuck !

  • Chitti Ci

    Chitti Ci

    Day ago

  • someone who comments on your videos

    someone who comments on your videos

    Day ago

    The fact that they can't understand his trying to peacefully enjoy his tea.

  • charli cordova

    charli cordova

    Day ago


  • monalisa


    Day ago

    Store must be get famous

  • Prabhsimran Gill

    Prabhsimran Gill

    Day ago

    I would have cried if i saw him