Published on Jul 25, 2021
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I shot my shot and asked out 100 celebrities on a date. enjoy my embarrassment :-)

@Paris Rosenbaum



Lexi Hensler
  • xoxsaanvi


    3 hours ago

    "is there a seal in the house? it sounds like theres a seal in the house rn"
    "no thats just pierson"

  • tahiya tabassum

    tahiya tabassum

    5 hours ago

    Paris really wants waffles 🤣

  • Lana


    7 hours ago

    I love theyre friendship

  • Bella


    17 hours ago

    I feel like lexi and faze rug are meant to be

  • 😜Jan printup😇

    😜Jan printup😇

    Day ago

    You 2 belong together 🥰❤️

  • Zi Chr

    Zi Chr

    Day ago

    pls make a hot vs cold video with pierson and brent!

  • Sour_moons


    Day ago

    I love vampire diaries tvd fans where u at

  • Samson Joshua

    Samson Joshua

    Day ago

    Die hard fan of vampire diaries

  • Julia Klauder

    Julia Klauder

    3 days ago

    Lexi and Paris!

  • Ankita Chowdhury

    Ankita Chowdhury

    3 days ago

    imagine if ian replied😳

  • Andrea Pieterse

    Andrea Pieterse

    3 days ago

    no one notice the dm of brent river the last one they dm each other had a red hart

  • michelle hall

    michelle hall

    3 days ago

    Just say I'm doing a YouTube video

  • Peri Winkle

    Peri Winkle

    4 days ago

    Who ship Lexi X Paris?



    4 days ago

    Lexi and Paris look so cute together

  • Richard Lara

    Richard Lara

    5 days ago

    You could have ask out everyone's favorite spiderman from the 2000s Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield

  • summer rose unknown

    summer rose unknown

    5 days ago

    My sis loves vampire diaries and my mum

  • Lo Caroline

    Lo Caroline

    5 days ago

    mabey next time do billey ileshe

  • Hawwa Rimsha Mohamed

    Hawwa Rimsha Mohamed

    5 days ago

    10:35 omggggggg the dog is sleeping 😍😍😍

  • jamie urton

    jamie urton

    5 days ago

    You need to date paries

  • Aakanksha Patro

    Aakanksha Patro

    5 days ago


  • Stevestevesteveiheartsteve0704


    6 days ago

    AS TOM HOLLAND ONCE SAID “I drink tea darling”

  • Lippa🏳️‍🌈


    6 days ago

    Laris!!!!!! Or Pexi!!!!

  • Emma Buckley 08

    Emma Buckley 08

    6 days ago

    Erm is Lexi and Paris siblings because if not they would be the CUTEST COUPLE EVER!!!

  • Ismayla Lopez

    Ismayla Lopez

    6 days ago

    I watched the vampire diaries

  • Ari 🤍

    Ari 🤍

    6 days ago

    Paris: hey jar bear
    Me: girl wha-

  • Lydia Molinar

    Lydia Molinar

    6 days ago

    Lexi should text paris

  • Ganesh Pavan

    Ganesh Pavan

    7 days ago

    No indian 😭😂

  • Best dares ever! !

    Best dares ever! !

    7 days ago

    Me:sees the message and ready “more of a waffle kind of guy”
    Me: looks when lexie opens the chat and it says “more of a pancake guy”

    Like what

  • amelia john

    amelia john

    7 days ago

    more videos plz

  • amelia john

    amelia john

    7 days ago

    u so pretty

  • amelia john

    amelia john

    7 days ago

    like ur videos

  • amelia john

    amelia john

    7 days ago

    reply lets do this

  • Tovika Rudradeo

    Tovika Rudradeo

    7 days ago

    Be impressed

  • Maddie Neely

    Maddie Neely

    7 days ago

    Y’all when she asked Tom Holland about coffee all I can think about is✨ I dRiNk TeA dArLiNg✨ ☕️☕️🧋🍵

  • garry woods

    garry woods

    7 days ago

    This girl is a daredevil lol love your videos lexi

  • Reese Nakamura

    Reese Nakamura

    8 days ago

    David Dobirk: cause I think ur sweeter than them

  • Satthiki Chowdhury

    Satthiki Chowdhury

    8 days ago

    Yes I am a TVD fan

  • Marleighrose🌹


    9 days ago

    Paris is cute ☺️

  • Alida Actouka

    Alida Actouka

    9 days ago

    Lexi: how am I still single.......
    Paris: I like waffles..

  • Jan Wong

    Jan Wong

    9 days ago

    Lonely sandwich you areeeee ssssss right

  • Ally's world💋

    Ally's world💋

    9 days ago

    Lexi and Paris will make a cute couple I ship plexi

  • kawii_c0zplay


    9 days ago

    Me being upsesed with tvd

  • Khiana Beharry

    Khiana Beharry

    10 days ago

    I like Benji what type of breed is he. He’s so cute.😍😍😍😍😍

  • Khiana Beharry

    Khiana Beharry

    10 days ago

    I love vampire diaries. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Flora_Fox


    11 days ago

    I meant love instead of loose

  • Flora_Fox


    11 days ago

    absolutely loose your phone case

  • (Faith) IP Fei Yee Bo

    (Faith) IP Fei Yee Bo

    12 days ago

    Aww, that dog sleeping behind you is so freaking cute!!

  • CJ Ridley

    CJ Ridley

    12 days ago

    Paris: no one has ever asked me to waffles :(
    I like waffles D:

  • Abdullah Mustafa

    Abdullah Mustafa

    12 days ago

    Concept of video asking boys for pancake or waffle

  • Slimequeen237 Fluffy

    Slimequeen237 Fluffy

    12 days ago

    Say kuz im a waffle and I like u😉😉😉😉

  • Flora Pentek

    Flora Pentek

    13 days ago

    Does anyone wanna ship Lexi and Paris. Their ship name would either be Laris or Pexi.

  • MK Ray

    MK Ray

    13 days ago

    Paris is adorable😍❤❤

  • Cado_ 88

    Cado_ 88

    13 days ago

    Um I’m sorry hun but Tom drinks tea not coffee 😂

  • August Moon

    August Moon

    13 days ago

    Here’s the key to getting a boy to like you:
    1.Be clingy a bit sometimes
    2.If you really have to try to keep the relationship close to them
    3.If you NEED to, force them to like you and tell them you like them a few days later
    4.Also get a glow up if you want

  • Chas Taylor II

    Chas Taylor II

    14 days ago

    Love y'all

  • My life as Metanga Kahere

    My life as Metanga Kahere

    14 days ago

    Bra Bryce hall agreed i would have packed my bags and went on that date

  • Laurie de Roque

    Laurie de Roque

    14 days ago

    Am I the only one who ships paris and lexi

  • Laurie de Roque

    Laurie de Roque

    14 days ago

    OMG AHHHHHHH ZAYN FREAKING MALIK I LOVE YOU OMG(he’s married to Gigi hadid and have a daughter named Khai hadid malik)

  • Autumn Wilkinson

    Autumn Wilkinson

    14 days ago

    I love how she was like "I like steak" 😂

  • Christine Clarke

    Christine Clarke

    15 days ago

    I love for the thumbnail it said Brent left her on seen for 2 hours😂

  • Aurelia Bliss

    Aurelia Bliss

    15 days ago

    i think she should have dmed za efron he's kinda hot af

    • Aurelia Bliss

      Aurelia Bliss

      15 days ago


  • Ivy King

    Ivy King

    15 days ago

    Plexi plexi plexi plexi plexi plexi

  • Shahannah Madeira

    Shahannah Madeira

    15 days ago

    Say this to Bryce :)
    Bryce: ok I'm down
    You/Lexi: This user is unavailable right now, please try again later :)

  • Onako Babayi

    Onako Babayi

    15 days ago

    Message your ex please 😅!

  • Bren Amazing

    Bren Amazing

    15 days ago

    Just realized at 8:48 her phone case is literally the same photo

  • dream


    15 days ago

    say i wanna go on a pancake date

  • Max Banfield

    Max Banfield

    15 days ago

    Tom likes “tea darlin” not coffee

  • Sara Khan

    Sara Khan

    15 days ago

    I'm a tvd fan lexi!

  • Life with Brielle !!

    Life with Brielle !!

    16 days ago

    Say this to Brice

    I think your very nice you seem kind and it would sure be amazing to go get food with you! Let’s call and plain things out!

    Lol lexi I just thought of the hole thing for you so Um yeah hope you used is have i great night or day!😊

  • charlotte


    16 days ago

    Just asking

  • ღ meggie ღ

    ღ meggie ღ

    16 days ago




    17 days ago

    hi :)

  • Puggle Gaming

    Puggle Gaming

    17 days ago

    Paris looks like Tom Holland to I the only one or am I going crazy

  • Nirmala ji

    Nirmala ji

    17 days ago

    Why you guys don’t dm any Indian influencers 🙁🙁 btw ❤️❤️



    17 days ago

    I’m dead-
    Paris- is there a seal in the house? It sounds like there’s a seal in the house
    Lexi- no, that’s just Pierson
    Paris- 😮
    Me- 😂



    17 days ago

    Tom Holland drinks TEA darling

  • 17 days ago

    So do i!!!! but i like you more
    Cringy but it works

  • Emebet Bizuayehu

    Emebet Bizuayehu

    17 days ago

    Paris looks like Tom Holland

  • Kassidy McGrail

    Kassidy McGrail

    18 days ago

    "I drink tea darling"

  • Sophia Kristich

    Sophia Kristich

    18 days ago

    Well at least you have like 5 waffle dates now 😂

  • Callie McConnel

    Callie McConnel

    18 days ago

    PAXI!!!!!! I ship it!!!!!!

  • AmazingHD_ Sister

    AmazingHD_ Sister

    18 days ago

    Should have done the whollleeee the vampire daires cast 😒😒😒😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zoey Harp

    Zoey Harp

    18 days ago

    👁👄👁lol idk

  • ֆʊʀƭʏ  ǟʀʏǟռƭɨ

    ֆʊʀƭʏ ǟʀʏǟռƭɨ

    18 days ago

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  • Wia Lia

    Wia Lia

    18 days ago

    “Because I’ll hit you with a pan and I got cake” For David Dobrick

  • Louise Hutchison

    Louise Hutchison

    19 days ago

    say:okay great wanna go get some with me?

  • LuvAvaa 🐬

    LuvAvaa 🐬

    19 days ago


  • I m e l d h a

    I m e l d h a

    19 days ago

    Everyone talking its true
    Youtube this is fine honey
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  • Ashley Schulte

    Ashley Schulte

    19 days ago

    Daviddobrik you should say because you are hot like one

  • calliecoolgirl 12379132C

    calliecoolgirl 12379132C

    19 days ago

    I’m sad ian didn’t respond :(

  • Marilda East Boston

    Marilda East Boston

    19 days ago

    Can we talk about how cute Benji is in the background sleeping

  • Chelsea Freeman

    Chelsea Freeman

    19 days ago

    Anyone else watching this at 11pm because they can’t sleep af no just me okay😔

  • Ash Mambira

    Ash Mambira

    19 days ago

    Date paris

  • Patricia Himawan

    Patricia Himawan

    20 days ago

    Benji so cuteee sleeping like that!!

  • Embby F

    Embby F

    20 days ago

    Say I made some

  • Brydie Evans

    Brydie Evans

    20 days ago

    kk i'm trying this now

  • cloudiiberry


    20 days ago

    tbh i dont know why she is single she is funny kind and pretty

  • Georgia Barrentine

    Georgia Barrentine

    20 days ago

    You can say you don’t even need to work out you’re already 🥵

  • Hannah Gibbons

    Hannah Gibbons

    20 days ago


  • Kate Martyn

    Kate Martyn

    20 days ago

    Paris: is there a seal in ur house
    Lexi: no that’s just Pierson
    Paris: 😳😳😳