Drew Lynch All Performances and Results! | AGT 2015

Published on Sep 18, 2015
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This is a little tribute to AGT and Drew Lynch for a wonderful season on America's got talent, placing second right before paul zerdin. Good job drew!

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  • MMS MakeMoreSmile

    MMS MakeMoreSmile

    Year ago

    Hey guys! I know a lot of you are here for Drew, but I would love if you could take the time to check out my music channel! Subscribe if you enjoy the content, I work to make the best quality music I can. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-SmQe-nKTcI__toXo7d3cQ

    • MrNoFaceContent L

      MrNoFaceContent L

      Month ago

      what music...

    • Vegan Vocalist

      Vegan Vocalist

      3 months ago

      Ok 🤗

    • Jordan Beardy

      Jordan Beardy

      4 months ago

      @Beerus You could've just skipped the comment that THEY made on THEIR channel

    • The Beaver

      The Beaver

      5 months ago

      @Beerus but he didnt ask either

    • Beerus


      6 months ago

      @Kamilly_ myl and I didn’t ask thank you 👍🏼

  • Mark Davis

    Mark Davis

    Day ago

    what a scam... huge liar

  • Sebastian Duncan

    Sebastian Duncan

    Day ago

    Drew is a inspiration to me

  • Cherie Hadesty

    Cherie Hadesty

    Day ago

    You are awesome

  • Joseph Le May

    Joseph Le May

    2 days ago

    Ah that's too bad, all his performances were good until the final. That was a bomb, unfortunately. But he seems to be doing great now!

  • muku mosh

    muku mosh

    2 days ago

    I really love him

  • Ava leigh Brewer

    Ava leigh Brewer

    2 days ago

    II love that he laughs at his own jokes

  • The śilver Wolf

    The śilver Wolf

    3 days ago

    Hes the best comedian i know.

  • md cu

    md cu

    3 days ago

    He looks like he's in Faze

  • Chuck Christian

    Chuck Christian

    8 days ago

    I love drew Lynch he's funny

  • Dan Kogo

    Dan Kogo

    11 days ago

    Such a wonderful young man So very happy for you and your Girl, Who I love for the support she gives you and that you five to each other I am So happy for you Both

  • Stalkers Army

    Stalkers Army

    15 days ago

    This man has grown so much

  • Chenxs


    23 days ago

    Drew is the most honestly amazing person. He lost the vote and had a giant smile, god

  • Chenxs


    23 days ago


  • Patrick McGinn

    Patrick McGinn

    24 days ago

    this did not age super well. that is not his fiance lol

  • Emberlyn Vercellono

    Emberlyn Vercellono

    25 days ago

    “So now I’m the guy who gave his dog a stutter”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones

    26 days ago

    Howard never smiles.

  • Mochiru


    26 days ago

    i cant tell if he’s laughing at the joke he’s about to say or the joke he just said lmao

  • Hugebitch


    27 days ago

    Janitor is oh no not again

  • Moria Studois

    Moria Studois

    27 days ago

    i like the part were is said change the channel to see trump rost gays immigrants and woman on 95.5 I'm i think OOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo BOY y o u have NOOOOoo Freking idea what coming and I'm sorry

  • Garrett Johnsen

    Garrett Johnsen

    28 days ago

    So weird when crowds clap. Laughter should be the response to humor. 🤷‍♂️

  • Sparkling Bud Light

    Sparkling Bud Light

    Month ago

    "No we're not breaking up I'm two weeks late and I'm not a woman" By far my favorite performance 🤣

  • Project Gaming

    Project Gaming

    Month ago

    Why does Drew look 13 in this

  • cryofist


    Month ago

    his stutter has gotten alot better

  • Anonymous sss

    Anonymous sss

    Month ago

    Hahahaah this kills me everytime! He must have been so nervous!!!

  • No Jimmy Protested

    No Jimmy Protested

    Month ago

    The 3.5k who disliked this video are just mad he didn’t win

  • James McVay

    James McVay

    Month ago

    Howard Stern is a dullard.

  • elite 02k

    elite 02k

    Month ago

    its amazing how far he came. he could barely say 100 words per minute at this time. now he's talking 85% normal. comedy doesnt just heal the viewers, its heals the entertainers too.

  • Lori


    Month ago

    Are you still with TBTEHM?

  • MrNoFaceContent L

    MrNoFaceContent L

    Month ago

    howard on all of the videos is just stoic... hard to tell if he thinks its funny or he just has no comment.

  • freespeechisdead


    Month ago

    If this is the first time you're seeing Drew Lynch, and you are going to one of his shows, and you think he's an easy target and you want to poke fun of him because of his stutter....DON'T. This dude is a straight savage. He will wreck your whole career in an instant. You'll never be the same.

  • Seriously Sarcastic

    Seriously Sarcastic

    Month ago

    I watched this 5 years later and I still haven't heard of that dude. Super glad that drew has contained his stuttering....for the most part. Dude is awesome. I dont watch stupid shows, but I'm glad he kept up with it.

    • I like stuff

      I like stuff

      Month ago

      I don't know if you are calling his shows stupid or complementing him but I'll assume the latter (that means complementing right?) anyways it might also just be your username at play here.

  • mister JL

    mister JL

    Month ago

    tbh i dont like the roast guy

  • Ban V

    Ban V

    Month ago

    Damn I am choked up.

  • Jaymes Graham

    Jaymes Graham

    Month ago

    America's Got Talent: A Brit wins.

  • Ramon


    Month ago

    Drew is a great comedian and I was enjoying this video until the living cue ball showed up and decided to use go with another Trump joke, this is just what I expected from anything Hollywood. Well, you just lost another viewer.

  • Kyle Wells

    Kyle Wells

    Month ago

    Omg he solid burned the roast master, that was perfect.

  • Kyle Wells

    Kyle Wells

    Month ago

    This guy is funny AF

  • A Stef

    A Stef

    Month ago

    Old drew: makes fun of his stutter
    Drew now: destroys his audience

  • Troubled eNVy

    Troubled eNVy

    Month ago

    Howard Stern is not impressed. He doesn't know funny

  • Lyghfe


    Month ago

    14:53 Why does he hate mics so much?! Q_Q It just hurts to see how he handles some

  • K K

    K K

    2 months ago

    Aww he looks so young

  • Jeremy Fox

    Jeremy Fox

    2 months ago

    Whaaaaa, now I watch Drew all the time now

  • Gabealtf


    2 months ago

    His stutter has improved so much

  • Laura Beckwith

    Laura Beckwith

    2 months ago

    Drew is so brave and he is truly a great comedian. Look his stuff up on you tube. He is sooo funny.

  • ColdMoonlight


    2 months ago

    In reality, this video is only 15 minutes long.

  • Zofainsley


    2 months ago

    Why was the english guy on AGT tho

  • Niko Gonzalez

    Niko Gonzalez

    2 months ago


  • the BEANS

    the BEANS

    2 months ago

    Wow he had great recovery it's strange he can say some words good and some bad but hes so funny

  • Blessed AndFavored

    Blessed AndFavored

    2 months ago

    I thought he was gonna sing and I got mad at the audience for laughing at him but I read the comments and realized he’s a comedian. I’m knowing who he is from the zip line video

  • Rascal Ragdoll182

    Rascal Ragdoll182

    2 months ago

    I love how supportive Howie is. I wonder if he still follows him. I really hope he does. Also Drew has gotten so much better and comfortable on stage. Howie would be proud.

  • William


    2 months ago

    I feel like there’s confetti in my heart. “There is, just keep it.”
    Be right back, crying.

  • Kumo Sxnpai

    Kumo Sxnpai

    2 months ago

    sad but hey he got better with the stutter

  • I swear I go outside

    I swear I go outside

    3 months ago

    When the guy who lost America's got talent is more well known than the guy who won

  • redonkulousguy


    3 months ago

    He have improved so much throughout these years,love his work

  • Peter-Mathieu Kortsmit

    Peter-Mathieu Kortsmit

    3 months ago

    This is where it all started, I guess....If he can do it...so can I...I still like to become a comedian on stage. Thanx for the hope, sit Drew Lynch, Blessed be.

  • Hayden M

    Hayden M

    3 months ago


  • Nicola Anderson

    Nicola Anderson

    3 months ago

    I love how much better his stutter is lately

  • Singing Wolf

    Singing Wolf

    3 months ago

    Howie: You can't be nice when you're roasting
    Drew: Duly noted

  • YVA


    3 months ago

    He's come a long way fortunately

  • No Bounce, No Play

    No Bounce, No Play

    3 months ago

    Sterns right, he gotta marry that girl!! And Howie, for all you out there who think this was a pity win....Howie struggles with depression and intense OCD. He WAS moved by him.

  • nobeans please

    nobeans please

    3 months ago

    Such a great journey, Drew is adorable and funny

  • worm lol

    worm lol

    3 months ago

    his laugh makes me happy

  • isaac burnham

    isaac burnham

    3 months ago

    Wow. Watching him just struggle to make a sentence, and watching his recent videos where hes talking normal again, is so mind blowing

  • Jupiter Rose

    Jupiter Rose

    3 months ago

    Meanwhile the music in the back; “YEEEE, YEEE FEEEL GAYYYY.”

  • McK K

    McK K

    3 months ago

    If Drew went back in the show now, he would win, easily.

  • Vegan Vocalist

    Vegan Vocalist

    3 months ago

    Micky Flanagan, Bernie Mac and Drew Lynch , all my return to favourite comedies 😂👏🏼

  • Persimmons


    3 months ago

    Heidi finna rip General a new one lmao

  • Andy A.P

    Andy A.P

    3 months ago

    I found him funny here n till this day! I'm at my lowest point at my life rn. Coming back to this was definitely something I needed 🙌🏼

  • Oprah


    3 months ago

    Is there confetti in my hair? I feel like its in my heart.

  • Goochie Thanos

    Goochie Thanos

    3 months ago

    Drew should try again

  • Goochie Thanos

    Goochie Thanos

    3 months ago

    Howie was literally explaining the jokes to the other jokes he loved them

  • Im Age

    Im Age

    3 months ago

    He's came a long way

  • cherrysoda


    3 months ago

    I just started the video and if he cries, I will start sobbing.

    update: oh no...

  • fancydeer


    3 months ago

    wow his stutter is so much better now. I wonder if comedy is like a type of therapy for him?

  • Sarah Tinley

    Sarah Tinley

    3 months ago

    i am watching this, and eating domino's pizza...

    fricking telepath and psychic

  • Kybo Kaison

    Kybo Kaison

    3 months ago

    I’m realizing that he’s slowly healing, his stutter is so bad and he can barely get words out, now he’s getting words out now that he couldn’t even think about pronouncing awhile ago

  • Claudia Pose

    Claudia Pose

    3 months ago

    Omgg his stuttering got SOO much better, so proud of him

  • Amina Hachami

    Amina Hachami

    3 months ago

    He has come such a long way from where he was. Warms my heart ❤️

  • Ava G Varrette

    Ava G Varrette

    3 months ago

    His stutters basically gone, he’s so confident on stage now, his laugh has changed A LOT. And I’m so proud to see how much he’s grown :)

  • Kutekittie 16

    Kutekittie 16

    3 months ago

    I watch drew like 2 years now and I thought he was born with his distort. Let me just say there were tears finding out he wasn't born with the disorder

  • Ariana Tagg

    Ariana Tagg

    4 months ago

    Drew should’ve won

  • Ghostly Sweetheart

    Ghostly Sweetheart

    4 months ago

    What happened? Lmao

  • Elise Foster

    Elise Foster

    4 months ago

    It’s funny how they really make the sad backstory in agt like today when I see his comedy his stutter doesn’t seem like sad thing 🤷

  • Veronica Thomas

    Veronica Thomas

    4 months ago

    "i feel like there's confetti in my heart"
    "well if there is just keep it."
    i knew that wasn't part of the act, but it felt like such a heartfelt moment. so beautiful.

  • Kidasaurus Rex

    Kidasaurus Rex

    4 months ago

    I've been watching some of Drew's newer videos, and his stutter has improved a lot! I'm happy for him!

  • Aaron Animates

    Aaron Animates

    4 months ago

    Drew deserved it more

  • Lilly Evans

    Lilly Evans

    4 months ago

    Not the series playing sad music before he even starts talking about it 😭

  • KenmaKozume


    4 months ago

    so no one's gonna talk about the trump joke?? That was honestly so funny 😂😂🤣

  • Lil' Disity

    Lil' Disity

    4 months ago

    look, i believe drew Lynch deserved this win, However, I guess it doesn't matter anymore since he has a well successful comedy career. he is a very funny guy, I'm so happy for him. He deserves it !!!!

  • Porkchopzdotcom


    4 months ago

    His stutter has become so so so so much better I’m so proud of him

  • ༒Gorm Auslander༒

    ༒Gorm Auslander༒

    4 months ago

    His live performances are a lot more confident and he speaks more clearly, but you can see he's always been very capable of making jokes on the fly

  • British


    4 months ago

    he stutter has got so much better wow

  • Sapphirehope2007 Sukurmom

    Sapphirehope2007 Sukurmom

    4 months ago

    18:13 is it just me that thinks that guys face looks like a bad deep fake video

  • Illuminati76


    4 months ago

    I love drew lynch so much, such an inspiration. To see where he is now is beyond amazing. He absolutely kills comedy. I feel like his injury led him to this in a way. I do believe some things happen for reasons and he is by far one of the best in comedy!

  • J M

    J M

    4 months ago

    Drew lynch is so cute 😍

  • Jameson Watts

    Jameson Watts

    4 months ago

    It's amazing how he can make people laugh while not being mean to himself. I love his jokes.

  • Eltiena Ahaha

    Eltiena Ahaha

    4 months ago

    Old drew: *To nice to roast someone*
    New drew: "Say Bannana" Drew: "You now I can't asshole" 😂😂❤❤

  • OfficialLadyTammy


    4 months ago

    This is one time where I am so happy with the YouTube algorithm. I love this guy.

  • Cherry-blossom Whisper

    Cherry-blossom Whisper

    4 months ago

    This story always makes me cry. He is so sad and it really sucks what happened to him. And he pushed through it and now he is so much better with his stutter and his comedy is so funny and he seems so confident. I’m so proud of him.