FaZe Clan Goes Back To School

Published on Apr 22, 2020
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FaZe Clan
  • FaZe Clan

    FaZe Clan

    Year ago

    Am I the only one that has Adapt winning this?

    • Mr gamer

      Mr gamer

      14 days ago


    • Basel OMG

      Basel OMG

      22 days ago

      Who is this



      24 days ago

      FAZE UP 🔝



      24 days ago


    • Jgaming


      Month ago


  • M-G-H_90


    5 days ago

    Cizzzorz is so bad in skits he cannot stop laughing

  • xy_h1


    6 days ago

    Your head is normal jarvis

  • Master chief

    Master chief

    7 days ago

    Can I join?

  • fabijan88


    8 days ago

    Why you didnt put faZe h1ghsky

  • Keith Gaming

    Keith Gaming

    8 days ago

    Jarvis your heads fine mate 😇



    8 days ago


  • Levi Peterson

    Levi Peterson

    8 days ago


  • Adelbum 11

    Adelbum 11

    10 days ago

    Jarvis named aimbot though

  • Faizan Tauqeer

    Faizan Tauqeer

    11 days ago

    I felt bad for Alex when banks had threw his sandwich i know how it feels

  • GekkoRomani


    12 days ago




    13 days ago

    6:30 rly

  • fishy


    14 days ago

    jarvis your head not werid

  • Eli Higuera

    Eli Higuera

    14 days ago

    Jarvis is good at fornite

  • tony rodriguez

    tony rodriguez

    14 days ago

    Random: Random kid outside free monitor
    FaZe Jarvis: Jarvis breaking the monitor
    Kid: never mind. :(

  • tony rodriguez

    tony rodriguez

    14 days ago

    Jarvis: It's in my blood bro

  • sweaty oreos

    sweaty oreos

    16 days ago

    Its just so hard

  • loves brawl

    loves brawl

    17 days ago

    now that jarvis knocked out mike i think it's done for him

  • I like yeeting people

    I like yeeting people

    18 days ago

    4:27 are we not gonna talk about how jack missed that easy shot LMAO

  • Gamer Boy

    Gamer Boy

    18 days ago

    a yo Alex it doesn’t matter what is on the outside it’s matters on the inside

  • Edward.msj


    18 days ago

    Alex : You’ve got an oddly shaped head with no brain
    Me: OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • Scribble Watch

    Scribble Watch

    19 days ago

    Who watched on 2021

  • V1pr X

    V1pr X

    19 days ago

    Maybe Kay needs to go back to school with so he can learn that scamming=bad

  • Chem_ 691

    Chem_ 691

    19 days ago


  • Adllexx


    19 days ago

    funniest thing in quartne

  • Richie boy

    Richie boy

    19 days ago

    Free Kay

  • Xtra Slay

    Xtra Slay

    20 days ago

    Referring to Jarvis as Aimbot

  • Tyman


    20 days ago

    8:07 This aged well...

  • Louie Cookson

    Louie Cookson

    20 days ago


  • Brittney Richards

    Brittney Richards

    20 days ago

    No one:
    Adapt: "if I lose this test,"
    Lmaoooo lose????

  • Shaddie


    20 days ago

    4:14 who is Wilma?

  • Clicks


    20 days ago

    Just a question teeqo who’s Wilma lol

  • Aiden Boudreaux

    Aiden Boudreaux

    20 days ago

    How is jarvas a nerd if he an idiot

  • piece you.

    piece you.

    21 day ago

    rip kay

  • Zakir Ariefdien

    Zakir Ariefdien

    21 day ago

    Mr Banks what's question 3 about

  • Adam Hurley

    Adam Hurley

    21 day ago

    Wat makes me sus of banks is that he walked in on Tommy taking a shower 🤨

  • Strav's kitchen

    Strav's kitchen

    21 day ago

    I actually cried when Adapt said ur head is weird to Jarvis.
    Idk why

  • Assassin Vixify

    Assassin Vixify

    22 days ago

    Yo Jarvis instead of breaking monitors can I have a monitor I need it for gaming plzz

  • Jaiden Jimenez

    Jaiden Jimenez

    22 days ago

    jarvis has an amzing head f*k alex

  • Blandzie


    23 days ago

    How has it already been a year

  • Alma Rodrigues

    Alma Rodrigues

    23 days ago

    Apat just got trolled lol

  • Troy Sliker

    Troy Sliker

    24 days ago


  • Bot Bot

    Bot Bot

    24 days ago

    If a rock hit adapt he would prob get a bit smarter

  • Brandon Errico

    Brandon Errico

    24 days ago

    Jarvis has a good head but his hair makes it bigger beacause in the fight he was fine

  • Clixzy


    24 days ago

    Adapt has a super tall head and Jarvis is normal

  • Omar Alkodmani

    Omar Alkodmani

    24 days ago

    Jarvis head is not weird



    24 days ago


  • JAX


    25 days ago

    Bro i love adapt😂

  • T6 DUCKY

    T6 DUCKY

    26 days ago

    Jarvis your head is fine it looks better then mine

  • kayzen andrews

    kayzen andrews

    26 days ago


  • demonslayer


    26 days ago

    This is really how america looks at the moment😂

  • xd master wolf

    xd master wolf

    27 days ago


  • SIMP°Zenitsu♡


    27 days ago

    Nest time on the monitor he shouod really put a face of someone he hates

  • Herro Dare

    Herro Dare

    27 days ago

    tommy also forgot to lock the door

  • Alex Jones

    Alex Jones

    27 days ago

    Kay “I’m telling teacher” Alex “no they used to do that to me in school” dang feel bad for Alex

  • Carson Haskins Skate boarding

    Carson Haskins Skate boarding

    28 days ago

    Banks: stop that gaming stuff.
    The reason y everyone is in faze

  • Ollie Nowoski

    Ollie Nowoski

    29 days ago

    The homely stream contrarily punch because broker explicitly train beside a average centimeter. workable, chubby coach

  • Ya Boy Nath!

    Ya Boy Nath!

    29 days ago

    Adapt has a big forehead but small brain

    • Pkay


      27 days ago

      Ok fortnite kid

  • Rev Steedley

    Rev Steedley

    29 days ago

    Man this is the sauces video I’ve ever seen faze
    clean ever in

  • Syed Fahad Gerdazi

    Syed Fahad Gerdazi

    Month ago

    after that michel le knockout adapt is not calling jarvis busted head cuz he knows what will happen to him

  • Tyler Orlando

    Tyler Orlando

    Month ago


  • Football Gaming84

    Football Gaming84

    Month ago

    I am sad for Jarvis😭😭😭😭😭

  • Graydon Mousseau

    Graydon Mousseau

    Month ago

    you dont have a weird shaped head

  • Lauren Cotter

    Lauren Cotter

    Month ago

    thers nothen wrong your face

  • Legacy Jackson

    Legacy Jackson

    Month ago

    Is anyone else going to ignore the point that the teacher what did Alex to lose

  • Omeir :P

    Omeir :P

    Month ago

    7:26, ‘there’s no future in that’ even though faze is based on games 💀

  • VeNoMxValdez


    Month ago

    When banks said theres no career in video games😂💀

  • Gameboy Gabe

    Gameboy Gabe

    Month ago


  • Why you took my chiken nugget uwu

    Why you took my chiken nugget uwu

    Month ago

    Lol alex

  • Eli Schnelle

    Eli Schnelle

    Month ago

    Stop be men adapt

  • rayyan sensei

    rayyan sensei

    Month ago

    what an intro

  • rayyan sensei

    rayyan sensei

    Month ago

    they really named faze aimbot xddddd

  • MK2626 PRO

    MK2626 PRO

    Month ago

    13:46 i would do that to XD

  • #Eastonfortnitemaster Lewis

    #Eastonfortnitemaster Lewis

    Month ago

    Bad for Jarvis

  • Nicholas Yip

    Nicholas Yip

    Month ago

    This is one of the few videos I see banks actively participate in

  • Elim


    Month ago

    God loves you and Jesus died on the cross for you

  • Aboud Alaboud

    Aboud Alaboud

    Month ago

    Why do banks has the same Outfit every day

  • Ur _stupit Yeet

    Ur _stupit Yeet

    Month ago


  • benn6930 benn6930

    benn6930 benn6930

    Month ago

    What is adapts problem

  • Jayden Roblox

    Jayden Roblox

    Month ago

    Why jarvis’s name is aimbot

  • Anthony Accoglio

    Anthony Accoglio

    Month ago


  • Adam Shaikh

    Adam Shaikh

    Month ago

    Faze: Banks makes fun of the "students"
    2HYPE: They make fun of the teacher

    • CripticCoconut


      Month ago


  • Locoblue99


    Month ago

    I think my chilling now lol

  • kendley jean

    kendley jean

    Month ago

    when you have a cheater in your class get kick out

  • Jake plays

    Jake plays

    Month ago

    Temper weird

  • The0ffixial JR

    The0ffixial JR

    Month ago

    Temperr though😳😳

  • Leticia Flores

    Leticia Flores

    Month ago

    Alex called Jarvis a nerd so he is so smart

  • Jos Perris

    Jos Perris

    Month ago

    Teeqo be like: u seen Tommy and adapt me be like :: you seen teeqo and not Dan

  • Jos Perris

    Jos Perris

    Month ago

    Jarvis head AINT busted

  • Brayden Lawson

    Brayden Lawson

    Month ago

    Epic games please Un banned Jarvis please

  • Shanta Gurung

    Shanta Gurung

    Month ago

    7:26 explains everything in school

  • mercy reynolds

    mercy reynolds

    Month ago


  • Evie Gill

    Evie Gill

    Month ago


  • Brextyn Magouirk

    Brextyn Magouirk

    Month ago

    Jarvis we’re here for you frick Alex

  • Jake plays

    Jake plays

    Month ago

    Faze up

  • Thunder Graves

    Thunder Graves

    Month ago

    Bro love you Jarvis I fill so sorry

  • Damon The beast yt

    Damon The beast yt

    Month ago

    Alex is busted

  • ThE Shooter

    ThE Shooter

    Month ago

    Best skit they made in a while🔥🔥

  • Lil mouse Harvey

    Lil mouse Harvey

    Month ago

    Frick u baks

  • hecui citoa

    hecui citoa

    Month ago

    The vivacious clave postauricularly enjoy because ring bailly slap along a separate hydrant. filthy, heavenly heavy hellish acoustic