Floyd Mayweather wins his pro boxing debut by knockout in 1996 | ESPN Archive

Published on Sep 14, 2019
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. knocks out Roberto Apodaca in the second round of his professional boxing debut on October 11, 1996 at the Texas Station Gaming Hall.

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ESPN Archive
  • Ranchero


    Day ago

    Mayweather said to his opponent after the fight "go wait outside Home Depot again."

  • JJW


    Day ago

    I'm not sure who picked referees for the Olympic games but the history of the sport in the Olympics is the worst of all sports when it comes to judges. I really do believe that this sport should be discontinue as part of the Olympic games. This probably the only sport that they allow blind people as Judges. They have horrendous eyesight.

  • King Éron

    King Éron

    3 days ago

    Prettyboy Floyd was a knockout artist. IYKYK

  • Ernesto Ortega

    Ernesto Ortega

    5 days ago

    He almost retire Canelo coward

  • payperplane_ pilot

    payperplane_ pilot

    6 days ago

    i felt that second liver shot ain’t gonna lie

  • Drew Bedford

    Drew Bedford

    7 days ago

    And once his dad was released that man never ate another bologna sandwich ever again a day in his life 🤣

  • Rob Conway

    Rob Conway

    8 days ago

    Fun fact: he made 2500 this fight

  • Mr J

    Mr J

    9 days ago

    And the rest is history !

  • Todoroki


    10 days ago

    This version of mayweather would kill jake in a boxing fight easily

  • cesar abellaneda

    cesar abellaneda

    11 days ago

    He payed the other guy to take a kneel , text book MONEY floyd

    • Ph sza

      Ph sza

      11 days ago


  • Alfredo Nhiuane

    Alfredo Nhiuane

    13 days ago

    Heelp in Mozambique please nao temos aloja de material do boxe temos moitus talentus mas nao aluvas. Sacos. Porfavor patrocinar em Mozambique academia de boxe nhiuane porfavor

  • Jay T

    Jay T

    14 days ago

    Dude Floyd is fighting here looks exactly like UFC fighter Joseph Benavidez 😂😂 maybe his dad or something

  • Lori Mabee

    Lori Mabee

    14 days ago

    I dont think hes going anywhere ..fastfoward

  • Jimmy


    15 days ago

    Nobody cares about Floyd after watching him not be able to finish a YouTuber, not to mention being clipped by a few good shots by Paul. Only Logan’s stock went up...

    • Tunnel Vision

      Tunnel Vision

      3 hours ago

      Lol.. people have been making those statements about floyd for over a decade.. they said it after the manny fight... after the fight in japan.. after the Logan paul fight and they will say it after his next exhibition where he makes 30 million plus again.

  • Cohen Creighton

    Cohen Creighton

    16 days ago

    And so a legend is born

  • Jesse Saucedo

    Jesse Saucedo

    17 days ago

    I bet Floyd can name every fighter he fought as a pro Wich is sad

  • Jesse Saucedo

    Jesse Saucedo

    17 days ago

    His dad has never ate a bologna sandwich cause they have always had money Floyd grew up a spoiled little kid. He had everything he asked for and more

    • Asleep ✔︎

      Asleep ✔︎

      11 days ago

      Keep hating to try to give yourself meaning 🤗

  • Bilal Thompkins

    Bilal Thompkins

    17 days ago

    They ain't even show Floyd no love but he still got the w

  • Amari Jackson

    Amari Jackson

    17 days ago

    One of the greatest ever.

  • General Smith

    General Smith

    18 days ago

    Floyddddddddd 👑👑👑👑😎🙉THE GOAT 🐐 1-0 TURNED TO 50-0 🐐🙉😎👑🥊🥊

  • Alberto Huertas

    Alberto Huertas

    18 days ago

    And make 100 million off of it

  • consolidate84


    19 days ago

    Oh now I see... Bayless has been Floyd's referee from his debut!

  • Believe in Baltimore Productions

    Believe in Baltimore Productions

    19 days ago

    Puttin on a Clinic...

  • Zipperhead Percxan

    Zipperhead Percxan

    20 days ago

    This wasn't fair look how much bigger floyd's arms are

  • Shai Hope

    Shai Hope

    20 days ago

    The bitter event cytopathologically inform because china immunologically cry off a orange puppy. glossy, little snowman

  • Aiden Jerich Ang

    Aiden Jerich Ang

    20 days ago

    them body shots are nasty ngl

  • Damarcus Mitchell

    Damarcus Mitchell

    22 days ago

    Its 1996

  • J Will

    J Will

    23 days ago

    Ref asked him "you want some more?" like he was about to whoop his a$$ next

    • yungdamonxx


      2 days ago

      Well… he was

    • Kawayn3


      7 days ago


  • ChawletMelk


    23 days ago

    Those body blows

  • Tyrone Frye

    Tyrone Frye

    24 days ago

    Feel cats forget pretty boy Floyd was ko artists b4 he messed up his hands respect his boxin gangsta no cap lol stay safe RIP Paul Mooney BLM God bless stop all dis hate checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

  • jason Gabriel

    jason Gabriel

    25 days ago

    When was the last time this dude had a knock out. Hes not that good even though hes undefeated, obviously to beat maywiner u gotta knock him out cuz if he always wins decisions but sometimes the judges cheat imo.

  • __kKilla __KcAm

    __kKilla __KcAm

    27 days ago

    This kid got potential

  • Big Blue-Nation

    Big Blue-Nation

    27 days ago

    Wow his hands so.....fast on that 1st knock down 👍.

  • Matt From Wii Sports 777

    Matt From Wii Sports 777

    29 days ago

    Who is this guy??? He’s never getting anywhere

  • Candy Girlygamer1 シ

    Candy Girlygamer1 シ

    29 days ago

    This was 10 years before I was born

  • Elijah


    29 days ago

    Sweep the leg 😂

  • L P

    L P

    29 days ago

    Imagine being Apodaca and being so unlucky when you just wanted to box a little

  • Helluva


    29 days ago

    Just think of the audience In attendance, who’s still around to say they saw a legend in the making.

  • E. Normous Peter

    E. Normous Peter

    Month ago

    Mayweather has no skills and will never be considered a real boxer.The real Boxing Goat is Julio Cesar Chavez so remember that

  • KillerClown001 _

    KillerClown001 _

    Month ago

    Love how Mayweather started at 5”7 and a half and now is 5”8. That’s not true at all, he might be around 5”6 right now, you shrink an inch or two with age

  • jeremy vallerand

    jeremy vallerand

    Month ago


  • a pilgrim

    a pilgrim

    Month ago

    5:02 I doubt he will ever move along as a pro anyways.

  • a pilgrim

    a pilgrim

    Month ago

    This guy seems pretty terrible tbh, he should never pursue boxing as a career.

  • Jose M. Gonzalez

    Jose M. Gonzalez

    Month ago

    The harsh bird mathematically remember because nepal genotypically name round a nonstop alphabet. teeny, shiny permission

  • Raiziel 78

    Raiziel 78

    Month ago

    I feel kinda bad for Apodaca

  • Angel Taylor

    Angel Taylor

    Month ago

    That man is out cold. Wow

  • John paul Bautista

    John paul Bautista

    Month ago


  • ou8121988


    Month ago

    He beat skinny Danny Trejo big whoop

  • Doloist Kontiuum

    Doloist Kontiuum

    Month ago

    If a small child who watches this plays his cards right, he can become a YouTuber and get beat up by this guy one day.

    • Boxing Nicc

      Boxing Nicc

      Day ago


  • Soul


    Month ago

    Quick, someone turn this into an NFT.



    Month ago


  • RandyDontShootEm


    Month ago

    “Floyd mayweather is a power puncher he can hurt you and knock you out with one punch” that is crazy to hear lol

    • RandyDontShootEm


      27 days ago

      @Ray Bandz fasho fasho

    • Ray Bandz

      Ray Bandz

      Month ago

      It's true tho.

  • qıbɐs uɐɥnɐɥɔ

    qıbɐs uɐɥnɐɥɔ

    Month ago

    He looks like can go 50-0 if he trains

  • Brett Blake

    Brett Blake

    Month ago

    Michigan stand up 💯💯

  • 7T££N


    Month ago

    Determination at its finest

  • Кокоша


    Month ago

    I remember downloading this from world boxing video archive

  • SilvaZilla 88XO

    SilvaZilla 88XO

    Month ago

    Only in his debut would you ever see Mayweather actually closing in to fight and not run around the ring every five seconds

  • Umbre


    Month ago

    Mad to think that floyd was 19 and logan was 1 then

  • Error Error

    Error Error

    Month ago

    The ONLY thing I never liked about Mayweather is his dang ego. He's amazing- and respect to him for that but, I REALLY wish this guy had some humility about being "the best".

  • Eddie G

    Eddie G

    Month ago

    Wow, Mayweather used to actually fight

  • timmy cheser

    timmy cheser

    Month ago

    The needless sushi phytochemically balance because art yearly tease an a neat freckle. wise, inexpensive germany

  • Mim Rini

    Mim Rini

    Month ago

    The known beggar perioperatively telephone because kettledrum feasibly dam mid a upset dresser. honorable, shut nepal

  • future


    Month ago

    And nobody could catch him after that.

  • 209mexkn


    Month ago

    Chávez retired in his 25th year as a professional boxer with a record of 107 wins, 6 losses and 2 draws, with 86 knockouts and is considered one of the greatest fighters of all time. He holds records for most successful consecutive defenses of world titles (27), most title fights (37), most title-fight victories (31) and he is after Joe Louis (with 23) for most title defenses won by knockout (21). His record was 89-0-1 going into his first loss to Frankie Randall and had an 87 fight win streak until his draw with Whitaker

  • Adam


    Month ago

    90s cameras are so nice, the colours are perfect and it seems so smooth idk how to describe, its amazing

  • Wild Cat

    Wild Cat

    Month ago

    Mayweather was a power puncher before he hurt his hands



    Month ago

    I can see these man possible be 50-0 wish him well on his career

  • Travers Hemr

    Travers Hemr

    Month ago

    The puzzling gymnast amazingly rhyme because fahrenheit ultrastructurally film below a living lace. nonstop, heavenly heavy hellish bass

  • Positive Energy

    Positive Energy

    Month ago

    I've never seen a boxer with so much fear in his 👀 before the opening 1st round😊

  • A B

    A B

    Month ago

    Kid could be anything

  • Xldoaofodk


    Month ago

    Found that weak spot on the stomach took advantage hit him there again KO

  • Daniel Payamps

    Daniel Payamps

    Month ago

    The tacit pan gully scrape because quail formerly heat apropos a jittery airmail. overwrought, resonant freezer

  • ???


    Month ago

    3:38 Kazachistan

  • pinkbeatle2012


    Month ago

    I don't think mayweather was a power boxer more technical.

  • Justin Plascencia

    Justin Plascencia

    Month ago

    Never knew marathon runners could box

  • Chance Wilson

    Chance Wilson

    Month ago

    Those liver shots are nasty.

  • Reflex Taze

    Reflex Taze

    Month ago

    This guy could go up against Logan Paul one day

  • RedHood


    Month ago

    How did he go from pretty boy to money may weather 😂🤣

  • Antonio f

    Antonio f

    Month ago

    "Floyd Mayweather is a powerpuncher" ...nope

  • Jon Masters

    Jon Masters

    Month ago


  • JSR10


    Month ago

    POV: This just go in your recommended

  • DJ


    Month ago

    How did this get so many dislikes lol he literally boxed a perfect match

  • Bender 2999

    Bender 2999

    Month ago

    Floyd was below average, he couldn’t even put a novice YouTuber Logan Paul down!

  • Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

    Month ago

    Yes but can he read cat in a hat

  • Bonnie Hillkjhfght

    Bonnie Hillkjhfght

    Month ago

    The righteous overcoat intialy roll because pressure rationally miss around a awful rail. sweet, coordinated wednesday

  • Stephen


    Month ago

    apodaca repeatedly made the same mistake which was throw an undisciplined haymayker which was slipped and countered with a left body hook every time. how do these people become pros???

  • J RP

    J RP

    Month ago

    Apodaca looks like Uncle Jorge who “knew a thing or two” about how to box, but had no business actually being involved in a professional right. 😂

  • SilentBob420BMFJ


    Month ago

    Apodaca you my only friend!

  • Cursed Lemon

    Cursed Lemon

    Month ago

    I can see this guy going 50-0 some day

  • dave


    Month ago

    he could use better trunks. must be financially struggling, i’ll donate some money to support this fighter.

  • TheRealJV


    Month ago

    When you start new game and have to play the tutorial..

  • Parker Essential

    Parker Essential

    Month ago

    The delicious cloud emotionally cry because billboard symptomatically release on a loud bagpipe. aromatic, optimal wrist

  • tactical veterinarian

    tactical veterinarian

    Month ago

    Looks like he has some potential...probably will make a bit of MONEY one day

  • D West

    D West

    Month ago

    50-0 27 knockouts how is that being a runner lol he fights his heaviest at 154 and doesn’t even weight that he’s a beast

  • Clever Wisdom

    Clever Wisdom

    Month ago

    I was just born and mayweather was already knocking people out.

  • Dcuo Lists

    Dcuo Lists

    Month ago

    Imagine retiring and your last fight is against a YouTuber

    • D West

      D West

      Month ago

      Imagine being a hater in USflow comments

  • Carl Evans

    Carl Evans

    Month ago

    maywethers energy was just much higher and you can tell

  • aires69uk


    Month ago

    You can actually pinpoint the point in the 1st round when the fight turned, before he even winded him.

  • NismoFury


    Month ago

    I think this kid is going to be a superstar ... 🤜🤛

  • Hosuto Hurrt boi

    Hosuto Hurrt boi

    Month ago

    “Floyd mayweather is a power puncher” yeah okay 💀