Gordon FURIOUS Over Being Served Sample Scrambled Eggs | Hell's Kitchen

Published on May 8, 2021
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As the teams cook breakfast for paramedics, one chef decides to serve the sample plate.

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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

Hell's Kitchen
  • Beepee


    2 hours ago

    Why the heck didn't they get Jeremy on a gurney? He's had a stroke in the past and they let him walk to the ambulance. I kind of think this was staged. Real paramedics would have that guy packaged up and on his way to the hospital.

  • MrDaydreamer93


    16 hours ago

    i never thought breakfast could be this dramatic.

  • Yams


    17 hours ago

    The amount of wasted food from all the season could probably feed a small country

  • Llama Del Rey

    Llama Del Rey

    21 hour ago

    Does Jeremy have health issues bc he's overweight

  • rafael barba

    rafael barba

    22 hours ago

    We’re just going to ignore what happened in minute 1:40 😂😂

  • Quincey Brown

    Quincey Brown

    Day ago

    They're scrambled freakin eggs!! c'mon now

  • Feodora Wicked

    Feodora Wicked

    Day ago

    God the comment section is disgusting. Sure, Jeremy is overweight. But that doesn't make him less of a person. Too many of you are getting way too excited over this dude nearly having a stroke.

  • Reefd GG

    Reefd GG

    Day ago

    Me: that looks delicious
    Gordon: Disgusting!
    Me: Disgusting!

    • Ahidepociere Martynov

      Ahidepociere Martynov

      Day ago

      You can't really judge it by how it looks.

  • Calla Kruck

    Calla Kruck

    2 days ago

    Never seen a paramedic move so slow.

  • Beau's Bar & Garage

    Beau's Bar & Garage

    2 days ago

    Ohhhh please



    2 days ago

    Nedra is lazy. She needs to get her health and attitude fixed.

  • Jennie Wright

    Jennie Wright

    2 days ago

    So they were all taking the piss when he was actually sick? Yikes, how the fuck did the medical staff behind the scenes not pick up on it?

  • Fear_Future Sanchez

    Fear_Future Sanchez

    2 days ago

    What a drama queen

  • General al wick

    General al wick

    2 days ago

    1:40 wtf is going on here??????? lmao she intentially did that... probably all staged anyway

  • Lelo Dara

    Lelo Dara

    2 days ago

    Why are you using soggy ones when you got toasted breads over there?
    Yes chef

  • Rigel


    3 days ago

    "I'm discombobulated, but I'm glad I got a bra on."
    As a fellow morning hating person, I felt that deep in my soul 😌

  • Justin Harris

    Justin Harris

    3 days ago

    Honestly im still so mad that Jon didn't make the finals.

  • Megiddo Eubanks

    Megiddo Eubanks

    3 days ago

    Damn, dude, lose some weight!

  • kai_heavenly


    3 days ago

    i want to win but i dont want to die

  • Shadow destroyer

    Shadow destroyer

    4 days ago

    Surely, if you're an ex stroke patient you should try to have a healthy weight

  • Jaime J. Dammert B

    Jaime J. Dammert B

    4 days ago

    Come on! It was just a breakfast service!!

  • OrbiTiZZeD


    4 days ago

    5:34 i heard it

  • Maximum Limit Videos

    Maximum Limit Videos

    5 days ago



  • Maximum Limit Videos

    Maximum Limit Videos

    5 days ago

    Jaäñëł is pretty....🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Maximum Limit Videos

    Maximum Limit Videos

    5 days ago

    Doctors and Nurses...💆🏻‍♂️

  • Maximum Limit Videos

    Maximum Limit Videos

    5 days ago

    Jeremey ... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️Just mix the flour!!!

    Then he dies💆🏻‍♂️

  • Maximum Limit Videos

    Maximum Limit Videos

    5 days ago

    he died mixing flour. 😐

  • J T

    J T

    5 days ago

    It would kill me more than anything if he died…
    No I think it would kill him more…

  • Stephen Mountenay-Henhawke

    Stephen Mountenay-Henhawke

    5 days ago

    Mans almost died grinding flour

  • Jessie Crump

    Jessie Crump

    5 days ago

    What episode and season is this

  • SIR


    5 days ago

    Seriously not hard to make scrambled eggs

  • Jackson B.

    Jackson B.

    6 days ago

    It appears one chef maybe sleepwalking through service. 😂😂😂 Lmao.

  • Brian Mullally

    Brian Mullally

    6 days ago

    Dudes 22 and having strokes wtf

  • Jamesaaa


    6 days ago

    6:52 this is where this meme came from "perfect

  • sebastian oviedo

    sebastian oviedo

    7 days ago

    Bruh how did he have a stroke already at 22 I’m 22 wtf

    • 0972q8


      6 days ago

      He might of had diabetes or something like that

  • Jordan Provancal

    Jordan Provancal

    7 days ago

    Hells kitchen and kitchen nightmares are the best😎

  • smiley satanson

    smiley satanson

    7 days ago

    geez way to start the vidoe of jeremy almost fucking dying

  • Liam Chavez

    Liam Chavez

    7 days ago

    Imagine messing up pancakes.

  • krystina marquez

    krystina marquez

    8 days ago

    i didnt know it was that hard to make breakfast

  • jan jaap van soest

    jan jaap van soest

    9 days ago

    “I wanna win, but i don’t wanna die”
    I actually died lol

  • The AViator

    The AViator

    9 days ago

    *Blue team serves up last benedict*
    Gordon: Wait, wait, no, the sauce is RAW

  • The AViator

    The AViator

    9 days ago

    Dude I actually died when he took up the fucking SAMPLE 😂 😂 😂

  • 1310Jasmine Sabharwal

    1310Jasmine Sabharwal

    9 days ago

    They waste so much food

  • Bonkey12


    9 days ago

    we need medical assistance!! jeremy proceeds to call 911 with a room full of medical assistance. a person in the dining answers their cell phone "im off the clock at the moment"

  • Milan


    9 days ago

    this man should've opted for the Royal Marines instead of being a chef

  • Isaiah Belter

    Isaiah Belter

    9 days ago

    Maybe it's just me, but I have always felt that Hell's Kitchen should have an episode or two where there are no eliminations unless you are really bad. That way people can get familiar with the kitchen and teams.

  • Flask


    9 days ago

    I don't know how they could screw up COMMON EGG DISHES

  • helpmeimburning


    9 days ago

    Bruh they make fun of Jeremy constantly for being slow, when he's a fucking ex stroke patient, cut the man some slack :(

  • Jon Nothing

    Jon Nothing

    9 days ago

    "Where's the OTHER PANCAKE!!!"

  • Bram Bakker

    Bram Bakker

    9 days ago

    Two omelette, one sandwich and one KRESSWANT!

  • Raziel236


    10 days ago

    Legend has it the other pancake ran off with the lamb sauce.

  • Des Holbert

    Des Holbert

    10 days ago

    Bruh this is funny

  • Steve E

    Steve E

    10 days ago

    I havent seen a bigger collection of douches since playing competetive sports 🤷‍♂️

  • Daan Vleesenbeek

    Daan Vleesenbeek

    10 days ago

    1:40 : o shit. Like what the fuck did you expect to happen??

  • Kenzinator 103

    Kenzinator 103

    10 days ago

    Does anyone know the order this happened? If him half (?) collapsing was after the breakfast challenge? Did they say if he was okay or not?

  • skinny slim

    skinny slim

    10 days ago

    Walking! WALK! WALK! WALK! WALK! My favorite part in the video honestly. 🤣🤣😭😭😭

  • Cheryl Coleman

    Cheryl Coleman

    10 days ago

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  • Edna Sanders

    Edna Sanders

    10 days ago

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  • petra


    11 days ago

    gordon like 'come round then big boy' SENT ME

  • Rohit Iyer

    Rohit Iyer

    11 days ago

    They screw up scrambled eggs and omlets??? This is so staged🤦

  • silvana alice

    silvana alice

    11 days ago

    The black-and-white work erroneously bless because pair cytogenetically belong below a funny jellyfish. brainy, gainful shoemaker

  • Mason Lane

    Mason Lane

    11 days ago

    Damn a stroke patient at 22?

  • Saif


    11 days ago

    what season is this?

  • brody saenz

    brody saenz

    11 days ago

    I mean come on in 13 and can make eggs and toast

  • Aaron Edelstein

    Aaron Edelstein

    12 days ago

    Im sorry but Jeremy was faking that shit so much

  • Simply Heba

    Simply Heba

    12 days ago

    That tired lady is me! haha That's why when I used to work the 6 am shift at starbucks. .First thing was a shot of espresso...chefs need to do that to for their morning shifts. Cooking food is one thing in the morning, but dealing with non-caffeinated starbucks customers in the AM is like...oh damn. Lol

  • Gold 999

    Gold 999

    12 days ago

    I'm an ex-stroke patient.
    I don't see any effort of him to get a healthy diet.

    • Gold 999

      Gold 999

      6 days ago

      @0972q8 yep, but the risks are a bit different.

    • 0972q8


      6 days ago

      Fit skinny and normal weighted people get strokes too

  • Inter Fuze

    Inter Fuze

    12 days ago

    Are these video recent videos?

  • Wmr Cats

    Wmr Cats

    12 days ago

    Jesus loves you

  • Pedro Dumper

    Pedro Dumper

    13 days ago

    8:14 “We need to beat the girls “

  • Ian


    13 days ago

    5:28... she says "cooking for doctors, NURSE, ERS..." what??? singular nurse and plural ER. Like what?

  • Twanus


    13 days ago

    *nearly dies grinding flour*
    I wanna win! But I don't wanna die...

  • Daniel Oesterman

    Daniel Oesterman

    13 days ago

    Maybe loose some weight and avoid situations like this, stroke survivor.

    • 0972q8


      6 days ago

      Fit skinny people can have strokes too

  • Maya C

    Maya C

    13 days ago

    What season is this?

  • D Clipper

    D Clipper

    13 days ago

    "Man nearly dies from 1-hr old scrambled eggs but is saved by room full of paramedics."

  • Joeh1154


    13 days ago

    Jeremy is useless.

  • kiwi


    13 days ago

    Where are the p a n c a k e s 🥞 ?!

  • LuckyOwl777


    14 days ago

    Serisuoly/ someone potentially is having a stroke, and that medic just casually strolls over and takes his time? I hope he got fired

  • Autumn leaves

    Autumn leaves

    14 days ago

    Honestly wondering if this could be the first time the nurses that work 48 hour shifts are 100% NOT jealous of someone else's job lol

  • merssel12


    14 days ago

    from which season are those clips ?

  • Riley Freeman

    Riley Freeman

    14 days ago

    7:59 bro she sounds like a 12 year old kid that hit puberty 😭😭

  • LiiTe


    14 days ago

    Why don't you take care of your health

  • Frank Tenpenny

    Frank Tenpenny

    14 days ago

    I just hear TUH TUH TUH

  • OhElvira


    14 days ago

    My god what’s the point in them using shots twice. Makes it look so fake.

  • Coleston Akbar

    Coleston Akbar

    14 days ago

    5:48 YES CHEF

  • pseudochef07


    14 days ago

    “I’m discombobulated but I’m happy I got a bra on.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Justo Garcia

    Justo Garcia

    14 days ago

    I'm a nurse so thank you HK.

  • Barton Oliver

    Barton Oliver

    14 days ago

    I like how there's a medical emergency on the set and the medic just saunters over leisurely like he's got all the time in the world. Guessing he got fired from whatever ambulance company he was working at before for responding to a call with, "Yeah, okay, I'll head over there as soon as I'm done with lunch."

  • Rob MacNeil

    Rob MacNeil

    15 days ago

    0:50 "It would kill me more than anything if you died right now" lol... well, maybe not more than the guy you just killed.
    1:10 "I wanna win but I don't wanna die" ... me IRL.

  • fred andy

    fred andy

    15 days ago

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  • YouKnowMySteez


    15 days ago

    Nobody talking about how Gordon just fingers everybody's food then sends it out

    • Becky x

      Becky x

      15 days ago

      I think about this everytime I watch this show

  • Bradley Shankster

    Bradley Shankster

    15 days ago

    "You jump right on and you're cooking for doctors, nurse, ER'S... Uh.. Some errybody so it's like.. Fuck." 😂 I hate having to cook for emergency rooms lmaooo

  • violet hansen

    violet hansen

    15 days ago

    I mean.... if there is ever a time to have a stroke....

  • Miz Lauren Alexis

    Miz Lauren Alexis

    15 days ago

    My fav season. I 💕 Anthony. 😆
    Also...Nedra. Bra? ✅
    Dis-com-bob-u-lated? (Also ✅ )

  • Justin Hansen

    Justin Hansen

    15 days ago

    The obese guy gets close to a stroke by grinding flour. Stay healthy.

  • francoisft


    15 days ago

    If any darn cook touches my benedicts with his hands like in 8:23, he better have an explanation...

  • Jake Vote

    Jake Vote

    15 days ago

    “I want to win but I don’t want to die” well then you’re just not committed

  • Noah Goldman

    Noah Goldman

    15 days ago

    Am I the only one who got mad at Gordon when he said “you’ll fuckin kill someone with that!!” About a plate of eggs that was on the counter for an hour? Like okay I don’t want to be served that at a resultant but I’ve def eaten eggs that sat in the pan all morning n I’m fuckin fine, chill tf out, raw eggs won’t even kill you unless you’re a straight immunocompromised blueblood hapsberg ass biatch

  • Edna Sanders

    Edna Sanders

    15 days ago

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    Edna Sanders

    15 days ago

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