How Often You Should Shower And Wash Hair | Responding To Comments Ep. 22

Published on May 9, 2021
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You’ve been sending me some really interesting questions recently, so I decided to do another episode of Responding to Comments to get to the bottom of some medical mysteries. Today I talk about how often you should shower and wash your hair, why we kick when we sleep, what causes an itch, why we administer vaccines in the shoulder, ringing ears, runny noses from spicy food and hot wings, posture correctors, electrolytes, stomach growling, and the truth of getting 10,000 steps a day. Drop a comment down below if there’s a medical question you’d like me to answer!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Doctor Mike
  • Tanya Kammerer

    Tanya Kammerer

    50 minutes ago

    Why do we poop

  • JessA


    Hour ago

    It is often said that Qtips should not be used to get rid of earwax.
    What is the alternative?

  • Sumire


    Hour ago

    im diabetic and also anemic, and foods that one of the other need cancel it each other out. and all the good food I'm eating so far is starting to become bland for me. is there anything I can eat as a diabetic and anemic?

  • jrose onyx

    jrose onyx

    Hour ago

    Doctor, some women have a poon that talks unless they wash it daily in a shower or bathtub. There are men who rent their butt cracks to potato farmers. Why ? They got faulty bathing advice. Poons and buttcracks must love you.

  • Hannah


    2 hours ago

    I wash my hair every other day because I have scalp psoriasis. Any longer and my hair is greasy and my scalp begins screaming at me until I wash it.

  • Ches Leen Joy Garcia

    Ches Leen Joy Garcia

    3 hours ago

    Ohhh, I shower for 45 mins😳😂

  • Amber


    3 hours ago

    THANK YOU!! I cannot wash my hair every day. If I do it gets stringy and dry looking. My hair is very thick and long, I wash it every 3 days(I wash the rest of me every day sometimes every other day, but put my hair up). However, my showers take a while because my hair is SO thick and SO long it takes foreverrr just to get my hair wet! I have to put it into sections just to get my hair wet 😂 😭 So my showers are 30-40 minutes long, especially if I have to shave.. 🙈

  • Blank


    3 hours ago

    "Burned food is bad for you"
    Me: Wait what?

  • ᴏᴋɪɴᴀᴡᴀ Sugar

    ᴏᴋɪɴᴀᴡᴀ Sugar

    3 hours ago

    Idk why i'm even watching this,or why this landed in my recommendation,im not mad about it tho 😖👍

  • Akasha Webb

    Akasha Webb

    3 hours ago

    not me eating burnt chips my whole life.....

  • Maximus Benjamin Bondoc

    Maximus Benjamin Bondoc

    4 hours ago

    What will happen if your ear ringing 2 times?

  • Serena R B

    Serena R B

    5 hours ago

    Dr. Mike: Shower for 3-4 minutes
    Me: What about the arguments with my enemy where I pin him against the wall with a dagger to his throat?

  • Little exotic

    Little exotic

    5 hours ago

    How do Get rid of bug bites or how long do they last??

  • Stitch


    5 hours ago

    why do i uncontrollably flex my muscles? i feel like i have too, and if o don't i feel weird?

  • Moon_


    6 hours ago

    My mom tells me to go in bath every 3rd day

  • Quiano Arriola

    Quiano Arriola

    8 hours ago

    Why does my vision sometimes start going black but it always goes back to normal

  • Drafru Ropoto

    Drafru Ropoto

    8 hours ago

    "i bet you didn't know they did chest compressions in The Office"
    FALSE. everyone knows the famous scene of Dwight with the dummy's face on his own face.

  • Moonlight luna Wolfy909

    Moonlight luna Wolfy909

    9 hours ago

    Why are my favorite pickles baby dills they are so crunchy yasss

  • Tahnee De Vogel

    Tahnee De Vogel

    9 hours ago

    Question: So people dream every night. Almost everyday I wake up and remember my dream. Is this normal and how does this happen?

  • Jestony Rapas

    Jestony Rapas

    10 hours ago

    Dr. Shepherd what are you doing here 😂😭

  • LeiaRose


    11 hours ago

    1-Why whenever a dream feels real you kinda jump or twitch
    2-HOW IS BEAR SO CUTE?!?!?🐻💞

  • Miggy


    12 hours ago

    is there a way to make your voice not crack while going though puberty

  • dreaming_wiz*one


    12 hours ago

    Question for Doctor Mike: Is Autophagy good? Can you discuss more about it?

  • Ju Parisa

    Ju Parisa

    12 hours ago

    But what happens if you live in a tropical hot climate? The humidity is a lot and cold shower is the only thing that makes me calm

  • Letticia Smith

    Letticia Smith

    13 hours ago

    My dog also loves seaweed snacks.

  • Celia The Graphic Gov'nor Brisson

    Celia The Graphic Gov'nor Brisson

    13 hours ago

    I usually hear the ringing in my ears when it,s dead quiet

  • Im here for your toes

    Im here for your toes

    14 hours ago

    When ever im in a very quiet room i hear a slight buzzing noise kinda like in the movies when some gets him by something and it makes a ringing sound i sounds like that but a lot quieter do you know why

  • Aiden Castillo

    Aiden Castillo

    14 hours ago

    Is it normal that my hair is shiny?

  • Tangle Hamain

    Tangle Hamain

    15 hours ago

    7:35 THREE TO FOUR MINUTES?!??!?!? It takes me an hour to shower once, the heck? Watering myself, puting shampoo on, washing it off, putting conditionner and body wash, washing it off.. all of this takes so long to me waaaaat-

  • Dahlia Kendall

    Dahlia Kendall

    16 hours ago

    why does my nose run every time i eat anything even when its not spicy?

    • Commenter


      6 hours ago

      Maybe there’s some sort of ingredient in it you’re allergic to? Or it’s just that the food you eat releases a sort of smell which triggers you sinus? If you have a sensitive sinus like I do - it’s just a hunch, these are usually things which happen to me. Oh and if you breathe in food particles ig can also trigger it. Depends

  • Jaxson R

    Jaxson R

    16 hours ago

    Why does Doctor Mike know so ,much stuff...

    • Commenter


      6 hours ago

      Because he’s a doctor?

  • Lynda Lee

    Lynda Lee

    17 hours ago

    The spotty nylon endogenously camp because walk histopathologically strip by a devilish stomach. tidy, reflective worm

  • VoldivUnderRated


    17 hours ago

    Doctor mike, If you see this I have a question.
    When I push both of my ears up i hear something close to a wet sponge when you squeeze it in and let go I think it’s ear wax but really sticky and when I stick my finger in my ear it rubs off on my finger I’ve tried getting an appointment and my mom tried but for some reason it won’t work.. plus I live on a small island and there aren’t many hospitals or clinics.. and if I sound very unprofessional, I’m 13 so idk medical terms and stuff so forgive me

  • Chiko9100


    18 hours ago


  • PinkiebunnyART


    18 hours ago

    Did you know, Docter Mike, that your voice tastes like bananas? I have Synesthesia and your voice, when i hear it, I taste banana! Well... cinnamon bananas, idk weird

  • Carolyn Davasligil

    Carolyn Davasligil

    18 hours ago

    I like you humor, and you are educational to watch.

  • Nana Ammar

    Nana Ammar

    18 hours ago

    You're a BEAUTIFUL MAN😍

  • Natalia Elsik

    Natalia Elsik

    18 hours ago

    I introduced my husband to your videos, and now he randomly says 'peewoop' 🤣❤

  • Cynicalpeople


    18 hours ago

    Doctor Mike: “ we used to use the butt for shots but now we know the shoulder works better”
    Me who had an allergic reaction to poison ivy and had to get a steroid shot: “ boy do I have news for you”

  • xx__jinhong__xx


    19 hours ago

    Uhh- does an ear infection go away be its self? Like is it possible?? :/

  • The Lemon Lord

    The Lemon Lord

    19 hours ago

    he said titus instead of tinnitus

  • Cry Oranges

    Cry Oranges

    20 hours ago

    breed me, doc

  • Bio Nerd

    Bio Nerd

    20 hours ago

    Funny story. I had a twisted leg. I was taken to the doctor 2 days ago. They said if it’s not twisted 30 percent then it’s not a big deal. My leg was still damaged. From what I learned in the skeletal system In school. I fixed my own leg with yoga :)

  • just a random person on the internet

    just a random person on the internet

    21 hour ago

    “your showers should be like 3-4 minutes”

    *Me with curly hair that takes 89,821 years to fully wash:*

  • Sama Loves anime

    Sama Loves anime

    21 hour ago

    I have a question when I sleep I sometimes can get myself awake and that I can sleep again how can I do that?

  • Mr.Manhart


    22 hours ago

    How Heathly Is Gatorade compared to soda

  • shadow of night

    shadow of night

    22 hours ago


  • Érika Joyal

    Érika Joyal

    22 hours ago

    4:14 omg is that why I crave pickles and even drank little sips bc it was sooo good? But later in the same yeah ehhh not really
    So I was needing electrolytes, but salt doesn't makes you dehydrated? Humm
    9:45 Omg I do the same thing when I'm really stressed and uncomfortable in social places! Pressing my thumb with my other fingers always made me feel better

  • Maria Estevan

    Maria Estevan

    22 hours ago

    Doctor Mike....."its because while i am delicious, i am healthy."

  • Kitty Love

    Kitty Love

    23 hours ago

    Why am I tired all the time

  • Sally Younes

    Sally Younes

    Day ago

    6:37 talking about showers!

  • Alicia Zinn

    Alicia Zinn

    Day ago

    That cinnamon roll response was.... how do I say....freaking adorable!!!

  • Sidra


    Day ago

    If my body doesn’t like hot water then why is it feels so good

  • Virgil Amison

    Virgil Amison

    Day ago

    I forgot the name of the discord can someone retell me?

  • 구구전


    Day ago

    i love u

  • devilishcat123


    Day ago

    i was playing a long cricket match. When i came back my butt was hurting really badly so now whenever i get up or sit down there is this shock of pain how do i get rid of it?

    • Tosha McCarty

      Tosha McCarty

      15 hours ago

      Sounds like sore muscle(s). Drink plenty of water, eating a banana or some pasta or potato. A warm shower or bath might help to loosen it up. Even a gentle massage might help knead out the butt cheek muscles or leg muscles that were strained through play and posture holds. Over the next few days, very gentle stretches would be good. Over the counter treatments: muscles rubs (Do Not Use After a Shower; it will burn the skin bad), heating pads/hot water bottle, or ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or a baby/low dose aspirin - just take one with food, if you have too.

  • Fantasy World

    Fantasy World

    Day ago

    why do i fart so much

  • Kika Tomato

    Kika Tomato

    Day ago

    i do cold showers cause i don't really like hot showers also i shower for like 30-60 minutes and i shower once a week

  • Pineapplecurds 3

    Pineapplecurds 3

    Day ago

    HI PLEASE ANSWER: I have clicky wrists, how can i stop it and get my wrists pivoting nice and smoothly

  • Kristina Zekollari

    Kristina Zekollari

    Day ago

    Is it bad to sleep with earplugs almost every night? I started having insomnia a few years back, my doctor gave me sleep medicine for a little while but it's getting better over time so I don't use them anymore. However, I find it difficult falling or staying asleep when there is noise, even the slightest one can wake me up and make my heart beat fast for a bit, so I use earplugs.

  • Sean O'Connor

    Sean O'Connor

    Day ago

    I think it depends on the person. If I don’t wash my hair daily, it becomes super gross and greasy.

  • Anna Koreemun

    Anna Koreemun

    Day ago

    Im small im eleven years old and i like to be a doctor so i am studying in early

  • Zakkunnn


    Day ago

    What's a gag reflex?

    • Heaven C

      Heaven C

      Day ago

      It's what you do when you throw up it makes you go forward

  • AARI


    Day ago

    the way i love eating burned food makes me slightly worried-

  • Beth


    Day ago

    Just washing my hair takes like.... 10-20 minutes. lol. My hair likes to hold on to the shampoo and it takes a while to make sure it's fully washed out before I do conditioner. Also, I will never understand people who take cold showers... the only time I use cool water is when I'm washing my hair but that's only because my hair is Royal Purple and hot water makes it fade faster.

  • exeli


    Day ago

    4:00 Pedialyte

  • Jasmine Junior

    Jasmine Junior

    Day ago

    sighhhhhhhhhhhh* did you all know that pepper isn't spicey?! Cause I did

  • Siya Barua

    Siya Barua

    Day ago

    Showering should be 4 minutes
    How am I supposed to have a concert, existential crises, random thoughts and arguments in 4 minutes



    Day ago

    I wash my hair once a daily while showering 3 times I day

  • Its hailing Ice crem

    Its hailing Ice crem

    Day ago

    Doctor mike: charred food is bad for you
    Me; eating my delicious ,marinated, seasoned, fresh off charcoal grill, charred as much as possible steak.

  • Wolfrin AV

    Wolfrin AV

    Day ago

    Hello Dr. Mike, or other doctors. May I ask, why have I feel „stinging" skin and some muscles after finished school exam? Thank anyone for an answer. (simple)

  • Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido

    Day ago

    2:55 that one green one

  • Simz Stuff

    Simz Stuff

    Day ago

    i was wondering if there was a way for me to find a way for me to not be as scared of needles cause i am extremly scared of them to the point it makes it hurt worse because my mucles tence up and i herd of it helping some people to sing so i do want to try that i am a child if that helps

  • MadLia Gacha

    MadLia Gacha

    Day ago

    7:29 ok first I shower in pretty cold water and my showers usually take 1h and ai shower like 3 days a week.

  • sugary tears

    sugary tears

    Day ago

    once i had a dream where i woke up from a dream and then the moon was replaced with jupiter then i woke up again

  • Clash With Hannah

    Clash With Hannah

    Day ago

    oops i thought everyone had constant ringing in their ears

  • Moshii Chann

    Moshii Chann

    Day ago

    When try to sleep i feel like I can’t breath and I have to wake myself up just to breath

  • ‏‏‎ ‎

    ‏‏‎ ‎

    Day ago

    Dr mike: you should shower for 3-4 minutes
    Me: sweats in 1 minute

  • Amy Hoang

    Amy Hoang

    Day ago

    Sir I have a question what is ADHD??

    • Commenter


      6 hours ago

      You can do your own research about it? There’s plenty of information out there - I’ll copy paste some of it here if that helps you. * “ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood. It is usually first diagnosed in childhood and often lasts into adulthood. Children with ADHD may have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors (may act without thinking about what the result will be), or be overly active.” * There is more to it - there are different levels of it. Some people might have it worse while to others it’s minor. There is medication for it so you can focus more. I’ve heard from someone that when they took the medication they felt less creative but it did help them focus more. I hope I helped :)

  • Julieanna Carroll Hoyt

    Julieanna Carroll Hoyt

    Day ago

    You’re hilarious and intelligent…. That’s hard to find.

  • Frosch Ki

    Frosch Ki

    Day ago

    "A shower should be 3-4 minutes."
    and there I am spending my first 5 minutes in the bathroom staring into nothingness rethinking all of my life choices.

    • Carolyn Davasligil

      Carolyn Davasligil

      18 hours ago

      So true ,then soapup your provides and arm pits,rinse and get out . Takes me at least 10 min .

  • Zuzu The anime lover

    Zuzu The anime lover

    Day ago

    I just wanna know if it’s okay if I like to eat and is it okay if I cannot sleep quite a lot

  • Kendra Eich

    Kendra Eich

    Day ago

    Me who eats my marshmallows burnt black: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Zachary Trépanier

    Zachary Trépanier

    Day ago

    How often do you recommend to workout per week? And is building good or bad?

  • LEFION FUR - no cap bro

    LEFION FUR - no cap bro

    Day ago

    If mike was my brother and go to my room and ask me if we could cuddling
    I would probably say
    "My stick I has been fulfilled with blood"
    And then we start.....
    *Cough* [peewoop] *cough* *cough*

  • Jenny Hanna

    Jenny Hanna

    Day ago

    does putting makeup on damag your pores

  • The_Rat_King


    Day ago

    Why yes showering everyday might be bad I take a shower for pleasure

  • Gacha raccoon

    Gacha raccoon

    Day ago

    I take shower every day and my hair is really oily.
    Also how common is scoliosis because a few of my family have so do I

  • Renegade


    Day ago

    I’m having uncomfort in my elbows. Sometimes I get the popping feeling and it goes numb like a nerve is rolling over something. I’m not huge on medical stuff. Any idea what this could be?

    • Tosha McCarty

      Tosha McCarty

      14 hours ago

      Watch how you use your elbows in the day. Are you propping yourself up on them or having them bent in the same position or doing repetitious movements in a day? Stretching or gently flexing through your day might help. If it is work or play related movements, bracing or taping for the activity might offer stability or some relief for movement. But if the numbness or swelling or pain persists, you should consult a doctor.

  • Lisa Sigurdson

    Lisa Sigurdson

    Day ago

    The first one with the moving in your sleep my grandfather had a dream where there was like somebody attacking him and his wife and he like punching the face but because he was in the middle of stages he punched my grandma in the arm and then the next morning cuz my grandma said so everything they were trying to find out for a week why she had a bruise on arm

  • latifah qatnan

    latifah qatnan

    Day ago

    Doctor mike
    I think there is a problem with me breathing you know when you Breath normally and there that one breath that is really deep and it doesn’t happened that much will I having a problem I been have that really deep breathing and it happened Avery 15 min I think and it annoying me

  • BaconHairsRule


    Day ago

    its haerd to leave the warm bath

  • Puppeteer Puppet

    Puppeteer Puppet

    Day ago

    Hello, I have had many ear infections and even a perforated eardrum. I hear ringing a lot, even with tubes in my ears. I was wondering If it sounds like hearing loss or its something else. Thank you!

  • susan huling

    susan huling

    Day ago

    so I have hearing lost and I here the ringing sound quit a lot should I be worried ( I'm using my grandma computer to type this )

  • GachaSky_77


    Day ago

    8:40 Omg I love seaweed!! So do my siblings we eat seaweed all the time.

  • Kian Ballikar

    Kian Ballikar

    Day ago

    6:27 cracked me up

  • alainah


    Day ago

    Dr. Mike has discord, POG

  • Achmad Marendes

    Achmad Marendes

    Day ago

    In tropical country we sweat a lot, need to shower twice a day.
    Otherwise we smell and you know, skin fungus.

  • Kayla Elrod

    Kayla Elrod

    Day ago

    If my grandma hears ringing she calls it a death ring, meaning if a long ring it's family if short it's friend?

  • Aldina Hrustanovic

    Aldina Hrustanovic

    Day ago

    I just have a question why do we have to swallow our saliva every 5-10 seconds