I Ate a 20,000cal Burger in Record Time!! **Octuple Bypass Challenge**

Published on Jul 24, 2021
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Sorry for the wait... I was on vaca.. a long diet... but We're Back!!🔥🔥

Had to come back big with an Iconic Food Challenge here in Las Vegas. The Octuple Bypass Challenge at the Heart Attack Grill!!
- 8 1/2lb Patties
- 16 Slices of Cheese
- A whole Red Onion
- 2 Tomatoes
- Chili
- 40 Slices of Bacon
- 2 Hamburger Buns

The World Record was set by Miki Sudo at 7:42 .
Will I be able to conquer the Burger in less?!


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Matt Stonie
  • Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie

    Month ago

    250,000 likes on the vid & I'll go back for the Quadruple-Bypass record ;)

    • Flaming


      Day ago

      Looks like someone gotta do it again

    • Jeremiah Lott

      Jeremiah Lott

      3 days ago

      Ur at 430k do it!!!

    • adam ponger

      adam ponger

      3 days ago

      Challenge accepted

    • Prabhavi Arushika

      Prabhavi Arushika

      4 days ago

      Ok now do it

    • Hector Hernandez

      Hector Hernandez

      5 days ago

      Succssslol nice done

  • Sabyasachi Debnath

    Sabyasachi Debnath

    Hour ago

    Well all of the calories got burnt afterwards 😂

  • SGU Sapling

    SGU Sapling

    Hour ago

    All fun and games till the glizzy gobbler attempts it

  • bingus


    Hour ago

    i cant even eat a burger in 7 mins

  • GRIMM thoughts

    GRIMM thoughts

    3 hours ago

    It might kill you but at least you won't be hungryy 😁

  • Deathculture


    4 hours ago

    This guy must have a crazy metabolism

  • Ppl in da streets

    Ppl in da streets

    4 hours ago

    Poor guy that must’ve been horrible

  • João Franco

    João Franco

    7 hours ago

    this guy seems like a chinese elf eating and he cough right after the girl ´s kiss ahah

  • Borax


    7 hours ago

    lmao now run 10 marathons to get rid of that

  • Jad Fayad

    Jad Fayad

    10 hours ago

    I got heart burn from watching this

  • Shopcash Cashshop

    Shopcash Cashshop

    11 hours ago

    If people wanna eat themselfs to death let um.its fine the government lets us smoke and drink...money is law....unfortuntly but cant hate a man for maken a busnises.he is sweating more off that then 14 pds and it was 6 pds...gota be the lard.

  • Morten Skjoedt

    Morten Skjoedt

    12 hours ago

    The burgers at the Heart Attack Grill taste like s...Eat somewhere else.

  • clue less

    clue less

    12 hours ago

    he back washed the fuck out the water bottle

  • God


    12 hours ago

    Dr John is back

  • codafett


    13 hours ago


  • Hubert Greck

    Hubert Greck

    15 hours ago

    You are the besssssssst

  • Austin Family Adventures

    Austin Family Adventures

    16 hours ago

    how do you swallow the food with out chewing it ? Your arse must be pumping out bricks. lol

  • The Proud Noob

    The Proud Noob

    18 hours ago

    what teh fu ck

  • 강현민


    19 hours ago

    황근출 해병님;;

  • Mr. Nugget

    Mr. Nugget

    21 hour ago

    damn metabolism



    21 hour ago

    Erick should try this challenge

  • Independent


    22 hours ago

    McDonald's has signs at the drive thru window warning of health risk along with basically every other fast food chain....y'all are hyping up this whole "awareness" shit.

  • DK Hassan

    DK Hassan

    23 hours ago

    If I can gain weight by eating 1200 calories what would this do to me?

  • AF-P Queen

    AF-P Queen

    Day ago

    I wonder what mattes girlfriend was thinking about the women kissing him at the end

  • Damian Dong

    Damian Dong

    Day ago

    Joey Chessnut: are you challenging me?

  • ☁︎ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ_ᴄᴜᴛᴇ☁︎


    Day ago

    MA QUESTO NN INGRASSA MAIII?!?! ce io se mangio ingrassondi 400000000 di kili ... COME FAA

  • Ilovecapybaraanimals


    Day ago

    I love how invested Dr John is lmao it's basically the equivalent of Ronald McDonald welcoming you at McDonald's

  • PartTimeLazy


    Day ago

    He looks like he's suffering almost everytime he takes a bite and we all understand why.

  • Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels

    Day ago

    Idiots everywhere idiots 🤦‍♂️🤮

    • Randy


      2 hours ago


  • F Q

    F Q

    Day ago




    Day ago


  • Spiral


    Day ago

    fucking legend!

  • Sagwe Man

    Sagwe Man

    Day ago

    I wonder how he shits

  • Mac Lean

    Mac Lean

    Day ago

    I hope you don't vomit after 🤢🤮

  • Sneaky Snape

    Sneaky Snape

    Day ago

    Dr.: "A record that will probably not be beat in my lifetime."
    Me: I guess he hasn't heard of Molly Schuyler? He's in for a treat if she ever ends up there. 😅

    • Beast X3C

      Beast X3C

      3 hours ago

      @Sneaky Snape Sir I'm not gonna read the entire paragraph that you've written. And Yes, I have in fact seen her older videos. I'm a fan of her too, but still she could never beat stonie. But I'm not gonna disagree with you cuz I feel like you're the last person whom I'd want to argue with lol. So yea, have a nice day!

    • Sneaky Snape

      Sneaky Snape

      3 hours ago

      @Beast X3C Have you seen her older videos? A lot of competitive eaters have a period where they have to slow down but they still eat large quantities to keep their capacity. So I know a lot of the ones on USflow have not been going as crazy right now. Also as people get older they have to chill out on things like this to keep good health. I have noticed she definitely has slowed down lately. But I expect she will pick up again and go beast mode like she used to eventually. But holy shit man she is the best one I've ever seen, personally. I've been watching Matt for like 7 years. Maybe more. He's pretty insane too outside of his like... break periods I guess you could call them. He slowed down for a good while but seems to be building back up now for sure. Burritozilla in under 2 minutes is the one I remember being most shocked about when that was posted and that was the one that got me into these competitive eaters honestly. Raina Huang used to be decent but she seems like she pretty much does mukbangs now. Like her videos are not very impressive anymore so I've stopped watching. Haven't watched Joel Hansen lately because tbh I don't love his personality but that's just me being picky with what I watch. He's alright with speed and quantity from what I remember. I think that one guy's name is Joe Chestnut or something like that. I've seen him beat Matt in a good few group competitions. He's pretty crazy. But Molly... Idk man, she's somethin else 😂❤ She used to do food challenges at restaurants that other competitive eaters do but DOUBLE. Like 2 of the challenge portions at one time. And STILL kill record times over other competitors.

    • Beast X3C

      Beast X3C

      16 hours ago

      You're joking right? She's good but I can NEVER see her coming close to Matt's league...........fr.

  • NightlyVibes


    Day ago

    Knew it was the heart attack grill just from the burger.

  • ANiceGuy


    Day ago

    Oh one of their employees is like one of the best female competitive eaters wow

  • AppleGoose


    2 days ago

    Lmao watching the back wash

  • ito frog

    ito frog

    2 days ago

    called heart attack grill for a reason

  • yellowmoon


    2 days ago

    WOW!!!!!!! You rock!

  • Smoove Morals

    Smoove Morals

    2 days ago

    That owner is a pimp lowkey

  • ceauvama


    2 days ago

    Is he alive??

  • Cameria Gordon

    Cameria Gordon

    2 days ago

    Hey Matt do you have two different colored eyes? 👀👀👀👁👁👁👁

  • bobbycone2


    2 days ago

    Damn you deja Blue!

  • AtomicOwl 24378

    AtomicOwl 24378

    2 days ago

    He was checking the heart not lungs

  • Drew Hiller

    Drew Hiller

    2 days ago

    what is he drinking



    2 days ago

    jezz i eat a double big bac trio and i cant even finish it!

  • wierd stuff

    wierd stuff

    2 days ago

    Just look at the top on the background

  • crono448


    2 days ago

    Omw to break your record

  • Amine


    2 days ago

    the shayatins eat with him very well

  • Squirrel Tamer

    Squirrel Tamer

    2 days ago

    I need the address immediately! If I’m gonna croak it’s going happen eating there.

  • mrDeath


    2 days ago


  • mrDeath


    2 days ago

    Funny idea for a video.. but at the same time quite disturbing, the crassness. Doing this for some views and a few quid??

  • Adyan Khoshnaw

    Adyan Khoshnaw

    2 days ago

    Matt’s t-shirt looks like elevens t-shirt from Hawkins lab in stranger things

  • Gboy Machine

    Gboy Machine

    2 days ago

    Finally you do it

  • Mohamed Faraoun

    Mohamed Faraoun

    2 days ago

    OMG it’s Dr. John, lol I heard so much about this guy…dudes crazy

  • Seasonedgore


    2 days ago

    I still dont understand why he drinks blue water

  • TechnoDream


    2 days ago

    Spice king be like: I'll try to beat that record with extra spice

  • luzzy wuzzy

    luzzy wuzzy

    3 days ago

    3sec already a quarter gone

  • Venus


    3 days ago

    He what

  • KenniTV


    3 days ago

    was hungry until i saw the food in the water

  • Alone ff

    Alone ff

    3 days ago

    Wah bete moj kor de 😂😂

  • ドヤ


    3 days ago

    Dirty way to eat
    Are Asians always like that?

  • Skankhunt42 P

    Skankhunt42 P

    3 days ago

    Matt sets new eating record.
    Goku : Alright! Finally a strong opponent!

  • Mute


    3 days ago

    No way this is 20,000 calories, maybe 10-12,000 calories max.

  • Rob Liboiron

    Rob Liboiron

    3 days ago

    Then took a 10-pound shit

  • Mohamed Ibraheem Youssef

    Mohamed Ibraheem Youssef

    3 days ago

    Kindda more interested in those waitresses 💀
    I'd be distracted with em to actually make the challenge

  • LouisMort


    3 days ago

    he could eat a whole human in under an hour

  • you


    3 days ago

    This guy is not human. 👁️👄👁️

  • Adapter Converter

    Adapter Converter

    3 days ago

    He still has food in his mouth

  • Thạch Cao Lam

    Thạch Cao Lam

    3 days ago


  • AP1


    3 days ago

    Disgusting video

    • AP1


      3 days ago

      @will He almost threw up 25 times

    • will


      3 days ago


  • Jay Kumar

    Jay Kumar

    3 days ago

    You are the feastes eater on the world

  • Hero Gaming Channel

    Hero Gaming Channel

    3 days ago

    Nurse is looking some other type

  • Miguel Bürgin

    Miguel Bürgin

    3 days ago

    0:19 TOTALLY AGREE!!!

  • Mykkel Kal-El

    Mykkel Kal-El

    3 days ago

    That was insane!! Matt's a beast!!! - Wow! I just looked this place up though and people really did die here!!

  • Ezio Yang

    Ezio Yang

    3 days ago

    Jesus Christ Man wow Holy shit fkin hell

  • Lex laverne Eje

    Lex laverne Eje

    3 days ago

    Can I take the challenge I love challenges specially in eating burger

  • Misha Joker

    Misha Joker

    3 days ago

    He destroyed it!

  • Fischl


    3 days ago

    should've been 4:20

  • Jock Warner

    Jock Warner

    3 days ago

    Those waitresses bad though

  • Styrofoam Man

    Styrofoam Man

    3 days ago




    3 days ago

    Can you reply to this mat. Did you think about vomiting during eating the burger

  • Gryla


    3 days ago

    Really want Molly to try this

  • Ghassan Alqazzaz

    Ghassan Alqazzaz

    3 days ago

    Should've stalled for 10 seconds more to get a 4:20

  • JetsonTrainzFan808


    3 days ago

    The most American thing in existence. *PERIOD*



    3 days ago

    I would take 10min to finish half piece of burger

  • Mangakaar


    4 days ago

    Wow! So much American culture

  • Stevo McSteve

    Stevo McSteve

    4 days ago

    If this was a McDonald's challenge he would have died for sure!!!

  • The Look At This Dude Kid

    The Look At This Dude Kid

    4 days ago

    The Infamous Step Brothers Blue Drink

  • Dani_lup_16


    4 days ago


  • ธันวา Channel

    ธันวา Channel

    4 days ago

    Why i watching it not hungry

  • Avnoor Bhullar

    Avnoor Bhullar

    4 days ago

    Who know when the headband is on it’s getten serious

  • Oliver Pearce

    Oliver Pearce

    4 days ago

    You’re crazy man

  • derp


    4 days ago

    how is he alive. i don’t understand people that can do this LMAO but it’s a big flex. that’s awesome

  • bianca pierre

    bianca pierre

    4 days ago

    i cant even finish one burger in 4 min crazy brooooo

  • Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson

    4 days ago

    Damn that nurse that brought his food was fine and thick as fuck!

  • Timur Kral

    Timur Kral

    4 days ago

    I dofntnrnrn