I cooked the KING OF ALL Briskets, A5 Wagyu!

Published on Jan 27, 2021
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If you love BBQ Brisket this video is dedicate to you. I am in love with brisket and having an opportunity to cook this brisket is something I do not take lightly. Honestly this is the best of the best, Japanese wagyu A5 brisket is the king of all brisket and here how I cooked it.

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Guga Foods
  • Grand Western Steaks

    Grand Western Steaks

    5 months ago

    Hi!! For those inquiring about this brisket we are taking pre-orders. Delivery time is 45 to 60 days. Unfortunately this cut is available in limited quantities. Feel free to email us to sales@grandwesternsteaks.com for more info.

    • Trump took the vaccine

      Trump took the vaccine

      6 days ago

      @Alexandrescu Bogdan you’re not buying it so don’t worry

    • David Rodriguez

      David Rodriguez

      7 days ago

      Sure let me just sell my car and all my other possessions and maybe I'll be able to afford a down payment

    • George Appleby

      George Appleby

      10 days ago

      @Alexandrescu Bogdan the are a 100 things to do with that fat. It won't go to waste.

    • Grand Western Steaks

      Grand Western Steaks

      14 days ago

      @Jay Santos try and let us know.....

    • Gabriel Sutton

      Gabriel Sutton

      14 days ago

      @Jay Santos a wagyu brisket would just be perfect meat for a brisket but like anything else it's all about how you cook it no matter what it is

  • auslender7


    2 days ago

    6:05 vaaauuuuu, ovo je prelijepooooo 👍👍👍👍👍

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    Can Özcan

    2 days ago

    Like i hate Angel soo much.. He gets to enjoy Guga BBQ all the damn time and i am drooling from Turkey all the way to USA 🤣🤣 God dammit Angel 🤣🤣

  • ChunckyCheezburger


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    2:14 bone-us. HAHAHA ikr im just SOOOOOOO funny

  • Cedric S

    Cedric S

    3 days ago

    "Aerodynamic shape" for a brisket. This is the definition of american bbq 😂😂

  • Mitchell Fuller

    Mitchell Fuller

    3 days ago

    How long was it cooked for after it was in the aluminum foil?

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    Igor Machado

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    It feels like I'm watching something sacred.

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    Lotus Lifestyle

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    FMP Airsoft

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    I love how he gives us cooking instructions like the rest of us are cooking meat like this.

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  • Trump took the vaccine

    Trump took the vaccine

    6 days ago

    Where bark?

    • Trump took the vaccine

      Trump took the vaccine

      4 days ago

      @Kunalthewhat when you make a brisket there should be bark. I think you’re referring to the pelicle or somethings

    • Kunalthewhat


      4 days ago

      when you dry age a meat there hard parts on the outside and the flavor is too strong and thats called bark normmaly you need to remove it.

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    Ego Aeterno

    7 days ago

    I feel like starting a revolution watching this!

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    younger generation: IT IS BUSSIN

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    Joseph Nicholson

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    I wish Uncle Roger was a pit master so he could properly review how much you fucced up

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    Another great video with an amazing piece of meat, but, where's the bark?

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    Guga intentionally picked the astronaut music. It's like food Interstellar sound by Hans Zimmer!

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    I like brisket but that fat cavity in the cross section always kinda grosses me out

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    you dont need teeth for this you can just swallow it whole. exactly what i was thinking

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    I thought he would this is the last of us of briskets but that was great too..

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    Jordan J.

    25 days ago

    The reason for the fat melting in your hands is because of the wagyu cow’s genetics that make its fat un-saturated vs regular cows have saturated fat.

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    I fuking love this guy's voice

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  • Lord Maximillius

    Lord Maximillius

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    Quaesitum _

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    After you wrap it up with aluminum foil, how long did you keep in the smoker for?

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    Jacob Doherty

    28 days ago

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  • Μαρίνος Αλφρέδου

    Μαρίνος Αλφρέδου

    Month ago

    6.48 bro it's injected with water to make it heavier and make it look more jucy, Guga your meat dealer made a full out of you

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    Guga, you should make a wagyu a5 Pastrami.

  • InsaneFirebat


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    I finally gave in and bought the Wagyu. It was an unforgettable steak. The "like butter" comments have a whole new meaning now. My brother and I spent hours talking about this one strip of meat and I eventually showed him your channel to explain why I had to buy such an expensive steak. This brisket video is one of the most over-the-top scenes and it'll be in his head the rest of the night. Thanks for all the meat videos. I probably wouldn't have done it without you.

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    3. CEO
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      Vide Sandberg

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    Adventures With Subieee!!!

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      strange green thing

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