I DRY AGED Steaks in HONEY and this happened

Published on Jun 9, 2021
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Honey is amazing to eat and in recipes, but it is also fantastic for many other things. I learned so much about honey with this experiment and today I share everything with you. Dry Age steaks in honey is something I never thought I would do but the results are in. This cook is one of the most interesting ones. Is it better than wagyu? Let's test it and you be the judge!

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  • MikeG


    28 minutes ago

    man oh man!

  • J Ahmed

    J Ahmed

    47 minutes ago

    I think moving forward the experiment steaks should be tasted first

  • baruch giberstien

    baruch giberstien

    59 minutes ago

    Guga, can you make a show about “Blonde D’Aquitaine steak “ paired with “La Bonnotte potatoes”. Supposed to be the most rare and Expensive meat and potatoes.

  • Devin Coyle

    Devin Coyle

    Hour ago

    My favorite content creator on youtube.

  • bestofalltodds


    Hour ago

    It is physically impossible to dry age anything in a water based solution. Honey is sticky, but still wet. Learn actual terms like curing before making up stupid contradictory ones like "dry brining".

  • Mr. G

    Mr. G

    Hour ago

    I wonder what would happen if you tenderize with pineapple, then dryage it?

  • Why no

    Why no

    Hour ago

    i remember an episode like this in foodwars

  • Dust


    2 hours ago

    Australian Blue or Red Gum honey, is the best honey to taste IMO, try it!
    Manuka is ok.. but.. its kina weird tasting... its more of a medical honey

  • Dave Jones

    Dave Jones

    2 hours ago

    What the hell is even that?

  • Shawn Cozad

    Shawn Cozad

    2 hours ago


  • Jacob Schachtner

    Jacob Schachtner

    2 hours ago

    I just wanna try one of guga steak

  • Nick Olson

    Nick Olson

    2 hours ago

    That steak looked amazing raw

  • From Sirius

    From Sirius

    2 hours ago

    They did this in Food Wars

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    2 hours ago

    What would happen if you put on de honey and then put it in a dry age bag?

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    Ian Irwin

    2 hours ago

    “I Dry-aged steaks in a beaten dead horse”

  • Prachi


    2 hours ago

    Me a vegetarian, having no idea what dry age is, no idea what even a steak is.. : Interesting..

  • Johnny Nighthawk

    Johnny Nighthawk

    2 hours ago

    Honey soy and garlic actually makes a good steak marinade. Don't use it on very thick steaks that you have to sear a long time because it will burn.

  • Mantas


    2 hours ago

    I like the new video format! much more enjoyable!

  • Chef Alex

    Chef Alex

    3 hours ago

    1. Not a dry age. 2. Enjoy the botchelism.

  • Jose Cervantes Luigi

    Jose Cervantes Luigi

    3 hours ago


  • Νικόλαος Σιδέρης

    Νικόλαος Σιδέρης

    3 hours ago

    We have been using yogurt for drying meat for years

  • Anime voice

    Anime voice

    3 hours ago

    If you don't want to wait just go use pineapple

  • Dean Malanga

    Dean Malanga

    3 hours ago

    Theres a meal called Sos they use to serve in prison or jails can you make it guga your version ? Maybe a control standard , and wagyu version ? I know it would be a popular video !

  • Dustin Rivera

    Dustin Rivera

    3 hours ago

    Try smoking a brisket and instead of mustard as a base use honey!

  • James Middleton

    James Middleton

    4 hours ago

    I don't believe it was all the great, it clearly didn't knock that man bun off angel's head.

  • ????


    4 hours ago

    Fact : Enzyme doesn't exist in food.

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    Your brave if it smells I can’t do it I love your content

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    4 hours ago

    I got a “meater” ad voiced by Guga while watching this.

  • ThaliaCrafts


    5 hours ago

    I add honey to my watercolor paints to keep them from drying out. Probably shouldn't use a humectant to dry something 😉

  • spooke


    6 hours ago

    next episode: "i dry aged myself"



    6 hours ago

    “It sounds crazy”
    Food Wars watchers : It is crazy

  • Dion Ermen

    Dion Ermen

    6 hours ago

    manuka can be bought in any supermarket. Good stuff and very medicinal

  • ian balentine

    ian balentine

    6 hours ago

    I live for when he says " lets do it" XD please oh god please make a "lets do it" super cut XD

  • Henzo Foxy

    Henzo Foxy

    6 hours ago

    Can you dry age with miso paste?

  • Henzo Foxy

    Henzo Foxy

    6 hours ago

    Would it work better if they were submerged in honey?

  • Daniel Chin

    Daniel Chin

    6 hours ago

    eyeround in honey!!!

  • C r o s s Playz

    C r o s s Playz

    7 hours ago

    Try out honey on the most rarest or best meat you have ever had

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    Mr. Nice Guy

    7 hours ago

    Dry Aged With Durian please..

  • iiCarlyx3


    7 hours ago

    been watching his videos for a long time now but I have never tasted a steak

  • Lee M.

    Lee M.

    7 hours ago

    I feel like doing honey inside the bags would be the answer, if that's even possible.

  • NOremorse909 : .

    NOremorse909 : .

    8 hours ago

    Guga do wagyu beef jerky

  • Marcus Leite

    Marcus Leite

    8 hours ago

    I think the new music is an upgrade. I prefer the dark techno over the "texas rock" of yore.

  • some guy ok

    some guy ok

    8 hours ago

    am i the only one who hates manuka, regular honey is way better

  • Black Waterdogs

    Black Waterdogs

    8 hours ago

    Manuka honey is typically used by the medical community to treat burns and other wounds, post-surgery, etc.

  • Christopher W

    Christopher W

    8 hours ago

    I love Manuka honey. It's like super honey. In New Zealand they use it for lots of medicinal reasons

  • Pēteris Andrušaitis

    Pēteris Andrušaitis

    8 hours ago

    honey forming a seal, much less moisture can evaporate, right? so its like a wet aged steak. thats why the dry age taste might be missing

  • Jakob Watts

    Jakob Watts

    9 hours ago

    GUGA- i have a crazy idea...

  • Aron Rai

    Aron Rai

    9 hours ago

    You should have kept dry aged honey steak into airtight plastic or any thing airtight

  • Max


    9 hours ago

    he don't like to waste food? I only see wastage in this video! from the aging to the publicity till the bbq

  • David Contreras

    David Contreras

    10 hours ago

    The wary hedge phenotypically cure because moon thermodynamically protect next a finicky comic. victorious, mighty alcohol

  • Genna Collings

    Genna Collings

    10 hours ago

    Could tell that was Manuka from the color. Doing NZ proud! 🇳🇿

  • Bryan Borrayo

    Bryan Borrayo

    10 hours ago

    70$ homey!

  • Luke


    11 hours ago

    "unlike regular honey, its not really runny" - Guga

  • JustDio


    11 hours ago

    Day 1 of asking guga to dry age with 24 karat edible gold

  • Dakota major

    Dakota major

    11 hours ago

    Now try dry aging in whipped honey butter

  • Dion Sahideen

    Dion Sahideen

    11 hours ago

    I'm surprised... because I already knew that in old times honey was already in use to preserve meat...

  • Den Han

    Den Han

    11 hours ago

    Green Papaya is a much better tenderizer than pineapple!

  • Rex Bartuzik

    Rex Bartuzik

    11 hours ago

    Dry age in mead

  • Chief Badmon

    Chief Badmon

    12 hours ago

    If pepper burns should I only put on salt before cooking and pepper afterwards

  • Chase Farmer

    Chase Farmer

    12 hours ago

    The Manuka Honey is SOOOOO EXPENSIVE. But the most delicious honey i ever had.

  • billy heaton

    billy heaton

    12 hours ago

    I'll pass on this

  • J


    12 hours ago

    "How to throw away 9/10 of a steak by marinating it in something u cant even taste the difference"

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    Merchant Mak

    12 hours ago


  • JAD Exotics

    JAD Exotics

    12 hours ago

    "Toothpaste...the best way to dry age a steak!?"

  • Comrade Stephen

    Comrade Stephen

    13 hours ago

    try the honey in the bag

  • K D

    K D

    13 hours ago

    Shokugeki no soma anyone?

  • KodyWody


    13 hours ago

    Guga! You should possibly try Miso paste! I know there are many different kinds of miso paste but that leaves alot of room to play with!

  • Johnny Dingo

    Johnny Dingo

    13 hours ago

    Why not not put the honeyed steak in the bag as well ? May be better.... only one way to find out 😀

  • Provo. Lonely_

    Provo. Lonely_

    13 hours ago

    Hey guga! Can you and angel do a wagyu steak enema?

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    Bobby Howard

    13 hours ago

    I agree. I'll just have a spoonful of honey on the side.

  • Khadijah Hassan

    Khadijah Hassan

    13 hours ago

    Listen to your nose guys.

  • Joshua Freeman

    Joshua Freeman

    13 hours ago

    2.75 million views. Sad. All you do is a bunch of bullshit tests. U can't dry age meat with honey.

  • IShaDowSonGI


    13 hours ago

    Please stop this pornograph, beautiful voice and beaut steak, please stop. xD

  • Damon K Clark

    Damon K Clark

    13 hours ago

    It’s hard to DRY age a steak in honey since honey is a humectant. That means it honey holds moisture in or even draws moisture into things. That may be why there was bone degradation.

  • Seth Kang

    Seth Kang

    14 hours ago

    i saw this in anime. honey can make any meat tender. KappaPride

  • MechaProdYT


    14 hours ago

    Me who learned this from food wars: I’m 5 parallel universe ahead of you

  • Friendly Neighborhood Ganjatarian

    Friendly Neighborhood Ganjatarian

    14 hours ago

    Not guga calling a butter knife a spatula

  • Keith L

    Keith L

    14 hours ago

    That is also supposed to be psychedelic honey. Look it up. The people that gather that honey get high off of it and retrieve it risking life and limb for that reason mainly...also don't forget how much of the honey in the world is fake honey, if the pollen count is too low its just sugar, water, flavoring and coloring...

  • wgaswyt


    14 hours ago

    my first guga video and i'm sub'd bros. ordering my dry aging gear now. entertaining vid my friends.

  • SuperS0nic


    14 hours ago

    “It’s not runny like regular honey”
    Me as a Kiwi with Manuka and Clover honey everywhere:

  • Arjun Singh

    Arjun Singh

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    Better off using Jack Daniels Honey to dry age 🍯

  • FireProof Fox

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    What about honey on the steak in a dry age bag?

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    Hello fresh is a terrible company and the food they send to people is NOT kept to safety standards im a former employee

  • eizo monitor

    eizo monitor

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    Real , i mean real not fake honey is expensive and will get even more. Don't get me wrong but the amount of that honey cost more than the meat (i am talking about real honey) in lot of country's.

  • LightningRider20


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    Dry age steak in wagyu fat 🤷‍♂️

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    Homo heidelbergensis

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    me want to try Hello Fresh.....rockshleter have no address though

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    Alexis Kis

    15 hours ago

    The ad on this video was you selling meater

  • Kizamus


    15 hours ago

    You should do a video where you keep a Choice steak honey for 2 hours, 8 hours and 12 hours to see the difference :D

  • Kevin Tillotson

    Kevin Tillotson

    15 hours ago

    Honey goes through meat very fast 2 days i make bacon this way

  • zer0_ Zen

    zer0_ Zen

    15 hours ago

    Angel- “I hope I don’t die 😐” Had me rolling

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    Marcus A.

    15 hours ago

    Food Wars food hacks

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    Ebisu Minutes

    15 hours ago

    If it taste that good, Try putting the honey IN the dry aging bag? 🤔

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    Love that he uses the same music as Matthias does in his 863 series!

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    I show this to my mom and she said it is still not cook, im asian

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    how about a dry age in Vaseline petroleum jelly?