I Dry-Aged Steaks in Yogurt for 35 Days and this happened!

Published on Dec 30, 2020
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I love to experiment and today is no different. Yogurt is used in many countries to tenderize meats and today I used it to dry age beef for 35 days. It is an insane experiment.

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Guga Foods
  • Guga Foods

    Guga Foods

    6 months ago

    * Check out Blue Fire Gloves for the best heat resistant Gloves in the Market https://bluefiregloves.com/

    • PBBoogie99


      Month ago

      Too dry

    • Aspect


      2 months ago

      Try it as a marinade for 3 days only

    • Aspect


      2 months ago

      @gugafoods try Balkan style yogurt

    • unknow unknown

      unknow unknown

      2 months ago

      Yogurt turn red because bacterial start communism nation

    • Kiwi Kunn

      Kiwi Kunn

      2 months ago

      69th reply NICE

  • William Phillips

    William Phillips

    Day ago

    Wish I had some of those meaters but man 100 bucks a piece 😕 😪 😒

  • Jordan Turner

    Jordan Turner

    Day ago

    I dry aged my yogurt with a steak for 35 days and the yogurt was delicious

  • Ekarin 777

    Ekarin 777

    3 days ago

    Do cheeses dry age.

  • Matthew Macmillan

    Matthew Macmillan

    6 days ago

    2 hours to clean that wtf

  • jason cammarata

    jason cammarata

    7 days ago

    Dry age in ground beef. Peel off the pemican.

  • Dim Gk

    Dim Gk

    9 days ago

    the chemistry aspect of you explaining dry aging with different materials is really educational

  • Helios 23

    Helios 23

    13 days ago

    Why don't you just wash it with water since you're going to remove like 20% of the meat you can wash it.

  • Javier Mayorga

    Javier Mayorga

    16 days ago

    Hey Guga, you should do tacos de birria.

  • Jared Tisher

    Jared Tisher

    18 days ago

    so this is food porn...huh...well I'm in

  • Mike Jeanette

    Mike Jeanette

    23 days ago

    Can you not just wash it under water to clean the yogurt off

  • Blueberry Enthusiast

    Blueberry Enthusiast

    24 days ago

    What kind of name is Maumau, I mean what language or ethnic group? I googled it but i came up with nothing that fits.

  • Jethro Maloku

    Jethro Maloku

    24 days ago

    once for all : wait until all the charcoal is turned grey, the black one produces weird gases.... then don't cook too close of the charcoals and NEVER on a flame

  • Rafi Ramdhani

    Rafi Ramdhani

    28 days ago

    Maumau my maan!!

  • Anjal Paudel

    Anjal Paudel

    28 days ago

    Dry age steak in fats and oils.

  • Walking Corpse

    Walking Corpse

    29 days ago

    I'm still wondering what happens when you dry age steak after smothering it in like a really spicy paste like Scorpion Pepper or Carolina Reaper Pepper Paste. Now before anybody hates on me cus it seems like I wanna see Guga suffer from the spice, it's not that. The reason why I chose these spices is because I feel like any other spice would be inadequate considering the fact that Guga has to cut off the nasty layer that was smothered by the product during the dry aging process. I doubt Guga and his guest will be affected by the spice whatsoever, but the effects concerning tenderizing steak may be something to witness and taste considering how much acid such a spicy food contains.

  • Liam Carroll

    Liam Carroll

    Month ago

    I was a line cook for 10 years, and my wife and I became sommeliers after that, I love your reactions! You’ve had so many “good” foods. Now you are shining with “interesting and good”. I get that. Interesting is a better story than just good. You are an inspiration and I’m so sad that I o lay now discovered you!

  • Punkrock Galbenevenelse

    Punkrock Galbenevenelse

    Month ago

    A lil too rare in the middle for me but a lot of these experiments are sound yo

  • SpAcE bOsS

    SpAcE bOsS

    Month ago

    Rip Yogurt

  • alissa mower clough

    alissa mower clough

    Month ago

    "That is not something you see every day." Every O is a long vowel. "That was totally unexpected." He's wonderful. "Let's do it!"

  • BURN


    Month ago

    good video mate
    but it s not a greek yogurt?!
    cCc İt s a turkısh yogurt

  • BOT_919


    Month ago

    his name is lmaio LMAFIO

  • koan


    Month ago


  • Black Skeletor

    Black Skeletor

    Month ago

    can you like dry age with charcoal like cover it in charcoal paste or something like that and then dry age it

  • Zetsuke4


    Month ago

    u dont eat wagyu steak everyday?

  • Zetsuke4


    Month ago

    2 hours to remove the yoghurt!

  • Suppork


    Month ago

    There’s a bacteria that grows in yogurt and is pink-red

  • TheColaCase


    Month ago

    is this one of those cases where you wanna lick the spoon?

  • Bryan Mora

    Bryan Mora

    Month ago

    Aqui no dicen pimienta negra recien molida :c

  • lee Delysid

    lee Delysid

    Month ago

    hey would it possibly help the removing process on these videos if you had some sort of vice for your steaks and you use your knife as a scraper ?
    you could modify a vice with wooden surfaces so it'd be easier to clean and gentler

  • HaktanOyunda YT

    HaktanOyunda YT

    Month ago

    Yogurt = Turkish

  • au qhi

    au qhi

    Month ago

    The reason we think that you eat wagyu every day is because ive never seen a wagyu steak in real life

  • Chris yanover

    Chris yanover

    Month ago

    Earthy taste? So does it take more gamey?

  • Mehmet Kaan Yıldız

    Mehmet Kaan Yıldız

    Month ago

    Not Greek, It is Turkish Yogurt. ‘Yogurt’ word is originated by the Turkish verb ‘Yoğurmak’

  • Cem Uslu

    Cem Uslu

    Month ago

    if you use yogurt on a meat which is tender already, it is not good. Use it with a harder meat

    • Cem Uslu

      Cem Uslu

      Month ago

      Also marinating time is maximum 2 days and you should sink the meat in it

  • midnightstitch2


    Month ago

    I love how passionate he is about food and his art

  • Macram Abilmouna

    Macram Abilmouna

    Month ago

    Hey guga! You should try bromelain (pineapple's meat softening enzyme) in powder form. You can controle the softening more and it doesn't affect the meat's flavor much. Also papain which is the enzyme in papaya. Just mix them in with your salt 😁

  • brandon perlow

    brandon perlow

    2 months ago

    Never tried meat with yogurt as a marinade, but I make Tandoori chicken all the time with it, and it really makes it wonderfully tender. Also the spices.

  • Hakan Sayar

    Hakan Sayar

    2 months ago

    Not greek yogurt, Turkish yogurt

  • Brt Chita

    Brt Chita

    2 months ago

    What’s heck is that yogurt you put on it? Looks like a cream. Real yogurt is not supposed to be that thick and you won’t be able to spread it around if you use one. If you wanna try real yogurt dry ageing try to buy Balkan yogurt ( from Serbia, Bulgaria or Romania) . I’m sure there is little shops in America where they sell foreign foods :)

  • Patrick Langston

    Patrick Langston

    2 months ago

    It cracked because the loss of moisture in the fridge caused it to dry out and shrink. Not so much to do with the bacteria wanting air. Just wanted to point that out!

  • don smith

    don smith

    2 months ago

    this guy looks and sounds like a Miami Cuban????

  • Koltvienz Zaichard

    Koltvienz Zaichard

    2 months ago

    Something about Guga saying, "Cheers Everybody", just draws me.

  • Teresa Fuller

    Teresa Fuller

    2 months ago

    Red wine and white wine dry age please

  • Master Roshi

    Master Roshi

    2 months ago

    9:51 "Exactly" *Facial Expressions "What?! JK Right?!, Right?!"*

  • John B

    John B

    2 months ago

    Guga would make a great super hero.
    ‘cept he only cares about beef.

  • John B

    John B

    2 months ago

    God damn you Guga! I can’t believe I fell for this. 😡



    2 months ago

    Guga's voice sounds nice for the videos

  • Dzulqar Affan

    Dzulqar Affan

    2 months ago

    Dear guga foods sir. Please try dry age this method for us :
    1. Dry age walmart steak using peanut butter after coating it first with pineapple
    2. Dry age in dehydrator
    3. Dry age using nutella but on much shorter time since angel said the taste is like over dry aged steak
    4. Dry age using rendang sauce
    Thank you very much sir

  • Marc Edwards

    Marc Edwards

    2 months ago


  • Elyan Hamad

    Elyan Hamad

    2 months ago

    Use buttermilk

    • 悲しい犬


      2 months ago

      It wouldn't be "dry age" then

  • Paul Alejandro

    Paul Alejandro

    2 months ago

    Okay, I've watched a lot of your videos and seen you cover steaks like this a few times. But doing this isn't dry aging, isn't it wet aging when you seal them up like this? Just asking.

  • bergschoorsteen


    2 months ago

    i would say the cracks came because the yogurth dried

  • Leo Getz

    Leo Getz

    2 months ago

    Who's better than you..

  • Winslow T. Pennington III

    Winslow T. Pennington III

    2 months ago

    “Guga likes the funkiness”
    Put that on some merch

  • Robert Flanagan

    Robert Flanagan

    2 months ago

    For tenderizing meat I've always used "mountain dew" pop
    Add worchistershire and leave for a night in the refrigerator. Season with salt n pepper... Bbq that cheap cut up and the difference is huge. And it doesn't taste like pop. I've used that pop to tenderize every tough cut of meat and had no problems.

  • Melokacool


    2 months ago

    I wonder why = Devil Laugh... Guga stop scaring people away :D

  • John L Shilling

    John L Shilling

    2 months ago

    "How can you get tired of steak?" I can't, but I certainly don't want to eat it at every meal. There are plenty of other foods that I can't get tired of eating, either.

  • Kiwi Kunn

    Kiwi Kunn

    2 months ago

    "If that doesnt look like a cake to you, i dont know what is"
    Umm- a cake?

  • Kao Poompat

    Kao Poompat

    2 months ago

    Guga, why not try to dry age it using umai bag after spreading the yogurt or other subtances on the meat?

  • Carl Kimutai

    Carl Kimutai

    2 months ago


  • James Willie

    James Willie

    2 months ago

    1:45 guga yogurt bacteria does not require oxygen. Also bacteria cannot think or move xD and even if it could it wouldn't have the power to crack yogurt. It just dried out and starting losing the moisture to hold it together so it cracked.

  • Mark Pats

    Mark Pats

    2 months ago

    I love Greek yogurt !!!!

  • InsomniaFun


    2 months ago

    OH! Thank you Guga! I've seen a few of your videos, couple back, learned....had NO IDEA! Tenderloin right now is $3 a pound, on sale. Filet mignon is $10, my favorite cut. You buy the loin, you cut it up, filet mignon! YES! I was always served loin as a roast, huge lumpy mass of meat, taters, carrots, etc, never really liked it. But loin....is mignon? Oh, major food investment coming, saw a couple massive loins at the store, 20-30 bucks. But I get Filet Mignon out of them? OH! On it. Who says you can't learn from YouTube?

  • snapees


    2 months ago

    Guga: if that does not look like cake to you, I don’t know what does.
    Also Guga: I do not know what cake looks like.

  • Matty Vice

    Matty Vice

    3 months ago

    I think its definitive now, he cooked Angel. Dudes been MIA for a while

  • Spindle Hospital

    Spindle Hospital

    3 months ago

    Dude cover steak with salt and dry

  • Rehab Ehab

    Rehab Ehab

    3 months ago

    Hmmmmm !!!

  • Lyman Wartupua

    Lyman Wartupua

    3 months ago

    "Steak on crack"?....Experiment idea: Well how about steak dry aged in crack?

  • egg shell

    egg shell

    3 months ago

    Next try to do it in curry or chili

  • Mr. Crusader

    Mr. Crusader

    3 months ago

    Guga is steak santa hes just so jolly

  • Alican Köker

    Alican Köker

    3 months ago

    That's how meat is marinated in Turkey. you can also add spices, marinate overnight and just grill with yoğurt is still on it, then you'll have Turkish style grill.

  • warmsteamingpile


    3 months ago

    So your cousin invites you over and says here, taste this.

  • Pulse Nexzy

    Pulse Nexzy

    3 months ago

    1:59 ''the meat juice's'' wel ik cal that blood

  • hans lombard

    hans lombard

    3 months ago

    love the honesty x

  • Tarkin


    3 months ago


  • Salem Broheim

    Salem Broheim

    3 months ago

    Guga you need to mix up the order of which one is the experiment.

  • edmis90


    3 months ago

    Yogurt itself doesn't stay good for 35 days - that makes this experiment really weird to me.

  • Till


    3 months ago

    You eat a stake every 3 days

  • Till


    3 months ago

    Teh yogurt makes it pink

  • wu1ming9shi


    3 months ago

    Bacteria: "That's some GOOD FOOD!" XD

  • Kyaw Thu

    Kyaw Thu

    3 months ago

    Guys can you plz do Ramada special, haha food

  • Eldad Yamin

    Eldad Yamin

    3 months ago

    I'd like to get one!

  • Derrion Calloway

    Derrion Calloway

    3 months ago

    I swear he got another yt channel dat voice unmistakable

  • Michael Ford

    Michael Ford

    3 months ago

    Guga!!! You need to start your own book with experiments that have worked! I would buy it!

  • Skylar McClean

    Skylar McClean

    3 months ago

    Damn, he cooks all the steaks so well but his friends are so picky

  • neidhawk


    3 months ago

    I would love a dinner invite Guga!

  • Sam A.

    Sam A.

    3 months ago

    8:20 i cant ever imagine getting tired of steak :)

  • Medalion


    3 months ago

    Why I blowtorch my hands and not my steak

  • luffy uzumaki

    luffy uzumaki

    3 months ago

    Where's Angel?

  • Daniel nelson Evaristo

    Daniel nelson Evaristo

    3 months ago

    Guga please try the best seasoning here in the Philippines it is called MAGGI magic sarap! You'll be surprise!

  • Kayla Cichon

    Kayla Cichon

    3 months ago

    It's not a guga video unless guga says "so let's do it". Love your videos ❤

  • Neneme


    3 months ago

    When you left yogurt in fridge without cover, yogurt loses most of it’s water. That is why yogurt got that texture

  • A T

    A T

    3 months ago

    Guga, have you tried dry aging with cheese whiz?

  • Tdog5128


    3 months ago


  • MenderSlen579


    3 months ago

    surely revisit that with lamb.yogurt works better with lamb steak.

  • Rami Al-Rfou

    Rami Al-Rfou

    3 months ago

    You should try real Jordanian mansaf

  • Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen

    3 months ago

    The laughable moon uniquely deserve because exclamation serendipitously type after a ceaseless canvas. busy, previous zipper

  • ian bird

    ian bird

    3 months ago

    what is the name of the music at the grilling scene

  • François MengWan

    François MengWan

    3 months ago

    How can you "DRY-age" in a wet substance like yoghurt ? 🤔