Published on Aug 2, 2021
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wow look how curvy it is

Pajamamax: usflow.info/auto/Jrm...

  • Zylbrad


    Month ago

    its so loooooooooong

    • Clement Williams

      Clement Williams

      4 hours ago

      @harlan_exe に?

    • Van Buckley

      Van Buckley

      Day ago

      That’s what she said

    • Pixy


      6 days ago

      Mega long dong

    • AG Tyler

      AG Tyler

      6 days ago


    • AG Tyler

      AG Tyler

      6 days ago


  • Ádám Vörös

    Ádám Vörös

    11 hours ago

    That is general grievous

  • Lindsey Heather

    Lindsey Heather

    13 hours ago

    zylbrad its sooooo long every comment THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!

  • The Great Locus

    The Great Locus

    Day ago

    5:57 is it just me or does his aim look kinda sus in this clip

  • Terell Trombley

    Terell Trombley

    5 days ago

    i love your video

  • Mason Irving

    Mason Irving

    6 days ago

    Brad: And makes it very longer by touching it

  • Alvir Jordaan

    Alvir Jordaan

    7 days ago

    no the silence did 10 damage and the heirloom did 30

  • Ridlay


    10 days ago

    22:38 Actually, that’s him using his knife hand, which is actually pretty cool.

  • Benjamin Brisby

    Benjamin Brisby

    16 days ago

    Someone he killed was named you kill me =gay

  • Sami Salem

    Sami Salem

    17 days ago

    This is the best commentary in the world

  • laura mosley

    laura mosley

    17 days ago

    It’s so loooooong

  • Colethepan


    17 days ago

    Are you still able to get heirloom in 2022

  • Kurtz


    18 days ago

    he came from a good angle... Anyone else thinks that-

  • Thegamingninja


    18 days ago

    the rev shoulders look like fishing bobbers lol

  • ShadowGenji22


    18 days ago

    💭yay I finally got my first herloom 💭 🛌🥱😑😭

  • Atomic Blast

    Atomic Blast

    18 days ago

    Yeah I got season 10 haks and the next character is Seer 🤭🤭😳😳😳

  • Eclipse_ Blake

    Eclipse_ Blake

    19 days ago

    I'm sad I miss the days he said I am the champion and he was now he's not 🙁

  • Tristanooo


    19 days ago

    The scythe actually did do 40 damage towards the start

  • Risk


    19 days ago

    why does max sound high



    22 days ago

    this guy just gets a harlom and acts like its nothing

  • rustyshakelfur


    23 days ago

    I honestly don't know anybody who used the Havoc intentionally lol

  • M3M3


    24 days ago

    “My elf is always guide me” -Zylbrad

  • Vernon Dawson

    Vernon Dawson

    27 days ago

    About 16 mins in the video you had a octane teammate at the start than when you guys got into the ship it was a wraith as your third that hacker 😂

  • TTVcold_schlich


    28 days ago

    Your gay because you killed that first guy

  • Dakota Delaney

    Dakota Delaney

    Month ago

    The depression in max's voice when he said "well i dont get paid to do it"

  • Zombie Gaming

    Zombie Gaming

    Month ago

    “He makes it longer by touching it” I’m so dirty minded😶

  • swimsuit man

    swimsuit man

    Month ago

    His name was kill me = gay

  • Oscar Willis

    Oscar Willis

    Month ago

    Is the scythe instead of fists

  • Stipa Tarcal

    Stipa Tarcal

    Month ago

    I know the red skin blood ritual

  • Lion Hong

    Lion Hong

    Month ago

    Is the that skin coming back to apex

  • nyahello_______


    Month ago

    max: 🛏😴😴

  • [フクロウ]Owl


    Month ago

    All the flat people feeling jealous:

  • Stefan baban

    Stefan baban

    Month ago

    U sound like morty

  • Poloclimate


    Month ago

    ayo rev eats kids mad sus

  • RollingDonut


    Month ago

    That seeing red skin on revenant just looks like papyrus... doesn't it?

  • Leonardo Molina

    Leonardo Molina

    Month ago

    Kill me = gay, did y’all not see that

  • Atoiata Talolo

    Atoiata Talolo

    Month ago

    Hey brad how did you get the heirlooms so quick

  • RyeSeaBre


    Month ago

    Realy a scythe

  • Fjkruler XD

    Fjkruler XD

    Month ago

    It does 30 and 40 damage but how????!!!

  • Sipny Zambrana

    Sipny Zambrana

    Month ago


  • Tripzhy -

    Tripzhy -

    Month ago

    Could we see ur settings? Pls

  • KFN-Q


    Month ago

    Use the scythe mode spamm😂😂😂

  • PsychoChomp YT

    PsychoChomp YT

    Month ago

    3:58 it didnt do 40 dmg the silence did 10 dmg and the scythe did 30

  • kiccflip


    Month ago

    Bro finesses all his teammates damage and kills no wonder max is always down 😭

  • kiccflip


    Month ago

    It’s crazy the success you get off killing players that are literally brain dead

  • Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife

    Month ago

    "You know what I do to get rage of hackers out of my system?"
    Me: Cry?
    "I cry."
    Me too man, Me too

  • chuyen tran

    chuyen tran

    Month ago

    2:26 that’s what she said

  • Micheal Ly

    Micheal Ly

    Month ago

    That revanant skin is I think a Muay Thai inspired skin it has a lot of things that is used in Muay Thai like the arm bands and the head tie around his head Muay Thai is a fighting style similar to boxing but uses knees elbows kicks and other stuff so yeah

  • Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy

    Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy

    Month ago

    Couldn't have chosen an uglier skin.
    It's perfect.

  • Ful Fong

    Ful Fong

    Month ago

    มวยไทย !!

  • Friendly Canadian

    Friendly Canadian

    Month ago

    I can't believe general grievous carved out some votorbs and used them as armor

  • soup868


    Month ago

    rare footage of zylbrad using heirloom shards

  • Claydin Mabry

    Claydin Mabry

    Month ago

    It actually did 40 damage lol

  • Aaron Lott

    Aaron Lott

    Month ago

    I miss MAXX

  • Oscar man man

    Oscar man man

    Month ago

    When you and max fisted the phat in the beginig kill me=gay

  • Sun tzu

    Sun tzu

    Month ago

    I wanna scythe you a question

  • Ziqkey bot

    Ziqkey bot

    Month ago

    Revenan trainer.....

  • mirai99


    Month ago

    3:55 The guy walked into the black orb when he was hit with scythe, so it was 30+10 from orb = 40

  • AlmightyRico


    Month ago

    We need a finisher with the hairloooms

  • MrShrimp


    Month ago

    Umm max gay??? Look at the kill feed

  • Quantum Magnus

    Quantum Magnus

    Month ago

    The PKMN trainer Grievous bit killed me.

  • dolita windo

    dolita windo

    Month ago

    Nothing is better than *WELCOME BACK TO APEX LEGENDS EVERYONE*. The king is back himself Edit: Damn 388 likes tnx ( ╹▽╹ )

  • it work

    it work

    Month ago


  • Black_Swan


    Month ago

    can we get to see your pathfinder kills plz

    • dolita windo

      dolita windo

      Month ago

      Wait why is the spitfire not in the carepacge

  • jbrew100boi


    Month ago

    why does max always have to sound so depressed :(

  • Jarod


    Month ago

    It pisses me off that when I tbag people in America probably teenagers just want to get a kill

  • Jarod


    Month ago

    So how r u so good at apex. Anyway I wish more players were aware of what fckin t bagging means.

  • Baal’sPuppetEnjoyer


    Month ago

    Always a good day when zylbrad says he’s the champion and he is ;)

  • Ibrahim Mohammed Jasim

    Ibrahim Mohammed Jasim

    Month ago


  • phantom_ _oaa

    phantom_ _oaa

    Month ago

    Just got my rev loom yesterday

  • doire aintu

    doire aintu

    Month ago

    3:55 your scythe did 41 damage because silence does 10 so it just added on to the damage from the melee

  • Simply Demon

    Simply Demon

    Month ago

    sea of thieves

  • Coolbdog6817


    Month ago

    I have to say zydrad is the best player I ever seen

  • Chamanda Queen

    Chamanda Queen

    Month ago

    Welcome back zylbrad

  • Icebreaker


    Month ago

    Why bradly why

  • Michael Asante

    Michael Asante

    Month ago

    Video idea — go on Max’s account and buy him loads of things as surprise and get his reaction

    • doliio volay

      doliio volay

      Month ago

      annoying :P

  • Assalt


    Month ago

    Revenant- I have this big A$$ Scyrhe. I think punching would me better.

  • Future Robots

    Future Robots

    Month ago

    Wait why is the spitfire not in the carepacge



    Month ago

    That Revenant can show off as much as he wants he still isn't that good as me

  • Kazerez Gaming Moments

    Kazerez Gaming Moments

    Month ago

    Is this YouTuber a girl?

  • Jack Juergens

    Jack Juergens

    Month ago

    asmr with max

  • Im Motion

    Im Motion

    Month ago

    POV: your wondering if it’s season 10 or 9 but you realise when you see the alternator on the ground

  • JuniorGames


    Month ago

    3:20 the name

  • iAsh HD

    iAsh HD

    Month ago

    Dadas back

  • Teemu Siitonen

    Teemu Siitonen

    Month ago

    shiiiiit, so many hackers... :( but nice to see you back.

  • Aokiji Marz

    Aokiji Marz

    Month ago


  • Shadows short clips

    Shadows short clips

    Month ago

    Your rly exaggerating ive been playing for a couple years and never got an heirloom

  • Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment

    Month ago

    I've never seen someone be so casually pro

  • Caleb Fenwick

    Caleb Fenwick

    Month ago


  • Cj Parker

    Cj Parker

    Month ago

    lets goooooooooooooooooooooo we missed u zyl and max

  • blood zoney

    blood zoney

    Month ago

    Max is a casual gamer to the maximum extent he is the face of casual gamer. He is the king of just gaming casually Lol, Just seeing him walk and not run is to funny but also annoying :P

  • potato man

    potato man

    Month ago

    1:47 I am ya cham- wait what

  • aola wili

    aola wili

    Month ago

    Only a goat can leave n come back when he wants n still have a strong fan base I didn’t mind stonks but I’m glad you back

  • Aleksander Troszczynski

    Aleksander Troszczynski

    Month ago

    Papyrus knockoff and Hawaiian Man commit Mass Genocide

  • Mr ONE TAP

    Mr ONE TAP

    Month ago

    Its so long

  • Błade Płayz

    Błade Płayz

    Month ago

    He’s BACK😁😁😁

  • Chris Frye

    Chris Frye

    Month ago


  • Sam Hauck

    Sam Hauck

    Month ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that revenant skin is Muay Thai based just by the shorts the hand wraps and his head too also looks like General Grievous lol

  • O Dubs

    O Dubs

    Month ago

    Zylbrad say your trousers are literally adidaz they look rubbish.

  • Jordy Geerings

    Jordy Geerings

    Month ago

    This Guy really did 40 damage 😳