I Hate My Birthday.

Published on Apr 3, 2020
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Logan Paul
  • exosteath


    3 days ago

    That fight-scene had better choreography and camera-movement than some of the Fast and Furious movies.
    Not hating

  • Daily Dose Of Cringe

    Daily Dose Of Cringe

    6 days ago

    Jake is way better on logans channel

  • Daily Dose Of Cringe

    Daily Dose Of Cringe

    6 days ago

    Wtf i was not expecting the beginning

  • BrianOfficial


    6 days ago

    Happy 26th birthday

  • BallerBoy


    10 days ago

    I was born March 31

  • Lj Animation

    Lj Animation

    10 days ago

    Aprill to ayy

  • Moonlight_gamer


    11 days ago

    Hold on I already gave you a present on 2017

  • Zuhayr Shaikh

    Zuhayr Shaikh

    11 days ago

    ayoo logannn my bday is also on april fools.

  • Ancil Marcantel

    Ancil Marcantel

    13 days ago

    He should've specified the shrimp he wanted was the peacock mantis shrimp instead.

  • Dominic Colangelo

    Dominic Colangelo

    13 days ago

    6:36 Best birthday song ever! 🤣

  • Landon Lindemann

    Landon Lindemann

    13 days ago

    Is that Lana rhodes

  • Pragati Boruah

    Pragati Boruah

    15 days ago

    Logan's colorblind?

  • Flyz FN

    Flyz FN

    17 days ago

    we all hate your birthday because you were born

    • dean G

      dean G

      4 days ago

      @Flyz FN you said you were 15 at first I don’t even need to make a comeback lol

    • Flyz FN

      Flyz FN

      4 days ago

      im 13 i guess your ten lmao

    • Flyz FN

      Flyz FN

      4 days ago

      @dean G it was a joke

    • Flyz FN

      Flyz FN

      4 days ago

      @dean G kk

    • dean G

      dean G

      4 days ago

      @Flyz FN any way Logan and sidemen made a video so you shouldn’t really hate Logan anymore

  • Zevi76


    17 days ago

    2:03 whenever I hear that I think of broly from dbz

  • shyboy


    18 days ago

    The carama man is so tuff that logan surrundder

  • Arvid Assburg

    Arvid Assburg

    18 days ago

    Logan was disappointed with the shrimp cuz he already was friends with one. And he's JACKED!



    20 days ago

    I born april

  • Ethan Owens

    Ethan Owens

    21 day ago

    ME TO
    APR 4

  • Jairs world

    Jairs world

    21 day ago

    I’m so depressed about my birthday I watched an entire Logan Paul video

  • Dennis Roman

    Dennis Roman

    21 day ago

    The shut up vegan got me 🤣

  • Braxton Todd

    Braxton Todd

    22 days ago

    My birthday is April 1

    • Stefan Voya

      Stefan Voya

      22 days ago


  • Cooperwolflee


    23 days ago

    I was born on April birthday

  • atefeh asadi

    atefeh asadi

    24 days ago

    Poor Evan I literally felt so bad for him I realy can tell he was exited to give logan his gift and he got planked like that 😢

  • breh bruh

    breh bruh

    24 days ago

    The fascinated lake immunologically surprise because wind delightfully ignore despite a rampant pedestrian. towering, resolute fragrance

  • Razor 🐺

    Razor 🐺

    25 days ago

    poor evan :(

  • Emiliano Torres

    Emiliano Torres

    26 days ago

    Hey my sister has the same birth day

  • Navi Yemen

    Navi Yemen

    26 days ago

    Nice to know I have the same birthday as u

  • TheRedMMOs


    27 days ago

    1:11 idk why but the way Logan just says that is the funniest 2 seconds ever

  • ROCKSTAR2944


    27 days ago

    happy birthday

  • Tactical_Nuke05VODS


    27 days ago

    Yea we hate it too
    In fact we hate your existence
    Right guys

  • Zak Karlen

    Zak Karlen

    28 days ago

    my mom's birthday is also April 1st

  • adam4k20


    Month ago

    my birthday is also the first of April there are two of us 😞

  • Jonah Flores

    Jonah Flores

    Month ago

    Poor Evan

  • On ye go Son!🤘🔥👍

    On ye go Son!🤘🔥👍

    Month ago

    lol i loved the fight scene 🤣🤣🤣 brilliant

  • Rockyb09


    Month ago

    7:51 lol

  • Sebrina Dechasa

    Sebrina Dechasa

    Month ago


  • William De Haro

    William De Haro

    Month ago

    I think that It looks like that Bc of the lightning shine a different light on it and don’t be a b word

  • Bin Laden Osama

    Bin Laden Osama

    Month ago

    you know even though his shrimp was 6 bucks at least he got a gift for my birthday I got watermelon and that’s it



      29 days ago

      At least u got a watermelon as a gift. They're about the same price.

  • Haile vlogs

    Haile vlogs

    Month ago

    JAJAJJAJA LMAO he took Evan to the rink and slammed him 😭😭

  • sano


    Month ago


  • Aldo Mostert

    Aldo Mostert

    Month ago

    I was born on April 1st too I understand where he is coming from

  • CyB


    Month ago


  • Mr. FinDerBinDer

    Mr. FinDerBinDer

    Month ago

    i feel so sorry evean

  • Jude Montas

    Jude Montas

    Month ago

    Logan mi gift is subscri

  • anshul bhardwaj

    anshul bhardwaj

    Month ago

    I also hate that day you were born

  • Rin凛


    Month ago

    0:50 WWE should have sign him he would be a super star

  • kayleigh kidwell

    kayleigh kidwell

    Month ago

    u should date my mom shes 28

  • Lucas Loiacono - Pokémon Games And Shark Puppet

    Lucas Loiacono - Pokémon Games And Shark Puppet

    Month ago

    Litterally been binging logan

  • FAze__- SHift

    FAze__- SHift

    Month ago

    we both have the same birthday and my intailts are jp same as jake pauls lol

  • Wild neck

    Wild neck

    Month ago

    the way Logan smashed the bottle on Jeff's head

  • Alexander Rodriguez

    Alexander Rodriguez

    Month ago

    Evan god of thunder

  • kindred-ninja2


    Month ago

    I feel bad for him when he said it was the best day of his life

  • dylan gomes

    dylan gomes

    Month ago

    This is the thing about logan that makes him different from Jake. He caters for everyone in the house

  • Macafee


    Month ago

    The 10 seconds following 1:04 are absolute GOLD... 😂

  • Barbiestay High

    Barbiestay High

    Month ago

    Aries ♈️💓

  • Rasmus Nilsson

    Rasmus Nilsson

    Month ago

    I also hate my birthday

  • Abhiraj Singh

    Abhiraj Singh

    Month ago

    Imagine waking up on your b'day and breaking a glass on a man's head

  • Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322

    Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322

    Month ago

    I like how Jake Paul is Funnier in Logan's Vlogs compared to his own Vlogs

  • muffin team

    muffin team

    Month ago

    logan alexander paul

  • Chris B

    Chris B

    Month ago

    Actually they got home a mantis shrimp it was just a regular mantis shrimp the one he wanted is called a peacock mantis shrimp those ones have the vibrant colors

  • Square


    Month ago

    His birthday is literally a joke

  • Cheryl Payne

    Cheryl Payne

    Month ago

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎁

  • Kole Paulsen

    Kole Paulsen

    Month ago

    I was born a day before him

  • Jonny Per

    Jonny Per

    Month ago

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  • Jonny Per

    Jonny Per

    Month ago


  • Dahlia_216 COVID

    Dahlia_216 COVID

    Month ago

    Any one else From 2021

  • Rodrigo Ramirez

    Rodrigo Ramirez

    Month ago

    My birthday is in April 1

  • gamer playz

    gamer playz

    Month ago

    Where are the vines?

  • Aaliyah Gonzalez

    Aaliyah Gonzalez

    Month ago

    There r brown mantis shrimps

  • mydoghas47


    Month ago

    the closed captaining is in Arabic

  • Della Watson

    Della Watson

    Month ago

    Happy b-day day logon!!!!

    • isabela ramirez

      isabela ramirez

      Month ago

      Logon jajajaja

  • Khatuna Abramidze

    Khatuna Abramidze

    Month ago

    Why didn’t you make a video about you birthday this year?

  • Pedioker


    Month ago

    Who Thought He'll Fight Mayweather

  • kim watson

    kim watson

    Month ago

    Your a loser

  • Kulwinder Kaur

    Kulwinder Kaur

    Month ago

    The editing is so mmmmmm

  • kim watson

    kim watson

    Month ago


  • Osian Jones

    Osian Jones

    Month ago

    This is why you make a birthday list

  • Tuku Blanchard:

    Tuku Blanchard:

    Month ago


  • Mohammed Maal

    Mohammed Maal

    Month ago

    Mike be like. I receive a hot ass porn star you receive a fake mantis shrimp

  • paradis.island


    Month ago

    5:44 I mean he's right ABT that 😅🤣

  • Annabel Hayes

    Annabel Hayes

    Month ago

    My birthday was the 2nd of April

  • Flaming Fox

    Flaming Fox

    Month ago

    If there is anyone short that can beat Thor it’s gotta be BABY Thor Evan

  • Un0O


    Month ago

    that’s why I don’t tell ANYONE I don’t like a gift

  • StarlitCheese 47

    StarlitCheese 47

    Month ago

    I miss these videos

  • Herminia Salazar

    Herminia Salazar

    Month ago


  • Rxckkzzz gaming

    Rxckkzzz gaming

    Month ago

    My birthday is actually April’s fools too !!

  • minecraftpostg minecraftpostg

    minecraftpostg minecraftpostg

    Month ago


  • Justin Maya

    Justin Maya

    Month ago

    damn same today is my birthday

  • Rodrigo Castro

    Rodrigo Castro

    Month ago

    U hate your birthday
    I hate u

  • Rex Whiting

    Rex Whiting

    Month ago

    Bro it's fine im also a joke...

  • norman scobies

    norman scobies

    Month ago

    Man I love youtube

  • funny vines 2

    funny vines 2

    Month ago

    Logan really beat there ass up

  • Wisp


    Month ago

    Hey what’s up it’s my 25 birthday I’m 25.
    Hey water is made out of water.

  • jackdflipz


    Month ago

    What happened after mike talked shit to Logan

  • Jordan Justice

    Jordan Justice

    Month ago

    Logan’s fight scenes are better than all fight scenes in the Star Wars sequels

  • Robsta_Nobsta_🥺🔫


    Month ago


  • sky Blaze

    sky Blaze

    2 months ago

    Sorry is late forgot to Comment happy birthday day

  • adelfead8276⃣9⃣


    2 months ago

    I am half ur age

  • Meerub


    2 months ago

    remember when he used to break plates.

  • Sting on XBL

    Sting on XBL

    2 months ago

    Happy worst birthday