I injected BEEF FAT in a CHEAP Brisket, here's the results!

Published on Jun 2, 2021
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On this video you will see me using a very cheap brisket and turn it to something we all did not expect. Results were insane.

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  • Guga Foods

    Guga Foods

    Month ago

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    • Dos Dahrk

      Dos Dahrk

      4 days ago

      Nxt time you inject hole up not down brother...trust that..if you need details google it ..it will hold MORE god butter

    • xJweb89x


      5 days ago

      Hey Guga! I moved to south Florida recently and I’m looking for a whole brisket and can’t seem to find any. Do you know where I can pick one up at?

    • MergedElement


      26 days ago

      Guga how about Dry aged eye round with fat injected vs Papaya eye round with fat injected vs Pineapple eye round with fat injected?

    • Fun With Minerals

      Fun With Minerals

      Month ago

      I've been thinking of doing something similar, a butter herb mix. I heard that if you use a vacuum chamber on meat it will soak up any liquid that is also in the chamber when you turn it off. Could you think about vacuum chambering a joint?

    • Emperor Hadrian

      Emperor Hadrian

      Month ago

      Ever thought to try a different fat, perhaps pork fat ?

  • Rich Wood

    Rich Wood

    19 hours ago

    Pimple Brisket. We used to do this in Pac Manistan. While hiding in the oatmeal dens.

  • steven bercovitch

    steven bercovitch

    Day ago

    Hey Guga
    I recently drtyage a Australian waygu. After I trimmed off all my pilicos can I add it to my beef tallow( I have brisket and whole tenderloin waygu fat to add not dry aged)

  • Mateo D.

    Mateo D.

    Day ago

    3:06 me when your mom

  • Madraz0


    2 days ago

    @3:07 i know you and i was thinking the same thing thats why we are friends

  • Zachary Briles

    Zachary Briles

    2 days ago

    I’m down bad. I need a girlfriend

  • Daisy G.

    Daisy G.

    2 days ago

    Brazilian Brisket Lift instead of Brazilian Butt Lift 😂

  • Gibs Lewiston

    Gibs Lewiston

    3 days ago

    Once you go yellow you never go back

  • MNM GamingPlays

    MNM GamingPlays

    4 days ago

    This man’s voice is heavenly I just found this guy and I have no regrets for pressing click

  • Jumong Yang

    Jumong Yang

    6 days ago

    Trynophobia coming

  • Las Noches

    Las Noches

    6 days ago

    in conclusion, what makes wagyu tasty is the fat. ADD IT TO EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK, DO IT, NOW.

  • karlwashere123


    7 days ago

    So you're basically chugging a glass full of beef fat. doesn't seem healthy.

  • Gentai man

    Gentai man

    8 days ago

    here before 1 million views :D

  • Nuclear Entity

    Nuclear Entity

    8 days ago

    3:10 Don’t let an $18 brisket cause you 18 years in child’s suppor

  • my guy

    my guy

    9 days ago

    Teenage Boys when they hit puberty: 3:17

  • dyldoeshizzle


    9 days ago

    GUGA please do a dry age experiment with BOVRIL it’s just like marmite bug instead of yeast extract it’s beef extract !!!!!

  • Mr Merpy

    Mr Merpy

    9 days ago

    They look like popped warts ew

  • Christopher Santos

    Christopher Santos

    10 days ago

    the lowend from the microphone is insane on this video. Consider dialing that back and adding mids next time.

  • Keith Peffer

    Keith Peffer

    10 days ago

    I would like to see you take a Choice brisket, trim it, inject it with tallow made from its own trimmings, and then smoke that.

  • Skyexpert08


    10 days ago

    This is literally the first time I had a add of the same guy I'm watching in the video.

  • ayanavab


    11 days ago

    Wagyu beef tallow

  • Hab gar Nix gemak

    Hab gar Nix gemak

    11 days ago

    Aot fans will recognize the syringe

  • onikuy


    11 days ago

    MADNESS i like it.

  • victor beas

    victor beas

    12 days ago

    i would love 2 be ur friend :D

  • plasticknife


    12 days ago

    Erin steaker

  • The Truth is the answer

    The Truth is the answer

    13 days ago

    Hello guga . i was just thinking can u do a video injected fat then dry age . your videos are the best . respect fron 🇬🇧

  • p


    13 days ago

    Omigod. Thats looks delicious

  • Beardshaver


    14 days ago

    As a bystander i apologize if i wound up being incredibly harsh, but here it goes - i understand that everybody is different, flavour-wise and grease-wise alike. But man, that's a lot of fat to consume. For more than a half of my life(31 y.o.) i've been incredibly lean, not because of of my diet, but rather my body type and lack of physical excercise. For 5 years straight i've been going through a sort of transformation from a skinny to a plump, with some hints of muscularity. I've gone from 78 kg body weight to 95 kg in a matter of 5 years, partly because of aging, partly because of ignorance and being lazy during cold season. And i must say - just looking at this amount of fat makes my guts uncomfortable. And when i saw that a salad that's supposed to complement this dish is being served with a huge load of mayonnaise and sugar - this is nightmare fuel. I'm genuinely lost as to why someone might actually be into this kind of food. This comment is not a criticism of this channel, or its loyal viewers, i've got a recommendation by youtube and thought "it might be an interesting experience to step away from my usual expectations for food and see if i can improve my cooking skills by picking up some non-traditional techniques". I'm much disappointed. This is not a rant, just a different point of view. Sampling part looks staged. It might not be, but camera close-ups make it to appear like it is. Best of luck to everybody, i meant no offense

  • DC SN

    DC SN

    15 days ago

    wow looks good
    me who doesnt eat beef and a lot of meats because I have a severe sensitivity with food textures for 19 years already

  • Yung Ddub Maniak

    Yung Ddub Maniak

    15 days ago


  • Relentless


    15 days ago

    I somehow feel hungry AF n feel the need to hit the gym same time

  • CrossfireGaming


    16 days ago

    bruh i was getting real mad when he kept pushing the juice out in the wagyu

  • Balázs Fábrik

    Balázs Fábrik

    17 days ago

    Nobodys gonna talk about the shape guga made with the wagyu fat on the paper?

  • Faizan Rana

    Faizan Rana

    17 days ago

    Sooo vied everyting niggas

  • Kanyee Digit

    Kanyee Digit

    17 days ago

    This is my kind of channel I love me some meat. Great videos man

  • GO N

    GO N

    17 days ago

    I think that. Would make meat too rich.

  • TommieTech


    18 days ago

    What if... just hear me out... what if you inject Wagyu fat into an expensive Wagyu brisket?

  • crow werner

    crow werner

    19 days ago

    Mane what if you were to take a choice brisket add the wagyu beef fat then dry age it?

  • Bob the guy

    Bob the guy

    19 days ago

    On tonight's news, Guga stages an armed robbery in search of Wagyu briskets.

  • FatMass2000


    19 days ago

    Hurricane: time to commit mass genocide hehehe

    Guga: lmao it’s brisket time

  • Sasuke fan

    Sasuke fan

    20 days ago

    attack on titan fans finally knowing the serum's recipe 2:25

  • Ewan Tromp

    Ewan Tromp

    20 days ago

    i dislike all of his videos because i cant be present to assist in tasting any of this

  • CJ


    20 days ago

    “Oh you dirty girl”

  • Christopher Clarke

    Christopher Clarke

    21 day ago

    Can you guys seriously not tell that he has them held hostage and he makes them act like the food is good??? This man is obviously crazy!

  • Mario Giannattasio

    Mario Giannattasio

    21 day ago


  • William Harrison

    William Harrison

    21 day ago

    I wana see you cook with bear tallow

  • Garreth Van Zyl

    Garreth Van Zyl

    21 day ago

    experiment suggestion....Inject the wagyu fat into a steak and then dry age........

  • DRTMaverick


    21 day ago

    So, I just want to know what your cholesterol LDL levels are. Cuz Mine are high, and I want to eat this but I can't.....

  • Jacob Mcgowan

    Jacob Mcgowan

    22 days ago

    Parts of this looks really dodgy without context

  • Rocky Smith

    Rocky Smith

    22 days ago

    That’s mega sus

  • YangBoy


    22 days ago

    Just to let you know, Veibae was here

  • Marco Esparza Reyes

    Marco Esparza Reyes

    22 days ago

    Ángel > Maumau

  • Luis T

    Luis T

    23 days ago

    Is this healthy?

  • statesmanls1


    23 days ago

    Do it with plain old butter and see how that turns out

  • James Lee

    James Lee

    23 days ago

    "A little bit healthier" then proceeds with the mayo and sugar! Hahaha

  • Koldz _

    Koldz _

    23 days ago

    3:04 everything reminds me of her

  • Lightning Games

    Lightning Games

    23 days ago

    Where did the brisket go we have people to feed

  • William Handy

    William Handy

    23 days ago

    Wheres Angel? You still mad about that cast-iron skillet

  • AnimeAddictDude


    24 days ago

    Time to make bootleg wagyu steak

  • Jose Morales

    Jose Morales

    24 days ago

    Did I miss it? What was the smoking temperature and time for the brisket?

  • jamie miller

    jamie miller

    24 days ago

    9 months later a baby brisket was born

  • Travis Norton

    Travis Norton

    24 days ago

    I had to check when this was posted because I only heard of the hurricane passing by after it was already in the gulf

  • Zuko G

    Zuko G

    24 days ago

    Weirdo: this is vegan butter right?
    Guga: uh.......

  • Matthew Weitz

    Matthew Weitz

    25 days ago

    Great video

  • Taylor Bullard

    Taylor Bullard

    25 days ago

    Can i send you some Texas Grass Fed beef brisket?? I want to get your opinion on the flavor and how they'd smoke different, been trying a few of your techniques.

  • Taylor Bullard

    Taylor Bullard

    25 days ago

    omg excellent idea

  • Guutiitsoq


    25 days ago

    "Throw little bit of..." That is where he will throw it all bucks of them.

  • RidicNicholas


    25 days ago

    Add a brazzers logo please.

  • Теодор К.

    Теодор К.

    26 days ago

    Looks brutally delicious!

  • Deet123


    26 days ago

    when i saw the syringe i got super scared

  • L L

    L L

    26 days ago

    Imagine having an orgasm over a brisket

  • Epicgamer Dubs

    Epicgamer Dubs

    26 days ago

    bro that meat is so juicy....

  • JapWhite


    26 days ago

    And this is how you do the BBL surgery guys

  • Hacklin


    27 days ago

    Why does it look like someone did the big dirty all over the brisket

  • im fat

    im fat

    27 days ago

    Yes. This is happiness

  • Spion Silver

    Spion Silver

    27 days ago

    you cannot make this choice brisket any good ..
    Guga : "let me introduce you to wagyu fat and the hurricane

  • Donovan Fitz

    Donovan Fitz

    27 days ago

    I know at least 10 people who would gag watching the injection part

    • Jacob Moreno arcos

      Jacob Moreno arcos

      25 days ago

      @Floppa what

    • Floppa


      25 days ago

      @Jacob Moreno arcos gay

    • Jacob Moreno arcos

      Jacob Moreno arcos

      26 days ago

      same cause when the fat come out the sides of the meat it looked like maggots🤢🤢🤢

  • Sinister Strawberry

    Sinister Strawberry

    27 days ago

    apart from the beautiful filming shots, I also love your voice. It sounds cheerful and makes you seems like a joyful person to be around with

  • SykoTheGoat


    27 days ago

    The juiciness had me in a seizure

  • - IAN -

    - IAN -

    27 days ago

    4:30 Why his voice constantly going up 😭

    4:43 too

  • Vesko Ruychev

    Vesko Ruychev

    27 days ago

    I am curious for the results on applying this technique on a traditionally dry meat like a venison roast.

  • TopShot501st


    27 days ago

    Guga has a meat dealer... of course he does XD

  • AceKalibur


    27 days ago

    i prefer rare steaks, as i like to taste the freshness and blood and everything.

  • Globby ?

    Globby ?

    27 days ago

    that brisket in 9 months 🤰

  • Mike Zilla

    Mike Zilla

    28 days ago

    Watching this never fails to make me hungry.

  • rbg


    28 days ago

    r/awful taste, great execution.

  • Derby Edits

    Derby Edits

    28 days ago

    cursed_Cum brisket

  • Mister Pigeon

    Mister Pigeon

    28 days ago

    Gugas acting like this brisket is a rescue animal

  • Eruddy1


    28 days ago

    3:05 “ I should call her 😔😔”

  • BlursedVark


    28 days ago

    Brazilian brisket lift?

  • TotallyNotBowlOfWisdom


    29 days ago

    Ngl, when they are raw they look gross

  • Booty Wrangler

    Booty Wrangler

    29 days ago

    Proud of guga for his weight loss! He looks amazing! I love seeing healthy progress in the individuals that provide my entertainment

  • Steve Steve

    Steve Steve

    29 days ago

    Wow!!! This is a very creative idea.

  • Jake Hutzezon

    Jake Hutzezon

    29 days ago

    The Brisket 9 months later 🤰

  • Ninja Aqua

    Ninja Aqua

    29 days ago

    guga sus

  • Colonel Sanders

    Colonel Sanders

    29 days ago


  • Alavez


    29 days ago

    Did Guga just destroyed Wagyu industry?

  • IzanaKuro


    29 days ago

    Brisket 9 months later: 🤰

  • Fred Carlisle

    Fred Carlisle

    29 days ago

    Why did the wagyu brisket have a coochie

  • Se L

    Se L

    29 days ago

    Is this the covid 19 vaccine?

    • Floppa


      25 days ago

      Better than the COVID vaccine that's for sure