I made the BURGER that changed History | Guga Foods

Published on Dec 9, 2020
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I love burgers but some are more special than others, this is one of them. This burger help change the history of our great nation and I am proud and owner to show you my take on this classic Oklahoma Onion Burger!

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Guga Foods
  • Guga Foods

    Guga Foods

    7 months ago

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: https://clcr.me/U2M0Zz and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days.

    • manateeKSA


      4 months ago

      No I don't think I will

    • GabeDOESNTDrawStuff


      5 months ago

      hope they paid you well! i love ur channel and what u do on here

    • lucas wellens

      lucas wellens

      6 months ago

      @J G I'm still wondering how he hasn't got one yet with all the deliciously fatty meat base dishes he makes maybe his nephew takes him to the gym sometimes

    • J G

      J G

      6 months ago

      Guga is going to have a heart attack in the next 8 years. Poor guy...

    • lucas wellens

      lucas wellens

      6 months ago

      Just a reply to the video you could've made one original version without the cheese and with the potato bun to make a comparison

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    spicy diarrhea

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    take a drink every time he says burger

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    Dave Capozzi

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    Tumay Ata

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    Ed J

    3 days ago

    Food porn at its finest.

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    king Frozt

    4 days ago

    My favorite food

  • Bob Bowie

    Bob Bowie

    5 days ago

    Store brand cheese- the *cornerstone* of any *tasty burger.*

  • 16010010 Oliver Martinus Sukinata

    16010010 Oliver Martinus Sukinata

    8 days ago

    so far i would take the onions instead of pickles if I'm making your kind of burgers

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    garret vaginer

    8 days ago

    i have YouTube vanced and still saw the raid thing

  • Natan Medina Soliz

    Natan Medina Soliz

    10 days ago

    Leave adds to google.. everybody hates adds.. at least google gives the chance to skip it.. you made me quit your video before it ends..

  • 7Eightyone


    11 days ago

    So basically...a big white castle with different bread.

  • AL Kalk

    AL Kalk

    12 days ago

    Never was a single one of these burgers made during any hard times in the USA. Lol, although I have no doubts that they are amazing....this video is 'i bet i can get a zillion views based off my burger that changed my life' video. I just made those smash burgers tonight for the 157th time and needed to look up the sauce. Congrats and thanks.

  • Tehu


    15 days ago

    toast the buns u menace

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    16 days ago

    Why is he called Mama?

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    Acidic Anims

    17 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay who?

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    willie pagan

    18 days ago

    Where is Angel...??? WTF... would get five stars... but no Angel... only get four..

  • Ryan Carr

    Ryan Carr

    18 days ago

    That cheese melts great! But I hate American Cheese 😳😳

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    Carlos R.G

    19 days ago

    Is Angel Maumau's son?

  • WhatIfCorp


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    2:13-2:25 He definitly did that on purpose

  • Matthew Weitz

    Matthew Weitz

    20 days ago

    Great video

  • Marco Aleman

    Marco Aleman

    22 days ago

    I have an idea for a new burger.
    80% prime meat (chuck & rib)
    20% fat
    1/4 pound round and thick meat smoked then seared.
    Two slices of cheddar cheese
    Thin onion slices, pickles, Mayo, dab of bar-b-q, bacon.
    I hope you make it and see if this experiment has a good taste in the end.
    Thank you, -Marco

  • dustypotatoe


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    Deez who sir

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    2:30 among us balls

  • Billy Dravis janecka

    Billy Dravis janecka

    25 days ago

    I've seen deep fried chicken sandwiches, deep fried steak, deep fried pork... I don't think I've ever seen a deep fried burger. Could someone please try this and lemme know if it's delicious?

  • Jomali


    25 days ago

    Watching this video having just sliced my hand on a mandolin. That danger warning ain't no lie.

  • Hockey365


    26 days ago

    One thing I'm always disappointed with when I see some "greatest hamburger" video is the unholy amount of cheese that always gets globbed on top.

  • undefined Lust

    undefined Lust

    27 days ago

    Love the channel, but as someone who grew up on the Texas/Oklahoma border (literally less than 5 miles from Oklahoma) This sounds good but not quite right. It's damn near impossible to get it the way it is in Ardmore (yes Ardmore!) Literally nowhere does it better. it is the flattop obviously, but also the smallest amount of sugar added to help caramelize. You were dead right on your onion choice I must say!

  • Kevin Gallagher

    Kevin Gallagher

    27 days ago

    Why do you always smash your burgers. It is the worst thing you can do for your burgers.

  • ron perry

    ron perry

    28 days ago

    Won't be using plastic wrapped cheese. I use Boar's Head American Cheese that I get sliced at the deli counter. There's nothing that can convince me that the Kraft is better.

  • jeffsond


    29 days ago

    You’re killing me!! That is Awesome!!! Man I need to make this!!

  • Bartlow's BBQ

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    Love seeing Oklahoma Onion Burger get some love on youtube.

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    Whatching your videos at night and the music you choose for the videos just bring me good vibes

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    Ashton Walters

    Month ago

    No don't go too low in quality of cheese. It won't melt

  • Dev Malhotra

    Dev Malhotra

    Month ago

    Does American even has it's own cheese

    • Stormie


      Month ago

      Yeah, it's called American cheese lmao

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    Add some bacon and I would absolutely pass out!!!

  • D P

    D P

    Month ago

    Slash fiction: bears Guga and Mamau force feed onion burgers to twink Angel.

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    Jesus Alfredo Rojo Villa

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  • Trans Normal Life

    Trans Normal Life

    Month ago

    hmmm, what about Tube Meat? I dare ya.

  • ViveCrypto


    Month ago

    this is 4 layers of hot garbage, learn to cook

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    Adelio Kaseger

    Month ago

    "I like to make balls out of it" -Guga 6969

  • FlappyMagikarp


    Month ago

    "These are my favorite buns: I like to call them Guga's buns"
    -Guga 2020

  • Abdelsalam Smadi

    Abdelsalam Smadi

    Month ago

    I don't live in US so what should i tell the butcher, where to cut the beef from? is it from the chuck or the Rib or brisket etc.. and what origin of the beef you used, is it Australian or Brazilian? Thank you!

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    We will call them guga's buns
    - guga 2021

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    Better than Smash Burger?

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    J. Vue

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    Next on Guga Foods, Wagyu Beef Tallow injected burger patties!

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    Will Wailes

    Month ago

    A lot of great recipes were born out of necessity.

  • Jor0716


    Month ago

    I can't get over the fact that you use that super processed American cheese instead of something more natural. Not just in this video (if anything it's acceptable in this one), but in some of your other burger videos as well. Other than that I love your videos

  • Jeff Mills

    Jeff Mills

    Month ago

    Mate, stumbled across your vid - you're a joy!!! Made me smile along with you: "It's already in your belly!!!"
    Gonna try this method tonight...
    No mustard, no mayo, no ketchup.
    It's gonna be a winner. Thanks :)

  • Shane Zettelmier

    Shane Zettelmier

    Month ago

    I made these for a while, I found the trick is to make sure you smash them paperthin otherwise the meat doesn’t cook through all the way it makes kind of a slimy texture with the onions. Honestly I think it’s just better to grill the onions separately. If you like raw burgers I guess it works out but when they’re that thin it’s weird because it will burn on one side and not cut the other side thoroughly because you don’t have time to render the fat in the burger without flipping it. Another thing to try is using a food processor and mixing the onions in with the meat, you basically blend them to a pulp and strain a lot of liquid out of the onions and then grind it in with the meat like a filler and it’s great if you add spices, basically the same idea as something like Koobideh. You can put a lot of flavor in the meat without using as much meat, you can also use pork chicken or lamb as well. A lot of cultures have used onions as a meat filler to stretch it out and some of it is amazing.

  • Punch_Bowl_Turd


    Month ago

    i'm doing this tonight with gouda cheese. i just cant with platic cheese and gouda tastes much like american.

  • Tha_Boneman_


    Month ago

    2:30 is going to be my text tone

  • Stian Hansen

    Stian Hansen

    2 months ago

    Made this today. Thank you Guga for showing me this burger gem!

  • valous2


    2 months ago

    As an Oklahoman I approve of this burger.

  • SCP Press

    SCP Press

    2 months ago

    Guga. Stop. Squeezing. All. The. Juice. Out. Of. Burgers.

  • Merp


    2 months ago

    cant wait to try out gugas buns

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    gord johnson

    2 months ago

    Bun should sit on the grill for a while to soak up grill juice and warm it up.

  • Duke Skywalker

    Duke Skywalker

    2 months ago

    wow what an easy and delicious Burger :) i will try to make your buns next time and test the burger myself :)

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  • Arthur LS

    Arthur LS

    2 months ago

    History is the past how is it you can change the past?

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    2 months ago

    only MSG can make this burger better, uncle Roger would aprove.

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    So what cheese should we use in europe though?! 🤔

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    Just made same way! Worked out great!

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  • Wayne Williamson

    Wayne Williamson

    2 months ago

    ok, two negatives...just seeing the fat poor out of the completed burger is making my heart stop(and not in a good way)...I do understand that fat adds flavor, but..but..but....the next is stop doting the gaming thing, I know you want to get more add rev, but it is just distracting....and yes, this is almost a half year old, and I'm just starting to catchup with your great videos and food....

  • Smiley Face

    Smiley Face

    2 months ago

    I not understand why burger is not cooked an way too much grease i bet my burgers are way better than yours

  • Robbe Van Duppen

    Robbe Van Duppen

    2 months ago

    I love guga's laugh :P

  • Andrew Froese

    Andrew Froese

    2 months ago

    This guy’s voice was meant for ASMR.

  • Victoria Tuttle

    Victoria Tuttle

    2 months ago

    As an European, I agree American cheese is the best for burgers 🤤

  • JoeA


    2 months ago

    I didn't see you mention what grill or griddle you used to cook this on? I had trouble getting my Cast Iron pan hot enough on my Q320 to get that crust. Thanks

  • xNight


    2 months ago

    why do you do this to me. Its 11:30 at night and I’m craving a burger 😭. Now I have to cry myself to sleep wishing I had one.

  • crae1972


    2 months ago

    Kicked up WC Lounge burger, those that know just know

  • Brian Adams

    Brian Adams

    2 months ago

    They used beef, onions, pickles and mustard, that's it. If you have to put on more than 3 toppings, you've made a shitty burger. I hate to be a stickler, but you made the burger wrong. You put the beef ball down, onions on top, then smash so it smashes into the beef instead of just sitting on top.

  • Ali Jaffery

    Ali Jaffery

    2 months ago

    This is how you make a burger.
    No lettuce, no tomato, no bacon, no condiments.

  • Ismail Parekh

    Ismail Parekh

    2 months ago

    Make black garlic butter!

  • incognito behavior roque

    incognito behavior roque

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    Mike OB

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    would not use guy who doesn't like onions

  • Joe Costello

    Joe Costello

    2 months ago

    That is not even cheese look it up

  • Josh Weikel

    Josh Weikel

    2 months ago

    Kraft single on a burger is fantastic, but I also love a good slice of cheddar.

  • beto784


    2 months ago

    I guess I won't have to make my humongous balls to put inside guga's buns

  • Clip


    2 months ago

    80/20 is too lean for a good, juicy burger to me. I prefer a little more fat in mine

  • Joel Lopes

    Joel Lopes

    2 months ago

    "so let's dyu it!"

  • Nihal Sayan

    Nihal Sayan

    2 months ago

    Me watching this while fasting

  • ardis graham

    ardis graham

    2 months ago

    My 3 year old said - “hey daddy that looks DELICIOUS!!” I agree

  • Donald A

    Donald A

    2 months ago

    I love your cooking video but that's 10,000 times to much Onion for me... I Personally love Sweet Vidalia Onion over any other.

  • Brian Kendalll

    Brian Kendalll

    2 months ago

    Made me want to eat my phone!

  • yazzw


    3 months ago

    I have just eaten my laptop 😒😒

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    Chris B

    3 months ago

    Angel is like, 'damn I shouldn't have called in sick' lol

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    Steven Jones

    3 months ago

    Guga.... you compelle me to want/ try and taste foods I've avoided for life...

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    Did he sing the theme song? 😂

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    Make a nice Black & Blue burger, bison and blue cheese, yum.

  • lonewolf


    3 months ago

    Can we make this with goat or lamb meat?

  • Md Nealy

    Md Nealy

    3 months ago

    I have eaten around 1,000 onion burgers. Back in the day they were much smaller than the type you get at TUckers. BTW, TUckers are great so do not take my post the wrong as many adult males back in the day would order 4 to 8 burgers.