I Made The Legend of Zelda Boss Battles but they’re 3D

Published on Jul 24, 2021
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I Made The Legend of Zelda Boss Battles but they’re 3D. . . Last time when I made The Legend of Zelda but it’s 3D, I said at the end of the video that I might continue on with the dungeons and boss fights in another video since I had never made a boss at that point. After a couple months I’ve finally finished up with doing all the different dungeons, along with the enemies and the bosses.

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  • Sanders Hamilton

    Sanders Hamilton

    14 hours ago

    You should try remaking pac man in 3D

    • Sanders Hamilton

      Sanders Hamilton

      14 hours ago

      Maybe in the pixel art style🙏🙏🙏

  • Jennifer Holt

    Jennifer Holt

    Day ago

    3D under tail

  • miguel meira mendes youtuber

    miguel meira mendes youtuber

    Day ago

    7:18 what that means is that the charging enemies from binding of isaac are basically the rope enemies from legend of zelda

  • miguel meira mendes youtuber

    miguel meira mendes youtuber

    Day ago

    3:46 one of the levels looked like the hitler symbol, change my mind

  • Thicc Crusade

    Thicc Crusade

    2 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like Ganon sitting on Link's enormous..

  • UndeadCollector


    2 days ago

    The best part is Link at the end, wooping up and down.

  • Zan gryomani

    Zan gryomani

    3 days ago

    Dude do you know where i can find that 3d game template. im just starting, any tips

  • Jared Boschker

    Jared Boschker

    3 days ago

    What did you use to make the 3D pixel art?

  • XxelixgamerxX


    3 days ago

    Reléase this i need to P.L.A.Y I.T N

  • Boyfriend's YouTube Channel

    Boyfriend's YouTube Channel

    4 days ago

    What can't Cody eat

  • Bryson belcher

    Bryson belcher

    4 days ago

    Please do undertale you will get 100K subs if you do

  • Peter PGN

    Peter PGN

    6 days ago

    Is this able to be played

  • pr jogos plays no pc

    pr jogos plays no pc

    6 days ago

    Please make an download for steam

  • Kathy Leonard

    Kathy Leonard

    7 days ago

    How can they not let you upload the game it's the definition of transformed content it's crazy

  • Ismail Cheema

    Ismail Cheema

    7 days ago

    remake undertale in 3d

  • Hoodssicle


    8 days ago

    Nintendo would make this 60 dollars

  • Richard Brown

    Richard Brown

    10 days ago

    I really want to play this

  • Dx9啊星


    10 days ago

    oh it is almost whole game

  • Scammer Defeat

    Scammer Defeat

    10 days ago

    I Made Sonic Dungeons - A Sonic Fan Game

  • Mikerguitarwolf Gaming

    Mikerguitarwolf Gaming

    10 days ago

    You should ask Nintendo to let you use this for the Indi games for Nintendo switch

  • TheOdd5thLegend


    10 days ago

    Nintendo should hire you.

  • Rachael Lau

    Rachael Lau

    12 days ago

    2:17 noice

  • Moldybot


    12 days ago

    You could've Made a color Shift Schäfer in shader nodes...Adam Cyounis Made a tutorial in that I think

  • FuzzyPenguin19


    13 days ago

    And can you recreate pokemon red

  • FuzzyPenguin19


    13 days ago

    Could you publish this final result i would love to play it

  • Ssjnoved Jr

    Ssjnoved Jr

    14 days ago

    U USE KALI??!!

  • Haxolotl


    14 days ago

    This looks so cool and good, I wish we could play it.

  • L0ganY Roblox

    L0ganY Roblox

    14 days ago

    This is so Awesome! Looks like it’s made from real Nintendo!🤩

  • Kostras Stankovic

    Kostras Stankovic

    14 days ago

    Hay cody how is this game name?

  • Eleftheria Savva

    Eleftheria Savva

    15 days ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat how can u do this???!!!???!!!???

  • Valozy


    15 days ago

    When will you release it?

  • Tri Link

    Tri Link

    16 days ago

    Where can I play this

  • Karan Kapoor

    Karan Kapoor

    16 days ago

    This is so awesome! Where can I play it?

  • 17 days ago

    make mario 3

  • Zane Young

    Zane Young

    17 days ago

    This was originally called making Zelda dungeons he changed it though

  • E_Kedi Oyun ve animasyon

    E_Kedi Oyun ve animasyon

    17 days ago

    woah awesome

  • kaka88k1


    18 days ago

    5:47 mentioned a game ive played on a switch at my aunties house

  • Jath arondaing.

    Jath arondaing.

    18 days ago

    2:17 Oh sneaky.😈

    Just look at the shape....

  • SuperMarioHayden


    19 days ago

    12:26 "Ganon can disappear _and_ turn invisible"
    thats the same thing lol

    • Jotaro Kujo

      Jotaro Kujo

      15 days ago

      No its not if its invisible you can still hit it but if it disappeared there is no way to damage it

  • S Jones

    S Jones

    19 days ago

    New title idea: “Zelda: In The Backrooms”

  • Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia

    20 days ago

    Just take my fucking money and let me play this please 😩😩😩😩😩

  • Spam Space

    Spam Space

    20 days ago

    Dude, release this. Mixmorris didn't get sued for Gun Mario 64 or SpongeGlock Squarepants

  • LinkLonk21


    21 day ago

    please remake the original pokemon red

  • WholesomeDemonKast


    21 day ago

    were you intending to make the thumbnail look so dirty

    • Patthecat


      15 days ago

      Oh jeez I just realised that

  • The Alex

    The Alex

    21 day ago

    9:11 pause the video. Do you see the smiling face on link s hair?

  • Seth314


    21 day ago

    I ❤️ You

  • Luca Bettinelli

    Luca Bettinelli

    21 day ago

    Please add a download I want to play that so hardddddd

  • 11D-Bharathkrishna Menon

    11D-Bharathkrishna Menon

    21 day ago

    Why is it not called "Legend of Link" then?

  • Daniel sarabia

    Daniel sarabia

    22 days ago

    Please its my favorite game if you can

  • Daniel sarabia

    Daniel sarabia

    22 days ago

    Can you make Pokemon Fire Red in 3D

  • Frog Box18

    Frog Box18

    22 days ago


  • RealKGB


    22 days ago

    Do we get a download? I want to make a 3DS port as I have a Unity for 3DS license.

  • SlimIsChillin


    22 days ago

    Hey cody! Whats the theme for 1:22 like the music

  • Mario Alberto Ramos Hauter

    Mario Alberto Ramos Hauter

    22 days ago

    i want to dawnload



    22 days ago


  • Mini game

    Mini game

    23 days ago

    how do i play this?

  • 2Noobs


    23 days ago

    i freaking love ur channel so much man

  • Tiny Jammer

    Tiny Jammer

    23 days ago

    Be gone Thought!

  • number 1 enemy of the useless

    number 1 enemy of the useless

    24 days ago

    Vary nice I grew up with this game in the 80's great job..

  • Joey M

    Joey M

    24 days ago

    5:43 and Minecraft slime

  • Roman Sky Phillip

    Roman Sky Phillip

    24 days ago


  • Sinister Junior

    Sinister Junior

    24 days ago

    Yay part 2 😃

  • Grego


    24 days ago

    Now do link to the past

  • Jonathan Woods

    Jonathan Woods

    25 days ago

    In the first game you could name your player character... They are both Zelda.

  • Scp 999

    Scp 999

    25 days ago

    I like your code

  • The stick nodes gamer

    The stick nodes gamer

    25 days ago

    Are you going to add it to the over world

  • PeaceLove Harmony

    PeaceLove Harmony

    25 days ago

    He should do the first version of Samus .

  • Felipe Lemos

    Felipe Lemos

    25 days ago

    WAIT, is it your game that is in EmuOS? It looks exactly the same

  • Aditi Nepal

    Aditi Nepal

    25 days ago

    I played the game you made :) get 1M!

  • bibhushan s 3

    bibhushan s 3

    25 days ago

    Cody can do anything other than eat it! (that's such a irony joke man what is my brain)

  • Romaim Mangahas

    Romaim Mangahas

    26 days ago

    Bro that really take time wow your amazing

  • Peros


    26 days ago

    His hat looks like a smilie face pause at 6:59

  • The Spongebob Squarepants Popsicle

    The Spongebob Squarepants Popsicle

    26 days ago

    Do Sonic 2

  • Jim Palacios

    Jim Palacios

    26 days ago

    Yes it was nice to see all of it

  • Meows for Life

    Meows for Life

    26 days ago

    Why are the enemy's able to move the blocks too

  • Mrk18


    26 days ago

    No Bro, you must run fast if you don't do that you will get a demand from Nintendo

  • Ponendus


    27 days ago

    So You’ve completed all the popular games in 3D… wait u missed one sooooo

    Make Kirby in 3D

  • Andrei Lopez

    Andrei Lopez

    27 days ago

    i realy wanted to play it

  • Merial Jordan

    Merial Jordan

    27 days ago

    You sound like that veggietales character that says i am from the IRS 🎵 and I've come to pay your ta-🎵

  • skeletalsuperhero31


    27 days ago

    can you make undertale in 3D?

  • AdamGames


    27 days ago

    The gell is like a creature from minecraft called "slime"

  • Second_EmbyFox


    27 days ago

    plz download

  • tiuri opdam

    tiuri opdam

    27 days ago

    Is there a download link of something?

  • Haije Hiemstra

    Haije Hiemstra

    27 days ago

    At the end link is jammin out lol

  • Gachaglich_catcher


    28 days ago

    please make a new gameplay with the dungeons now

  • Sethamphetamine


    28 days ago

    Ok but how do we play it?

  • Taxi Gameboy

    Taxi Gameboy

    28 days ago

    I always say Keese is plural for Koose and I always get yelled at by my friend, some one please agree with me

  • ultimate dark ?

    ultimate dark ?

    28 days ago

    I watched the other 3 videos

  • Ludde Olsen

    Ludde Olsen

    28 days ago

    i wanna play it!

  • Thortron247


    28 days ago

    I wish this available to play it looks so good

  • Adam Akoum

    Adam Akoum

    28 days ago

    Can I say something?
    The two things on the door are circles that are decoration for the door and not lights

  • Adam Akoum

    Adam Akoum

    28 days ago

    When I first heard you say “Death Mountain”: Think you said Mountain then gets confused when you said so it’s shaped like a skull.
    (I had to put the speaker in my ear to hear it lol)

  • Ralfs Stundiņš

    Ralfs Stundiņš

    29 days ago

    Crate bomber 3 d game

  • Jordan Akin

    Jordan Akin

    29 days ago

    2:18 that's sus-

  • MeLisa Stone

    MeLisa Stone

    29 days ago


  • askd k

    askd k

    29 days ago

    yooo i wanna play this :o

  • Franklin Zhang

    Franklin Zhang

    29 days ago

    POV: the patra has 2 blue patras and 100 red patras

  • stoneofsteel


    29 days ago

    My one problem is the font for the text

  • Himanish s

    Himanish s

    29 days ago

    Plz make pokemon red,blue in 3D

  • Юрий Ширяев

    Юрий Ширяев

    29 days ago

    OMG pokemon red and blue but in 3d

    • Ghazt YT extras

      Ghazt YT extras

      29 days ago

      This is something else in 3d