I Survived For 24 Hours In The Bermuda Triangle

Published on Jul 26, 2021
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    Subscribe or I’ll strand you in the Bermuda Triangle😈

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      Roen Wade

      5 hours ago

      Noo pls I have famiwy :(

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      pls giv me a shoutout

  • Wendy Harrod

    Wendy Harrod

    2 minutes ago

    I'm happy the sposer was fast 1 seconds

  • Logan Shultz

    Logan Shultz

    4 hours ago

    Now survive on the gross survival food for a month

  • Andrew Kinne

    Andrew Kinne

    4 hours ago

    Yo Merritt boatyard

  • Joshua Fontaine

    Joshua Fontaine

    5 hours ago


  • Joshua Fontaine

    Joshua Fontaine

    6 hours ago

    its true becuase the bermuda triangle its made out of metel and it porpply can only suck in boat that made out of metel...

  • Yousef Magayano

    Yousef Magayano

    6 hours ago

    You got from that mrbest

  • Morgan Sekula

    Morgan Sekula

    7 hours ago

    the song is called he's a pirate

  • Parker Marshall

    Parker Marshall

    10 hours ago

    The Hook I Can relate to

  • Woody Vic Gaming

    Woody Vic Gaming

    11 hours ago

    I actully learned from that there was 2 gray white sharks underneath the ocean so your lucky to be alive

  • Real hamster

    Real hamster

    12 hours ago

    everyone:SHARK SHARK THERES A SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    eric: huh theres a shark? and stands completily still and looks around while everyones panicking

  • Rony Viegas

    Rony Viegas

    13 hours ago


  • Elijah Jaden

    Elijah Jaden

    14 hours ago

    So thats where my dad went

  • Jordan sings

    Jordan sings

    15 hours ago

    That’s 24 mins

  • roua ehab

    roua ehab

    16 hours ago

    "Ur wanna die" x^x

  • JosephVibez


    18 hours ago


  • Joacquin Balingcos

    Joacquin Balingcos

    Day ago

    then dont do it if u fond wnat to die

  • landon barney

    landon barney

    Day ago

    I didn’t know you where friends with Mack aka 100th place in the last to leave circle video from mrbeast

  • Prank Master

    Prank Master

    Day ago

    Nice, straight up copying mrbeast

  • emily holstein

    emily holstein

    Day ago

    Don’t die don’t die

  • Brandon Chheng

    Brandon Chheng

    Day ago

    3 Headded Monster Gona Attack Airrack

  • DaringDannyX321


    Day ago

    Yo I’m Terrified

  • DaringDannyX321


    Day ago


  • Lesley Olaman

    Lesley Olaman

    2 days ago

    You are lucky

  • Wxvvyy


    2 days ago

    I just wanna let anyone else who sees this know that God loves them and that it’s not too late to give their loves to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior 🙏 ❤️✝️

  • Emmanuel Christian

    Emmanuel Christian

    2 days ago

    God damn did u guys see how much puke was in the ocean

  • Marco Averion

    Marco Averion

    2 days ago

    Yo today September 17 Friday 2021 and it’s literally just left like a pirate day yeah that’s such a coincidence

  • Doge


    2 days ago

    You are the one who’s going to stay in Bermuda triangle for 20 years

  • Smiling Creature

    Smiling Creature

    2 days ago

    This guy is truly no fear, this guy the type of guy that would be calm when getting arrested

  • Brandon and Friends

    Brandon and Friends

    2 days ago

    at least give jimmy some credit for the idea

  • Max Irvine Feeney

    Max Irvine Feeney

    2 days ago

    I don’t wanna be stranded

    • Max Irvine Feeney

      Max Irvine Feeney

      2 days ago


    • Max Irvine Feeney

      Max Irvine Feeney

      2 days ago


    • Max Irvine Feeney

      Max Irvine Feeney

      2 days ago


  • Dank LoL

    Dank LoL

    3 days ago

    mr beast knock off
    come up with your own style

  • Jose Rolando

    Jose Rolando

    3 days ago

    That’s how yk the government has something down there that’s how they knew the mafia were there i mean they’re in the middle of the ocean why would they know???, bc they created something down there foshooo

  • Just a normal channel of a Steve fan.

    Just a normal channel of a Steve fan.

    3 days ago

    Why are people posting faster?

  • Ashiro-Chan !

    Ashiro-Chan !

    3 days ago

    So glad your okay!!!

  • Mr Dinero

    Mr Dinero

    3 days ago

    Next time you're feeling sea sick🤢 on the waters,take a sip of the sea water.it calms the stumuck.it worked for me the first time I felt that way whilst out fishing.maybe it works for you guys too.cool videos b.

  • Brawl stars Devin lin mini

    Brawl stars Devin lin mini

    3 days ago


  • Minion


    3 days ago

    This YouTubers nowadays r doing every thing for views

  • Nara Huerta

    Nara Huerta

    3 days ago

    those are just myths its kinda scary because there are alot of storms there but its not normal for something bad to happen btw oirates of the caribbean is a good movie

  • Enes Xhiha

    Enes Xhiha

    3 days ago


  • Pet SimX Dude

    Pet SimX Dude

    3 days ago

    Did he died or dronded

  • JamesGamingRblx


    3 days ago

    How you can't survive or Bermuda triangle easily ;-;

  • Lega


    3 days ago

    it’s basic. more people go missing there because more people travel across there. and I live in Bermuda and i hate when I tell people that and they say “ like the triangle?”🤣

  • Cars Vs -BeamNG

    Cars Vs -BeamNG

    3 days ago

    Thank you for this video, I was feeling a little bit down but now I'm better!

  • Millanplayz


    3 days ago

    bruh ok noice i thought it was frikin real

  • Coco Meok

    Coco Meok

    3 days ago

    The 3 headed monster do be scary

  • Yashaswini Sweety

    Yashaswini Sweety

    3 days ago

    I probably die

  • Michael Durham

    Michael Durham

    4 days ago

    ive gotta jar of dirt! ive gotta jar of dirt!

  • Stepanek740


    4 days ago

    Nah a reaper leviathan is scarier than a giant squid

  • Masked uzumaki

    Masked uzumaki

    4 days ago

    wow nick dgiovanni himself

  • PlasmaDragon


    4 days ago

    whats the thing behind his ear

  • zoe gassen

    zoe gassen

    4 days ago

    you should go to the bahamas i mean bahamas is in the bahamas

  • Rayshard Hosein

    Rayshard Hosein

    4 days ago

    Just like mrbeast but mrbeast it rich

  • S7stym4 e77or fn@f pinky

    S7stym4 e77or fn@f pinky

    4 days ago

    You look like David dobric

  • TN54


    4 days ago

    This is extremely dangerous there are almost constant hurricanes and water tornados

  • Wolfy!


    4 days ago

    At the start you can tell that he’s gonna live bc the recording of him is still there

  • Whan Boonlarp

    Whan Boonlarp

    4 days ago

    Ur in The Ocean for 86,400 sekends

  • S6orpian


    4 days ago

    Lol wasnt that 24 minutes cus at the end it was fast😂

  • LE Cat

    LE Cat

    4 days ago

    Know what I dare you to do I dare you to eat a fish eyeball and if you don't just know I ate two fish eyeballs and I'm only a nine-year-old girl so yeah bye

  • TW Vlogs

    TW Vlogs

    4 days ago

    I love your videos

  • Gracieloveypop Roblox name

    Gracieloveypop Roblox name

    4 days ago

    dude! This was worth every minute of watching!

  • Alex Bačkor

    Alex Bačkor

    4 days ago

    Wow literally the same video as mrbeast

  • TheOGMCGuy


    4 days ago

    Airrack: vomit
    Fish: what the heck is that smell!

  • JuMaN NaTh

    JuMaN NaTh

    4 days ago

    I was eating mannnnnnnnnnn



    4 days ago

    you guys are so brave man i can't even sleep alone lmao

  • Dara Os

    Dara Os

    4 days ago

    He hasnt posted in a month 😱

  • Spooky


    4 days ago

    This man has some balls to do this

  • Hayes Rowean

    Hayes Rowean

    4 days ago

    My sister is 6 years old and she cot a northern pike in a lake and then I cot alligator gars 6 feet tall

  • Ciuban Valentin

    Ciuban Valentin

    4 days ago

    Are no bermuda

  • Goofy


    4 days ago




    4 days ago

    Hmmm.....its not Bermuda triangle btw bruh lol

  • Aditi Abhilash

    Aditi Abhilash

    4 days ago


  • 🌄 Aaron 🐉

    🌄 Aaron 🐉

    5 days ago

    Just sitting on a boat and eating what you bought, that's what you so called "Survival challenge" . Wow 😲 Amazing!

  • Robobobuzi


    5 days ago

    Great content man, just found your Chanel and I’m already a fan.

  • snow white snow 🌸🌼🍄🌹🌻🌺🍀

    snow white snow 🌸🌼🍄🌹🌻🌺🍀

    5 days ago

    How did the police now you were there thats sus

  • snow white snow 🌸🌼🍄🌹🌻🌺🍀

    snow white snow 🌸🌼🍄🌹🌻🌺🍀

    5 days ago

    How come you did not disaper

  • Sam Purrier

    Sam Purrier

    5 days ago

    What are our chances of living this bottle flip *misses* were going to die

  • ocp


    5 days ago

    Me my nightmare is module/online class or school

  • Jayden costalez

    Jayden costalez

    5 days ago

    Wow you copied MR.Beast



    5 days ago

    Bro u are insane!!!!

  • Tstingray fan

    Tstingray fan

    5 days ago

    I don't remember being subscribed

  • Xiki Xang

    Xiki Xang

    5 days ago

    Now Survive alone...

  • Helene Andersen Risnes

    Helene Andersen Risnes

    5 days ago

    Please live

  • Nándor Nemes

    Nándor Nemes

    5 days ago

    U in the bermuda triangle:😁👍
    U when u eat that food:😟😨

  • Phani -349

    Phani -349

    5 days ago

    Great job my bro

  • DumDo104


    5 days ago

    Nang bang bol mo?



    5 days ago

    flares are so fucking sexy, give me some.

  • Arman Erfan Akhlaghi

    Arman Erfan Akhlaghi

    5 days ago

    Are there any jellyfish here?

  • AlysGaming Pakistan

    AlysGaming Pakistan

    5 days ago

    Area 51 next?

  • James Mathew Madrona

    James Mathew Madrona

    5 days ago

    Everyone's gangsta until "The Meg" shows up

  • PAC


    5 days ago

    Do more vlogs lil dicky lets gooo

  • kar


    5 days ago

    "A SHARK"
    Eric: *theres a shark?*

  • Mark Paul Manalac

    Mark Paul Manalac

    6 days ago

    Where he throwed up it was so disgusting

  • Mark Paul Manalac

    Mark Paul Manalac

    6 days ago

    Where the bermuda triangle is where the kraken is

  • Sensei Crash

    Sensei Crash

    6 days ago

    How is he not arrested yet

  • Awmpuia Rokhum

    Awmpuia Rokhum

    6 days ago

    Is this even real?

  • Way of the Dragon

    Way of the Dragon

    6 days ago

    you didn't stay there for 24 hours you only been there 12 minutes

  • Da Rox

    Da Rox

    6 days ago

    We done yet.. .

  • Cartoon Cat

    Cartoon Cat

    6 days ago

    sgitiga bermuda = bermuda triangle

  • team ace

    team ace

    6 days ago

    3:42 lol