Incredible joy and respect! Aftermath of UFC 263 as Brandon Moreno becomes UFC champ!

Published on Jun 13, 2021
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Beaten champion Deiveson Figueiredo was the first to congratulate Brandon Moreno as celebrations erupted after the Mexican made history at UFC 263.

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  • Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    2 hours ago

    godbless pa, eres un chingon, viva mexico

  • Young_ Mar24

    Young_ Mar24

    18 hours ago


  • Daniel Mizrahi

    Daniel Mizrahi

    18 hours ago

    2:40 Dana had enough but then Moreno's wife turned so he had to get a look of that booty

  • Stanish Thomas

    Stanish Thomas

    21 hour ago

    This keeps making me cry every time I watch this

  • Juancho Benitez

    Juancho Benitez

    23 hours ago

    Orgulloso de ser mexicano cabron si se pudo✌😜😜🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🙏🙏 soy un pinche chamaco de México se sintio bonito cabron orgulloso de ser loque eres mexicano

  • Ceasar Moreno

    Ceasar Moreno

    Day ago

    Fifty gees in mexico goes a very long way, we may not see him until the tacos are over

  • El Sr. C

    El Sr. C

    Day ago

    The most incredible thing is that he call it some years ago.

  • The Hitman

    The Hitman

    Day ago

    Wasn’t Cain Velasquez the first Mexican champ??

    • 👑King Pap👑

      👑King Pap👑

      19 hours ago

      He's Mexican American

  • Black_pater Lofumbwa

    Black_pater Lofumbwa

    Day ago

    I'm Congo Kinshasa in Africa but I've been looking for this video for so long and after have watching it,I feel like I got another reason to believe in my dreams,I'm proud of him and proud to be Mexican as well😊🙏🏽!#

  • Marc Jacobs

    Marc Jacobs

    2 days ago

    Cameraman knew what he was doing at 0:05

  • Young_ Mar24

    Young_ Mar24

    2 days ago


  • Tony Rosales

    Tony Rosales

    2 days ago

    BRANDON "Si se puede" MORENO

  • Gilbert H.

    Gilbert H.

    2 days ago

    I’m literally crying…



    3 days ago

    Asta ganas de llorar de orgullo wey

  • Cesar Escamilla

    Cesar Escamilla

    4 days ago

    One of the most amazing heartfelt moments I’ve ever seen post-fight.

  • Edward Herrera

    Edward Herrera

    4 days ago

    How come dana straps belt on everyone but not this guy? Hmmm sus

  • Thumpziii26 Rangel

    Thumpziii26 Rangel

    4 days ago

    His friend at 1:23 was already showing his emotions.

  • Shock the Muscle

    Shock the Muscle

    5 days ago


  • Juan carlos Cisneros

    Juan carlos Cisneros

    5 days ago

    Cuando gritó "Viva weeey" de puso la piel chinita

  • Agustina Ontiveros

    Agustina Ontiveros

    5 days ago

    Todos se rindieron ante el ...
    Que chingon fue eso!!

  • Gaby Mh

    Gaby Mh

    5 days ago

    Viva mexico cabrones!!!!!

  • Rigoberto Salgado

    Rigoberto Salgado

    5 days ago

    La verdad sin el apoyo de la mujer nosotros no somos nada recuerda brendon congrats ahí yo vi claramente tú familia primero no se te olvide

  • Rafael Del Villar

    Rafael Del Villar

    6 days ago

    God assassin baby!

  • Kim Faber

    Kim Faber

    7 days ago

    I could watch this a thousand times and it will never get old. "Watch me now!!!!"

  • Mcartur


    7 days ago

    Que agradable sujeto !

  • aira a

    aira a

    8 days ago


  • ya yeet

    ya yeet

    8 days ago

    he deserved it so much

  • Fernando Montalvo

    Fernando Montalvo

    8 days ago

    Cried like a 4 year old watching that fight and still tearing up watching this. VIVA MEXICO 🇲🇽

  • Javiet Gonzalez

    Javiet Gonzalez

    8 days ago

    Que humilde este varón que levanta al mexicano !!! Eso es de campeones !!! Viva mexico !!!

  • Speedy Gee

    Speedy Gee

    9 days ago

    His wife thick

  • Hector


    9 days ago

    Joe's voice breaking at the end of that interview... he definitely felt the Mexico love for their people! 💯

  • Roco Dux

    Roco Dux

    9 days ago




    9 days ago

    yeaaa viva mexicoooooo

  • Max Gómez

    Max Gómez

    10 days ago

    🥺🥺.. puto orgullo. Guey .!!! Hiciste historia .!! Guey .!! 🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Andrew_m


    10 days ago

    viva mexico cabronesssss

  • Miky Jay

    Miky Jay

    11 days ago

    Esto quedara marcado en la historia El primer Mexicano.

  • Roberto Viscalla

    Roberto Viscalla

    12 days ago

    3:45 min. 😭😭😭😭

  • Antonio Arizmendi

    Antonio Arizmendi

    12 days ago

    Excelentes deportistas ambos peleadores.

  • Jesus Sanchez

    Jesus Sanchez

    12 days ago

    Vivvvaaaa mexicoooooooo

  • Nicandro Martínez Sotelo

    Nicandro Martínez Sotelo

    12 days ago

    If only Joe could know what Brandon was saying, he would have break down in tears

  • Andy Acosta

    Andy Acosta

    13 days ago

    Idc what anyone says joe is simply the best interviewer/commentator in the history of boxing/mma

  • Essen Munsamy

    Essen Munsamy

    13 days ago

    The Mexican has rised

  • Andrew Elliott

    Andrew Elliott

    13 days ago

    Figgy is a real one..

  • TREN RAE44

    TREN RAE44

    13 days ago

    That look on Moreno starts @ 0:10
    Like he couldn’t believe it was happening
    Then BOOM 0:49
    It hit him literally 💪

  • Tyler Seibert

    Tyler Seibert

    13 days ago

    What a disgrace. Figgy was paid to tbrow the fight

    • 👑King Pap👑

      👑King Pap👑

      19 hours ago

      Is this serious? He ran into the same problems in the first fight-- where his insane power didn't mean much to Brandon Moreno, who has a steel chin... Moreno outclassed him, pure and simple

  • Charles Morales

    Charles Morales

    14 days ago

    Hard work pays off!

  • Lias21 Sampi

    Lias21 Sampi

    14 days ago

    Hasta el dia de hoy lloro! Que grande brandon!! Mucho respeto para figuereido que mostro mucho respeto al perder el cinturon

  • guzman OMAR

    guzman OMAR

    14 days ago

    Viva México y Brasil 🇲🇽🇧🇷👍

  • Vlad Boomer

    Vlad Boomer

    15 days ago

    That’s what hard is all about 💪

  • Reda


    16 days ago

    So proud of him

  • Fishing Xtreme

    Fishing Xtreme

    16 days ago

    Este verga me hizo llorar🤧😭

  • Marcos Ayala

    Marcos Ayala

    16 days ago

    Los pinches chamacos somos buen desmadre pa pelear en México cabrones México viva México ...

  • Lomez H

    Lomez H

    16 days ago


  • M Tippy

    M Tippy

    16 days ago

    For those of us who do not speak, I would love to hear what he said in English. Translate just couldn't do it. Respect. Additionally, i hope there's a powerful person in Mexico who tells everyone, hands off our Champion.

    • moco loco

      moco loco

      14 days ago

      The president made a public statement to the country about his accomplishment and congratulated him for winning and inspiring his people

  • Jamie king

    Jamie king

    16 days ago

    Mexicano viva mi raza

  • Gaurab Bhujel

    Gaurab Bhujel

    16 days ago

    Damn!!! The amount of chillls I got watching this

  • Highboy Mountain Grow

    Highboy Mountain Grow

    16 days ago

    My boy assasin! Puro paisa gueyes

  • Daniel Koscielniak

    Daniel Koscielniak

    16 days ago

    I watch it over and over and over and everytime I see it I cry🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣 very very proud of this guy the way he mexico y Mirenme si se piece cabrones si se puede mirenmeeeeeee 👍👍👍👍👊👊👊👊

  • Evelin Roman

    Evelin Roman

    17 days ago


  • Snake Man

    Snake Man

    17 days ago

    Motivation is what Moreno is. Not some rubbish long good quotes .

  • Joshua Terán

    Joshua Terán

    18 days ago

    0:46 es el momento en que sabes que es real que ya no es un sueño, que todos esos días tristes al fin tuvieron sentido...

  • Uzxin


    18 days ago

    He said “I will be champion maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month but i promise i will be champion”

  • Payden Williams

    Payden Williams

    20 days ago

    I just got something I my eyes, I’m not crying. Yea both at the same time, it’s possible leave me alone.

  • Adventures with AG

    Adventures with AG

    20 days ago

    4:54 New Champion Brandon Moreno Viva Mexico Ahuevo Guey!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • pashpashTV


    21 day ago

    I felt proud to be a Mexican because of this guy.
    And im filipino

  • Jackson sylvester

    Jackson sylvester

    21 day ago

    Viva Mexico 🇲🇽

  • SAUL 78

    SAUL 78

    21 day ago

    What an incredible young man 💪🏻

  • Barlos


    21 day ago

    That whole speech le salio de alma

  • Nathan Craig ✓

    Nathan Craig ✓

    22 days ago


  • Wavy


    22 days ago

    Im not crying someone cutting onions

  • Albert Graham

    Albert Graham

    23 days ago

    Every time I watch this nearly (I said nearly) burst into tears 😢😅😢😅

  • Arthy Magaña

    Arthy Magaña

    23 days ago

    Viva México, Felicidades campeón,, dios lo bendiga siempre, gran humildad🏆🙏🍀

  • Don 1

    Don 1

    25 days ago

    The amount of times figgy has missed weight made me lose a lot of respect and really not like him. But to lose with such class outweighs it all. Respect. Viva la raza 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Marvelous1


    25 days ago

    Dude was cut from ufc lost early in tuf hes been through other things too personal life deserves it hard work

  • Pablo Flores

    Pablo Flores

    25 days ago

    Let’s go baby TJ!!!!

  • Monica Segovia

    Monica Segovia

    25 days ago

    Hola a Ustedes Mexicanos que vos tienen buenos deportistas checo perez canelo Alvarez y este chico campeón de la UFC Felicidades del Mar del plata Argentina p.d no hacer caso de las pavadas de nuestro presidente.



    26 days ago

    Every time I see this video I cry

  • Lola


    26 days ago

    Congratulations 🎉

  • Viceroy Bear

    Viceroy Bear

    26 days ago

    Now what we need is a Colby Covington type in his weight class to come along and smash his face in as he waves the American flag and says Viva America Viva USA the pay-per-view number to be awesome in the rematch

  • Forty Seven

    Forty Seven

    26 days ago

    still shed tears everytime I watch this 😢 respect to moreno and Viva Mexico Cabrones!!! 🇲🇽

  • Omar Garcia

    Omar Garcia

    26 days ago

    Pinches mexicanos nacemos donde pinches keremos.... Nesesito una camisa k diga eso

  • Carlos Vel

    Carlos Vel

    26 days ago

    5:47 ahí estamos "Ecuador" con Brando Moreno

  • Adlaii


    27 days ago

    Felicidades a mis hermanos Mexicanos!!! VIVA MEXICO KBRONES’!!!!!!!

  • Tiredsin


    27 days ago

    I wouldn't have noticed if that was Joe or dana😂

  • junsjj etrh

    junsjj etrh

    27 days ago

    2:07 look at refree

  • Vicente Núñez kz Nuñezkz

    Vicente Núñez kz Nuñezkz

    27 days ago

    No por nada los mexicanos descendemos de los Dioses aztecas 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dylan C

    Dylan C

    27 days ago

    Even Figgy couldnt help but be super happy for him

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Francisco Rodriguez

    28 days ago

    Why is Joe Rogan muted? Lol

  • Shane Coles

    Shane Coles

    28 days ago

    Such a fan of Brandon Moreno. Can we talk about just how classy and respectful Davison was in defeat? What a class act. Both of these guys are what champions are made of.

  • Ruendy Perez

    Ruendy Perez

    28 days ago

    "SOY UN PINCHE CHAMACO MEXICANO" DAmmm this is beautifull arriba Mexico cabrones,

  • Migznpigz


    29 days ago

    Bro I just learned of Brandon and this video made me cry, awesome underdog story

  • Nelson Alvarez

    Nelson Alvarez

    29 days ago

    Only thing killing the moment is Dana white looking angry as usual with the new champ, couldn't even wrap the belt around his waist as he wanted figueiredo to win

  • Vhinoy TV

    Vhinoy TV

    29 days ago

    Congrats Brandon Moreno, greetings from Philippines!! 🙏❤️



    29 days ago

    Este es el mejor campeon mexicano y hasta me hizo llorar...y vamos a luchar contra la corrupción y empresas que quieren al mexicano de esclavo con salarios muy bajos y empresas que no pagan impuestos...vamos contra ellos.

  • Sam Hatch

    Sam Hatch

    29 days ago

    People love positive people. I will be trying to act accordingly

  • Gaudalope Correa

    Gaudalope Correa

    29 days ago

    Desde oaxaca asta tijuana un rujir al cañon ser mexicano para siemple

  • Rick Lewis

    Rick Lewis

    Month ago


  • Rick Lewis

    Rick Lewis

    Month ago

    Just show us the chic in pink!!!! Congrats B.M

  • Jimmy Gan

    Jimmy Gan

    Month ago

    This is the typa energy we need throughout the year.

  • Allup hype

    Allup hype

    Month ago

    I hate how figuereido threw this fight