Insane UMAMI Dry Age Experiment | Guga Foods

Published on Nov 25, 2020
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MSG is something used quite often in many restaurants. Today I Dry Aged Steaks with it and the results are insane. After dry aging so many meats I never thought this would happen and here I share with you the results.

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Guga Foods
  • Guga Foods

    Guga Foods

    8 months ago

    Check out to get 10% off some amazing knives! Thank Dalstrong.

    • James Matthew

      James Matthew

      21 day ago

      msg iceberg

    • Trevor Munroe

      Trevor Munroe

      Month ago

      @Astrum Iuvenis m

    • alborz soleimanifard

      alborz soleimanifard

      5 months ago

      Iranian ghara (ghara ghorot) jacuzzi dry age

    • Claire LaBrec

      Claire LaBrec

      5 months ago

      can you try it with mashed potatoes

    • Gerd Steting

      Gerd Steting

      5 months ago

      @Astrum Iuvenis k

  • Ari budi pratomo

    Ari budi pratomo

    7 days ago

    Aajinomoto mendunia wkwk

  • Prince Dilshan

    Prince Dilshan

    9 days ago

    You will get so trusty for few hours



    10 days ago

    msg is really bad for your bones but health is nothing to taste LOL

  • Zen Piranha

    Zen Piranha

    12 days ago

    No real science to prove MSG is bad.

  • Bobux Man

    Bobux Man

    12 days ago

    Uncle Roger approves this video.

  • Patrick Buzo

    Patrick Buzo

    14 days ago

    I gotta tell you, I'm a vegan
    but I love this channel haha

  • Magus Perdé

    Magus Perdé

    14 days ago

    I bet it will taste exactly the same as when I put waaaay too much worcestershire sauce on my steaks. That is, surprinsingly good



    15 days ago

    Since everything is amazing to you, i think its time for a top ten of all time steaks/dishes from guga food history. THEN part 2: recreate each of the top 3 and improve all of them somehow, to make them ultimate version of each, and get all your compadres to do anonymous vote what's the best guga of all time. Then part 3: combine elements of all of these to create a Goku steak. Best of all worlds 🥩

  • Bjarne Algra

    Bjarne Algra

    15 days ago

    Guga is THE person to do a sponsorship with. He almost convinced me to buy all those knives

  • Jessica Fritzges

    Jessica Fritzges

    16 days ago

    You are easy to watch and my next binge. I love how you set it all up as an experiment. How do you not have a show on food network?

  • Hi Tahiti

    Hi Tahiti

    17 days ago

    Looks like an episode of narco



    19 days ago

    European people alergic in MSG and say MSG is bad Because they are WEAK...

  • Zephan Mayeda

    Zephan Mayeda

    20 days ago

    Dry age crack

  • Illz


    20 days ago


  • John Shearer

    John Shearer

    21 day ago

    Why did he think it was going to be salty with the msg, surely he can't tell if he doesn't start with a baseline of how either the msg tastes or how it changes the taste when added to food

  • Clark Meyer

    Clark Meyer

    21 day ago

    *gives a knife to the joker*
    *He puts a smile on everyone's face*

  • James Matthew

    James Matthew

    21 day ago

    msg iceberg

  • Druuzil Tech & Games

    Druuzil Tech & Games

    22 days ago

    In this video.. Guga creates the 28 Days Later virus.

  • tom cool

    tom cool

    22 days ago

    I don't care even you dry age it with crap, that was high quality meat it going to be delicious in whatever you do

    • Master Mirror Sung

      Master Mirror Sung

      20 days ago

      watch his Vegemite and Nutella video.

  • Coolbot S

    Coolbot S

    23 days ago

    MSG triggers hunger.

  • St.Lucifer Diablo

    St.Lucifer Diablo

    25 days ago

    Frist of all why in the world would you use msg?have you not ever heard of Chinese food syndrome! It' is caused by msg ......Evan my lao and Thai friends stopped using msg because it is a posion to the organs of the human body......dude please do some research for heavens sake ... even the monistary banned msg from the kitchen because of the elderly monks must be keeped healthy.....msg is very very bad for you.... please stop using it for your health sake

  • dumb damn

    dumb damn

    25 days ago

    Its called micins..

  • wazzup


    25 days ago

    Fuiyoh! So good! :D

  • misuta confusing

    misuta confusing

    27 days ago

    This guy have so much knifes

  • Fox Xof

    Fox Xof

    27 days ago

    looks more like cauliflower than popcorn

  • Natália Oliveira

    Natália Oliveira

    28 days ago

    Hi. I have a question: Why is there a "Don't try this at home" warning? Is this experiment dangerous in some way?

  • oompa lumpus

    oompa lumpus

    28 days ago

    He has such a soft, gentle voice.

  • Rafa Pruton

    Rafa Pruton

    29 days ago

    Micin lover has join the group

  • Kenneth Nash

    Kenneth Nash

    Month ago

    MSG brings out flavors in seasonings.

  • JurnalUrang


    Month ago

    this is how exactly you addicted to michin

  • Martin Bartsch

    Martin Bartsch

    Month ago

    That’s a stollen

  • Brandon Botchlet

    Brandon Botchlet

    Month ago

    I'm thinking could u just put it in one of those bags?

  • Brandon Botchlet

    Brandon Botchlet

    Month ago

    @uncleRoger lol

  • gnat felton

    gnat felton

    Month ago

    That squeezing is because the msg is literally tenderizing the meat of your mouth. It's interesting stuff

  • kuyanatnatdkrx7


    Month ago

    are you sure that's MSG 1:44 and not Cocaine

  • Jose Alejandro Gonzales

    Jose Alejandro Gonzales

    Month ago

    you sound monotonous in your narration

  • Rostam Mehrafarin

    Rostam Mehrafarin

    Month ago

    Just so people know there are no Metal Gears found in this video....

  • Cpmnk


    Month ago

    Msg isnt salt...

  • fus ro da

    fus ro da

    Month ago


  • Jhon


    Month ago

    This is just like playing with snow

  • Halo Hallo

    Halo Hallo

    Month ago

    Please dry age with ramen noodles

  • Galen Matson

    Galen Matson

    Month ago


  • Kalisto


    Month ago

    7:54, 8:23, 9:13

  • Cesar Blanco

    Cesar Blanco

    Month ago

    This MSG is made from fermenting corn.

  • David McKay

    David McKay

    Month ago

    Biden is the worst president since king George III.

  • Tasya Nabila

    Tasya Nabila

    Month ago

    Yeah. Why foreigner hate MSG? I mean in Asian country we used it in many of our dishes.

  • Vinny Grenon

    Vinny Grenon

    Month ago

    No MSG for me

  • Alexios Keskou

    Alexios Keskou

    Month ago

    Dry age msg wagyu steak

  • GoToday


    Month ago

    Clearly that Dutch accent 👌🤣

  • jmaros15


    Month ago

    I always thought MSG was derived from a type of seaweed?

  • Smurlix


    Month ago

    I love how Guga loves a normal steak every time he eats it. He is a man of true culinary passion.

  • Ethan Jamison

    Ethan Jamison

    Month ago

    “It’s squeezing my cheeks”

  • Koda zaddy

    Koda zaddy

    Month ago

    Oddly interesting

  • skybeIPod


    Month ago

    You should re do this one with one of the vaccum bags you have so that it all sticks to it and see if that changes anything! :O Awesome videos :D

  • Shawn Greyling

    Shawn Greyling

    Month ago

    09:56 on repeat

  • Ardhani KP

    Ardhani KP

    Month ago

    siapa yang mampir dari indo karena willgoz

    • trullyk wardhani

      trullyk wardhani

      Month ago


  • Ahmad Azwan

    Ahmad Azwan

    Month ago


    • trullyk wardhani

      trullyk wardhani

      Month ago


  • ItZ Hateful

    ItZ Hateful

    Month ago

    Idk why but i find yall's content over satisfying.

  • Raditya Putra Alamsyah

    Raditya Putra Alamsyah

    Month ago

    yg dari willgozz mana sini

    • trullyk wardhani

      trullyk wardhani

      Month ago

      Gw wkwk

  • Lore Sanchez

    Lore Sanchez

    Month ago

    To much bla bla bla

  • Lore Sanchez

    Lore Sanchez

    Month ago

    The only worlds you know is beautiful

  • JiggyDancer


    2 months ago

    The unseasoned one seems to have a much better grain to begin with...

  • Wrestling Memeration

    Wrestling Memeration

    2 months ago

    It's very wholesome to see Guga so happy eating steak with his cousin.

  • Gin


    2 months ago

    Uncle roger would be pleased

  • Anime voice

    Anime voice

    2 months ago

    You do realize ajino mono is dangerous for the health .

    • Kerry Gamer

      Kerry Gamer

      Month ago

      You can use ajinomoto, but not a lot, just use spoon with tiny quantity.



    2 months ago

    In Indonesia ITS called "MICIN"

  • Anggi widdiastuti

    Anggi widdiastuti

    2 months ago

    Nonton ini gara-gara bapak2id 🙃😂

  • inkur kuy

    inkur kuy

    2 months ago

    Kesini gara gara bapak2 id 😂

  • ayuu Para

    ayuu Para

    2 months ago

    Micin micin club! ✨

  • Corey Brooks Tryon

    Corey Brooks Tryon

    2 months ago

    Guga, the John Wick of cooking

  • Mas Ipul

    Mas Ipul

    2 months ago

    Kesini gara2 postingan bapak2id di instagram. 😂

  • ruth ully

    ruth ully

    2 months ago

    I came here because of bapak2id.

  • Kudabesi id

    Kudabesi id

    2 months ago

    yoo yand dari instagram bapak2id

  • S S

    S S

    2 months ago

    Instructions: Use one table spoon.
    Guga: uses an actual table to spoon

  • kantep sungkakorn

    kantep sungkakorn

    2 months ago

    uncle roger brought me here

  • Kendrick Andrea

    Kendrick Andrea

    2 months ago

    Try to dry age something in uncooked rice but cook the rice afterwards and see how it is

  • armando torres

    armando torres

    2 months ago

    9:44 ayo👀

  • Matthew Harbour

    Matthew Harbour

    2 months ago

    Wonder if it might turn out better if you dry age with a MSG & salt mix. Or mixing MSG with some other dry age method

  • Ismail Parekh

    Ismail Parekh

    2 months ago

    Make black garlic butter!

  • C0o!3sT D!9

    C0o!3sT D!9

    2 months ago

    who else is questioning why he's so into knives
    sus much?

    • Lil bit

      Lil bit

      Month ago

      He’s a chief



    2 months ago

    Something about the way you say "So lets do it!" always cracks me up.

  • The online troll

    The online troll

    2 months ago

    Uncle Roger is proud of u

  • Bujang Tasty

    Bujang Tasty

    2 months ago

    western be like
    *Palm Oil is not good for our health
    ..... ( it is because asian is the biggest producer of Palm Oil and thats why western banned Palm Oil because their own oil is more expensive and cant compete with Palm oil)
    *Msg is not good for our health
    ......(also asian flavoring that can be the best flavoring for all type of cooking around the world, also what western afraid of)

  • Derim Devlet

    Derim Devlet

    2 months ago

    Namus Şeref
    MSG is no good

  • Fuck Youtube employees

    Fuck Youtube employees

    2 months ago

    Its not dry aged if its encased in something. Infact it not much different from it being vacuumed sealed and age in a method called wet aging.

  • Jen E

    Jen E

    3 months ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know who uncle roger is....

  • Tony Bishop

    Tony Bishop

    3 months ago

    Man really just used a leafblower on his steak

  • OurCollectiveWisdom


    3 months ago

    I really don’t understand why…

  • L CL

    L CL

    3 months ago

    Control steak should have been regular dry age steak

  • Ench Wraits

    Ench Wraits

    3 months ago

    There is nothing wrong with monosodium glutamate, as long as you don't consume too much in too little time, as with everything.

  • Ench Wraits

    Ench Wraits

    3 months ago

    My saliva is almost overflowing

  • Peter Choi

    Peter Choi

    3 months ago

    Guga, you know how a lot of the time you dry age meat in the fridge it ends up coming into direct contact with the air, I'm not experienced but my idea is to make smaller portions fully covered and put them into the dry-aging bags you use?

  • Faishal Majid

    Faishal Majid

    3 months ago

    " MICIN " emang enak bos favorit semua orang 😂😂👍👍

  • kosan krazy

    kosan krazy

    3 months ago

    U should check out dalstrong bbq knife it's a shadow black series

  • Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher

    3 months ago

    10:01 Me on the toilet after eating at Taco Bell

  • nathan nyhus

    nathan nyhus

    3 months ago

    This guy is the man

  • Panisa Philippou

    Panisa Philippou

    3 months ago

    I’m looking for the portable grill he recommended but I don’t remember which video it was from. I’ve been rewatching so many videos for 5 hours and I still can’t find it. If anyone knows pls lmk

  • Lex Lacefield

    Lex Lacefield

    3 months ago

    The Dalstrong Canada website is down, so cannot purchase with your link Guga!

  • david mcdavidson

    david mcdavidson

    3 months ago

    Guga must waste a lot of charcoal