Kelly Clarkson's Stirring Rendition Of "The Dance" Honors Garth Brooks At The 43rd Annual Kennedy…

Published on Jun 6, 2021
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  • Sweetpea Cantu

    Sweetpea Cantu

    Minute ago

    By far one of my favorite singers she is so underrated!! Love you Kelly!!

  • Kevin Blackmon

    Kevin Blackmon

    2 minutes ago

    Garth brooks is so fake. Who does this clown think he is? Poor Yearwood looks like she could stand a good time and some laughs.

  • Derek Bradley

    Derek Bradley

    7 minutes ago


  • Sarah Serenity

    Sarah Serenity

    9 minutes ago

    No. Please. NEVER AGAIN!

  • fob1xxl


    10 minutes ago

    The girl has so much talent ! We are all so proud of you Kelly. We knew it the first time on IDOL ! 💙

  • jett peters

    jett peters

    14 minutes ago

    Garth brooks is soooooo beta, he sucks.

  • Lazy Eyed Psycho

    Lazy Eyed Psycho

    15 minutes ago

    This is absolutely beautiful. Kelly Clarkson is a light in darkness. An amazing vocal artist and person and inspiration for us all

  • Penny H

    Penny H

    16 minutes ago


  • Mary Bianca

    Mary Bianca

    17 minutes ago

    Kelly ♥️🙏🇺🇲

  • Prema Poojitan Ananda

    Prema Poojitan Ananda

    20 minutes ago


  • Shannon Hermosillo

    Shannon Hermosillo

    21 minute ago

    First notes had me already crying. Garth Brooks reaction had me balling 😩

  • David Floro

    David Floro

    21 minute ago

    As Rick Beato has said on his own YT channel, Kelly Clarkson is the first and *still* the best singer ever to win American Idol, as we rush up on the 20th anniversary of that show. (I must add honorable mention should go to Jennifer Hudson, who somehow never “won” the competition, but also remains a tremendous vocal musician.) Here’s a little bit more proof….

  • Jake Browne

    Jake Browne

    21 minute ago

    Why has Garth gone to the liberal side he used to be one of the real ones

  • Laurie


    22 minutes ago

    Impeccable. I opened a new box of Puff’s.

  • Sasha Fierce

    Sasha Fierce

    29 minutes ago

    I loveeeeeeeeee this. 🤩♥️🤌🏽

  • Joseph Woodruff

    Joseph Woodruff

    32 minutes ago

    But why the damn rainbow around his neck? Believe me, we ALL know its gay pride month. Give it a rest. I love Garth but what a sellout.

  • Andrea Ellis

    Andrea Ellis

    35 minutes ago

    Kelly is An Amazing women with a God Given Voice. She Herself Believes& Knows where her gifts comes from.
    When you can Write a Song that Touches Everyone's Heart like they have& Then Sing it with Heart& Soul with an Amazing Voice.... Wow!! And I Truly Loved how Garth himself Was Brought to tears listening& Watching Kelly Sing. I know That Not Only touched His Big Heart, But That Was a Great Testimony in its self for Kelly.No Greater Praise could be said, than His Reaction. I Teared up myself. As im sure many did. I Loved it. To say the least...

  • kim ama

    kim ama

    39 minutes ago

    And she purposely held back to avoid stealing the stage from Garth... she's true class...

  • Daniel Neece

    Daniel Neece

    39 minutes ago

    Truer words are hard to find.

  • Anthony Pena

    Anthony Pena

    40 minutes ago

    You know its good when Garth almost breaks down...

  • Laurel Taylor

    Laurel Taylor

    42 minutes ago

    This is my favorite Garth song and Kelly does it beautifully.

  • Joanna Huskey

    Joanna Huskey

    51 minute ago

    Raw and beautiful. One of my favorite songs.

  • Oc oC

    Oc oC

    52 minutes ago

    Kelly being obese does not mean u need to dress so terrible... Get a new shopper. Please

  • WaywardSon 1891

    WaywardSon 1891

    57 minutes ago


  • HannahRachel Xo

    HannahRachel Xo

    58 minutes ago

    This woman's voice is sent strait from heaven! And I know she's always loved him and his wife Trisha.. so it makes it very special!!!

  • Nancy Brown LE

    Nancy Brown LE

    Hour ago

    That Was Phenomenal ❤❤❤

  • Tauney


    Hour ago

    I haven't cried that hard in years.

  • Dolores Parsons

    Dolores Parsons

    Hour ago

    Beautifully done. Thank you.

  • Just Swell - A Surf Channel

    Just Swell - A Surf Channel

    Hour ago

    I feel like Garth Brooks goatee and Kevin Costner's goatee are cousins.

  • Jeffery Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

    Jeffery Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

    Hour ago

    Why is the band on his award rainbow and why are they all sitting so far apart? Biden's over in Europe hugging other leaders with no mask on🥱

  • Mario Martinez

    Mario Martinez

    Hour ago

    Omg … Kelly was amazing!!!

  • Jeff Fletcher

    Jeff Fletcher

    Hour ago

    Way back when she was skinny and young they used to criticize her for her weight, her personality, her hair, her wardrobe, everything. She's got a successful talk show, she's on the voice and she's one of the most beloved musical talents in the world despite what the Hollywood phonies said she couldn't do, all from nothing but her own talent and commitment. When I think of powerful women, I think of women like Kelly. Good on you Kelly Clarkson.

  • SheepleR Dangerous

    SheepleR Dangerous

    Hour ago

    Garth Brooks is a Tool….just like all the other talking heads in Hollywood

  • ft55555


    Hour ago

    Garth jumped up at the end and said "Damn! Woo!" LOL.

  • Troy Wilson

    Troy Wilson

    Hour ago

    Good song and cover. The rainbows crap ruined it all though b

  • Anna C

    Anna C

    Hour ago

    Kelly has a God given gift. I can listen to her sing all day. Imagine someone crying as you sing their song. So beautiful ❤️

  • Dawn Cagle

    Dawn Cagle

    Hour ago

    Exquisite rendition.

  • Chris


    Hour ago

    So disappointed in country’s move to a liberal agenda and their force of their beliefs. Sickening. Subtle but I saw what they are doing

  • Icybones


    2 hours ago

    Hope that ribbon he is wearing isn't in support of a particular sickness. Sure would be a disappointment if he is woke.

  • Daniel Kinn

    Daniel Kinn

    2 hours ago

    Kelly did to Garth what Johnny Cash did to Nine Inch Nails. She took a brilliant song and made it better and made it hers.

  • Jane Sinclair Hilk

    Jane Sinclair Hilk

    2 hours ago

    CBS! Please release this on AppleMusic. I need this in my library. Thank You.

  • mike blackford

    mike blackford

    2 hours ago

    Best song ever written performed by 2 masters.

  • Danielle Faith Love

    Danielle Faith Love

    2 hours ago

    Simply Lovely 🥰

  • Tammy Hollandsworth

    Tammy Hollandsworth

    2 hours ago

    Wow! Hit it on the nail!

  • Tammy Center

    Tammy Center

    2 hours ago

    Aww she made him cry and me too.

  • D H

    D H

    2 hours ago

    Is Garth a homosexual lover?

  • Mindy Loveall

    Mindy Loveall

    3 hours ago


  • Brooke Beers

    Brooke Beers

    3 hours ago

    Her voice is an incredible gift from God. 😭❤

  • Chad Mitchell

    Chad Mitchell

    3 hours ago

    Is it annoying to anyone else or is it just me, when you see some one in the crowd belting out the song with the performer? This moment was for Garth delivered by Kelly, not some jack wagon in the cheap seats. I don’t go to a concert to listen to ANYONE else except the performer(s) on stage. Kelly absolutely displayed her chops on this one and it landed squarely in Garths lap. Glad the mic didn’t pick up any “crowd noise.”

  • MacGomez


    3 hours ago

    Kelly always sound amazing but Is it me or did you think Garth book had passed away.. then you see Garth push out what little sweat he had left of those eye balls to look like he capable of expressing any real emotions... Hilarious... Happy he's alive as well...🙏😆😁

  • Tanya Johnson

    Tanya Johnson

    3 hours ago

    One of the best songs and a great performance!!

  • Brandy Jensen

    Brandy Jensen

    3 hours ago

    Kelly has made such improvements since her start on American Idol, because let's be honest when she won she was not the best singer on that season. She has however grown tremendously over the years and did the work to earn her place. This performance was truly soul wrenching and pulled all the emotions, exquisitely done!!!!

  • Senica S

    Senica S

    3 hours ago


  • Jthomas Annillo

    Jthomas Annillo

    3 hours ago

    The girl has just gotten better with age. And Garth is always just human.

  • Jeffrey Johnston

    Jeffrey Johnston

    3 hours ago

    Kelly could sing the alphabet and it’ll still be fire

  • Nancy Barrett

    Nancy Barrett

    3 hours ago

    Wow just beautiful.

  • 1078davidk


    3 hours ago

    The rainbow was a sign from GOD. Now people have tried to ruin the meaning shameful 😒

  • Stephanie Gelera

    Stephanie Gelera

    3 hours ago

    Kelly could sing Mary had a little lamb and make it powerful.

  • Jessica ZED

    Jessica ZED

    3 hours ago

    How humans can sing these words an not sob amazes me everytime

  • Shanniereb


    3 hours ago

    Garth is a turncoat traitor,. I can’t stand the sight of him now!

  • Steve Pack

    Steve Pack

    4 hours ago

    Kelly did a wonderful job Garth your an amazing man. Your inspirational your emotion is raw and you seem like a wonderful person thank you for the many years father great songs and all the good times forever be in my heart

  • alwaysabeliever108


    4 hours ago

    And she nails it.

  • Debbie Godinez

    Debbie Godinez

    4 hours ago

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  • Annie Warbux

    Annie Warbux

    4 hours ago

    My God, that Girl is Sooo Talented! And what a
    Great Song!🌟

  • Peaches Peaches

    Peaches Peaches

    4 hours ago

    Love them both

  • Tina King

    Tina King

    4 hours ago

    Definitely is " One of A Kind *..... Endless talent, beautiful inside and out, Kelly keep your light shining Brightly ❣️❣️ Amazing, Awesome, more than Beautiful voice, can sing anything, Kelly You Have Got This❣️❣️

  • googlefan


    4 hours ago

    Garth really went on a trip during this song - and it worked! Thanks for posting

  • Camp Croquis Bootcamp

    Camp Croquis Bootcamp

    4 hours ago

    His ex wife made him with beautiful written songs. Without his ex wife Garth would have been nothing. Kelly proved there are much better talents in the world.

  • Dane Rodriguez

    Dane Rodriguez

    4 hours ago

    Wtf is he wearing around his neck?

    • favforsue


      4 hours ago

      This was the Kennedy Center honors and he is an honoree. This is what they are given to wear. He is not the only one wearing it.

  • Jerrdog 556

    Jerrdog 556

    4 hours ago

    Holy crap! That was fantastic

  • J. Hattie Brewer

    J. Hattie Brewer

    4 hours ago


  • Bill Gabrielson Jr

    Bill Gabrielson Jr

    4 hours ago

    She did a dang good job, and with Garth’s reaction, that’s the only approval I’m sure she needed. Very well done

  • David Gonzalez

    David Gonzalez

    5 hours ago

    That was awesome! Great song!

  • brikshoe


    5 hours ago

    My favorite song yet always hard to play it because of its meaning to my life. Well done Ms. Clarkson.

  • Paula Hensley

    Paula Hensley

    5 hours ago


  • Lynn Z

    Lynn Z

    5 hours ago

    The greatness of Kelly Clarkson

  • Scotty G

    Scotty G

    5 hours ago

    BOOM...An Angel from God!

  • Simon Birch

    Simon Birch

    5 hours ago

    Garth Brooks better watch it I think she put more emotions to the song then he did, and I love Garth Brooks

  • Shiloh Ivy

    Shiloh Ivy

    5 hours ago


  • klaritydawn


    6 hours ago

    Beautiful Kelly! Beautiful Song and LOVE BOTH Garth and Kelly and for that matter Trisha too



    6 hours ago

    So so good Kelly!

  • Chuckclc


    6 hours ago

    1:40 sick
    cmon man

  • Blaire Cannon

    Blaire Cannon

    6 hours ago

    Garth jumping up at the end to praise Kelly was so powerful how much he lovved her performance of his song, shows he genuinely loves music and how people embrace his craft by adding their own spin on something he carefully thought of, its so nice to see that

  • Rose McDougald

    Rose McDougald

    6 hours ago

    OMG!!! I am crying like a baby 😭😭😭 Too all the ones who a 👎, well that doesn't matter, because Garth Brooks reaction was priceless!❤

  • TheMrMurf


    6 hours ago

    Beautiful song. Amazing Beautiful version Kelly always nails it ❤️ been a fan since that first day audition ❤️

  • V Jinx

    V Jinx

    7 hours ago

    Mic drop! Garth standing up at the end yelling DAMN! Says it all. Kelly you hit it out the park again.

  • Sunny 2

    Sunny 2

    7 hours ago

    For Sabrina always.. 🔥

  • Jim Clark

    Jim Clark

    8 hours ago

    Kelly has one of the most amazing voices in the world. So beautiful

  • Cindy Rolle

    Cindy Rolle

    8 hours ago

    That beautiful flawless voice...Ms. Kelly

  • Cathy Keim

    Cathy Keim

    8 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • Fran Barshon

    Fran Barshon

    8 hours ago

    Brilliant. When you can move the original to tears. Enough said.



    9 hours ago

    I think Garth sums that up well. DAYM!

  • Dobby


    9 hours ago

    I have followed Kelly's career from the start. Is it just me? Or does she just keeps getting better and better. Her voice continues to amaze me even more. Some how the quality, range and emotional expression grows when I didn't think there was a way she could be better. I know this song has personal meaning for her. However, OMG her talent blew me away. I wish her comfort & healing as she moves forward.

  • Nancy Jones

    Nancy Jones

    9 hours ago

    I've read "no #1" so she's not that good. There are a lot of singers in the past that didn't have a #1 that were known for years and when you heard they died, you just could hear a song they sung in your head. Kelly Clarkson will be that kind of singer. Hopefully years from now, but she will be one of those singers.

  • RachelDavisMatthews


    9 hours ago

    I have one word for this.........Astonishing.

  • Nora Wheeler

    Nora Wheeler

    9 hours ago

    Nice. But not as good as Garth's version.

  • Lover


    9 hours ago

    This is probably one of the single best performances I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • Nora Jean Council

    Nora Jean Council

    9 hours ago

    I'm so proud of you Kelly Clarkson!; you did Fantastic !!!!

  • nessa k

    nessa k

    9 hours ago

    Love you KC!!!!

  • Pandoralove


    9 hours ago

    Nobody did it like Garth.