Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY (Official Video) | REACTION

Published on Jul 24, 2021
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Watch holly x sdot reaction reaction to Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY


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Holly and Sdot
  • Lil Nas X

    Lil Nas X

    Month ago

    i been waiting for y’all to react lol. my favorite reaction channel. much love to u 2!

    • Nayeli Atanacio

      Nayeli Atanacio

      Day ago

      OMG 😳

    • A'Janae Gainey

      A'Janae Gainey

      3 days ago

      why is u naked in this video?

    • Tarek Baydoun

      Tarek Baydoun

      3 days ago

      Hey lil nas why u in jail

    • Jck Jda

      Jck Jda

      5 days ago

      I thought he said i be gay yuh 😆

    • Dxyipe


      6 days ago

      King 🤴🏿

  • Frankie Mazzie

    Frankie Mazzie

    15 hours ago

    Lil NAS X

  • Berklyn Olamide

    Berklyn Olamide

    Day ago


  • Tionne West

    Tionne West

    4 days ago

    Trust and believe Nicki ain't turning down no hot new artist she needs them just as much as they want to do a song with her because she's at the ending of her career and in order for her to continue to get top tens she definitely needs the hot new artist to feat with because alone she ain't really getting them numbers no more this is another reason why she's taking so long to drop her fifth album she wants to make her fans wait and create some type of big situation to draw as much attention to herself that she can then she's gonna drop her new stuff in the mix of the drama and publicity stunts are big with these artist to get their music to sale it don't matter if it's good press news or bad but people tend to react more to negative publicity than good

  • izzy


    6 days ago

    Just to say the poor editor for the shower bit

  • Bleeding Heart

    Bleeding Heart

    7 days ago

    Yup, you just earned a new subscriber, really awesome to watch ❤👏

  • Snow Hiker

    Snow Hiker

    7 days ago

    I just noticed he was flashing the Puma symbol all thru that video. Is that a FU to Nike?

  • I'm ur luna

    I'm ur luna

    8 days ago

    yall dont even know the fucking works and can yall stop pausing it ever 5 mins

  • Andrew Eberson

    Andrew Eberson

    9 days ago

    I feel boosie this isn't right

  • Blitz be vibing🔥

    Blitz be vibing🔥

    9 days ago

    What lil nas x is trying to say is society is keeping him in a trap because he is gay but when Harlow gave him the book he is saying that he is straight but I respect the gays and Harlow when he was walking through the hall with the guys behind him he is saying I helped yall escape the closet but just because y’all gay y’all not fazing me when he got in the electric chair and lil nas x shocked he said again y’all not fazing me

  • -Mark Izaguirre

    -Mark Izaguirre

    12 days ago


  • Rantavious Williams

    Rantavious Williams

    13 days ago

    Tbh I really don’t care about him being homosexual part but Lil Nas Fye🔥🔥 no cap whoever still jokes on him about him being gay just grow up bro 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ashley Taylor

    Ashley Taylor

    13 days ago

    Gay video I beginning

  • Rebecca Lebeck

    Rebecca Lebeck

    13 days ago

    LOVE my girl HOLLY in the intro! You had me cracking the fck up with your - "Oh you mad? Can't argue with you!" LOL You da shit Holly!! Peace

  • wameka Phillips

    wameka Phillips

    14 days ago

    He is gay.

  • Shellbeeforreal


    17 days ago

    Do y’all have “yuh fee me” merch?

  • RealZeero


    18 days ago

    Jack’s verse is fuckin lit babyyyy

  • Adam Nur

    Adam Nur

    19 days ago

    4:45 is that the aquman dude??

  • klyddkross


    20 days ago

    ...a triumphant song... Your logic was on fucking point my dude



    20 days ago

    I looked at his video and then I left this video for nine days I never watched it for nine days and then I realize he’s gay

  • Zebulon Nix

    Zebulon Nix

    20 days ago

    lil nas x

  • Ej Lightsey

    Ej Lightsey

    24 days ago

    Sdot gay, that shit not turnt 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • gil sousa

    gil sousa

    24 days ago

    Adoro seus reacts

  • nooberstone


    26 days ago

    that start reminded me of chamillionare when he used to do different characters but you could tell it was him allways

  • bad boy jay

    bad boy jay

    26 days ago

    Guys listen to industry baby drill

  • O Zeus iOS

    O Zeus iOS

    27 days ago

    2:48 when someone drops the soap:

  • Анастасия Алексенко

    Анастасия Алексенко

    27 days ago

    Хороший клип

  • Costa G4mer

    Costa G4mer

    29 days ago

    Nice reactions, not fake at all ahah i felt the real vibe in this video with u 2! 1 more subscriber from PorTugal

  • mosthxted-gxuui jr

    mosthxted-gxuui jr

    Month ago

    L ol

  • TheSexxyboy71


    Month ago

    I love this reaction 😍

  • Barry Holland

    Barry Holland

    Month ago


  • Darsh 2.O

    Darsh 2.O

    Month ago

    Lil nas x😱😱😱😱😱

  • DMillion Wiley

    DMillion Wiley

    Month ago

    Like the bars no cap

  • Amber Howard

    Amber Howard

    Month ago

    Hold up, I now need a fruit roll up before I continue....

  • Bennet Hayne

    Bennet Hayne

    Month ago

    idk why but he reminds me of 50 cent not lil nas x but the reacter guy

  • Fyp_quez Wooten

    Fyp_quez Wooten

    Month ago

    This how many times they both say ya fil me💯💯👇🏽👇🏽

    • Fyp_quez Wooten

      Fyp_quez Wooten

      Month ago

      YA FIL ME

    • Fyp_quez Wooten

      Fyp_quez Wooten

      Month ago

      YA FIL ME

    • Fyp_quez Wooten

      Fyp_quez Wooten

      Month ago

      YA FILL ME

    • Fyp_quez Wooten

      Fyp_quez Wooten

      Month ago

      YA FIL ME

    • Fyp_quez Wooten

      Fyp_quez Wooten

      Month ago

      YA FIL ME

  • Damonetized


    Month ago

    I aint never seen Sdot react to a song like this💀

  • Charlie VH

    Charlie VH

    Month ago

    bro y'all needa stfu tryna be some reactor type shit

  • jracee1


    Month ago

    No disrespect, Holly; but S Dot is too fuckin cute. What is up with that???

  • Mike Sam

    Mike Sam

    Month ago

    Stop chewing with your mouth open. Disgusting

    • Mike Sam

      Mike Sam

      Month ago

      @Alex I it's called life. Your 2 cents means shit to me

    • Mike Sam

      Mike Sam

      Month ago

      @Holly and Sdot I wouldn't blame you if the only thing you have going for you is some DSL

    • Holly and Sdot

      Holly and Sdot

      Month ago

      Nah ima chew louder and wider next time! Just wait



    Month ago

    banger be you no matter the hate comments

  • just spit

    just spit

    Month ago

    Telll them that the break is over🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cyber Fish

    Cyber Fish

    Month ago

    The editor of this song

  • Yung Zee

    Yung Zee

    Month ago

    Just found this channel love you all keep doing what you doing my sub earned🔥🔥

  • troll hunter

    troll hunter

    Month ago

    "Dont run from nothing bro get ya some tell em that the break is over if you like naked boas watch this show man you gone like it brooo" LOL

  • VtoxicSell


    Month ago




    Month ago

    Parece o Alek man kkk.

  • John MacNary

    John MacNary

    Month ago

    I think this is the song of the year.

  • Good Guy

    Good Guy

    Month ago

    I the guy reaction just chill

  • Savage Kyng

    Savage Kyng

    Month ago

    People are so comfortable with "gays" it was a reason why God created man and woman...

  • Amari M

    Amari M

    Month ago

    He gay

  • Taija Harrison

    Taija Harrison

    Month ago

    Yo am I the only one who notice his poster in the video is from his performance at the BET GRAMMY AWARDS.

  • Ayé


    Month ago

    Y’all too funny bruh

  • redfridge


    Month ago

    "uou fee mea"



    Month ago


  • Sheiv Rich

    Sheiv Rich

    Month ago

    Is that the guard? That’s the guard 😭😭😭

  • Unforgiv3n Music Group

    Unforgiv3n Music Group

    Month ago

    No hate on lil nas x 😁😁😁 but this song go hard but the bathroom 😳😳😳😬😱

  • AMari Tucker

    AMari Tucker

    Month ago

    Yall better subscribe to dem this was mad good 😂💀💀

  • Carmen Cruz

    Carmen Cruz

    Month ago

    love it

  • Wut Happen???

    Wut Happen???

    Month ago


  • Katie C

    Katie C

    Month ago

    New subscriber 😉

  • Justaniggainwar


    Month ago

    All he wants is to be accepted for who he is like we are supposed to treat all human beings 😭😭 (no homo)

  • kawnartist


    Month ago

    People couldn't take a dick..I mean a joke..long before covid. Covid just made everyone sit at home and look at our own, and each other's dumb shit. Therefore it seems more prominent, but it been dat way shawtay.

  • Marc Franks

    Marc Franks

    Month ago

    He's my hero

  • Drew Schwierman

    Drew Schwierman

    Month ago

    The gays loving us some Holly & Sdot!!! love to u both

  • Aydenn Robock

    Aydenn Robock

    Month ago

    No sensible nothing

  • Aydenn Robock

    Aydenn Robock

    Month ago

    He went to jail because he was gay

  • Carlos Barba

    Carlos Barba

    Month ago

    people always make it so serious, he didn't overreact bc it's a music video simply that, of course he's appreciated but remember this is normal and how it should be not something crazy or new



    Month ago

    Esse Mano parece o alek fumaça kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Sharr


    Month ago

    I would have so much love for Nas if he wasn’t a satanist.😅😕

    • Sharr


      Month ago

      @Alex I omg Satanism is a group of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan.

  • Jarrad Pawlowski

    Jarrad Pawlowski

    Month ago

    You two were such a delight! :D
    It's great to see open-minded black people, since there's a lot of us who aren't as accepting, and I had a smile the whole time watching y'all! ❤💜💙

    • Jarrad Pawlowski

      Jarrad Pawlowski

      Month ago

      Liked, commented, subbed, and hit that bell!

  • Grant Mchugh

    Grant Mchugh

    Month ago

    We just built different!!! thanks for the awesome reaction. positive vibes are present.

  • Senju


    Month ago

    Lil nas x said hes straight but I cant see that in new songs

  • Katrina Hines

    Katrina Hines

    Month ago

    he dont care nobody think thats why i love him

  • Cosmic Spooderman Gaming

    Cosmic Spooderman Gaming

    Month ago

    Anybody else just watched the whole video and then is just waiting for the reaction to come or is it just me???

  • Jaqavo Glover

    Jaqavo Glover

    Month ago

    i never haerd yall youtube but the intro is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • lil  nas

    lil nas

    Month ago


  • Evangelista Jenn Olmo

    Evangelista Jenn Olmo

    Month ago

    Yall all nasty straight up nasty 🤧

  • Neceros


    Month ago

    well fuck, if nas likes you I might as well subscribe

  • Savagegangallday j✅

    Savagegangallday j✅

    Month ago


  • nigga and I’m white in real life

    nigga and I’m white in real life

    Month ago

    How did I know lil nas was gonna comment

  • Sandry Smith

    Sandry Smith

    Month ago

    React to adopted child by yungeen ace

  • The Great Sage

    The Great Sage

    Month ago

    W reaction

  • Franklin Clinton

    Franklin Clinton

    Month ago

    I closed my eyes

  • H Dawg

    H Dawg

    Month ago


  • Katy Mares

    Katy Mares

    Month ago


  • GQG


    Month ago

    I love you all reactions. No judgement. Just pure fun commentary. His reaction when dude was twerking on Lik Nas X was hilarious. He was dying laughing. Good job you all.

  • luis mp3

    luis mp3

    Month ago


  • Use Code NotRainzzz

    Use Code NotRainzzz

    Month ago

    I love how they run the video back so they don't miss anything 💯

  • Alvin Del Rey

    Alvin Del Rey

    Month ago

    I always love your reactions and this one was a great one! :)

  • Michael Herndon

    Michael Herndon

    Month ago

    Holly and Sdot, y'all are some good souls. I praise your tolerance and acceptance. Much love to you both.

  • Eric Whaley

    Eric Whaley

    Month ago

    I do not want to go to that prison

  • Ayo Ayo

    Ayo Ayo

    Month ago

    I really love you guy's channel. Your reactions are great and while I might not be subscribed or watch all the tim, when I do I really enjoy it.

  • Bloody Skull

    Bloody Skull

    Month ago

    U should react to Motionless in white- thoughts and prayers

  • Tellyboy18


    Month ago

    6:50 ayo pause😂

  • Nick Key

    Nick Key

    Month ago

    Mmmman why y’all ain’t do the new Fredo Bang video yet

  • Isabel Sanchez

    Isabel Sanchez

    Month ago


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  • Nytro Bros.

    Nytro Bros.

    Month ago

    He got sent to jail because he had a lawsuit for the satan shoes that were used in Montero. There's an entire prelude leading up to this video.

  • Gehrig Burnett Jr.

    Gehrig Burnett Jr.

    Month ago

    I absolutely adore both of you. Best. It took me like two hours to get through your video as I had to take in every detail😂😂😂💓💓

  • Key Royale

    Key Royale

    Month ago

    This bout to be hella funny 😄