Lin-Manuel Miranda Stuns Emily Blunt By Rapping 'My Shot' from Hamilton! | The Graham Norton Show

Published on Dec 20, 2018
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The Graham Norton Show
  • S c

    S c

    22 hours ago

    What I heard when they were talking about Jonathan was that they said king George the third was his sixth great grandpa

  • Luke Commins

    Luke Commins

    3 days ago

    Everyone needs someone like Emily Blunt in their corner

  • Erica Tarasoff

    Erica Tarasoff

    4 days ago

    If Lin were single, John Krasinski would have some mighty competition.

  • Norah Bushberger

    Norah Bushberger

    4 days ago

    "Only 19 but my mind is older" Lin-Manuel looks 40 in this.

  • ꧁ChērrÿCøveń꧂


    4 days ago

    The fact that he's trying to encourage British people to enjoy themselves losing the war-

  • audbhitnote


    5 days ago

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  • הלל כהן

    הלל כהן

    5 days ago

    His smile, right at the begining

  • henry bunt

    henry bunt

    5 days ago

    emily face when he raps

  • L. Garcia

    L. Garcia

    7 days ago

    King of humble? 🤴🏻

  • Carl Carter

    Carl Carter

    8 days ago

    The way she looks at him…it’s a ‘come hither’ gaze. She is his for the taking.

  • Greg LeNoir

    Greg LeNoir

    12 days ago

    Please, not another reason to love LMM.

  • Lauran Bonitta

    Lauran Bonitta

    12 days ago

    My middle finger cannot get more erected!

  • Richard Pierpoint

    Richard Pierpoint

    12 days ago

    Nice to hear Lin giving a shout-out to the Edinburgh Fringe, where he performed with a hip-hop improv comedy group called Freestyle Love Supreme (thanks, Google!) - I'm English but have lived in Edinburgh for most of my life, and that's where I am at the moment...

  • Jack


    12 days ago

    "it's something like that" wow. Just wow.

  • NaoEW


    13 days ago


  • brdboy2000


    14 days ago

    I could die happy if Emily Blunt looked at me like that.

  • Ryan Dispecki

    Ryan Dispecki

    14 days ago

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  • Jonathan Maldonado

    Jonathan Maldonado

    14 days ago

    Two years later Emily wanted the d 😂

  • 15 days ago

    L.M.M vs Eminem

  • Brooke Blossom

    Brooke Blossom

    15 days ago

    bruh Emily had some very personal hand placement on Lin I know I’m not just thinking that 4:32

  • Kitkatkaty


    16 days ago

    Lin says if you can rap my shot perfectly you have the entire show……. That is until you get to guns and ships 😛

  • JP Lorimer

    JP Lorimer

    16 days ago

    Lafayette definitely has the hardest rap. Also I cannot argue Lins compositional genius but as an actor........

  • Evans Martha rose

    Evans Martha rose

    16 days ago

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  • The Taekwondo kid

    The Taekwondo kid

    16 days ago

    Omfg Emilia blunt could not stop grabbing lins bicep like put him down

  • Anne Drury

    Anne Drury

    17 days ago

    I could watch Lin-Manual Miranda everyday and never get tired of him.

  • Clemente Jr Hernandez

    Clemente Jr Hernandez

    17 days ago

    Man he raps better than most rappers on the radio 😳

  • SplinterHDCombat


    17 days ago

    Doesn't he rap in how I met your mother?

  • slade-joseph- Wilson

    slade-joseph- Wilson

    17 days ago

    I learned this song from start to finish when you really know the words it gets slower in your head.
    BUT I learned it because it is this fast and just lyrical genius

  • Tahmin Kopper

    Tahmin Kopper

    18 days ago

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  • Anneka Brimhall

    Anneka Brimhall

    19 days ago

    My 18 month foster boy would sing that.

  • Melanie Mc

    Melanie Mc

    21 day ago

    Awesome 👏🏻 He’s so talented .. which is an understatement!!

  • Shayla Smith

    Shayla Smith

    22 days ago

    3:26 13 year old musical theater fans in front of their family at thanksgiving the year this came out

  • Casz1337


    22 days ago

    I don't really get what is supposed to be so good about this so-called rap.

  • antonio quinonez

    antonio quinonez

    22 days ago

    And no British person stood up and shot him?

  • Chris Bordeman

    Chris Bordeman

    23 days ago

    I couldn't be that close to Emily Blunt. He threw away his shot.

  • mozfy nfqcu

    mozfy nfqcu

    24 days ago

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  • Jessica Sadleir

    Jessica Sadleir

    25 days ago

    Rap is at about 3:28

  • Rural Atelier

    Rural Atelier

    25 days ago

    this performer/writer/entire show is beyond impressive - so inspirational, for everyone, everywhere - go for it!

  • Freya Is Dead

    Freya Is Dead

    26 days ago

    Jokes on you ive seen it 20+ times

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    Captain Jack Sparrow

    26 days ago

    Lin: can I stand? 👉👈

  • Chris Selig

    Chris Selig

    27 days ago

    Emily Blunt has so much mom energy. She was so proud of him! LOL

  • Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd

    27 days ago

    What a super talented man
    And Damn funny too

  • Jay Nunez

    Jay Nunez

    27 days ago

    Lin Manuel Miranda is AMAZING

  • Lisa B

    Lisa B

    29 days ago

    did i rap with him? yes....yes i did

    did my brother tell me to shut up? yes, very much so

  • gurujr


    Month ago

    You are in like Flynn with the girls if you too can rap a whole famous Broadway musical show.

  • yuletak


    Month ago

    Honestly, I'd be fine if a beautiful woman were handsy with me, but how is that OK in general?! Double standards!

  • Wilson Penafiel

    Wilson Penafiel

    Month ago

    He is absolutely good!

  • mrsl tarrago

    mrsl tarrago

    Month ago


  • Cyrel Dagon

    Cyrel Dagon

    Month ago

    Homer on🔥🔥

  • Oskar Berg

    Oskar Berg

    Month ago

    Thought it was robert downeys less successful brother in the thumbnail

  • Flower Dawn

    Flower Dawn

    Month ago

    boi is he not scared of Non Stop. Whilst Eliza, George Washington,
    Angelica, I think Burr, and someone else try to spit verses out at the
    end, Hamilton's like, "I'll just lie back and watch this all"

  • Q69573


    Month ago

    Emily Blunt treats and orders him around like an MK Ultra handler. How sad.

  • Bryan Pike

    Bryan Pike

    Month ago

    Who exactly is the tool who would thumbs down this?

  • alba


    Month ago


  • Celina Aldeschulte 'student'

    Celina Aldeschulte 'student'

    Month ago


  • M Q

    M Q

    Month ago


  • Lou Bisignani

    Lou Bisignani

    Month ago

    Never saw the show. Probably never will. I'm too old fashioned. But the cheap shot at our new Vice President and his kid as they arrived to watch the show, left a bad taste in my mouth. I
    was glad the Veep said to his kid, "It's the American way...or something along those lines. By
    the way, I'll bet that the actor who called the Veep out was aware that the audience (couple of
    thousand people) were primarily lefties who hated Trump, so it certainly was not a brave act
    on the part of the actor. Just say'n. (By the way, I prefer Musicals. You know...the kind where
    you leave the theater humming or whistling some of the songs. )

  • Demetris Kisker

    Demetris Kisker

    Month ago

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  • Jacob Pilch-Bisson

    Jacob Pilch-Bisson

    Month ago

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  • Mc Berpine

    Mc Berpine

    Month ago

    A dot ham

  • Dutch Chuck

    Dutch Chuck

    Month ago

    Somehow Lin looks like Nathan Fillion at 0:58

  • Jessica Victoria Achong

    Jessica Victoria Achong

    Month ago

    I freaking love this man

  • Leticia brown

    Leticia brown

    Month ago

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  • Potmsderka Sopternsder

    Potmsderka Sopternsder

    Month ago

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  • Kiera Moorehead

    Kiera Moorehead

    Month ago

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  • Katrina dydhneider

    Katrina dydhneider

    Month ago

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  • Joe a

    Joe a

    Month ago

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  • Marcus Leroy

    Marcus Leroy

    Month ago

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  • 1burnman


    Month ago

    That is so 😎

  • john almers

    john almers

    Month ago

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  • Jamie Jewell

    Jamie Jewell

    Month ago

    Or SoMeThInG lIkE tHaT 👉🏻👈🏻

  • Teddy Graham

    Teddy Graham

    Month ago

    I can’t wait for the movie

  • Evans Martha rose

    Evans Martha rose

    Month ago

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  • Omar Alor

    Omar Alor

    Month ago

    Eminem: I'm the best freestyle rapper!
    LMM: Hold my beer, i know this is weird, but don't you sneer, your time is near!

  • reede ayers

    reede ayers

    Month ago

    “It’s something like that” lol

  • David Bollen

    David Bollen

    Month ago

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  • Evans Martha rose

    Evans Martha rose

    Month ago

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  • Patrick Garcia

    Patrick Garcia

    Month ago

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  • jelledk9


    Month ago

    Lin looks like a white Katt Williams

  • Sungeni-Michelle


    Month ago

    Not me humijh the song

  • Karli Doyle

    Karli Doyle

    Month ago

    Lin Manuel is an utter genius 👏

  • George Tashjian

    George Tashjian

    Month ago

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  • G Gamble

    G Gamble

    Month ago

    Lin-Manuel Miranda committed cultural appropriation and should be cancelled if we are consistent. His Hamilton is a disgrace

  • Zenas Agnila

    Zenas Agnila

    Month ago

    is lin italian coz those hand gestures

  • Desiree Calderon

    Desiree Calderon

    Month ago

    "I have to stand." lmao

  • CGonz T

    CGonz T

    Month ago

    This man is from another planet 😂 oozing with awesome talent

  • Yeti Arbiz

    Yeti Arbiz

    Month ago

    Emily Blunt is that stage mom I kinda need in my life

  • jasa159


    Month ago

    I love how obviously that he knows everything by heart.

  • lisa g

    lisa g

    Month ago

    Lin finds out Beyoncé and Jay Zee are at the show
    Lin sick in bed: No, show me how to say no to this

  • Luz Maya

    Luz Maya

    Month ago

    He'll always be Alvie. But this is great too. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Elba Torres

    Elba Torres

    Month ago

    Great interview! Lin Manuel Miranda is a prodigy!

  • sgtcuts


    Month ago

    Man Katt Williams is not funny sober

  • booperdooper2.0k


    Month ago

    i would be so anxious and embarrassed, yk just stutter and die lmaooo

  • Mayme


    Month ago


  • Lianna Ciccone

    Lianna Ciccone

    Month ago

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  • Hector De Jesus

    Hector De Jesus

    Month ago

    I mean, he’s Puerto Rican. We talk with our hands. Makes sense he would rap with them too. Lin-Manuel es un tesoro nacional.

  • Tamsyn Roberts

    Tamsyn Roberts

    Month ago

    This starts with 'everyone's seen Hamilton' ermm yeah if you're a celebrity. We normal folk in the UK obviously havent seen it at the theatre

  • Immy and zali TV!!!

    Immy and zali TV!!!

    2 months ago

    I know the entire song of my shot😂

  • _EmilySisay_


    2 months ago

    Guns and ships is definitely the best song in the show

  • Art Vader

    Art Vader

    2 months ago

    I never thought in my lifetime I would see a man of Puerto Rican descent playing a White Nationalist like Alexander Hamilton!!