LOKI Episode 1 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

Published on Jun 9, 2021
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LOKI Episode 1 Breakdown \u0026 Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel MCU Easter Eggs \u0026 Things You Missed. We review, recap and explain the first episode of Loki on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss the TVA, Mobius M. Mobius and why Kang could be behind it all.

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0:00 Loki Episode 1 Breakdown Intro
0:25 Comic Book Inspiration
1:49 The TVA Explained
2:34 Mobius M. Mobius
3:04 Avengers Endgame
3:39 Episode 1 Recap
6:38 Skrull Hidden Details
6:59 Episode 1 Easter Eggs
8:56 Secret Wars
9:40 The Kree War And Thanos Detail
9:59 The Timekeepers
10:19 Nexus Event
10:56 Title Card
11:03 Obligitary Ask You To Like And Subscribe
11:19 Mephisto!
12:13 Kang The Conquerer?
13:13 Court Easter Eggs And Stan Lee Cameo
13:52 Things You Missed
15:00 X-men
15:18 A Cross-Examination Of Loki
16:40 DB Cooper
17:17 Loki's Future
17:47 The Infinity Stones
19:47 Episode 1 Ending
21:28 Reaction And Review

Now the series feels like it's going to be heavily based on several graphic novels starring the god of mischief including Vote Loki, Loki's dream and Loki: Agent Of Asgard. The latter seems like it's inspiring the basic premise of the show and in that we pickup at a point where Loki's reputation has spiralled out of control to the point he's unable to escape from it. He's the bad son, the bad brother, the worst youtuber that keeps banging on about Mephisto and one of the hated in the Marvel universe. However when he dies everything changes and he's reincarnated into a younger body. Loki becomes an Agent Of Asgard and The All Mother tells him that for every good deed he performs that a bad one from his past will be struck off the list.

The All Mother's appear as three heads at one point and this may have been adapted into the Timekeeper monuments that we see dotted throughout this entry though they are also their own characters.

In the book he attempts to get the sword of Sigurd which is the manifestation of truth and along the way he runs into Mephis....look I'm not even gonna go down that path again.

He also faces off against another version of himself which this show is clearly setting up.

Both that book and Vote Loki feature alternate versions of the character which of course plays into the idea that there are multiple variants of Loki running around.

Now one thing that you have to understand about the incarnation that we see is that he's actually only appeared in two MCU movies at this point. Though I don't think the idea of him running through a checklist to write the wrongs of the past like how he did in Agent Of Asgard..

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Heavy Spoilers
  • Heavy Spoilers

    Heavy Spoilers

    4 days ago

    *points at image of devil*
    'he did it'
    me - don't say it, don't think it

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      Lakia's Weight Loss Journey

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      @AlphaBoi Games I'm

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      16 hours ago

      🔥😈🔥Congrats on 600K

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      Diane K

      23 hours ago

      So glad you are doing good and I love that you are doing Loki 🐱 looking forward to the 2nd review !! Pick Me for the big prize !! 😉✌️😎

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      I’m a Yeti.

      Day ago

      @beeny bigbaws bro what???

    • beeny bigbaws

      beeny bigbaws

      Day ago

      have you ever heard the saying " taking a joke too far "or the saying " taking a joke waaay to far" thats where we are with the its like poems and mephisto shite pal your way past the piont where its stupid funny its just irratating noo buddy

  • Stephen Izzo

    Stephen Izzo

    9 minutes ago

    I love Loki and can’t walk for more

  • Squiggly Peterson

    Squiggly Peterson

    24 minutes ago

    One of your finer videos!!!

  • Charlie


    49 minutes ago

    what if the devil really is in the details bev?

  • Karim Mime

    Karim Mime

    Hour ago

    i thought TVA came from the testicule from rick and morty who protect time!!!! big mistake!!

  • Dukjin Im

    Dukjin Im

    Hour ago

    Was thinking that the bug was the actual evil Loki, disguised as a bug.

  • Amy Paine

    Amy Paine

    2 hours ago

    I loved the episode, can't wait for the rest of the series to see what happens and where it goes.

  • Robbie Leib

    Robbie Leib

    2 hours ago

    Any chance Loki pinched that Time stone, using sleight of hand like how he nabbed the time twister? That stone might have power on the other side of those time portals...

  • Ivan Schablotski

    Ivan Schablotski

    4 hours ago

    I think LOKI the series has the potential to show AU versions of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, even if they don't technically exist in the MCU at present.

  • Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor

    5 hours ago

    Amazing start! I can't wait to see what happens.

  • The AJ

    The AJ

    5 hours ago

    The "Mandela Effect" is simply more than one person misremembering something.
    It's bullshit along the lines of flat earth, anti-vaxx and homeopathy...

  • Ruby Roshan

    Ruby Roshan

    6 hours ago

    Great review and analysis. The show itself was nicely done, both funny and sad at times. It’s probably not true, but what if the child in the church is Kid Loki? Wasn’t it strange that the kid was there alone?

  • Ross V

    Ross V

    9 hours ago

    my fav of the MCU shows thus far! Owen wilson was WOW!

  • Foxx Central

    Foxx Central

    10 hours ago

    When I saw the time keepers all I could think about was the 3 beings Stan Lee was talking to in guardian of the galaxy 2 LIKE COULD THAT BE THEM

  • Jessica Nicole

    Jessica Nicole

    11 hours ago

    When they take a temporal picture of Loki’s “soul” you can see horns for a split sec.

  • wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov

    11 hours ago

    When Loki saw his future, I was nearly brought to tears

  • Joseph Valles

    Joseph Valles

    12 hours ago

    Don't watch his videos...he offers nothing

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    • wnnalis cioov

      wnnalis cioov

      11 hours ago

      During the trial how did loki know avengers time travelled?

  • Jorge Carbajal

    Jorge Carbajal

    14 hours ago

    The “real” villains of Loki confirmed at 12:00 and 14:57

  • Victor Froes

    Victor Froes

    14 hours ago

    TVA is marvel’s version of K. Dick’s Adjustment Bureau

  • Cheyenne Goff

    Cheyenne Goff

    16 hours ago

    The "sign of the devil" in Loki's title sequence is actually the Horned God symbol.... Loki is seen as a Horned God in Marvel's universe because of his Horned helmet, and he's a God. But if you look into the true meaning, it originates from Paganism and is for a God who is a completely different entity and has nothing to do with Christianity's Devil - Lucifer.

  • David Harris

    David Harris

    16 hours ago

    cant wait for more Loki! So many theories.

  • UniqueRebel


    16 hours ago

    600K subscribers Congrats Bro, wishing you all well 😇🙏🕊

  • Moramoth Hauntz

    Moramoth Hauntz

    16 hours ago

    If we keep guessing Mephesto eventually we will be right..........

  • DeMarco Davidson

    DeMarco Davidson

    17 hours ago

    In the first Thor, Jane Foster wears a shirt that has a character that is similar to Miss Minute.

  • Peyote Pete

    Peyote Pete

    17 hours ago

    My name is Er..... Loki?

  • HitchensImmortal


    18 hours ago

    I just want to know why the railing says 'SYF'.

  • Kroll Moises

    Kroll Moises

    19 hours ago

    The giddy particle splenomegaly stir because tin lastly memorise outside a mountainous kenneth. imperfect, adjoining authorisation



    20 hours ago

    Mephisto is definitely the big end villain 😏

  • Chris Cooper

    Chris Cooper

    21 hour ago

    the son of a board member at Goldman Sachs LMAO

  • Sean O'Keefe

    Sean O'Keefe

    22 hours ago

    Love your idea about the HQ being gears in a clock/watch. What if the face of the clock is Ms. Manners??

  • Reagan Dewell

    Reagan Dewell

    23 hours ago

    Whadda LowKey show

  • Sourav Kumar

    Sourav Kumar

    23 hours ago

    During the trial how did loki know avengers time travelled?

  • Kofi Brooks

    Kofi Brooks

    23 hours ago

    This is gonna be the best show of the three so far

  • watch me whip

    watch me whip

    Day ago

    Loki pocketed the time stone. It has no significance here but it is how he could get around once he goes back to whereever and whenever in the real world.

  • Jenni Moore

    Jenni Moore

    Day ago

    You're crazy, this is way better than Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I like scifi shit better than action tho

  • CurrencyTrader


    Day ago

    Fun fact: Hiddleston was first considered for the role of Thor. Thankfully the casting director chose wisely and gave him Loki, which Hiddleston was/is perfect for. Hiddleston essentially steals every scene he has ever been in. He is one of my favorite characters in the MCU.

  • BBdude123


    Day ago

    Can’t wait for the next episode

  • Bount Hunter 119

    Bount Hunter 119

    Day ago

    He who must not be named,
    Voldemort laugh intensifies

  • Ryder Slayton

    Ryder Slayton

    Day ago


  • lunaticz0r


    Day ago

    flacon was SO boring to me, happy to see loki picking up the pace

  • Jay Aguilar

    Jay Aguilar

    Day ago

    18:38 This scene is very much like the scene where thor sees the grandmaster melt the guy sitting next to him. And like thor, loki seems to poop his trousers lol.

  • John S

    John S

    Day ago

    Maybe there where 4 time keepers and Kang got chucked aside because of his radical ideas

  • Jay Aguilar

    Jay Aguilar

    Day ago

    7:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • seiom jvony

    seiom jvony

    Day ago

    Osiris and Set and are often shown in stories playing a long con together on all the other Gods.

  • Peyman Yaghoubi

    Peyman Yaghoubi

    Day ago

    “Marvel movies and series are just for children” , yeah sure ,

  • hotsizzle3000


    Day ago

    Loki is the Marvel's version of DC JOKER....... LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!

    • seiom jvony

      seiom jvony

      Day ago

      1:24 love that

  • tuckerandrew76


    Day ago

    I think that the title for the show hints at different versions of Loki so he will be bumping into other versions of himself.

  • Peyman Yaghoubi

    Peyman Yaghoubi

    Day ago

    I loooove Loki 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Squatchit


    Day ago

    Notice how the Devil in the stained glass in the France scene was wearing green robes with gold jewelry, more evidence it's a nod to a Loki variant rather than...

  • Videocookies


    Day ago

    Went through a few comments and I didn't see anyone mentioning youtubers were sent the first 2 episodes. The comment you made was very cheeky and Loki-ish 😂

  • Mathew Daley

    Mathew Daley

    Day ago

    OK. I have a theory that popped into my head, after watching this show again. So....
    In the comics, the original Avengers are brought together by Loki's actions. This is somewhat mirrored in the MCU. We can tell that the MCU is using events from a number of different comic story arcs that are spread across many different periods in the recent comics. That being said, we know that there will be a Teen-Loki showing up at some point in the series. Here comes the the theory.
    What IF... (see what I did there?) What if... The Maximoff twins, whom we never see actually vanish, are instead rescued by Loki? They're the results of a Nexus Event. That means they are probably on the TVA's radar. Loki hops in, right before everything collapses and saves the twins. That may be why Wanda can hear them. They aren't vanished, they're with the TVA or a Loki Variant.
    Additionally, we never see who dropped the deed to the plot of land in Wanda's car. Maybe that was Loki as well, wanting to trigger a Nexus Event, for... reasons.
    In the end, it's Loki watching everything in the background, pulling strings and manipulating things to get to the point to create the next team of Avengers to deal with some multiversal threat.
    TL;DR: It was Loki all along!

  • Alacnarubi


    Day ago

    It Kind of looked like Loki took a time stone from that drawer with the infinity stones, possibly something in his left hand at 36:17

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    Jesus Disciples Women Ministries

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  • Richard New

    Richard New

    Day ago

    If I win the box set I'll tell you which movie mephisto makes his first appearance

  • Josh Maybe

    Josh Maybe

    Day ago

    I didn't care much for the other marvel shows but this first episode was great.

  • Eito Nozomu

    Eito Nozomu

    Day ago

    Does Dr strange know about the TVA?

  • Eito Nozomu

    Eito Nozomu

    Day ago

    The devil in the church

  • Sean Clark

    Sean Clark

    Day ago

    vgood show

  • fred lacroix

    fred lacroix

    Day ago

    loki is Key to next phase of MCU chapter

  • macjgraphics


    Day ago

    I loved episode 1, the infinity stones used as paperweights was just so random and funny to me. This show is definitely gonna be a good one

  • Cao Nguyen

    Cao Nguyen

    Day ago

    1:24 love that

  • Brady Bradshaw

    Brady Bradshaw

    Day ago

    When Loki asks “what if I am a robot and I don’t know it?!” 😂

  • TheModer8ter


    Day ago

    Jesus is the Messiah, which means God with us.. He died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life. John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.

  • Ryder Brewer

    Ryder Brewer

    Day ago

    In the ending, when the TVA says “nah just fake it, it’s too much work,” it could show corruption in the TVA and Loki is trying to stop them by killing them.

  • Raquel Rivera

    Raquel Rivera

    Day ago

    13:28 Good! StanLee making cameos even after death

  • Bakoob Albani

    Bakoob Albani

    Day ago

    Can we just appreciate that we got an entire series all because Hulk had to take the stairs

    • Gauldron Sage

      Gauldron Sage

      Day ago

      F the hulk

  • The Super Viewer

    The Super Viewer

    Day ago

    Paul I even loved Definition...we like you here in the Chi

  • Kris Dunlap

    Kris Dunlap

    Day ago

    If you confirm Mephisto in the MCU enough times eventually it will happen.

  • Stephan Bosevski

    Stephan Bosevski

    Day ago

    I think this was the best first episode of a series I’ve seen in a while

  • Bunny Jungkook

    Bunny Jungkook

    Day ago

    I like loki too. He's a unique character and I look forward to see what the show has in store for us

  • Mark Reyna

    Mark Reyna

    Day ago

    Kid-pointed to the devil.
    Me-I knew it, its finally Mephisto!
    Ok, let me confirm with Heavy Spoilers.

  • Hannibal Solo

    Hannibal Solo

    Day ago

    I am heavily disappointed in the number of “wows” so far.

  • Kevin Haughey

    Kevin Haughey

    Day ago

    I really enjoyed this pilot. Hiddleston is really crushing it, can't wait for the rest of the season.



    Day ago

    Imagine Rodey gets captured by the TVA and watches his history…
    *watches Iron Man 1
    Rodey: Who the hell is that?

    • Joe Parrigen

      Joe Parrigen

      Day ago


  • Chamaclan Godinez

    Chamaclan Godinez

    Day ago

    Talking about the synth soundtrack the printer guy has a korg volca plugged into his desk

  • Wil McMullen

    Wil McMullen

    Day ago

    So far I'm thinking Loki will be my favorite Marvel show.

  • Luv4Polish&Books


    Day ago

    First time I've seen your Videos...you sir are Hysterical!!! Loved Loki and all your Spoilers & Theories!

  • Miguel Moreno

    Miguel Moreno

    Day ago

    Only complete morons believe in the rona hoax

  • David McClure

    David McClure

    Day ago

    complete bollocks on saying you have seen episode 2, just discredit yourself

  • Evelyn


    Day ago


  • Yosh Sea

    Yosh Sea

    Day ago

    Great review again

  • Susan Bien

    Susan Bien

    Day ago

    I already love the show. I almost did a spit take when Loki tried to manifest his daggers and it didn't work.

  • jyoelmejor


    Day ago

    Loki and Mobius are hilarious 😆
    I can already tell I am going to love this show because of those two..Btw, Owen Wilson legit made me laugh out loud with his looking up to you comment to the judge..He is the best at being hilarious with random words... 🤣

  • madman24k


    Day ago

    I get the confusion about the title card. It's the symbol of the horned god, which is definitely a reference to Loki, but use of the symbol itself predates any uses associated with the devil

  • doro626


    Day ago

    I dont know the correct year, but I was expecting that little girl to be Joan or Arc.

  • Anthony Mcdonald

    Anthony Mcdonald

    Day ago

    So , Easter came late this year .

  • doro626


    Day ago

    The TVA design in teh comic book, always made me think they were making fun of Judge Dredd. or maybe that artist worked on Dredd at some point. IDK.

  • MagiaVW


    Day ago

    "Green, which is, of course, the color synonymous with Loki."
    Excuse me, I think you've forgotten something very important....

  • Shehan Perera

    Shehan Perera

    Day ago

    Bro, I watch your reviews every Saturday morning for Disney and Marvel and you are doing a great job!
    Can you please please stop Mephisto jokes? They are really too much at this point and doesn't really make sense.

  • Charisma Hornum-Fries

    Charisma Hornum-Fries

    Day ago

    Fun and informative video. Thanks

  • Allister Tenpenny

    Allister Tenpenny

    Day ago

    Lol I love how Mobius is so unimpressed with Loki's insults and speeches

  • GodEmperor PHATTY

    GodEmperor PHATTY

    Day ago

    Why are they in a rush to get to secret invasion...that story sucked!

  • Kemian Carson

    Kemian Carson

    Day ago

    This episode was surprisingly good. Who knew that Owen Wilson could hop into the MCU and just fit. Loved this one

  • Chris F

    Chris F

    Day ago

    Great episode! Keep it up!

  • Hui Li

    Hui Li

    Day ago

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  • JAE1430


    Day ago

    Awesome video. New sub!

  • Lord Vader

    Lord Vader

    Day ago

    So far, its really good. The lighting and set design was dark and edgy, too.

  • Bossman Crypto Whale

    Bossman Crypto Whale

    Day ago

    You know how many Doombots must have melted walking through the soul gate?

  • Neo Flox

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    Day ago