LOKI Explained: Who Are The TVA, Time Keepers Mobius M Mobius And Kang The Conqueror Theory

Published on Jun 12, 2021
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LOKI Explained: Who Are The TVA, Time Keepers Mobius M Mobius And Kang The Conqueror Theory. We explain the first episode of Loki on Disney Plus namely who the TVA are. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We discuss the TVA, Mobius M. Mobius and why Kang could be behind it all.

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0:00 Intro
0:51 The Timekeepers And Kang The Conquerer Explained
3:54 The TVA And Mobius M. Moboius Explained

Loki Episode 1 introduces some of Marvel's most powerful characters into the MCU. The TVA are the kind of people that use the power stone as a paperweight and in this video we're gonna be breaking down everything you need to know about them.

This includes who the organisation are as a whole, what's going on with the Time Keepers and our theory on why Kang The Conquerer could be behind it all.

Full Spoilers ahead so if you haven't had the time on your hands to check it out yet then I highly recommend that you check out now. If you enjoy the video then please smash the thumbs up button and make sure you subscribe or I'll gut you like a fish (play what's a fish clip)

With that out the way, thanks for the click, now let's get into the video.

Ok so I think before talking about the TVA we have to talk about the Timekeepers as they're basically what the entire organisation is built around.

Now the thing you have to understand about the Marvel Universe is that it's very much cyclical and when it dies it very much respawns the next one which starts again with some slight variations on what came before. Upon it's death the universe goes into what's called a heat death and from this something new is created.

In the comics the Time Keepers were created by He Who Remains who was the last surviving member of the TVA from the previous universal cycle.

It's very much a chicken and the egg situation in which we don't really know what came first and he who remains created the Time Keepers in order to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Interestingly the first attempt to make them resulted in the time twisters which just so happens to be the name of a device in the show.

He Who Remains didn't want the previous issues from the prior universe to develop once more and this he made the Time Keepers to protect not only the timeline but time itself.

There were actually four created but one was exiled to Egypt which we'll talk about later on.

Their main jobs were to unravel any issues caused by time travel and thus they founded the TVA who would follow their orders in order to keep things on the straight and narrow.

They've gone head to head with The Avengers several times and upon the emmergence of Scarlet Witch they quickly identified her as a Nexus being.

Now they've also worked alongside Immortus who you might also know as Nathanial Richards aka Kang The Conquerer. They sent him out to stop Scarlet Witch from having children but as with most time travel shenanigans he ended up causing events that led to her relationship with Vision.

Incase you don't know who Kang The Conquerer is, he's likely going to be the next big bad in the MCU and Johnathan Majors has been cast as the villain in the upcoming Ant-man Quantumania. Ravonna Renslayer also features in the show as a judge and she was very much an object of Kang's affections, thus it is possible that he could be popping up.

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    Heavy Spoilers

    Month ago

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      9 days ago

      Is it the theories or is it the Mjolnir what is overcompensating things

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      Joe Raine

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      love the shorter, in depth videos

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      abdul baten

      Month ago

      @Roderick Cummings They are the watchers not time keepers

    • abdul baten

      abdul baten

      Month ago

      There is a theory that the first time keeper is loki bcs he have horns second time keeper is Kang and third time keeper is mobius bcs the moustache style are same

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      Tracy Grau

      Month ago

      when will you get access to episode three and let me know after I watched episode three

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    Bajan Phynyx

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    Back here after episode 6.
    Not bad, not bad 👌🏾

  • jasper budiono

    jasper budiono

    9 days ago

    Thanos sent trillions of lives into blip after decades of war.
    TVA wiped out the entire uncountable lives that exist in the timeline probably every minute.

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    Did the Avengers create new timelines as they went to the past to undo what Thanos did? I mean Captain America went back to put back the stones the moment they were stolen but they couldn't fix Loki stealing the Tesseract and also Steve Rogers stayed with Peggy effectively becoming a Variant and I would assume that in that branched reality in which he exists now everyone else is a variant since the original reality continued without Steve staying in the past. Or is this not how it works?

    • ChicagoG6895


      23 days ago

      Yes that's how they said it "works" but there obviously not to be trusted the tva, time keepers all of them. My theory is there is NO time keepers. With Kang coming up in the new antman movie right after the season and the love of his lige his the one lieing and pulling all the strings it has to be him thats the tva.

    • Valeska Mejia

      Valeska Mejia

      25 days ago

      Asking the real questions

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    Wassel M

    27 days ago

    Very insightful!! Hoping for big events to take place with loki

  • Dmeads 56

    Dmeads 56

    27 days ago

    If they follow the comics, then the time keepers should be the good guys.

    • paku


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      unless it was already conquered by Kang the conquerer

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  • Jeremy Heartriter2.0

    Jeremy Heartriter2.0

    29 days ago

    TVA is evil, they catch Variants, erase their memories and make them work forever. The other Loki managed to escape somehow but can't remember everything, all she knows is that the TVA must be destroyed. Just my theory 😂

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    The Time-Keepers are Agent Mobius, Ravonna Renslayer and Hunter B-15. Hidden in plain sight. If you compare the image of Time-Keepers with auer mein tree protagonist you see Mobius has the same mustache, Ravonna Renslayer in the middle has emphasized lips and Hunter B-15 has dark eyes and accentuated eyebrows.
    Compare these fitters with the image of the Time-Keepers. I know Mobius said he hasn’t met the Time-Keepers, but that can only be to throw us off track. And another reason, these three main characters are equally strong they have all the power and everyone else obeys them, only they sometimes quarrel with each other. They are the Time-Keepers.

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    What. If. The TVA is Scarlet Witch’s creation for KANG in order for her to get her children and maybe white vision (which won’t end well)

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      jasper budiono

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      that will be too simple.

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  • Rob Sokoloski

    Rob Sokoloski

    Month ago

    Plot twist is...Miss Minutes is both Loki and one of the Time Keepers whom are all robotic vessels by now.
    Explains why she is so snotty to Loki (herself?) and others...

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    I wouldn't be surprised if the TVA has been pulling strings all along and have allowed for all this to happen because it is supposed to happen. I still don't believe that Kang has any part of this little adventure and may just be a consequential spawn of this timeline that will manifest in the Ant-Man movie.

    • Peter MJ

      Peter MJ

      Month ago

      The boss of the TVA - Ravonna Renslayer - is literally Kang’s lover in the comics. Also the time keeper in the middle literally looks like the actor playing Kang.

  • bigredsimmons3


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    Ruben Gonzalez

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  • BlackBoy 27

    BlackBoy 27

    Month ago

    I’m confused.
    From what I understand, the tva keep a specific timeline in check. This version of the tva makes sure that the mcu timeline stays on track and no time travel affects it specifically.
    The reason I say this is because they refer to the “sacred timeline” a lot, meaning they only see one timeline and all other timelines, or universes, they don’t see. Like the thousands of different universes in the comics, or the amazing Spider-Man, the original Spider-Man, the xmen universe, etc.
    Either they don’t see it, or count those as basically “uncanon” timelines and the the mcu is the one and true timeline in marvel. Which is stupid.
    So I’m gonna go with “they don’t see, interact or effect other universes, and only deal with time travel WITHIN the mcu universe.”
    This makes sense until u take into consideration of what we saw in the newest episode. We see female Loki and many other types of Loki (like one that looks like a troll, or another one that looks like a normal bloke).
    This kinda contradicts my conclusion earlier. If they DO only control one universe and all the time traveling in it specially, then how does the other Loki’s, such as female Loki, come into existence? They should all be variants of mcu Loki, when he specially changes time. Him going back in time and changing something doesn’t change his gender, nor does it change his species or how he looks. The changes are we see in these Loki’s are too drastic to only be someone effecting time slightly.
    And if this IS the case, why do they refer to the main Loki of the series as “variant off of earth-616” in the devise thing. this doesn’t make sense in two ways: 1. The mcu is set in earth-199999 not earth-616 (which is the main comic book timeline) and 2. Why r they listing him like that if ALL the variants they deal with are from the mcu universe.
    I’m seriously confused.
    Can someone please explain to me how the tva interact with the larger multiverse of marvel, if they do at all, and if they don’t why these contradictions are there.
    Please 🥲

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      @ThatNerdIsCool Its being speculated that the TVA is in the Quantum Realm which as we know is outside time and space. Magic doesn’t work there because the quantum realm de powers it including the stones.

    • Peter MJ

      Peter MJ

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