Mayhem in Mexico | 16 Car Cash Days

Published on Jul 20, 2021
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We travel down to Mexico again to attend a shootout/cash days hosted by Project Stirfry. This one is for the books and action packed!

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Desert 1320
  • Jhibon_ Jagakarsa

    Jhibon_ Jagakarsa

    Hour ago

    malu ehh, Sama Mobil tua wkwkwkw 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jhibon_ Jagakarsa

    Jhibon_ Jagakarsa

    Hour ago


  • toney Clayton

    toney Clayton

    19 hours ago

    That was some DAMN-GOOD racing!!!!!!!

  • Spooky


    Day ago

    bruh if that red car tire didnt burst, he woulda win

  • Edward Fast

    Edward Fast

    2 days ago

    Guy in the white charger was eating a cheese burger.

  • Asian Herbalist

    Asian Herbalist

    3 days ago

    Typical Chevy owners 😂😆😂 the missed/grinded gear tho

  • Fikar black

    Fikar black

    4 days ago

    A BULL

  • Killa Bee

    Killa Bee

    4 days ago

    Old school cars are raw and fast. The new school cars are too heavy and computerized.

  • Matthew Cochran

    Matthew Cochran

    5 days ago

    I think it is great how all the signage in this area of Mexico is all English. It really makes gringos feel welcome.

  • bruce reimer

    bruce reimer

    6 days ago

    Great street racing coverage, but seriously, deciding a red light with a cell phone camera? Don't make street racing political! Street racing should be raw and pure, forget the flashlight, start it with hands!

  • Bryan H.

    Bryan H.

    6 days ago

    I love how they edited "holy f**k", but not shit, fuckin, or fuckin shit hahaha

  • abe hobbies

    abe hobbies

    7 days ago

    that was a bump not a jump

  • nate cote

    nate cote

    7 days ago

    Hmm is this actually one of kyles pages or you just rip his name off to get more subs?



    7 days ago

    Good video.

  • Chris Craft

    Chris Craft

    8 days ago

    damn, i watched the whole video (RARE) this video made me happy

  • SinaStar Wolf

    SinaStar Wolf

    8 days ago

    The blue mustang and trackhawk was a really good race!!

  • Султан Шихрагимов

    Султан Шихрагимов

    8 days ago

    Жмите чтобы колесы дымели

  • Radhakrishna S P

    Radhakrishna S P

    8 days ago

    That red car is like a chihuahua

  • Erick Nevarez

    Erick Nevarez

    9 days ago


  • El Jefe

    El Jefe

    9 days ago

    That purple 50 is a fuckin beast

  • joe Joe

    joe Joe

    11 days ago

    Red needs wheely wheels ?

  • XxgalaxyxX1494


    11 days ago

    Fox body Mustangs are great for racing. Light weight, and 1st gear is not overpowered.

  • mustanglegend06


    11 days ago

    i love the states for this :)

  • Raymond Keil

    Raymond Keil

    11 days ago

    now this is street racing

  • Mr TJP

    Mr TJP

    11 days ago

    Is that bent axle I smell?

  • AJ.McFizzle


    12 days ago

    That jump call was bull

  • Christopher Foran

    Christopher Foran

    13 days ago

    Who is the dopey starter?
    When is green?

  • Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    13 days ago

    15:14 that is the fucking luckiest reaction time I’ve ever seen

  • Heiko John Möller

    Heiko John Möller

    14 days ago

    only a question of time, till somebody die there.

  • Истории Сан Саныча

    Истории Сан Саныча

    14 days ago


  • Nathan Glover

    Nathan Glover

    14 days ago

    That red car look like the Blade Bailey

  • Irveto


    14 days ago

    damn man imagine your problem is making too much traction and doing a 12 oclock on a car xD

  • Alberto R. Diaz

    Alberto R. Diaz

    15 days ago

    Just a bunch of posers

  • martin carrillo

    martin carrillo

    15 days ago

    905 FTW

  • Skull Man

    Skull Man

    15 days ago

    My 61 Galaxies Starfire was stolen by a tow truck at the border when I was a kid🤕👈

  • Jacob


    16 days ago

    Ha the dsm broke...........happens allot sadly. Making some good power.

  • Speedy 99955

    Speedy 99955

    16 days ago

    idk if the white foxbody jumped, in the reply he seems to have just reacted stupidly fast or got lucky cus looking at the reply really closely he left as the light turned but it was bright out so it was hard to tell when the light turned on. also i'm not super familar with dragracing rules so idk. I feel like he may of been robbed but idk

  • Speedy 99955

    Speedy 99955

    16 days ago

    that white foxbody had the best launches

  • Виталий Адаричев

    Виталий Адаричев

    16 days ago

    Молодцы. классные у вас аппараты. отлично развлекаетесь

  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes

    17 days ago

    are any of these as fast as tesla plaid?

  • Michael Aguilar

    Michael Aguilar

    17 days ago

    Nice Flower Embroidered sweat pants !! Very Pansy Like !! LOL !!

  • KoenigseggKing5000


    17 days ago

    3:16 what's the white lines around the guys on the right......

  • Daniel Black

    Daniel Black

    18 days ago

    Everybody's worried about if the white mustang jumped, but he clearly crossed center anyway... LOL

  • Johnny Bgood

    Johnny Bgood

    18 days ago

    Dude in the red brought a gasser

  • Johnny Bgood

    Johnny Bgood

    18 days ago

    You gotta be a little mentally slow to be the flashlight guy

  • john R

    john R

    19 days ago

    that wheelie was craaaazy

  • Rickey Johnson

    Rickey Johnson

    19 days ago

    I wouldn’t waste my time running 1/8 mile
    1/4 mile only.

  • Matthew Lane

    Matthew Lane

    20 days ago

    lol "Mexico"

  • Tom P

    Tom P

    20 days ago

    So only the Canadian border is closed? You can travel freely to Mexico?

  • crow with a steak knife

    crow with a steak knife

    20 days ago

    these are slow compared to a hoonicorn

  • Shawn Sanchez

    Shawn Sanchez

    20 days ago

    These cars are wild.

  • M Jk

    M Jk

    21 day ago

    Sheeeeshhh that track hawk was outtt

  • Garret Sterling

    Garret Sterling

    21 day ago

    You know it's going down when you see the skinnies in the front and bead-locked fatties in the back

  • Chop Shop

    Chop Shop

    22 days ago

    All you Fat fucks need to loose some wait and gain some tenths!!!

  • BMAD01


    22 days ago

    I'm building my first R/C Drag Car right now! After Covid destroyed R/C boating which I've been doing since 2004, this is where it's at now!

  • TheGreat Gizmo

    TheGreat Gizmo

    22 days ago

    Well don movie dude,,,,,,i love it!

  • Paul Walker

    Paul Walker

    22 days ago

    Some1 sponsor a thamm tree light, that flashlight is bs

  • jib jib

    jib jib

    23 days ago


  • Dlovesboost


    24 days ago

    Half the damn cars broke

  • Kirigan


    24 days ago

    Eclipse V8 LS dude ! Sick !

  • 54647234543


    24 days ago

    Good thing you censored the F-word on your illegal street racing video. Can't go around recklessly exposing people to foul language.

  • Guilherme Rios

    Guilherme Rios

    24 days ago


  • Shawn John

    Shawn John

    24 days ago

    Them Mustangs are killing it.

  • Victor Rene Valenzuela

    Victor Rene Valenzuela

    25 days ago

    Mexico huh

  • Joe Smalski

    Joe Smalski

    25 days ago

    More sit ups less funky cars

  • Zeba 055a

    Zeba 055a

    26 days ago

    that pontiac thooo sheeeesh

  • ValleVaan


    26 days ago

    didnt the white fox cross the line also or is that not enough?

  • Lee K

    Lee K

    26 days ago

    Light tree guy plays head games boot em

  • 404_VipersBite


    27 days ago

    With that round with the white '93 it looked like it could be justifiebly been cashed either way and my guess is if it was called as a no jump he would've taken first

  • M A

    M A

    27 days ago


  • Phonophobe


    27 days ago

    I have never seen Mr Country in day light I think :D

  • M A

    M A

    27 days ago


  • LJ


    27 days ago

    All with vapes, not a single one lighting a smoke

  • Christopher Lochan

    Christopher Lochan

    27 days ago

    the jeep badass.

  • MFnDahk


    27 days ago

    The 5.0 with the warhawk wrap is pretty cool.

  • Justin Shearer

    Justin Shearer

    27 days ago

    that little red pontiac is a bad dude

  • Johnny Sizemore

    Johnny Sizemore

    28 days ago

    Great stuff lots of guys jumping the start

  • Simeon Orive

    Simeon Orive

    28 days ago

    Clicked on this just to see an MGA wheel stand. See a few comments about this car being a Cobra or Austin Healey. It is an MGA shape unsure if its uni body original or a fiber glass copy on a chassis but that's an MGA shape minus the grill.

  • Geoff Speedie

    Geoff Speedie

    28 days ago

    zero reason a human needs to be in the middle of those cars

  • Logan Allen

    Logan Allen

    28 days ago

    Well done. Steezy has a slick rig!

  • La_Dragon Studio's

    La_Dragon Studio's

    29 days ago

    damn fox bodys untouchable

  • PantherPiss ALT

    PantherPiss ALT

    29 days ago

    Epic races. They let it all hang.

  • nowstopwhining


    29 days ago

    would be gnarly if that dude tripped while shuffling backwards every race and got his head ran over

  • foad 5981

    foad 5981

    29 days ago

    This don't look like the Mexico I've been

  • Silver Haste

    Silver Haste

    29 days ago

    thats what you get for doing illegal street racing soo

  • Sir David R

    Sir David R

    29 days ago

    White fox didn’t jump

  • Jeff Fleischman

    Jeff Fleischman

    29 days ago

    I wonder why the red car did such a hard left

  • Biking Car Fanatic

    Biking Car Fanatic

    29 days ago

    This is some of the dumbest racing I've ever seen.

  • Clear Mind Drone

    Clear Mind Drone

    Month ago


  • Bobby Edstrom

    Bobby Edstrom

    Month ago

    A jump dude cross the center line also?

  • fullmoonfool


    Month ago

    The Red wheelie driver says I have to pull over and shake the poop out of my pant leg lol

  • bigmoneykilla


    Month ago

    How do y'all get the camera to turn like that?

  • Pete munro

    Pete munro

    Month ago

    When you order street outlaws and 1320 video from wish.

  • Beer Hounds Beer Reviews!

    Beer Hounds Beer Reviews!

    Month ago

    Dude fans those Hundreds like he a seasoned Vet! WTF!

  • Douglas Vines

    Douglas Vines

    Month ago

    The guy kept pulling the light up and screwed a lot of drivers

  • kumaquattro


    Month ago

    Mexico - California , same difference .

  • Dale


    Month ago

    Oh wow, didn't realize Forza Horizon 5 came out already.

  • Deplorable Dave

    Deplorable Dave

    Month ago

    See Steesy fan that cash at the end like a BOSS? I am going to say he didn't make his livelihood money pumping gas or from his newspaper paper route.
    Nothing quite says legit like FACE TATTOOS, lol.

  • Mike


    Month ago

    Spends tens of thousands of dollars on engines but no Christmas tree, just some idiot with a death wish and a $3 torch

  • Jimmy Neal

    Jimmy Neal

    Month ago

    Who made the call the white Fox body jumped? BS!