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Published on Aug 1, 2021
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You just woke up. It is a brand new day. The canvas is blank. How do you begin? Take 21 minutes to cultivate a peaceful mind and strong body with this juicy breath-centric morning flow.

Wake up your core muscles, open to new horizons, shape your day in a beautiful way with this strengthening morning routine.

Made with love.

Benefits may include: strong muscle tone, more mobility, peaceful inner feelings, opportunity to take up space and feel your worth with your whole body. Benji.

This practice is designed to support you as you cultivate and manifest.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below!

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0:30 tune in
0:38 extended child’s pose
1:43 child’s pose side stretch
2:30 cat/cow
3:13 hover in table top
3:30 downward facing dog
4:17 rag doll
4:45 mountain pose
5:12 plank
5:37 cobra
5:58 downward facing dog
6:15 low lunge
6:32 high lunge
6:49 cobra
7:00 downward facing dog
7:18 low lunge
7:31 high lunge
7:47 cobra
8:00 downward facing dog
8:43 warrior II
8:55 peaceful warrior
9:03 extended warrior
9:24 revolved side angle
9:38 cobra
9:48 downward facing dog
10:12 low lunge
10:22 warrior II
10:33 peaceful warrior
10:44 extended side angle
11:06 revolved side angle
11:22 cobra
11:30 plank
11:36 downward facing dog
12:00 low lunge
12:07 warrior II
12:10 peaceful warrior
12:14 extended side angle
12:30 revolved side angle
12:45 side plank
13:09 wild thing
13:20 cobra
13:30 downward facing dog
13:53 low lunge
13:58 warrior II
14:02 peaceful warrior
14:06 extended side angle
14:23 revolved side angle
14:34 side plank
14:50 wild thing
15:05 cobra
15:18 downward facing dog
15:39 mountain pose
16:54 staff pose
17:50 seated side bend
18:38 cat/cow
19:03 seated twist
19:29 reclined full body stretch
19:50 knees to chest
20:28 find stillness/set an intention
20:22 rest

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Music by Shakey Graves:

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Yoga With Adriene
  • Yoga With Adriene

    Yoga With Adriene

    Month ago

    Remember that this fiery morning session is designed to support you as you cultivate and manifest.
    How do you feel after today's practice?

    • Damien Dalgaard

      Damien Dalgaard

      3 days ago

      Awake, peaceful and ready for the day. Loved the practice and your soothing voice that guided me through the positions. 🙏 thx adriene.

    • Steve St.James

      Steve St.James

      4 days ago

      I’ve also noticed that she has a habit as of late that she’s breathing rapid short breaths and that’s not a good example of proper breathing

    • Steve St.James

      Steve St.James

      4 days ago

      Stop breathing into the microphone it’s extremely loud Thank you

    • Steve St.James

      Steve St.James

      4 days ago

      @Sofia Kyllonen king cobra is great for realigning your spinal fluid in The vertebrae and helps your lower back as we get older or slouch forward it compresses the disks forward and squeezes out the fluid that Helps act like a shock absorber to the rear of the spine leaving it unbalanced… king cobra helps reverse that

    • Grace Bolger

      Grace Bolger

      4 days ago

      my first practice with you and LOVE it. Thank you Adrianne!

  • Alexandra Panico

    Alexandra Panico

    2 hours ago

    Thanks Adriene. This was my first yoga session in about 3 months since I've had a long pause due to work becoming crazy and health problems. But this was a good way to come back and hopefully I can restart doing it at least semi-regularly.

  • Meg


    8 hours ago

    muster up my courage to do this intense one. feel like a ninja afterwards.

  • Goar Ayrapetyan

    Goar Ayrapetyan

    11 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing this practice with me! Namaste 🙏☀️️

  • MyaLou Yoga

    MyaLou Yoga

    16 hours ago

    I feel amazing, thank you!

  • Kavya Shekar

    Kavya Shekar

    17 hours ago

    Reset Sept 2021
    It is a cold day here today, but this practice warmed me right up :) Fast paced and packed, but left me energized and wanting for more! Perfect for Monday mornings or when we need a little pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Feeling good! Thank you Adriene :)

  • 1ptitsa


    19 hours ago

    great waking up yoga! Thank you, Adriene.

  • Sam Chick

    Sam Chick

    21 hour ago

    Thank you Adrienne for this wonderful video! I struggle to motivate myself in day to day life but doing Yoga with you helps a bundle! Cheers from the UK!

  • Ruta Mik

    Ruta Mik

    Day ago

    I watch her video just because of her very nice figure.

  • Pranshu Kapoor

    Pranshu Kapoor

    Day ago

    Great morning flow . Little bit of heat but lots of stretches loved it thanks for sharing your experience with us. Oh ya and nice Decore!!

  • Lawrence Shelven

    Lawrence Shelven

    Day ago

    Thank you for sharing this practice with me!

  • Tiến Hoàng

    Tiến Hoàng

    Day ago

    Thanks Adrien!

  • Amanda Gustavsson

    Amanda Gustavsson

    2 days ago

    When I did this in August I thought it was too hard for a morning practice for me... This morning I tried again and suddenly I found myself in a side plank?! Now I'm smiling because of this amazing feeling of growing stronger. Thank you ♥️

  • Zeel Chauhan

    Zeel Chauhan

    2 days ago

    Sweet Benji is a vibe!

  • sweetchinmusic3


    2 days ago

    Namaste, I am grateful that the ancient wisdom of India and Hinduism ( yoga and meditation) is being appreciated and adapted all over the world now...

  • Supriya Mishra

    Supriya Mishra

    2 days ago

    Pls also do some videos for prenatal yoga 🙏

  • Eil Man

    Eil Man

    2 days ago


  • Adrian's gamer team

    Adrian's gamer team

    2 days ago

    Lost my dad 48 days ago and guilt is all I feel when I do something I enjoy. I needed this today and it’s ok for me to find what feels good, it doesn’t mean I forgot him, it doesn’t mean I don’t miss him, it doesn’t mean I’m over losing him . It’s ok to keep living. I missed y’all. ❤️

  • Jen Medos

    Jen Medos

    2 days ago

    Exactly what I was hoping for this morning. Thank you Adriene.

  • Rachel Kelly

    Rachel Kelly

    2 days ago

    Makes me incredibly happy to come back to your channel and see how much you've grown in support Adriene you deserve it and I am so happy to be back on the yoga train :)

  • Ginatus


    3 days ago

    Still felt a lot longer than 20 minutes, but at least I was more prepared for it this time :) The only thing I shouldn't have attempted were the side planks because my other wrist felt pretty achy after that. So I followed up with the 11 min wrist care video to remedy that :)

  • Rebecca Hodges

    Rebecca Hodges

    3 days ago

    I love your teaching! You are a light in my life. I get joy and comfort watching and working along side you and ben 🥰. Thank you for helping all of us grow! 🧘‍♀️🙏

  • L V N Λ

    L V N Λ

    3 days ago

    I’ve done this every day for a month now and I’ve actually got lil biceps omg

  • duckzor


    3 days ago

    back to beginner for me, this one is too much at the moment.

  • Sofia VS

    Sofia VS

    3 days ago

    Sweet benji is always sleepy

  • Thodoris mekos

    Thodoris mekos

    3 days ago

    Hello adriene, we need yoga for lumbar disc herniaton

  • David Dutech

    David Dutech

    3 days ago

    thanks for sharing, love your way of yoga, like a nice hug in the morning.

  • devo1afi


    4 days ago

    Is this a new place? Did you move? It's lovely!

  • Z W

    Z W

    4 days ago

    What a beautiful way to start the day!

  • David W

    David W

    4 days ago

    I feel better! and I have my dog right here watching me too haha

  • Katrina Seifarth

    Katrina Seifarth

    4 days ago

    I love you!!! ❤ thank you so much for your videos ✌

  • Lavinia Haf

    Lavinia Haf

    4 days ago


  • Tony Rodriguez

    Tony Rodriguez

    5 days ago

    When I see a short video, I expect to sweat. And by golly I did break a good sweat. Side plank variations were okay on the right but wobbly on the left. Overall a great evening, not morning workout! Gracias Tex!

  • Deb Sue

    Deb Sue

    5 days ago

    Back to following each day’s practice again being protective of my sore knee. I really love listening to each of your prompts, they are both very useful in themselves, and also keep my mind from wandering. (I know I’ve said it before, but just like to say it again.😍)

  • Brian Cyr

    Brian Cyr

    5 days ago

    Myself and my son were both like - Wow! Adriene is doing some crazy moves again! - when you transitioned from the low lunge to the side plank in one fluid motion. LOL
    Great practice, definitely what this night shift worker needed to begin the day with. Thanks for everything. 🙏

  • Shelly M

    Shelly M

    5 days ago

    Although this is a morning yoga practice I actually did it before bed and found it really helpful to bring calmness to my whole body 🙏🏻

  • D M

    D M

    5 days ago

    That was such a great practice. Thank you!

  • Amy Del Prete

    Amy Del Prete

    5 days ago

    I noticed I did this one a month ago, as I skip around sometimes and pick practices that are of interest based on how I feel. A very energetic and good wake up for the day. I even could do eagle, on one side only, but that's how it goes. Magical💚

  • Tee


    5 days ago

    I've been out of doing yoga for months. It's gonna sound wacky, but it's bc of condemnation from others. I also haven't been able to go to the gym for months, either. I love being physical, and it's gotten me down that I haven't been. Spiral.
    I just did the first 12 minutes of this and it felt like coming home. I've missed you guys so much. And I've learned to not let the opinions of others make me stop doing the healthy things that help me.
    Thank you, Adrienne. For helping us all on our health and love for ourselves. I truly appreciate it. I'm excited to be back

  • Michelle Scott

    Michelle Scott

    5 days ago

    This morning my Maine Coon, 16 yr old cat, watched 15 minutes of the video. I chastised her for not actually doing the practice...she watches every movement. She also watches nature shows. Her favorite are birds or big cat shows

  • Emma Davison

    Emma Davison

    5 days ago

    video: morning yoga flow
    time: 10:40pm
    seems right

  • asieg001


    5 days ago

    I wasn't expecting all the heat that this practice brought! It was a lovely way to start my day! My intention was to be fully present in my day. What's your intention?

  • Alessia Cucit

    Alessia Cucit

    5 days ago

    Awesome for Strength and Core!!!
    Done in these days:
    -13th September 2021: ✅

  • Scarlet Anne Maria D'souza

    Scarlet Anne Maria D'souza

    5 days ago

    I feel totally rattled, but sure know it is going to do a world of good to me. Love every minute of my yoga with you my hero and guru. Thank you Darling Adriene and God bless, much Love❤️Namaste🧘🏽‍♂️

  • Δημήτρης Χ.

    Δημήτρης Χ.

    5 days ago

    Morning yoga is THE BEST ❤️

  • Agni Yoga & Achtsamkeit

    Agni Yoga & Achtsamkeit

    6 days ago

    It was surprisingly intense. Thank you and sweet Benji 😉

  • Sally Alli

    Sally Alli

    6 days ago

    Oh such a good way to shake it off and be ready for the day! 💖

  • Ciara Gutierrez

    Ciara Gutierrez

    6 days ago

    You literally kicked my ass with this one, girl! Sweat drops all over the mat... And oh how I needed a good kick today! Been struggling a lot lately and decided last night that I would start today again my daily yoga practice. It's the one thing that gets me out of toxic moods and back on track again. THANK YOU, again and again, Adriane and the whole community. LOVE!

  • Maria Alvarez

    Maria Alvarez

    6 days ago

    Absolutely love it. I have done many of your videos but for some reason I keep coming back to this one. Thanks Adrienne for this video and all the others ☺️

  • Cat Westmacott

    Cat Westmacott

    6 days ago

    Thank you

  • Inge Rijcken

    Inge Rijcken

    6 days ago

    What a lovely morning 😍😇😍😇

  • cherylyeo25


    6 days ago

    Wow, what a way to start interesting morning. Today we have to start doing self covid testing @ home (being frontliners, teachers) so a bit of nerves and being thrown off... this flow helps me to find balance, to start the day! Namaste to all practising. PS Such a lovely space and Benji, more active in the morning too ;)

  • Isee you

    Isee you

    6 days ago

    I struggled with this one because of a few days off and some not so healthy practices. It was a good reminder, calling me back. Thank you!

  • Amy Files

    Amy Files

    6 days ago

    Day 13 of September 🙏🏼❤️

  • Leighann L

    Leighann L

    6 days ago

    Holy sweat. I wasn't able to squeeze this in this morning before work, but made time later in the evening and wow did it kick my butt. I am sweating and now have to cool down before bedtime lol. This is a fast practice that gets the juices flowing. Hopefully my body will reward me with a deep sleep. Sending love to the YWA community!

  • Vanessa Morris

    Vanessa Morris

    6 days ago

    Just getting back to moving with a flow and boy this one kept me on my toes but it was well worth getting on the mat, much love, Namaste ❤

  • Deb Jacobson

    Deb Jacobson

    6 days ago

    Thank you Adriene 🧘🏼‍♀️

  • Sara Kennelty

    Sara Kennelty

    6 days ago

    Well good morning in the evening! I would never get to work on time if I did yoga in the morning during the week. This was great at the end of the day, too.

  • CuteMuffins


    6 days ago

    Day 13 complete my sister and I thought it was alright this time. It didn't make me grumpy afterwards that it did the other time.

    • 40asan


      6 days ago

      You’re getting stronger! 💪👏🙏

  • Alma Celeste Ramírez

    Alma Celeste Ramírez

    6 days ago

    I did this practice at the end of my day after having such a bad migraine that it gave me neck cramps and I feel much much better after this gentle practice. Thank you for all you do dear Adriene :)

  • Sus Sus

    Sus Sus

    6 days ago

    I did the session in August and now a month later, flexibility has improved. I like this session, energetic flow. It’s not morning, but burning off energy relaxes as well. I feel good

    • Sara Kennelty

      Sara Kennelty

      6 days ago

      Me too! Morning yoga in the evening. Have a great night.

  • joseph siragusa

    joseph siragusa

    6 days ago

    This felt more like neurotic yoga flow than it did morning yoga flow, but I guess that's just me. I usually love your practices but it feels like you were trying to use up every microsecond to fit in an extra movement in this one.

  • Susan Winter

    Susan Winter

    6 days ago

    Nice session

  • Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner

    Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner

    6 days ago

    Reset Sep 13, 2021- In the end, what was supposed to be a morning practice became in the afternoon one.
    Happy and proud of myself, though. ‘Cause the purpose was fulfilled after all: Feeling quite good and immensely grateful. 🌤🌈☺️💖
    Namaste. 🙏🏻

    • Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner

      Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner

      6 days ago

      @Lisa Siegman Yeah! 💙🙏🏻

    • Lisa Siegman

      Lisa Siegman

      6 days ago

      Late afternoon is the morning of the evening 😃

  • Jas K

    Jas K

    6 days ago

    Adriene: notice your breath
    Me: panting like a dog 🥵

  • Ash


    6 days ago

    I shouldn't have done this in the evening 😂

  • Mara Thompson

    Mara Thompson

    6 days ago

    It's been a hard year. It seems that difficult things just keep happening, and all of that negativity bubbled up to the surface again last night when our dog accidentally killed our pet chicken. I don't think I ever would have picked such an energetic practice for myself after such a sad, sleepless night, but it somehow ended up being EXACTLY what I needed. I couldn't seem to stop crying this morning, but now I feel an inner calm that I am so exceedingly thankful for. Thank you, thank you for such a great routine! I hope everyone else feels a bit better after this one, too.

    • Sara Kennelty

      Sara Kennelty

      6 days ago

      Sorry you had such a rough day.

  • riverasol1


    6 days ago

    This was awesome!! 🤩

  • Aleta Holmes

    Aleta Holmes

    6 days ago

    What a flow! At first I was not there, almost crabby about it, then, I was in it to be the best me, and happy to do so! Thank you for such a fiery beginning to this day!

  • ccmarie96


    6 days ago

    Last month when I attempted this video I spent most of the practice crying in child's pose. I had just been through a break up. I can't believe the difference a month has made and the impact that my yoga practice has had on me in the healing process.

  • Lindsay Forintos

    Lindsay Forintos

    6 days ago

    Hallelujah!!!!! Amazing!!!! I could hear Adrienne heartbeat! Anyone else?!

  • Chelsea McMillen

    Chelsea McMillen

    6 days ago

    The first time I did this practice I couldn't finish it, today I just had to skip out on the side planks (my wrists weren't having it!!) but I made it through!

    • InvdrDana


      6 days ago

      I do side planks on my forearms when my wrists are hurting. Maybe that would help you on the rough days. :)

  • Heather Rose

    Heather Rose

    6 days ago

    Doing reset this September has taught me many things. 1. It's okay to need a break. You're human. 2. Be gentle with yourself for not being able to do something quite the same. 3. I am strong as hell.

  • Kathy Wade

    Kathy Wade

    6 days ago

    @Lisa Hansen -Great question about being able to transition from downward dog to lunge…I’ve only been practicing with Adriene consistently since April and I have wondered the same thing. Am I too short or short-waisted? Is it a matter of strength or flexibility? Please enlighten those of us who struggle. Thanks Adriene and lots of belly scratches and love to Benji!

  • Danielle Baragar

    Danielle Baragar

    6 days ago

    I've been following the monthly calendar, albeit loosely, for a few months now and today is the day I discovered that the video link is embedded in the calendar! WOOT!! Thank you Adriene for moving me quicker towards my mat!

  • J Gold

    J Gold

    6 days ago

    What a room. I could have a restorative morning just looking at the room and watching Benji. I think you could have a YouTube channel of just Benji sleeping videos, and retire. It would be like the old logfire thing they would show on TV in the 70s (60s?).

  • Kathleen Koos

    Kathleen Koos

    6 days ago

    Thank you Adriene!!

  • Bhakti


    6 days ago

    I Bad to Break up after 12 min. No more strengh. 🥲I wonder if I will ever get stronger 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Amanda Ritzau

    Amanda Ritzau

    6 days ago

    This was Another great 1! I was wondering if you could tell me what gentle yoga I can do for EDS I just got diagnosed with it and having to retrain all of my lazy muscles and let my bigger muscles get weaker is really been a challenge for me. I'm weak as a kitten and I need to start back with gentle yoga and I'm not really sure what that is lol.. I really just want to get back and do the yoga I can do but doctor's orders

  • Autumn Riley

    Autumn Riley

    6 days ago

    Today is my first day back in a normal classroom setting since March of 2020. I’m a senior in college and the past year and a half of online school has definitely been really hard. I’m excited yet nervous to get back, but this practice helped get me going this morning!

  • Naomi Johnson Music

    Naomi Johnson Music

    6 days ago

    Absolutely love this 💜 Namasté 🙏

  • Lisa Hansen

    Lisa Hansen

    6 days ago

    Will I get to where I don’t have to help my leg come into a lunge after down dog? I always have to help my leg get into lunge position.

  • JM


    6 days ago

    I woke up late this morning, so I did this practice at night after I got home from work. Coincidentally, someone from work upset me and I used this yoga as my anger relief - which is working! I feel a lot better, I forgive her and I let it go. Namaste.

  • llsnsy


    6 days ago

    I love when I listen to my body and do a move before Adriene cues, and then she cues the position I went into :o Also, after almost a year of YWA videos, I developed my own morning salutation. What a fun surprise when this video was basically the salutation! Makes sense, since my salutation was a melting pot of Adriene's videos.

  • Benjamin Bohannon

    Benjamin Bohannon

    6 days ago

    Thank you for guiding me through a perfect beginning of my morning 🌞 I’m ready to take on the day!

  • David Cox

    David Cox

    6 days ago

    I feel like i am ready to start my day with a big smile in my heart! Thanks Miss Adriene! 😀

  • Faith Hudvagner

    Faith Hudvagner

    6 days ago

    Good Morning! I am trying my best to get back into daily practices and not let my busy schedule get the best of me. Although waking up at 5:15am may have been difficult, once I finished the practice this morning I felt more awake then ever and ready to take on my day. Best of luck to everyone waking up early with me and jumping into their yoga practice. My intention for today is positivity, optimism, and strength guiding me through and I send all of you those feelings as well. Cheers YWA Fam 💙

    • Jo Blackwood

      Jo Blackwood

      5 days ago

      love this

  • Anastasia Volkova

    Anastasia Volkova

    6 days ago

    Came to this one after the ABS & hands from 2014 to relax but found more 🔥 Thank you very much! I'm in love with this one.

  • Jonny Wilson

    Jonny Wilson

    6 days ago


  • Rachel McGrath

    Rachel McGrath

    7 days ago

    RESET day 13! I remember last time I did this I rested from about 11:00-15:00 because the first sequence took so much out of me, and although I had to take a rest at 11:00, I paused, recovered and finished the whole video. Hoping that in time I can do the whole video without rest breaks, and that I can do side planks without having to do the variation. Grateful for this video and for a fresh start to this week

  • LouBLou


    7 days ago

    That warmed my morning up! Have a great day everyone 🥰

  • Erzsébet Calbo

    Erzsébet Calbo

    7 days ago

    Thank you Adriene ☀️
    Day 13 Reset Sept’21
    See you tomorrow 🧘🏻‍♀️
    Namaste 🙏🏻

  • Gabkath Offbro

    Gabkath Offbro

    7 days ago


  • lulu*lemon


    7 days ago


  • theprincessed


    7 days ago

    My three legged dog technique has improved yay

  • Carla Frühling

    Carla Frühling

    7 days ago

    I didn't do yoga the last two days, so it was harder to start and I felt weaker than usual today, but I love this practice! It's challenging, but through that helps me focus and take time for myself. I hope all of you have a wonderful day! :)

  • Alexia


    7 days ago

    It's been a long a time that I comment on a video but I needed to say it, at the end my dog decided to sit on my belly while I was on the ground ! The cutest thing in the world 🥰🥺

  • Natasha Makhdoomi

    Natasha Makhdoomi

    7 days ago

    It was a perfect practice to start the day specially for me, today is the first day at university and I think I gained enough energy to start teaching! I enjoyed the practice as much as first time although some poses were demanding! Namaste❤🥰
    Day 13 Reset!

  • Linda Oldert

    Linda Oldert

    7 days ago

    Good morning Monday! Thank you Adriene! This sets me up.....

  • susan fletcher

    susan fletcher

    7 days ago

    Woke up far too early, mind buzzing with all the Monday morning things I have to remember...decided to hit the mat straightaway before other things distracted me. I am so happy I did that! I might be sweating and buzzing but I am alive and ready for anything! What a brilliant way to reset my day and my week. Thank you Adriene for this wonderful gift x