My First Slumber Party - Storytime

Published on Jun 6, 2021
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Yes. This is a true story.

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3D Animator and Designer:
Potatoman: PotatomanNg?s=20



Vimhomeless: VimHomeless?s=20

Baldemar Rivas : marsisanart...

Justin Greger: imadeasong?s=20

Samuel Long:

  • MeatCanyon


    6 days ago

    Trying something new. Was a trip getting this thing together. Hope you all dug it!

    • Zodak


      2 hours ago

      I think I dug it just a little bit too much

    • Brent's Formosa Fries

      Brent's Formosa Fries

      12 hours ago

      Duuuude I think we would love to see another one

    • Mauro Hidalgo

      Mauro Hidalgo

      12 hours ago

      This was great, great job Man! Your passion speaks through your videos!

    • i am dom

      i am dom

      17 hours ago


    • Joey Charnick

      Joey Charnick

      17 hours ago

      Toon Idea: The Quiet House

  • da kid

    da kid

    Hour ago

    Imagine being a fat ugly

  • Daan Van silfhout

    Daan Van silfhout

    Hour ago scare me sometimes



    2 hours ago

    The fact that meat canyon hunted down and killed the Peppa pig monster

  • Anarkÿ Mocha

    Anarkÿ Mocha

    2 hours ago

    Canyon I dabbled slightly in 3danimation so I get how frustrating shit can be but this my guy is ingenious

    • Anarkÿ Mocha

      Anarkÿ Mocha

      2 hours ago

      Further more cant figure out if I'm crying or laughing Props

  • Gojira Films

    Gojira Films

    2 hours ago

    I hate it when your at a sleep over and then all of a sudden at 9:00 or 9:58 you have to go to bed early at a sleep over because you or your friend has church in the morning. It’s like if you know you have something to do in the morning then just plan the sleep over a different day instead of disappoint your friends.

  • ExtremelyViolentlyVioletPLUMS


    2 hours ago

    Those poor pizza rolls going uneaten hurts my feelings 😂😫

  • sena kobayakawa

    sena kobayakawa

    2 hours ago

    I want more of this

  • Arender Blind

    Arender Blind

    2 hours ago

    Is this jj abrams movie?

  • Benson


    2 hours ago

    These experiences give us some insight to how you come up your parodies

  • Chayse Armstead

    Chayse Armstead

    2 hours ago

    LMAO is that peppa pig on the mantle??

  • Dark_legendESKIT


    3 hours ago


  • Freefonix1234


    3 hours ago

    No one gonna talk about how he had Peppa's head mounted to the wall?



    3 hours ago

    Bro...I'm *BEGGING* you, you *HAVE* to make a video with Friday night funkin'

  • John Sawyer

    John Sawyer

    4 hours ago

    What where those testicle physics though? 3:08

  • Michael Green

    Michael Green

    4 hours ago

    You played Mario party

  • Queen Latoya

    Queen Latoya

    4 hours ago

    I remember Mario Party.

  • abc abc

    abc abc

    5 hours ago

    Gorgeous animation but it lacked an ending.

  • Con Axle

    Con Axle

    5 hours ago

    Can you do an animation of castaways



    5 hours ago

    Hey Do you wanna play Donkey Conga🤣

  • Dáithí Mullins

    Dáithí Mullins

    6 hours ago

    Bro this was great

  • keelo byte

    keelo byte

    6 hours ago

    Too relatable.

  • Abiel Trevino

    Abiel Trevino

    6 hours ago

    I swear to god the father looks like the governor from the walking dead

  • Mugen


    6 hours ago

    Anyone know what the mom was saying?

  • Victor Ikegwuoha

    Victor Ikegwuoha

    7 hours ago

    Bro, she had pizza rolls and gave you guys bandanas
    Now that's evil

  • Champ TNT

    Champ TNT

    7 hours ago

    3:10 Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What?

  • illip Atha

    illip Atha

    7 hours ago

    DAATМЕ ❤️ ⏩

    #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、

  • • b u m b l e e •

    • b u m b l e e •

    8 hours ago

    3:11 sus

  • Lord Friedrick

    Lord Friedrick

    8 hours ago

    So that's why he's so capable of ruining the childhood of his fans
    He speaks from personal experience

  • NERV 001

    NERV 001

    9 hours ago

    I uhh don't know how to feel it's feels so surreal

  • Seranks


    9 hours ago

    Sounds like markiplier at the beginning

  • Chicken soup

    Chicken soup

    9 hours ago

    Suprisingly normal for meatcanyon- thats a first.

  • Koen price

    Koen price

    9 hours ago

    dude can you do a video for jake pauls fight against floyd

    • Pablo Complains

      Pablo Complains

      3 hours ago

      Flashgitz already did one

  • Please Punch Me

    Please Punch Me

    9 hours ago

    "Forever stairing"
    thats creepy man.. the dad 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ kids

  • Peach Pie

    Peach Pie

    10 hours ago

    Is any of this real? also Meatcanyon should make a scary vr game or video, the first person POV was kind of interesting lol

  • The Pringles Man

    The Pringles Man

    10 hours ago

    Thank god for this guy. He killed the demon peppa pig with that shotgun and mounded her head on his wall. I can finally sleep again

  • k Bob

    k Bob

    10 hours ago

    Ah yes I remember when I had sleepover at satans house

  • My alias is Bell

    My alias is Bell

    10 hours ago

    Demonic peppa pig is dead because she’s a trophy on meat canyons wall

  • Bredcan


    10 hours ago

    The sound design is just *muah* perfection

  • The RandomCake

    The RandomCake

    10 hours ago

    That was vary relatable



    11 hours ago

    What happen after he kept on staring at you?

  • Bad Bearies

    Bad Bearies

    11 hours ago


  • Sharon Gibson

    Sharon Gibson

    11 hours ago

    For real where the hell is some more monster lab

  • Shia Syndicate

    Shia Syndicate

    11 hours ago

    This could be an A24 movie.

  • Just a nice View

    Just a nice View

    11 hours ago

    This story is rather mundane for how dramatized the animation is, quite humorous 10/10

  • Shadowbrine _XD

    Shadowbrine _XD

    12 hours ago

    Make a video which has normal animation that’s a dare B)

  • K4L1M0CH0


    12 hours ago

    its just me or the kid that is the friend of meatcanyon, his mom and his father are just like the father and mother of eminem, and also the kid

  • Guido Mista

    Guido Mista

    12 hours ago

    Meatcanyon please make a good ending for count to three peppa animation

    • Pablo Complains

      Pablo Complains

      3 hours ago

      The ending was good

  • Andrew Earl

    Andrew Earl

    12 hours ago

    considering its a religious household. I am surprised pokemon was a thing in that family. Most including mine hated the idea of pokemon "evolving"



    13 hours ago

    aw you missed the chance of it being a 360 video

  • Ya Boi Zeke

    Ya Boi Zeke

    13 hours ago

    New series?!?!

  • rhys jeff

    rhys jeff

    13 hours ago

    these graphics to real for meatcanyon

  • Hestilan Heart4

    Hestilan Heart4

    13 hours ago

    Can yall make a video of invincible

  • loon sans wolf (bad time)

    loon sans wolf (bad time)

    14 hours ago

    Creepypasta part of it

  • Aidan Madiba Suess

    Aidan Madiba Suess

    14 hours ago

    Please make an Arcade Craniacs video

  • Jamal Jr

    Jamal Jr

    14 hours ago

    You NEED to do more of these they are awesome!

  • Duckz Gd

    Duckz Gd

    15 hours ago

    Bruh peppa is on the wall

  • Gabriel Noriega

    Gabriel Noriega

    15 hours ago

    I'm trying to figure out who puts a banana in the freezer?

  • R. SCOTT

    R. SCOTT

    15 hours ago

    “And that’s where my memory ends”
    That’s because “banana Dad” made his wife drug the banana slices you were eating all night….he waited by the door until they took affect. ☹️

  • Kari


    15 hours ago

    Not sure what's so odd or scary about this. This is like a daily/nighty routine at my place!

  • Volaoh 2.0

    Volaoh 2.0

    15 hours ago

    The craziest thing about MeatCanyon is the fact that he uploads so frequently

  • Chris Perrien

    Chris Perrien

    15 hours ago

    That boy ain't right.

  • Joey Harris

    Joey Harris

    15 hours ago

    I'm Luke...…. if you know what I mean

  • Drewpott


    16 hours ago

    Thought this was a danny Mcbride parody

  • KkFaller


    16 hours ago

    The 2D characters in the 3D space makes this seems like a lost Gumball episode

  • Jayce Dancer

    Jayce Dancer

    17 hours ago

    him:wanna play donkey KONG me:noooooo! H!m:tells on me

  • Jayce Dancer

    Jayce Dancer

    17 hours ago

    OmG SmHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jayce Dancer

    Jayce Dancer

    17 hours ago

    and that kid got a night light SMH

  • Jayce Dancer

    Jayce Dancer

    17 hours ago

    you just stayed down stairs

  • Zak Slomsky

    Zak Slomsky

    17 hours ago

    I need to see you draw tony Robbins

  • Oof exe

    Oof exe

    17 hours ago

    Is this why canyon is so messed up

    • R. SCOTT

      R. SCOTT

      15 hours ago

      😆 No doubt.

  • Super Destruction World

    Super Destruction World

    17 hours ago


  • Finch Gutz

    Finch Gutz

    17 hours ago

    Ok maybe its just a common childhood experience.. Cause my friends father ate a whole raw potatoe while making full unbroken eye contact with me in the kitchen at 5am

  • Daimean Martinez

    Daimean Martinez

    17 hours ago

    The Meatcanyon Experience taught me that Hunter started Pokémon right. With a Torchic in Ruby - maybe I will ascend to meathood

  • Mindflayer


    18 hours ago

    How the fuck did I miss this? This came out on my birthday!

  • wessam ehab

    wessam ehab

    18 hours ago

    doesnt feel like it but this is the most fked up so far

  • Regal Rotom

    Regal Rotom

    18 hours ago

    This video gave me an interesting thought i never had as a kit. you could just leave the house. at any time. like, it might not be the greatest idea if you dont know where you are, but you can just walk out.

  • Jaykaygotthecodes


    18 hours ago

    3:11 so we not gonna talk about how his ball sack hanging

  • GaiBerd


    18 hours ago

    The lad said he would take a break from parody videos but here he is parodying his life.



    18 hours ago


  • Radio Tower EEE

    Radio Tower EEE

    18 hours ago

    I was eating pizza rolls while watching but not the combo pizza rolls so I ain't that scared 🤡

  • Said Arriaga

    Said Arriaga

    18 hours ago

    Oh no

  • Breadn


    18 hours ago

    You need to do more of these. You make normal stories weirdly creepy but at the same time calming.

  • Qin Des

    Qin Des

    19 hours ago

    Ima be honest with you. Not every video is a winner to me. But your quality to crap ratio is far more than exceptional. I feel like you should be already known as an amazing Animator. I don’t mean just on YouTube either. The personalized art style combined with how much life is in each frame is something you don’t see much now a days.

  • elesqueletonaranja


    19 hours ago

    Nice job I love hoy you combined 3D models with 2D drawings!

  • Bruh got Those summer vibes

    Bruh got Those summer vibes

    19 hours ago

    This scares me bananas omg no good snacks 😱😱😱 also he makes childhood scary love that I just realized he has the momma pig from peppa OH THE EASTER EGGS!!

  • Ada Scott

    Ada Scott

    19 hours ago

    This video is one of your best. You should do more like these videos.

  • Cassie


    20 hours ago

    "You missed our prayer." My dude, you started praying without meatcanyon.

    • R. SCOTT

      R. SCOTT

      15 hours ago


  • EagleLord117


    20 hours ago

    Oh no he’s become a storytime animator

  • vanilla town

    vanilla town

    20 hours ago

    more of this plz . i like your story xD

    • Cassie


      20 hours ago

      if only there were more storytime animators making stuff like this

  • Big Man Dean

    Big Man Dean

    20 hours ago


  • James Kelly

    James Kelly

    20 hours ago

    You realize that you are a cult leader now right?

  • Daniel Pearson

    Daniel Pearson

    21 hour ago

    Best slumber party ever!!! Lol in all seriousness, this was a trip....fantastic storytelling, and horrifyingly entertaining video, as always

  • Austin Watts

    Austin Watts

    21 hour ago

    An ocean of disappointment flooded over me.

  • EagleJDM


    21 hour ago

    The Peppa head is on the wall, canonically meaning it could be and was terminated. Was it by george or other neighbors possibly?

  • Talobsta


    21 hour ago

    Ugh church after a sleep over fuck that

  • ROAHGOA 11

    ROAHGOA 11

    22 hours ago

    How dose this man make the moast innocent thing scary

  • Georgenstien Smitder

    Georgenstien Smitder

    22 hours ago

    This made me get 40 count combination pizza rolls

  • Noah Burris

    Noah Burris

    23 hours ago

    You should do one on Kirby I feel like you could something good with that

  • Textadragon


    23 hours ago

    Love how he has the Peppa monster head above the fireplace