my house will destroy your braincells

Published on Apr 17, 2021
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  • Weird !Sans

    Weird !Sans

    33 minutes ago

    Destruction power: huh?

  • burning marshmallow

    burning marshmallow

    Hour ago

    tik tok in a nutshell

  • Sol Magdalena

    Sol Magdalena

    2 hours ago

    el factor de los órdenes no resulta el afectado

  • Devil Kar

    Devil Kar

    2 hours ago


  • Solar Leonidas

    Solar Leonidas

    3 hours ago

    So... It's bigger on the inside, than it is on the outside?

  • AnAbsolute Doggo

    AnAbsolute Doggo

    4 hours ago

    Jokes on you I have no braincells

  • Nerd Castle

    Nerd Castle

    5 hours ago

    Who designed this house? MC Escher?

  • Giankarlo Sverko

    Giankarlo Sverko

    5 hours ago

    This reminds me of that game that functions on this core principle

  • James Wadkins

    James Wadkins

    5 hours ago

    I can see that villager glitching out

  • Joonbee


    6 hours ago

    *portals 100*

  • Giuseppe Fiori

    Giuseppe Fiori

    6 hours ago


  • Short_Stackzz


    7 hours ago

    Plot twist: *there is no twist to this cursed video*

  • Shujin


    8 hours ago

    This is edited.

  • Mia Gimenez

    Mia Gimenez

    10 hours ago


  • hypingbts


    10 hours ago

    I have so man questions

  • Nitin Tamrakar

    Nitin Tamrakar

    10 hours ago

    Cool😘😘😘we want part 2

  • Mini Viswam

    Mini Viswam

    12 hours ago

    BRAIN.exe has stopped working.

  • Simp for mono

    Simp for mono

    13 hours ago


  • SugarHeartHorses


    13 hours ago

    My brain hurts

  • Reva


    13 hours ago

    It's like he's figuring out what is house is whilst recording as well. 😭

  • Leø Diaz

    Leø Diaz

    13 hours ago

    My brain turns up side down

  • Amita Mondal

    Amita Mondal

    14 hours ago

    Its all about Doraemon and his anywhere door🥴😂

  • DMNK


    16 hours ago

    This video make me a lot of smart

  • Kya Hufflepuff

    Kya Hufflepuff

    16 hours ago

    Me who already has no brain cells: UuU

  • username


    17 hours ago

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

  • Brian Stewart

    Brian Stewart

    18 hours ago


  • Pepperonywise


    23 hours ago

    Fiiiiiine, I'll sub

  • Fumikage Tokoyami

    Fumikage Tokoyami

    23 hours ago

    You mean you aren't supposed to turn a whole village into a single non-euclidean house?

  • RedTed


    Day ago

    I got a 10 on my math test idk if am gonna get a good in the next cause of this video

  • Oakley Citra

    Oakley Citra

    Day ago

    Just watching this has leveled my confusion to a billion

  • A Baron of Chivalry

    A Baron of Chivalry

    Day ago

    This is one of the videos NASA will send to the aliens.

  • POATIK _

    POATIK _

    Day ago

    stvee clone

  • Catboy Nishimura riki

    Catboy Nishimura riki

    Day ago

    Destroy my braincells? Lol i never had any

  • OminousVirus


    Day ago

    The video was even hurting the villager’s remainder of brain cells.

  • valerie guenther

    valerie guenther

    Day ago

    I fell dumb for some reason

  • rxsy


    Day ago

    brain.exe has crashed

  • Piyush Waghulde

    Piyush Waghulde

    Day ago

    Minecraft on LSD



    Day ago


  • Silent Stormur

    Silent Stormur

    Day ago

    Those are some cool mods

  • Anurag Das

    Anurag Das

    Day ago


  • Rainbowdash Reviews

    Rainbowdash Reviews

    Day ago


  • Besties011


    Day ago

    how much for it?

  • •Hi•


    Day ago

    My braincells is already destroyed before this ಥ⌣ಥ

  • Earl James

    Earl James

    Day ago

    When the Ancient One entered the world of Minecraft

  • Amogh Sikka

    Amogh Sikka

    Day ago

    I'm trippin



    Day ago


  • Bluedogpro YT

    Bluedogpro YT

    Day ago


  • MRIDUL Kumar

    MRIDUL Kumar

    Day ago

    Yeah you definitely destroyed my brain cells but wait I don't have brain whaaaaaat. Btw gg

  • • ashtreet_is_ Çhãrîßßã •

    • ashtreet_is_ Çhãrîßßã •

    Day ago

    .... I'm confused about your house

  • Ennard


    Day ago

    I’m am dying right now

  • David Hrdina

    David Hrdina

    Day ago

    Just a normal house

  • MilkshakeAlly


    Day ago

    2010 TV show theme songs :

  • Henry Vo

    Henry Vo

    Day ago

    Makes sense to me, idk about you guys

  • The_almighty RO

    The_almighty RO

    2 days ago

    Thanks I am losing Braincells and my exams are going on 🙂🧠🔫



    2 days ago

    My face the whole time FR: 😟

  • Oop-


    2 days ago

    No i understand it quite well!



    2 days ago

    this is the longest 57 seconds i have ever seen

  • Antonio 101

    Antonio 101

    2 days ago

    I'm feeling ill..

  • Siphous


    2 days ago

    ... what.

  • Beberlyn Edradan

    Beberlyn Edradan

    2 days ago

    Joke's on you!I don't have any

  • Sohail Aji

    Sohail Aji

    2 days ago

    Braincells destroyed

  • Sabina Janglová

    Sabina Janglová

    2 days ago

    At first I was like 😁yeah I know this mod but then I went 🤨what the hell and I was mind blow when u went up the ladder

  • theredbaron20


    2 days ago

    That's pretty cool

  • Pax the Cat

    Pax the Cat

    2 days ago

    0:15 Frozen Programme when Task Manager is in use

  • Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

    2 days ago

    Help?.... what just happened?

  • dradogon


    2 days ago


  • Quinn Rehkemper

    Quinn Rehkemper

    2 days ago

    Makes sense to me

  • Lou Charles

    Lou Charles

    2 days ago

    "My bwain hurts!"

  • Fakhri Amanov

    Fakhri Amanov

    2 days ago

    Cool editing

  • Checkers


    2 days ago

    This made me sad

  • Md Injamam

    Md Injamam

    2 days ago

    *Oh my ALLAH* 🤯

  • Michael Fernando

    Michael Fernando

    2 days ago

    You can't destroy something that doesn't exist...

  • Arben Husenaj

    Arben Husenaj

    2 days ago

    the title tells no lies

  • DS Cuber

    DS Cuber

    2 days ago

    Everything is possible with non-euclidian spaces.

  • MintZ : l

    MintZ : l

    2 days ago

    My last 3 brain cells : 👁️👄👁️

  • Ajung Imsong

    Ajung Imsong

    2 days ago

    What the fuck😵

  • Star Lord

    Star Lord

    2 days ago

    This is "star lords" father you gave my son brain damage...

  • Shaan CG

    Shaan CG

    2 days ago

    "video that destroys your braincells"
    Me: How can you destroy something that does not exist??

  • Soviet union

    Soviet union

    2 days ago

    Bro it hurts

  • Griffin O'Grady

    Griffin O'Grady

    2 days ago

    listen this whole thing is wild but at 0:37 the fences next to eachother aren’t connecting and that’s what hurts my brain the most

  • Poke Dimension XD

    Poke Dimension XD

    2 days ago

    My mind be like:Just stop it now

  • how to RAP

    how to RAP

    2 days ago

    Every part of your house is illegal

  • Flame_Skull_Studios


    2 days ago

    I gained braincells

  • Vebsy


    2 days ago

    my arm genuinely went weird when he went up the ladder



    2 days ago

    There goes my braincells

  • Daniel Johanan

    Daniel Johanan

    2 days ago


  • Evelyn Hiatt

    Evelyn Hiatt

    2 days ago sorry what?

  • Red Hoodie

    Red Hoodie

    3 days ago

    what is this, an M.C. Escher house?

  • Alan McKee

    Alan McKee

    3 days ago


  • suryaprasad brahma

    suryaprasad brahma

    3 days ago

    Braincells destruction 100 percent

  • Abb


    3 days ago

    My head hurts..

  • Xavier Von Alchin

    Xavier Von Alchin

    3 days ago

    Bold of you to assume I had any to begin with

  • Sehar Seraj

    Sehar Seraj

    3 days ago

    Me: Watchig this video
    My brain: Bro I quit I dont want to be in your body anymore

  • Pop501


    3 days ago

    Am I dead?

  • Deanna Adams

    Deanna Adams

    3 days ago

    I am confusion

  • Marco Rezzoli

    Marco Rezzoli

    3 days ago

    [Insert name].exe does'nt work.

  • Manju Sharma

    Manju Sharma

    3 days ago

    My brain says that it had stop working

  • real nigga

    real nigga

    3 days ago

    He skadood in minecraft

  • Valter Plays ツ ._.

    Valter Plays ツ ._.

    3 days ago

    this video in a nutshell:


  • MonkEyo 0

    MonkEyo 0

    3 days ago

    Nice house ...

    Meanwhile im dieing inside 😳