MY WEIRD ICE CREAMS: a cooking video

Published on Jun 8, 2021
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this is my second cooking video where i teach you to make 3 or 4 or 6 of my favorite weird ice creams. you can find the recipes here:

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shot by karen han: karenyhan

this is where brian david gilbert is:

brian david gilbert
  • Mantooth


    33 minutes ago

    I want to see a scrambled egg ice cream video

  • Third Eye

    Third Eye

    43 minutes ago

    My mums always wanted to make sprout icecream for christmas 0-0

  • Holy Crocs

    Holy Crocs

    Hour ago

    Steve Harrington's job at Scoops Ahoy prepared him for this video

  • Neko Ninja

    Neko Ninja

    3 hours ago

    "Boiled a khezu"
    Wonderful reference, thank you

  • Marinda


    9 hours ago

    The dislikes I imagine to be from moms who are in charge of ice-cream for a charity potluck and thinking 'This is not helping, Brian! Not kid palate approved!'.

  • states1996


    11 hours ago

    Damn it now I gotta buy an ice cream machine

  • Emily


    12 hours ago

    Most scoopable things have imperial measurements and grams listed in the serving size on the nutrition facts. So you can just pop it on the scale and zero it, and scoop out of the original container with your regular spoons or butter knives, and then you don't have to clean your scoops.

  • Alex Harvey

    Alex Harvey

    13 hours ago

    FOLKS 👏

  • Katrina Rocketman

    Katrina Rocketman

    14 hours ago

    You missed an opportunity to call it Cold Bay.

  • Horricule


    14 hours ago

    I was on board with this until you did the old bay one

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    15 hours ago

    5 year old : "that guy is not real" Me : "he is real" 5 year old : "..... Oh.. is he just from Germany?"

  • Cemetery Confessions

    Cemetery Confessions

    15 hours ago

    The editing on this is incredible.

  • Thermite Kitty

    Thermite Kitty

    16 hours ago

    bdg doing a bit of a BrutalMoose

  • Gelbadaya Sneech

    Gelbadaya Sneech

    16 hours ago

    Bacon and eggs ice cream uses an egg custard base and has candied bacon added at the end. It's MIND BLOWINGLY DELICIOUS!

    • Gelbadaya Sneech

      Gelbadaya Sneech

      14 hours ago

      I tried the thing where you drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt on vanilla ice cream and it changes the whole flavour and texture. Why is it so good? What is the science behing this amazing phenomena? Is it magic?

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      15 hours ago

      Once I tried some olive oil icecream, and that stuff slaps

  • Clarissa S.

    Clarissa S.

    16 hours ago

    When he said "folks" and clapped I immediately thought of Kurtis Conner

  • Robyn Villanueva

    Robyn Villanueva

    17 hours ago

    This is karma for choosing Togepi as the most edible pokemon

  • sage


    17 hours ago

    i just made the lychee & peanut butter ice cream & it was so good--really rich but still refreshing, & the lychee flavor compliments the peanut butter. ty brian this was great.

  • Al


    18 hours ago

    Brian why didn't you make Lao Gan Ma ice cream.

  • Tommy !

    Tommy !

    18 hours ago


  • Magnus Valentin

    Magnus Valentin

    18 hours ago

    12:30 man i thought that was a stick of butter for a second and i was beginning to freak out thinking about you adding it in

  • Santi algo

    Santi algo

    18 hours ago

    As a lactose intolerant, I feel seen and validated.

  • Sexy Pants

    Sexy Pants

    19 hours ago

    Appreciate the edited in ml instead of just having the fluid ounces.

  • Magyar GabeN

    Magyar GabeN

    19 hours ago

    The cherry-vanilla is the type of ice cream you eat after successfully validating your #sculpturebug theory

  • marc !

    marc !

    19 hours ago

    maryland psa: DONT GO TO BALTIMORE
    the cops suck more than usual

  • Mari Steinmann

    Mari Steinmann

    20 hours ago

    What the fuck was your resource for the US pronunciation of lychee

  • gruforevs


    20 hours ago

    "man explains what tasting is" killed me

  • Rohan Narayanan

    Rohan Narayanan

    20 hours ago

    Why is there no crab in the Old Bay icecream, Brian?

  • Jack Wright

    Jack Wright

    21 hour ago

    You have to try making rye bread ice cream. It's really, really, really surprisingly good. Like go for a slightly buttermilk vibe in the cream, caramelise the rye bread crumbs by gently roasting them in some dark syrup or brown sugar, it's almost honeycomb ice cream in vibe. Put a rhubarb or lingonberry/cranberry sauce ripple in it. You will thank me.

  • Aidan O

    Aidan O

    21 hour ago

    Once I tried some olive oil icecream, and that stuff slaps

  • Brad Faucher

    Brad Faucher

    21 hour ago

    I've heard sichuan peppercorn ice cream is incredible

  • James Garvey

    James Garvey

    22 hours ago

    "...and sometimes you dreams end up sucking."

  • Gelbadaya Sneech

    Gelbadaya Sneech

    22 hours ago

    I want to make these ice creams so bad! I'm partial to pecan praline with chili pepper flakes but would love to make a Thai curry ice cream that I can share with my vegan friends!
    It looks like "lai-chee" and "lee-chee" are both valid pronunciations (with a soft "ch") true to the native tongue the word comes from. Lots of words have multiple pronunciations due to various dialects and finding one hard rule regarding anything in language is a joyless task. Water is pronounced "wauw-tah" by my friend in the UK , "wau-dur" by my uncle in Maryland, "w'dr" by some people here in south central Pennsylvania, and about 4 different ways by me personally. (My accent is a little mottled.) Often most arguments I see over the pronunciations of words simply come down to two people pronouncing it correctly, but from the standpoint of differing dialects. Linguistics are a funny and fascinating thing.
    That being said "Diogenes" is pronounced "Dee-oh-YEH-nehs" and if you pronounce it "Die-AH-je-neez" I'll pee on your leg!

  • Murder Bro.s

    Murder Bro.s

    22 hours ago

    Hi today we’re cooking nut and coom ice cream

  • Célistine Oosting

    Célistine Oosting

    22 hours ago

    Old Spice Ice Cream

  • Mickie Smith

    Mickie Smith

    22 hours ago

    I got whiplash from the “folks! *clap*”. Now I need a BDG/Kurtis Conner crossover episode

  • Shani Lynn Rogers

    Shani Lynn Rogers

    22 hours ago

    But Brian, why didn't you serve them all in a toilet?? It's the only way to impress your friends :D

  • Enoc Lopez

    Enoc Lopez

    22 hours ago

    I am Venezuelan, and you have brought out the corn flour of my people, you summoned me?

  • Mistakeke


    23 hours ago


  • Terrence Stearns

    Terrence Stearns

    23 hours ago

    Eggs are pasteurized, the tempering isn't even a big deal honestly

  • StormSought


    23 hours ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has no idea what to do about dropping a whole egg

  • Aislinn Ambrose-Rossow

    Aislinn Ambrose-Rossow

    23 hours ago

    Did anyone else get a Bounty paper towel ad right after the egg fell on the floor? Cause that was downright perfect.

  • Killian Reilly

    Killian Reilly

    23 hours ago

    I love how bdg's new videos are either existential horror or cooking. this one is both

  • Vincent Decraene

    Vincent Decraene

    23 hours ago

    Oke cool, but pepcorn ice cream when?

  • Howuf


    23 hours ago

    Hey I have a suggestion. You might shame me, but if you’re willing to give it a shot, switch Old Bay for Cinnamon and thank me later.

  • Baconinthesoap64


    23 hours ago

    Almost makes me wish I liked ice cream.

  • NateTheOK


    Day ago

    BDG should get together with Brad Leone for a show!

  • asmit317ify


    Day ago

    Karen seems fun!

  • mrwoodchuck94


    Day ago

    Proceds to eat ice cream with a fork

  • Ryan Hendrickson

    Ryan Hendrickson

    Day ago

    crab cream?

  • asmit317ify


    Day ago

    Brian, PLEASE give me more. PLEASE.

  • John Defoe

    John Defoe

    Day ago

    I'd Brian going to challenge himself this year and not put some sort of "Actually this is a brainwashing undertone" moment in one of their videos?

  • Elija Barz

    Elija Barz

    Day ago

    Who else is baked rn?

  • Titti


    Day ago

    That Lychee jam kinda looks like cu-

  • pain with the s

    pain with the s

    Day ago

    why do you have a printer in your kitchen

  • Mason Marchand

    Mason Marchand

    Day ago

    My favourite ice cream flavour is cherry, chocolate, and Amaretto. I'm lucky enough to be able to buy it pre-made (there's a local company here that makes it, flavour sounded a bit wild so I just HAD to try it) but I'm realising that it would be really easy to make it myself; it has some half-cherries and thin dark chocolate chunks through it, if anyone wants to give it a go, highly recommend it (it's a hit where I'm from, every small ice cream business that carries hard-serve ice cream has it, my personal favourite way to eat it is coated in maple-flavoured white chocolate because sugar)

  • Cole Parker

    Cole Parker

    Day ago

    Stop telling people what health choices to make, you make comedy videos and you should probably stick to that.

  • Felix Ángel Pazo Vila

    Felix Ángel Pazo Vila

    Day ago

    Make Brian pickin up the egg a GIF

  • Coffin Nachtmahr

    Coffin Nachtmahr

    Day ago

    i always forget you lived here i can tell you were here for awhile by how you pronounce baltimore,

  • Shelby / Wazu

    Shelby / Wazu

    Day ago

    Put it on everything, Old Bay.

  • No Body

    No Body

    Day ago

    oh hes from maryland? that makes so much sense

  • mfries121


    Day ago

    I watched this stoned and I'm not sure if this was a dream or not

  • S4NNee


    Day ago

    I like it when u cook stuff

  • RoloFilms


    Day ago

    I feel like my car won't go over the ocean on my way to Baltimore...

  • Kyokushitaka


    Day ago

    I hope you know about Morgenstern's and Big Gay Ice Cream

  • Carolyn S.

    Carolyn S.

    Day ago

    I love the retuck count

  • Carolyn S.

    Carolyn S.

    Day ago


  • E L Y S S A

    E L Y S S A

    Day ago

    ...why are you wearing SOCKS in the kitchen, Mr Brian?

  • 1owk3y


    Day ago

    Whoa guys BrutalMoose looks so different now

  • João Vitor Dias

    João Vitor Dias

    Day ago

    Wish I was vaccinated as well *cries in Brazilian*

  • rat child

    rat child

    Day ago

    90 is just normal every day summer right? Am I weird?

  • Ezz eldin Abdelazim

    Ezz eldin Abdelazim

    Day ago

    BDG is a man of so many talents, comedy, research, gaming, fitness, horror movie making and cooking

  • Clara Spain

    Clara Spain

    Day ago

    Me, from Washington wondering what the hell Old Bay is: 👁👄👁

  • JamesLibrary


    Day ago

    I, too, use the rice cooker paddle for everything

  • Peli Kettu

    Peli Kettu

    Day ago

    Brian’s hair is still ✨fabulous✨

  • MisterFro9


    Day ago

    2winz² part 2 please. I can't get it out of my head!

  • Professor Monster Gaming

    Professor Monster Gaming

    Day ago

    Spent the whole time prepping myself for this to turn into a horror video about lost innocence or something.

  • M3taSlash


    Day ago

    Wtf is old bay and wtf are hash puppies

  • Prag is now mine

    Prag is now mine

    Day ago

    My day really does become a lot better when i see that you’ve posted

  • Yuki Puh

    Yuki Puh

    Day ago

    Ok but what about Lao Gan Ma ice cream?

  • jarlaxle2445


    Day ago

    This dude needs to give back all the thunder he tried to steal from ProJared.

  • andrea torres

    andrea torres

    Day ago

    This is the first time ive ever seen you and the amount of subtle chaotic energy in this vid is jaring

  • rasguanabana


    Day ago

    That’s not half weird. In my city one ice cream chain occasionally makes mayo ice cream. Or dill flavoured ones :v

  • Russi Raffaele

    Russi Raffaele

    Day ago

    Oh sh*t, fardin on my roommate's door

  • R Young

    R Young

    Day ago

    As soon as you started talking about liking textures in ice cream I had to leave :c

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    Day ago

    "If you’re not in Baltimore, freaking rent a car and go there" ah yes, brian, I am sure renting a car from Germany and taking it over the freaking ocean won’t be a problem at all /

  • Ezra Kyle

    Ezra Kyle

    Day ago

    as a fellow Maryland, I will now also try this

  • Sor!


    Day ago

    19:33 kurtis conner folks clap

  • Lars Finlay

    Lars Finlay

    Day ago

    i thought i was gonna be precluded from enjoying this due to my lactose intolerance. thank you for helping me not have painful death farts

    • ceerw buty

      ceerw buty

      Day ago

      Brutualmoose looks kinda weird today...

  • Dorito Prince *** ON PERMANENT HIATUS ***

    Dorito Prince *** ON PERMANENT HIATUS ***

    Day ago

    i literally just won an ice cream maker in a contest so the timing of this video could not have been better :)

  • winterblossoms


    Day ago

    Yooo one time I actually did make scrambled egg ice cream and it tasted like those Chinese egg tarts!! Highly recommend, it was delicious still :)

  • MisfitFox


    Day ago

    This is just CrankGameplays without a peanut allergy lol

  • Mageless


    Day ago

    Thick and creamy… that’s how I like my milk
    In all sincerity these look delicious, and I wish I still had an ice cream maker. Might have to get a new one when I have cash.

  • Brock Dorsey

    Brock Dorsey

    Day ago

    Fun fact: Sweet Corn ice cream is a thing. It’s just kernels of sweet corn in ice cream. It’s savory and sweet and pretty good!

  • TheBatSpiderman


    Day ago

    A video between you and Brutalmoose would be insanely chaotic and I want it

  • Just-her- author

    Just-her- author

    Day ago

    Me:-trying to avoid this madness
    Me now: it's June 12th he is everywhere

  • cheese gandi

    cheese gandi

    Day ago


  • Elspeth Tirel

    Elspeth Tirel

    Day ago

    The sweet egg conversation reminds me of when i was fucking around with deviled eggs recently and decided to make some with sugar. Not my favourite ever, but they did just have sugar, and they werent bad. Id say B- but room for lots of improvement, possibly with the addition of salt, spices, and/or mirin. Def would try scrambled eggcream

  • Honter Thompson

    Honter Thompson

    Day ago

    This video is funny but losing the Polygon budget is a shame, the production value here is very "former vine star commentary channel"

  • Nick Little

    Nick Little

    Day ago

    Wtf is Old Bay? xD