Published on May 24, 2021
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Sydney Morgan
  • Holly-May Franks

    Holly-May Franks

    9 hours ago

    free concert y'all

  • DaisyByDesign


    3 days ago

    Me when they mentioned Bizaardvark *Literally being the next Belissa*

    Only my OG Olivia Stan will remember from the Disney channel days

  • Amber Cochran

    Amber Cochran

    5 days ago

    Imagine she sees my comment❤️❤️💗

  • Melrose L. Malferrari

    Melrose L. Malferrari

    7 days ago

    God loves you

  • Anja Kruskic

    Anja Kruskic

    8 days ago

    Ok do YOU love Sour ( you yessssss) YOU frend yessss

  • Amber Johnson

    Amber Johnson

    9 days ago

    Good 4 you is my second favourite song in the whole entire world

  • Amber Johnson

    Amber Johnson

    9 days ago

    I don't disrespect driver's licence I was listening to it before I watch this video

  • Grace Kennedy

    Grace Kennedy

    10 days ago

    Your video are really good I like them and they are funny x

  • notHANIXx


    10 days ago

    Imagine getting a heart from. Sydney 🎀

  • Ava the visco girl

    Ava the visco girl

    11 days ago

    Put on drivers license

  • Uswa Rahim

    Uswa Rahim

    12 days ago

    You just made my dayyy

  • Ashley Kinchant

    Ashley Kinchant

    13 days ago

    I love OLIVIA Rodrigo so much

  • rose


    14 days ago

    it’s meh dream to get noticed by a yt

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


    14 days ago

    My favorite is brutal just love the way she did a more of a rock song and i loved it

  • Sarah A0193

    Sarah A0193

    14 days ago

    i love you videos it would make my day if you like my comment

  • Sasha Smith

    Sasha Smith

    16 days ago

    I love high school the musical

  • Lena


    16 days ago

    me: you guys-
    Sydney and and the person next to her: omg yeaaaasss
    guy in the back: passed out or ded but not really
    also me:
    mkay yall do you thing

  • Sophie&Molly


    18 days ago

    My fav is good 4 u!

  • sierra mallette

    sierra mallette

    19 days ago

    love olivia rodrigo she is such a inspiring artist and i wish the best for her and her career and with you sydney i love your tiktoks your videos there amazing and your makeup is sooooo amazing and your so so talented ily

  • ItsBobcat


    20 days ago

    My brother is named Connor lol

  • angel roman

    angel roman

    20 days ago


  • Thamara D'Sena

    Thamara D'Sena

    21 day ago

    I w@s bored so I w@tched you

  • Mark Aikens

    Mark Aikens

    22 days ago


  • raisa_rehenuma


    23 days ago


  • Carlee Kotzenmacher

    Carlee Kotzenmacher

    23 days ago

    They filmed this on my birthday

  • Aubrey Lemieux

    Aubrey Lemieux

    24 days ago

    I agree Sydney is the best I have been watching her for a while



    25 days ago

    Can you do this 😢👿😂🤑

  • Rowdy babies 🧒👧

    Rowdy babies 🧒👧

    26 days ago

    Can you do 🍆🧀🍕🍗plzz 😄

  • Nick Basile

    Nick Basile

    27 days ago


  • Laeeqa Bhamjee

    Laeeqa Bhamjee

    28 days ago

    Hey! I love olivia Rodrigo and her sour album and I rate every single song 10/10 I've been a fan after her for so so so long

  • نجاه خورشيد

    نجاه خورشيد

    28 days ago


  • Welcome To Elle

    Welcome To Elle

    28 days ago

    How is this content 🤔

  • Mara Puls

    Mara Puls

    28 days ago


  • California Nik

    California Nik

    29 days ago

    Your blue eyes are just everything...💙

  • Rosa Avila

    Rosa Avila

    29 days ago

    Your the best youtober

  • myra prasad

    myra prasad

    29 days ago

    1:25 she's so right, I thought that @ first
    Btw, Sydney should sing one cover song. 😉

  • myra prasad

    myra prasad

    29 days ago

    "God, it's Brutal out here" (rock n roll)
    Love that song.

  • mtv


    Month ago

    Drivers license is my favorite song

  • Alice Hall

    Alice Hall

    Month ago

    Ok sydney so u know how u make face masks with that machine thing
    Can h make one with watermelon?! ❤️

  • Josie's fashion Empire and puppy's 🐶

    Josie's fashion Empire and puppy's 🐶

    Month ago

    Don't know how to spell your name but I know that you're so beautiful

  • Andy Fantastic

    Andy Fantastic

    Month ago

    You are my inspiracion. You do very beautiful makeup. Love you from mexico

  • myra prasad

    myra prasad

    Month ago

    I love Sydney Morgan's video

  • Sisters Delight

    Sisters Delight

    Month ago

    Sydney!! You make my day when i watch your videos!!!!!!!!

  • Anjali Kamdar

    Anjali Kamdar

    Month ago

    Sydney is so pretty and amazing at makeup and i look up to her as a makeup artist!

  • Piper.heaven


    Month ago

    Can u imagine getting a reply from Sydney

  • Bubble Scrunge

    Bubble Scrunge

    Month ago

    Everybody hates on her voice but I absolutely love it its unique 😁

  • Callmeh Lucy Roblox

    Callmeh Lucy Roblox

    Month ago

    Everyone’s getting hearted by Sydney you guys are so lucky! By the way doesn’t Sydney have the most creative YouTube ideas?

  • Emma L

    Emma L

    Month ago

    Plz do☄️💨🎨🧩🔑

  • Jamil Ansari

    Jamil Ansari

    Month ago

    Can You Do🤖💀🤡🤠😨???

  • Шолпан Ахажигитова

    Шолпан Ахажигитова

    Month ago


  • Capri sun kid

    Capri sun kid

    Month ago

    I love Olivia so muchhh

  • Asmr pop it

    Asmr pop it

    Month ago

    So it is a ten out of ten

  • Asmr pop it

    Asmr pop it

    Month ago

    I love Drivers license

  • Stephanie Moore

    Stephanie Moore

    Month ago

    you have a disney face, Sydney. your eyes are wide and bright. and your smile is also brilliant.
    I am amazed people get so crazy over you like a celeb. the world is so lonely and clinging to creative energetic people like yourself. i enjoy watching as well, i hope youre happy, cause you have a great smile that brightens people's day.

  • Mancheela Krishna

    Mancheela Krishna

    Month ago

    Please make a flower face mask in your shorts

  • Amanda Compton

    Amanda Compton

    Month ago

    Traitor speaks to my soul! Life's a Bitch sometimes, but it does get better.

  • Radhika Unnikrishnan

    Radhika Unnikrishnan

    Month ago

    Try 🍑🍒🍓🍉

  • Jazzmine Pipps

    Jazzmine Pipps

    Month ago


  • Tamai Hore

    Tamai Hore

    Month ago

    𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕆𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕒 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕪𝕠𝕦

  • 에베벱


    Month ago

    I luv u soooo much😍

  • Renaka Rao

    Renaka Rao

    Month ago

    Greetings from USA I love your channels I liked and subscribed

  • Shernnor Williams

    Shernnor Williams

    Month ago

    I was a fan sense bizaardvark. And this is a girl just using my dad's account.

  • It's Kinnick!

    It's Kinnick!

    Month ago

    Olivia rodrego singing sour and me just singing good 4 u

  • All_aroundAuggie Roblox

    All_aroundAuggie Roblox

    Month ago


  • All_aroundAuggie Roblox

    All_aroundAuggie Roblox

    Month ago

    Yeah she really is so mice

  • Daddy chill 123

    Daddy chill 123

    Month ago

    Omg I am a huge fan Sydney please reply

  • Olivia.j Stacy

    Olivia.j Stacy

    Month ago

    I heard that if you say the youtubers name three times you get pinned so...
    Sydney Morgan
    Sydney Morgan
    Sydney Morgan

  • Unicorn Gabby

    Unicorn Gabby

    Month ago

    Sydney ur so BEAUTIFUL I hope I look like u when I grow up but I know I won’t

  • Raveena Sampath

    Raveena Sampath

    Month ago

    Eggs please

  • tofumochi4u


    Month ago

    Omg Conner (the guy next to Sydney) kinda looks like Twaimz 😲

  • Sweet Tea ASMR

    Sweet Tea ASMR

    Month ago

    My SOUR ranking!! (I’ve been a Stan since early January)
    11. brutal
    10. hope ur ok
    9. favourite crime
    8. deja vu
    7. jealousy, jealousy
    6. good 4 u
    5. 1 step forward, 3 steps back
    4. happier
    3. enough for you
    2. drivers license
    1. traitor

  • Wings of Vanya

    Wings of Vanya

    Month ago

    The way u speak is so smoothing 🤩❤️

  • Natalia Barbosa

    Natalia Barbosa

    Month ago

    Shes not the next taylor swift, shes the first olivia rodrigo

  • Strawberry Tube

    Strawberry Tube

    Month ago

    I follow you on Instagram and love your makeup

  • Isaiah Hernandez

    Isaiah Hernandez

    Month ago


  • Kaylaaa


    Month ago

    Stop I love ur voice ❤️

  • Irene Tunya

    Irene Tunya

    Month ago

    Sydney is sooo talented and beautiful I believe soon if she has a makeup store,she will be The BIGGEST makeup store manager EVER cause she is amaizing! And Sydney if you are reading this,I LOVE you and believe you will soon be the Queen of beauty and makeup and talent Queen b m t. That might be your name so just for everyone who hate Sydney, you people are ALL Jealous.

  • Ignacia Ponciano

    Ignacia Ponciano

    Month ago

    When the video is done Me: *puts on Olivia rodrigo *

  • Laila Loading…….

    Laila Loading…….

    Month ago

    Me following her before she had 100k on tiktok

  • Twilight2600


    Month ago

    I have this community did you have a boyfrind

  • Katy Perry fan

    Katy Perry fan

    Month ago

    You are so beautiful
    Hi from Albania

  • ꧁ luhana ꧂

    ꧁ luhana ꧂

    Month ago

    You are beautiful ❤️

  • Anita Sarkar

    Anita Sarkar

    Month ago

    তোমার সব কটা ভিডিও একদম বেকার থু থু থু থু

  • Views Visualizando a realidade

    Views Visualizando a realidade

    Month ago

    Ela é perfeita nas expressões faciais

  • game master

    game master

    Month ago

    All of this l only like Billie eilish songs !🤔 please Sydney , make songs video , of Billie eilish?!!!!!!!!

  • AlLie c🥺

    AlLie c🥺

    Month ago

    I like good for you



    Month ago

    My ratings:
    1. Brutal
    2. Traitor
    3. Favorite Crime
    4. Happier
    5. Good 4 U
    6. Jealousy, Jealousy
    7. Drivers License
    8. Hope Ur Ok
    9. Enough For You
    10. 1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back
    11. Deja Vu

  • mitchell Butler

    mitchell Butler

    Month ago

    #1 good for you #2 all I want #3 driver’s license # dejavu you are both wrong . But she’s an awesome musician and she’s had the talent her whole life . Even her show tunes as a kid are real catchy . Case and point “ Apocalyptic crush “

  • lexi


    Month ago

    My ranks ♡
    good 4 u
    favorite crime
    1 step forward, 3 steps back
    hope ur ok
    jealousy, jealousy
    enough for you
    deja vu
    drivers license
    i love all of them, if its near the bottom it just means i like most more than them!!

  • Congo Da Man

    Congo Da Man

    Month ago

    I love the way you perform with so much passion you can tell how much you enjoy your favorite songs.

  • Anamika Mukherjee

    Anamika Mukherjee

    Month ago

    Can you do this ❤️🦄🍭🎭

  • 🌸 b l o s s o m 🌸

    🌸 b l o s s o m 🌸

    Month ago

    She is so pretty

  • Glory to God

    Glory to God

    Month ago

    Am in love wiz her voice.

  • chickenlxve--robloxedits


    Month ago

    I love this album

  • John Ryan Landicho

    John Ryan Landicho

    Month ago


  • Aradhya Samal

    Aradhya Samal

    Month ago

    Can you do purple orbeez face mask and we will give 1 million likes plzz

  • CraftyKitty


    Month ago

    22 30 30 26 28 33

  • JA Rahat

    JA Rahat

    Month ago

    👻🌲🐠💀plz plz plz plz

  • Hagar Alaa

    Hagar Alaa

    Month ago

    Please made this 🇪🇬🌈🎀💎

  • Kochani Kochani

    Kochani Kochani

    Month ago

    Can you do 🧛🏾‍♂️🌽🎂🤡👻😻👄