Published on Jun 10, 2021
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Onions can turn your tears black?!


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Sydney Morgan
  • George Ramey

    George Ramey

    11 minutes ago

    How did rooter turn it black

  • Keanelis Meléndez

    Keanelis Meléndez

    19 minutes ago

    Pls tell if it’s real

  • xxxBTSxxx


    33 minutes ago

    Welcome to the cap place what cap wuld u like? 🧢🧢🧢🧢

  • Blu3 d3adpool the real

    Blu3 d3adpool the real

    48 minutes ago


  • Floop_Loops


    Hour ago

    How to become Billie Elise tutorial

  • Renae Cuozzo

    Renae Cuozzo

    Hour ago


  • DGT elite

    DGT elite

    Hour ago

    I think this is not real

  • Jerichocopop 🥰💕😎

    Jerichocopop 🥰💕😎

    Hour ago

    Girl that is not real😕🤗

  • Victoria Cobbins

    Victoria Cobbins

    Hour ago

    That’s mascara

  • Ben Darden

    Ben Darden

    Hour ago

    Everyone wow me what type of soda is it

  • colter999


    Hour ago

    I see the video where you had that black eyed

  • Nathan Menchaca

    Nathan Menchaca

    2 hours ago

    Now she’s Billie eilish

  • Bryce Trupiano

    Bryce Trupiano

    2 hours ago

    Nice job looking for clout

  • Dilehjabu Kamanda

    Dilehjabu Kamanda

    2 hours ago

    It's so obviously fake

  • Thomas Phipps

    Thomas Phipps

    2 hours ago


  • Ashby Cayton

    Ashby Cayton

    2 hours ago

    Ok this is 10000 percent fake

  • Marthaelizabeth Arteaga

    Marthaelizabeth Arteaga

    2 hours ago

    Thats freaky but it seems kinda Fake

  • Blizzard


    3 hours ago

    Imagine cutting onions and getting runny makeup on your face

  • Savannah scherrens

    Savannah scherrens

    3 hours ago


  • Victor Ceballos perez

    Victor Ceballos perez

    3 hours ago


  • King Mohamed

    King Mohamed

    3 hours ago

    No way

  • Lesedi Sello

    Lesedi Sello

    3 hours ago

    You painted you eyes haha

  • oof


    3 hours ago

    Me:I wonder what is going in inside her head?
    Her:I will 100% popular

  • Kni Howard

    Kni Howard

    3 hours ago


  • Teon Powell

    Teon Powell

    3 hours ago


  • kitty queen

    kitty queen

    3 hours ago

    Bruh it didn't work

  • hybridcatblake


    4 hours ago

    Is this fact or cap

  • Maria Diaz

    Maria Diaz

    4 hours ago

    Fake u can tell

  • Jiraiya Pamphile

    Jiraiya Pamphile

    4 hours ago

    Fake u cut the camera off and your tears turn 🖤

  • Lenbo Legend

    Lenbo Legend

    5 hours ago

    Shout out to people who actually thought it was real

  • Tiny Secrets

    Tiny Secrets

    5 hours ago

    I smell cap 🧢

  • Kat and zoe

    Kat and zoe

    5 hours ago

    I don’t think it’s real

  • Büşra Kütük

    Büşra Kütük

    6 hours ago

    is fake

  • Eddie Cowan

    Eddie Cowan

    6 hours ago

    I smell cap

  • It wasn't me

    It wasn't me

    6 hours ago

    Eye liner

  • Rose Palma

    Rose Palma

    6 hours ago


  • King slayer

    King slayer

    6 hours ago

    Bro what that can not be true

  • Heaven Smurr

    Heaven Smurr

    6 hours ago

    Girl you lieing to use

  • βexϟ


    7 hours ago

    Omg it’s Totally real

  • Dudu Briones

    Dudu Briones

    7 hours ago

    Hahahahahaha no way someone beleives that thats lettery 100% fake no way that happenes

  • Nadine Williams

    Nadine Williams

    7 hours ago

    That is not real

  • Avani Ozse

    Avani Ozse

    7 hours ago

    Everyone: let’s take a moment of silence

  • Adriana


    7 hours ago

    OMG look at her eyes

  • Andjela


    8 hours ago

    Am I the only one when sees an anion starts crying even tho its in a vid-

  • FishingWithTom


    8 hours ago

    Fake alert 🚨

  • Imababyllama 🥰

    Imababyllama 🥰

    9 hours ago

    We all know this is fake

  • Ma. Wilma Eyas

    Ma. Wilma Eyas

    9 hours ago

    No way A human Cries *Black* Tears-

  • Roberto fuentebella

    Roberto fuentebella

    9 hours ago

    Oh thats why billy eylish just looked at that hack and she used it as the black tears 😎😎😎😎

  • Malin Studios

    Malin Studios

    9 hours ago

    Seriously thats fake

  • Malin Studios

    Malin Studios

    9 hours ago

    Seriously thats fame

  • Minki van Heerden

    Minki van Heerden

    9 hours ago

    You lie

  • Victoria Spoor

    Victoria Spoor

    9 hours ago

    And I think it's fake because you can get eye blood and if it was real it would be not allover your eye and has to be inside

  • Victoria Spoor

    Victoria Spoor

    9 hours ago

    My mom was cooking and as soon as you put the onion in I smelt the onions down stairs

  • Hailey Ferland

    Hailey Ferland

    10 hours ago

    When she cut through the Onion my eyes burned

  • corrupted •skid•

    corrupted •skid•

    10 hours ago

    No one:
    Me:billie make up

  • A'isyah Binte Muhammad Imran

    A'isyah Binte Muhammad Imran

    10 hours ago

    Its fake

  • Slithice Gaming PH

    Slithice Gaming PH

    10 hours ago


  • bestie 💙

    bestie 💙

    11 hours ago

    Lol love rootbeer but thats so fake lol

  • Edlyn Alcantara Villaciete

    Edlyn Alcantara Villaciete

    11 hours ago

    You just pause the vid and put some ink in your eyes

  • Sus.Idiot.___


    11 hours ago

    *me somehow crying when she cut the onion

  • Areta Rexha

    Areta Rexha

    11 hours ago

    Oh My Gosh THIS IS SO FAKE

  • Alwin Lavarias

    Alwin Lavarias

    11 hours ago

    Me as a boy:I bet it's just your eye liner thing the black thing where if you cry your tears are black I think it's dat

  • tw stydia

    tw stydia

    12 hours ago

    It's obviously fake but kinda cool

  • NouraMousa Life

    NouraMousa Life

    12 hours ago

    This is Billie eilish made her music video "when the party is over"

    Just kidding this is fake

  • VihaanZ Vlogs

    VihaanZ Vlogs

    12 hours ago

    That's how Billie eilish acted in the song when the party is over

  • Hanna Ryan

    Hanna Ryan

    13 hours ago

    Remember: she can do makeup
    Aka: it’s FaKe!!!!

  • Sehreen Bashir

    Sehreen Bashir

    13 hours ago

    That's just black eye blood

  • Finn Schlagel

    Finn Schlagel

    14 hours ago

    Alllll cap

  • Rebecca Drake

    Rebecca Drake

    14 hours ago

    That’s literally so fake you did so bad I’m trying to make it look real dirty just put it around your eyes

  • Juju Monzon

    Juju Monzon

    14 hours ago


  • Melissa World

    Melissa World

    14 hours ago


  • Melissa World

    Melissa World

    14 hours ago


  • unknown


    15 hours ago

    Root beer: ok looks like im going to heaven also Root beer im in H E L L

  • jadelynn Yang

    jadelynn Yang

    15 hours ago

    Billie eillish be like:

  • Kadence Aleece

    Kadence Aleece

    15 hours ago


  • oemar ramlal

    oemar ramlal

    16 hours ago

    Fake 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Wayde Meyer

    Wayde Meyer

    16 hours ago

    I know how you did that

  • Gregory Orosco

    Gregory Orosco

    17 hours ago


  • Ted Werner

    Ted Werner

    17 hours ago


  • Mangei Silicon

    Mangei Silicon

    17 hours ago


  • sunnybunny334


    18 hours ago

    Thats mascara

  • cousins squad channel

    cousins squad channel

    18 hours ago


  • Major Factor

    Major Factor

    18 hours ago

    Or but eye liner and cry thank me later

  • Azucena Gonzales

    Azucena Gonzales

    18 hours ago


  • Darkness


    18 hours ago

    How long will it take to come off?

  • 🌼katie🌼


    18 hours ago

    its fake

  • Rem1X


    18 hours ago

    Ight let’s just say at the point right now your tears are already black when you cry just gotta take a little Kleenex and wipe it off

  • Jason Blair

    Jason Blair

    18 hours ago

    That is fake it is makeup liar liar sorry but not real cuz i tried it and nothing happened

  • iWindows


    18 hours ago

    how fake do you want this to be
    the girl: yes

  • LaQuanda Daniels

    LaQuanda Daniels

    19 hours ago

    Omg I tried it it works

  • Shelby Judd

    Shelby Judd

    19 hours ago

    Not real sorry

  • Alessandro Raiti kitty

    Alessandro Raiti kitty

    19 hours ago

    Are you Sydney

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    Roberto Gonzalez

    19 hours ago


  • Myrna Vicente

    Myrna Vicente

    19 hours ago

    If you paint your tears it will be red, blue, green and PINK

  • Endia plazz games 🎮

    Endia plazz games 🎮

    19 hours ago

    CAP 🧢

  • Andie Sheeran

    Andie Sheeran

    19 hours ago

    That’s fake

  • Jasmine Sims

    Jasmine Sims

    19 hours ago

    Where should I hide😰😰😖😣😖😖

  • Robert Livingston

    Robert Livingston

    20 hours ago


  • 0


    20 hours ago

    Oh mt gosh i love you but - WHAT look its cap in the sky