Rating Celebrities I've met at Parties/Events

Published on Jul 20, 2021
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  • TheyCallMeGray


    Month ago

    Petition to get a billion dollars so Swoozie can talk about bad experiences

    • ً


      4 days ago

      @DJStankDaddy808 no

    • ً


      4 days ago

      same I got scared to@ERICFIRE

    • ً


      4 days ago

      same@The logan and zae Show

    • ً


      4 days ago

      @Carl wheezer the anime pfp is from a prn hub vid, so he’s a mega virgin idk what the prn vid is called but ye



      11 days ago

      Who has the money? Anyone? Hello?

  • Nathaly Lopez

    Nathaly Lopez

    5 hours ago

    I made it 2,600 comments🥱



    14 hours ago

    I’ve met Stan lee once

  • An average fnf player

    An average fnf player

    20 hours ago

    Je ye

  • Jack poskonia

    Jack poskonia

    Day ago

    Swoozie: fans are celabraties bosses
    Me: The power you have given us is unmatched by any living being to exist on earth

  • Ain Individual

    Ain Individual

    Day ago

    While they're not exactly celebrities as someone who goes to conventions a lot, and loves the heck out of cosplayers, you learn to respect it when people don't want photos! Even if they're kinda rude when they tell you no. They're probably tired af

  • GangsterGod 262

    GangsterGod 262

    Day ago

    I love how everyone is talking about stan lee. Rest in peace

  • Sokka


    Day ago


  • 3thqn


    Day ago

    Stan is like the nicest person ever also a very good author

  • climax vlogs

    climax vlogs

    2 days ago


  • Shane Ball sack

    Shane Ball sack

    2 days ago

    I’m always wanted to meet Stephen curry and KD

  • Bread god and gods bread

    Bread god and gods bread

    3 days ago

    the thumbnail shows obama, stan and kim right?
    if you read their names together it becomes "obama stan kim".
    Obama is a stan now?!

  • 黒い人新鮮な


    3 days ago

    Wait a minute what is swoozies real name?

  • Epic


    4 days ago

    Rip stanlee. :c will be missed

  • Mira Windows

    Mira Windows

    4 days ago

    I just got it in my head that I’m terrified of asking for a picture for the same literal reason that they might really hate it if I ask so I never bother to ask. I do love your videos and some of your words sometimes make my day feel better though so thank you. :) You is a real one haha

  • Kings legacy

    Kings legacy

    5 days ago

    You met KD and steph

  • Without My Glasses

    Without My Glasses

    5 days ago

    I'd love to meet Jaden smith

  • xKiLLMaRi


    6 days ago

    kinda sucks finding out anthony anderson be on some dweeb shit off camera but when u think about it anthony does give me that try hard to be funny type vibe lol

  • El santana

    El santana

    6 days ago

    Can’t be the only person who think this title is creepy and weird reminds of the episode on black mirror

  • Impdor


    7 days ago


    • Impdor


      7 days ago


  • Adnan Nhili

    Adnan Nhili

    8 days ago

    Rip Stan Lee 🙏🙏🙏🥀🥀🥀☝️☝️

  • Rebel876 _

    Rebel876 _

    9 days ago

    I wished I met Stan Lee ☹️

  • CrunchyFreeze


    9 days ago

    rip stan

  • Ghost


    10 days ago

    Bro i mis stan

  • Sinraq 2.0

    Sinraq 2.0

    10 days ago

    Be honest foo

  • Haris Sahab

    Haris Sahab

    11 days ago

    Bruh you met both Steph and KD? That’s crazy, but you didn’t meet the GOAT Klay tho.

  • Mila Burhanzai

    Mila Burhanzai

    11 days ago

    Stan Lee 🤟

  • Raging_Nerdaholic


    11 days ago

    I'm hating otc since swoozie met stan lee and all da peeps, jk swoozie. Ur too hot to hate🤣

  • Raviolinator


    11 days ago

    Wow I love Static Shock

  • Blue Kool-Aid Man

    Blue Kool-Aid Man

    11 days ago

    everybody stans for stan

  • viroz


    12 days ago

    Steph a cool guy for not letting another fan interrupt his current interaction. One of one with a fan is cool, of course it was just a misunderstanding but it shows character.

  • viroz


    12 days ago

    Kim K seems like a really nice person, she is doing criminal justice shit as well.

  • Rheza Maulana

    Rheza Maulana

    12 days ago

    Dande: iS yOu JJ ?
    JJ: YEE
    Dande: can I get a PICTOOR ?
    JJ: YEE

  • Stefan Dewgong

    Stefan Dewgong

    12 days ago

    Those are awesome experiences.
    I gotta disagree with the whole “fans are like your boss” thing. Sometimes people have a lot going on and you don’t know what they’re going through. Just because they don’t want to take a picture or spend time with you don’t make them bad folks who do not appreciate their fans.

  • Bacom The Bacon Hair

    Bacom The Bacon Hair

    13 days ago


  • Iñigo PB

    Iñigo PB

    14 days ago

    Im sad that stan is dead

  • Zyanilue


    14 days ago

    I would give a trillion dollars just to meet up with stan lee

  • BaneGadVEVO


    14 days ago

    From his YT dp you know he likes tha movie Aladdin

  • BaneGadVEVO


    14 days ago

    Reference to thumbnail Obama can't stan kim 😂

  • Luis Portillo

    Luis Portillo

    14 days ago

    i met obama he said “can i keep you?” he is a cool funny guy

  • Izaya Wilhite

    Izaya Wilhite

    14 days ago

    stan lee is a GOAT!
    R.I.P Stan Lee

  • Rashed Elamin

    Rashed Elamin

    14 days ago

    shout out Stan Lee. King

  • Cheesier


    14 days ago

    Static shock is best celeb

  • Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)

    Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)

    15 days ago

    You're very lucky to have met Stan Lee. I wish I could have met him before he died. Rest In Peace, Stan. You will never be forgotten.

  • Rockstar Pyro

    Rockstar Pyro

    15 days ago

    Never met Stan in person,but I know he was a 3000 out of 10

  • Danilo Tenis

    Danilo Tenis

    17 days ago

    The Static Shock part killed me, but no joke Static is a DC/Milestone legend

  • GPC Hustle

    GPC Hustle

    17 days ago

    I wish I met Stan lee U lucky

  • Antonio Czechoslovik

    Antonio Czechoslovik

    17 days ago

    Even Stan Lee is better than Kim Kardashian and Barack Obama.

  • Alexopfpz's channel

    Alexopfpz's channel

    18 days ago

    God I wanna steal the eye of Agamotto now to go and meet Stan Lee I miss him so much :,(

  • Akeem T

    Akeem T

    19 days ago

    Brah! Tell us the stories of the bad moments you had with celebs

  • Kenality


    19 days ago

    why am i not here??? probably because i was 100^1000/10 and there were too many 0's for him to put in

  • Jayson Lavern

    Jayson Lavern

    19 days ago

    Stan Lee is a fuckin’ GOD man-
    Seriously he deserves the world!

  • Cow Demon

    Cow Demon

    20 days ago

    Kim K is a sweetheart!

  • Drei Drei

    Drei Drei

    20 days ago

    Jesus Loves all of you guys

  • HunterCool22


    21 day ago

    R.I.P. Stan Lee
    *What a Legend.. Will be missed.* ✊😔

  • BigPizzaStudios


    21 day ago

    RIP stan lee :(

  • Nøwäÿ the døgê

    Nøwäÿ the døgê

    21 day ago

    1000,000000/10 for Stanley

  • Lindsey Kovalik

    Lindsey Kovalik

    21 day ago

    I'd be so excited to meet YOU. 🥺💖

  • juan oooh

    juan oooh

    21 day ago

    imagine an alternate universe where swooz smashed kim k

  • AidenAZ


    21 day ago

    I wish I could meet Stan Lee RIP

  • Qwertyioi


    21 day ago

    I love the napoleon dynamite shirt

  • Genji


    21 day ago

    Should've expected all of these would be positively rated since they're coming from a public figure

  • Greg Howe

    Greg Howe

    22 days ago

    Jeri Ryan, 7 of 9 from Startrek Voyager used to come into the Barnes and Noble I used to work at because her parents lived near by. I always felt that was her time, she wasn't at a convention and didn't need to have somebody talk about her work. This goes for my general attitude for famous people. She asked for a book and at the time we'd walk the customer to the section find it and hand it to them (increased chances of purchasing if item in hand) the book she wanted was in the section right next to the end of SF with Star Trek novels right there. I said let me get it for you, she said she wanted to browse other things. While walking there I'm thinking do I say something or not I don't know.... We get there I hand her the book she's looking around realizes where she's at says thanks and she's gtfo

  • SnowEarDraws


    22 days ago

    The reason why I really like Stan Lee is because he made pansexual icon Deadpool.

  • an Orangutan

    an Orangutan

    22 days ago

    So, misleading title, eh? "Rating the GOOD celebrity experiences I've had (because I don't want to talk negatively until I'm a billionaire)"
    I guess that one was too long.

  • owen taylor

    owen taylor

    22 days ago

    Rip Stan lee

  • Christine Joy

    Christine Joy

    22 days ago

    I met you Swoogie I you were so chill 1000000000/10. Facts.

  • The Emu Junta

    The Emu Junta

    22 days ago

    I’ve met lebron Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Olsen

  • ashton houran

    ashton houran

    22 days ago

    Out of all of Marvel Super Heroes, I liked only a few. Like, Black Panther, Ant man, Deadpool can be funny without the unneeded Sexual innuendos.

  • Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious

    22 days ago

    stan kroenke

  • John Sebastian Carlos

    John Sebastian Carlos

    22 days ago

    rest in peace stan lee

  • Marcus Endrizzi

    Marcus Endrizzi

    23 days ago

    Stan Lee was amazing, he will never be forgotten, RIP

  • jenni profera

    jenni profera

    23 days ago

    I’m waiting for the day where we cross paths and I just stand there with my mouth wide open just pointing at you before finally whispering, “ˢᵂᵒᴼᶻᶦᵉ”

  • Nooby Cheep

    Nooby Cheep

    23 days ago

    How have u met so many peoples

  • Braeks


    23 days ago

    I'm trying to remember which wrestler it was, I think it was the Rock, that said it, but he was talking about how some days he hates dealing with fans and pictures and everything, and he was riding with a vet performer who always made time to take pictures, or sign autographs, w/e. Stopped constantly, and one day he asked him how he does it? How can he stand constantly being stopped and approached and everything, and he's like. You don't know everyone's situation or what they're going through, it means nothing to you, its 5 minutes, its an inconvenience, but you could make their whole day or their whole week for just a few minutes of your time. What feels like an inconvenience for you, might mean everything for them, and that it stuck with him and he's followed that ever since.

  • Flapdog


    24 days ago

    I can rate the celebs I met too!
    Thats it

  • Isaac Buckley

    Isaac Buckley

    25 days ago

    Every story I’ve heard about someone meeting Stan Lee is awesome. Guy seemed like someone who made everyone feel cool

    • Richard Fitzwell

      Richard Fitzwell

      24 days ago

      Even though his entire career was built off of fraud. It's funny when you learn the truth about someone and how "honest" all their careers were.

  • Lawstshane


    25 days ago

    Tre is not Jadaa son

  • Hend Tube

    Hend Tube

    25 days ago

    rating celebrities I’ve met out of 10

    so that’s gonna be it for this list

  • hockeyhalod


    25 days ago

    Stan Lee is the best. I miss the dude.

  • Morni ._.

    Morni ._.

    25 days ago


  • AppleGotSkin 2

    AppleGotSkin 2

    25 days ago

    Although it’s sad o loose Stan lee, I’m just glad he died when he should have. It’s even sadder to see so many famous people overdose or get shot. We miss em all

  • Planf The Plant

    Planf The Plant

    26 days ago

    you kinda look like usher

  • Sharon Anderson

    Sharon Anderson

    26 days ago

    Swoo whatever can’t standing him really

  • It’s Blaze

    It’s Blaze

    26 days ago

    Imagine going to parties. Ha! You’re such a very popular person….. I wish I had friends to hang out with. I originally was gonna make the going to parties thing as a joke. But as I’m writing this comment I’m starting to realize how lonely I am. I’m gonna go turn incognito mode on.

  • Jet The hawker

    Jet The hawker

    26 days ago

    Thank you for highlighting me

  • Ian


    26 days ago

    Rip Stan lee

  • Rodney the gæ

    Rodney the gæ

    26 days ago

    How do you get this privilege sir?

  • cookeepuff


    26 days ago

    Highly disappointed in Anthony Anderson. If I was you I'd give him a lower score than that.

  • cc reacts

    cc reacts

    26 days ago

    When im famous imma be nice 👌 😌 cause life's too short to be rude.

  • Cardcreature


    26 days ago

    I just learned how to do this

  • Plankton plays

    Plankton plays

    26 days ago

    Yooooooooo you met Stan lee

  • Drippy ass Omni

    Drippy ass Omni

    26 days ago


  • Indiana Rivera

    Indiana Rivera

    27 days ago

    Glad Pewdiepie has an understanding fanbase

  • Pro Tophead

    Pro Tophead

    27 days ago

    looks like chris paul

  • Magma743


    27 days ago

    I wish I could have met Stan Lee. Miss him 😭

  • Jet The hawker

    Jet The hawker

    28 days ago

    Wait a minute you met Kim Kardashian

  • Jet The hawker

    Jet The hawker

    28 days ago

    I wish I could I meet Stanley Lee

  • Daniel Xin gaming

    Daniel Xin gaming

    28 days ago

    Nobody will make me stop being nice Stan lee and you on the internet and real life forever

  • Loobonx1 RBLX

    Loobonx1 RBLX

    28 days ago

    Swoozie met obama himself? Wow