Reevaluating The Little Mermaid before Disney horks up another live action remake

Published on Jun 16, 2021
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happy pride month.
and don't underestimate the importance of... preorders.

Yes, we meant Joan Crawford, not Collins. Dunno how that happened.

2:59 part 2: something, somthing feminism
7:50 part feminism something.5: Ariel's voice
9:49 part feminism.something something: Ariel's character arc
11:31 part four: True Love (TM)
15:08 Part something: character arcs
20:41 number 6: Adaptation \u0026 the Gays
25:06 part something: The disney version is gay AF, too! (just, you know, not in the same way)

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Lindsay Ellis
  • Camila Monteiro

    Camila Monteiro

    2 hours ago

    I can't believe you used the Sandra Anemberg meme! My brazilian heart pounds...

  • Romantic Outlaw

    Romantic Outlaw

    6 hours ago

    "disney princesses are making our daughters into barefoot preggo kitchen-bound non-girlbosses" has the same but opposite energy as "metal music/horror movies/video games are making our kids violent"

  • Sophie Gathercole

    Sophie Gathercole

    14 hours ago

    Then Raya and The Last Dragon decided that they wouldn't even have a love interest ( we all know that it's an enemies to lovers story, I should stop lying to myself.)

  • Tim Creech

    Tim Creech

    22 hours ago

    Did, did you renounce your tearable way of "reading into" films? Do you just actually look at what actually is in the film instead of just making stuff up based on what you want it to be? This is your best video in years!

  • Calvin Poblete

    Calvin Poblete

    Day ago

    Thank god you continued. Never understood why you were "cancelled". I mean you explained it pretty well. But still don't understand why the hell that happened.

  • Crimsonite20


    Day ago

    This artistic mermaid animation where is it from

  • Aaron Hicks

    Aaron Hicks

    Day ago

    When you said Hans Christian Anderson was A romantic, I got confused for like a minute and backed up like 3 times before I realize you didn’t mean aromantic

  • human


    Day ago

    This video was great, I really enjoyed it. Aside from that I have a question, what did the Kickassia hotel room smell like?

  • Manuela Porto

    Manuela Porto

    Day ago

    mano do céuuuuuuuuuu ela usou um meme da sandra kkk alguem me belisca

  • Manuela Porto

    Manuela Porto

    Day ago

    I'm from Rio and thanks for making me feel special

  • Aaron Hollingsworth

    Aaron Hollingsworth

    Day ago

    We miss you, Lindsey. Your insight is nutritious for our minds.

  • ايمان السويسي

    ايمان السويسي

    Day ago

    Nice 👍👍👍👍👍🌻🌻🌻🌻🤝

  • ElComanchero


    Day ago

    I'm a father of a one year old girl and because of her I'm even more grateful than before to women like Lindsay, I feel you are making the world better for everyone but especially girls by challenging us to think how femininity is observed in our society and tales. Thank you.

  • Remedy


    Day ago

    It also should be mentioned that Buzzfeed was riding high at the time with listicles leveled largely at left leaning ladies, and it simply boiled down to which cartoon character are you most jealous of?

  • Generic user

    Generic user

    Day ago

    video on netflix's She-Ra??

  • Andrea Solano

    Andrea Solano

    2 days ago

    i recomende read the tale of oscar wilde The Fisherman & His Soul where the fisherman sacrifice his soul for be with the siren i like to think that is a responce for the tale of anderson but the siren and the fisherman live happy and die together

  • BurgerFred1


    2 days ago

    This "feminism" is really just misogyny in disguise.
    Imagine if a civil rights journalist wrote one day "The reason black people can't get ahead in this country is because they be saggin their pants and wanna become rappers." They would be ousted as a CIA plant in an instant.

  • conn barry

    conn barry

    2 days ago

    I love how Frozen thought it was being soooo radical with "lol falling in love with the first guy you've ever met after one day is dumb", only to replace it with "falling in love with the SECOND guy you've ever met after a COUPLE of days is totally fine"
    They couldn't have just stayed friends, nope.

  • Lindsey Paris

    Lindsey Paris

    2 days ago

    Oh, hi to me at 6:25, LOL.

  • Lost Scrolls Sketchbook

    Lost Scrolls Sketchbook

    2 days ago

    Glad to see you're back, Lindsay. Missed your miserably angry self. You just make being sick of sh*t so damned charming.

  • Rose


    2 days ago

    You ok?

  • Pardis


    3 days ago

    Wait it has Persians? I heard that right? I guess my lazy Iranian ass gotta order this quick :P

  • Bob Hoskins

    Bob Hoskins

    3 days ago

    I think the use of "Wusses" was the exact reason that accent choice was perfect

  • Elisha E

    Elisha E

    3 days ago

    I'm engaging for the algorithm gods.

  • Glitch Walker

    Glitch Walker

    3 days ago

    I went into this thinking how sexist The Little Mermaid was. I came out close to tears remembering, as a kid, I related to her more than any of the male characters in any other Disney film.

  • Glitch Walker

    Glitch Walker

    3 days ago

    This helped me see things from a very different point of view. I'd never considered that 101 Dalmatians had a Disney Princess

  • Monsieur Spaztic

    Monsieur Spaztic

    3 days ago

    I’m glad you’re finally addressing this is just hope you also addressed how you got into this too with your first video on the little mermaid.

  • Tina Belcher

    Tina Belcher

    3 days ago

    Snow white was incredible.. she always worked hard, had hope and faith this made her beautiful. The prince wasn't much of a thought... She rarely mentioned him. I love snow white because she had strength... Its a very simple beautiful formula that had a very simplistic happy ending. A woman suffered and worked hard and had a fairytale ending.... This was metaphorical and beautiful...She is one of the strongest princesses. The prince didn't save her she achieved her goals by working hard and pushing forward.

    • NCR Patriot

      NCR Patriot

      8 hours ago

      Snow White I think is the only princess who was bogged down by the prince trope. I get it that she was the first movie like that and it was the 1930s but in hindsight the movie didn't need a prince at all. He literally comes out of nowhere at the end and wasnt really established. It really just should've been the dwarfs who revive her because they actually loved her

  • Everest


    3 days ago

    would you ever talk about the fREAKING MULAN REMAKE?
    i hate it. i hate it. they literally completely changed the plot in a horrible way, and they completely changed what it was based on??? which is kinda pissy.

  • cdcroc


    3 days ago

    (Slow clap) AL brought me here. It's crazy never hearing about someone with a million subs. Enjoyed the commentary.

  • CrispyDragons


    3 days ago

    It's very telling to me that you took the time to dismantle the whole "princess marries a guy she met minutes ago" misbelief, while Doug Walker completely agreed with it without any questions.

  • Kobalt Severa

    Kobalt Severa

    3 days ago

    So down for your Stefon impression!

  • Danilo Casteblanco

    Danilo Casteblanco

    3 days ago

    Comentario en español
    El gran problema de esas Princesas fue que tenían un gran mensaje de transfondo sino que al final de la obra se perdía
    Peeeeeeeeeeero no quita que se debe ser crítico con el producto por ejemplo con ariel puedes ver a la tonta que vendió su voz por un tipo que vio solo una vez o puedes ver a la tonta que vendió su voz (por qué seamos sinceros lo fue) para tener piernas y poder ser exploradora además que Úrsula diciéndole bque debe ser callada es la crítica precisamente a esa idea de la mujer.

  • BluenoteNinja


    4 days ago

    Using Fury Road to make a point about storytelling in The Little Mermaid is 5D time travel stuff and I’m here for it

  • Tony Bruno

    Tony Bruno

    4 days ago

    Don't let the bastards get you down, Lindsey. Keep pressing on! :)

  • NFM1337


    4 days ago

    Imagine not considering the Great Mouse Detective the best Sherlock. Disgusting.

  • Jeedy Jay

    Jeedy Jay

    4 days ago

    These seem like some disputes that have been needed for quite awhile.

  • BigFuzzyDice


    4 days ago

    Actually I think Aladdin and Jasmine get married like right after their movie because the whole point is that they are trying to get Jasmine married in a few days. While yes the Sultan changes the law saying Jasmine has to marry a prince, it still means she married Aladdin immediately after. Though I agree the rest of them you don’t know how long after they get married.

  • Richard Pellegrino

    Richard Pellegrino

    4 days ago

    "Like the Danish themselves"

  • Arthur Haddad

    Arthur Haddad

    4 days ago

    OMG! Thank you!! I've been saying this to my friends for years about The Little Mermaid lol now I can just send them the link to this video so they can hear it from someone much more eloquent than me!
    and yes, please, do come to brazil lol

  • Rannva Macdonald Arnskov

    Rannva Macdonald Arnskov

    5 days ago

    What I know about HC Andersen, he was bisexual. He had a big crush on the swedish opera singer Jenny Lindh (Which sounds sweet when you know that they were nicknamed The Swedish Nightinggale/The Funen Nightinggale respectively due to their beautiful singing voices, though she saw him more like a brother) and I recall from a biography I read a few years ago, that the Little mermaid was mainly about him dealing with the anxiety regarding his soul, being queer and being christian. The end of the story is trying to show how your soul's purity, your worth as a person, is about being a good person and not sacrifice others for yourself.

  • slamet njegos

    slamet njegos

    5 days ago

    Hallo boss
    Im from PONOROGO CITY indonesia salam kenal

  • Chris Parkes

    Chris Parkes

    5 days ago

    Well done on the Stefon impression Lindsey and thank you for another fantastic video.

  • ezgi berf

    ezgi berf

    5 days ago

    Hey! Love from Turkey! Happy to see your book in Turkish.

    (Tho I am surprised you are surprised.)

  • Shoshana Rose

    Shoshana Rose

    5 days ago

    I'm looking for the definition of A-romantic to see if it fits me.... but I can't find it

  • Chris Hall

    Chris Hall

    5 days ago

    Bit off topic but I just noticed when characters are underwater they make their hair behave like their underwater in the little mermaid and the fact that they remember that minor detail just makes me happy.

    • NCR Patriot

      NCR Patriot

      8 hours ago

      Its funny because when watching this video I noticed that as well. Like as Lindsey talked, seeing Ariel's hair drift through the water stood looked pretty neat. And it is more impressive because especially at the time drawing these motions was hard and more time consuming yet the animators still chose to add in those little details

  • Pretty Guardian

    Pretty Guardian

    5 days ago

    Don't underestimate the importance of *boom boom* BODY LANGUAGE!

  • Chickenwhite


    6 days ago

    Take it from a Dane, H.C. Andersen mostly just wanted to make us cry.

  • Cristian Alèjandro

    Cristian Alèjandro

    6 days ago

    Just wanted to let y'all know, It was Joan Crawford and not Joan Collins. Mommie Dearest was a biopic about Crawford and her daughter. 26:45

  • Miranda M

    Miranda M

    6 days ago

    theres this annoyingly clickbait-y concept that "pursuing a man is inherently un-feminist" and's not??? it showcases independence and release from a constraint that women aren't allowed to be "overtly sexual" or whatever. sure, giving up your independence or life or a part of your identity in pursuit of a man isn't feminist, that's where that concept crosses the line into controlling/manipulative territory.
    but the idea that, Ariel had a goal, first to be on land and then to be with Eric, despite the naivete is not...un-girlboss of her. This idea that "women don't need men! women are feminist!" is so stupid because like, bro, what if i _want_ a man? im just not allowed because i'm supposed to be independent of that?
    it's tied to this notion that being a housewife or a caretaker or having any inherently "feminine" careers (don't even get me started on that stereotype are inherently not feminist because the girlboss movement was tied to this "breaking free" narrative when the girls get it done shit idea got popular. like yes! girls do get it done! and girls can get it done by being a damn stay-at-home mom!
    just like...let girls make their own decisions, jesus

  • CutieInk


    6 days ago

    Can I just say...gorgeous lipstick.

  • TiredVampire


    6 days ago

    Nobody writes love letters like people who don't feel romantic attraction, right? Right? lmao

  • Meriel von Stein

    Meriel von Stein

    6 days ago

    Lindsay Ellis the GOAT as ever

  • Christopher Hall

    Christopher Hall

    6 days ago

    @Lindsay Ellis that’s Joan Crawford not Joan Collins.
    Love the video!

  • Jesse Lawson

    Jesse Lawson

    7 days ago

    Joan Collins? You mean Joan Crawford!

  • David D

    David D

    7 days ago

    That was much saltier than the other videos I watched on your channel, but very fun and informative. Really, you just had me hooked at "Moana for the 400th time."

  • David _

    David _

    7 days ago

    You mean Faye Dunaway as Joan CRAWFORD in "Mommie Dearest"

  • TheHeadlessHat


    7 days ago

    whats this? i dont even have to write an all caps comment telling you to COME TO BRAZILLLLLL (i would add the flag but unfortunately it has been cooptioned by fascists

  • skyraider96


    7 days ago

    "The Sea is a right-to-work employer." That got me.

  • Paulette Savard

    Paulette Savard

    7 days ago

    Does this early 00's pop feminism know that only three Disney Princesses get canonically get married at the end of their movies. CInderella ,Ariel and Tiana are the only Disney Princesses that wear a wedding dress and get married. The others either ride or fly off with their princes (Snow White Jasmine) or dances with them (Aurora Belle). Mulan and Pocahontas cases Shang come to Mulan and they have dinner and Pocahontas waves John Smith across the ocean with the help of magic wind.

  • Pearl S

    Pearl S

    8 days ago

    You know what? You have a point. Do I still think it's a slightly problematic movie that misses the point a few times? Yes. Can I admit that there are other valid readings and positive aspects of this film? Yes. And I think 100% that while a lot of the critique leveled at princess movies in general is earned, I can't pretend a lot of it isn't just hating on girly things because girly things are often perceived as anti-feminist or whatever. A spicy but true sentiment.

  • Landon Mitchell

    Landon Mitchell

    8 days ago

    Not sure if this was purposeful but lindsay edits in an image of "the 17 stages of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth" at minute 17:00. This reminds me of Joanna Newsom's cuckoo clock chiming on the hour exactly 1 hour into her album Have One On Me.
    Lindsay Ellis is the Joanna Newsom of video essays OR, ALTERNATIVELY Joanna Newsom is the Lindsay Ellis of harp-playing song weavers.

  • TJtheWonderChild


    8 days ago

    We love you Lindsay!

  • Coagulated Salts

    Coagulated Salts

    8 days ago

    i never hated disney princesses, i saw the dislike for them but I never really had a good or bad opinion. i just thought that they had some good and bad parts. come to watch this video made me feel validated. after all, when you're a kid, you just watch for a happy ending, not the representation or to fight patriarchal views. it's just a story, and yes stories have power in shaping a child's mind but these were feel good stories and encouraged women to take action. Jasmine snuck out to meet aladdin, belle went after her father on her own, airel sought out ursula, cinderella left her home to the ball against her stepmother's wishes. everyone had taken the first step towards their happy ending.

  • Cara Danelle Sheasby

    Cara Danelle Sheasby

    8 days ago

    I grew up watching disney princesses I have to say the way my mom treated me was much more harmfull to my self-esteem and mental health. Children can tell the difference between a story and real life.

  • Marty McFlown

    Marty McFlown

    8 days ago

    "Mermaids, like the Danish themselves, don't have souls"
    *Mads Mikkelsen's eyes snap open*

  • Patrick Diener

    Patrick Diener

    8 days ago

    Aaaaaarrrgh! Morri com a Sandra Annenberg tropeçando no final 🤣🇧🇷 (e com a referência do Stefon também) 😬

  • Samantha Holz

    Samantha Holz

    8 days ago

    I'm fairly certain that "God" added time to the mermaid's sentence every time a child cried or something. So really, the task was impossible and the "indentured servitude" was a kinda forever thing. Because things that aren't humans can't have souls or something?

  • Nancy Brandt

    Nancy Brandt

    9 days ago

    I totally agree about the Great Mouse Detective!!!!

  • Mari Broughton Wynn

    Mari Broughton Wynn

    9 days ago

    Oh no. Ariel's mute... women can't be mute... heaven forbid our actually born mute and deaf girls actually relate to a princess who's been mute yet finds a way to communicate people that arent... huh...

  • Flameoguy


    9 days ago

    13:29 "Snowpiercer"

  • Joker Smoker

    Joker Smoker

    9 days ago

    Never thought I'd see a Lindsay Ellis video about bad faith feminism. Noice

  • Megan Le

    Megan Le

    9 days ago

    I feel like you don’t get the messages in the movie.

  • Person_with_a_camera


    9 days ago

    21:10.. delivering a hard burn on an entire nation, and noone even noticed it!

  • Susannah B

    Susannah B

    9 days ago

    Ariel is a weeb for humans and fetishizes the first human she lays eyes on

  • felipe ferraz

    felipe ferraz

    9 days ago

    quando vir pro brasil passa em BH pra dar um oi, Lindsay

  • makayla farley

    makayla farley

    10 days ago

    No wonder I love villians cause I am gayyyyy

  • MikeEmpires - Age of Empires II

    MikeEmpires - Age of Empires II

    10 days ago

    When the pandemic is over, we’re waiting for you here in Brazil!

  • Dominic W

    Dominic W

    10 days ago

    Liberal feminism sounds like the green eyed monster, jealous of Barbie, and makes a mockery of anything that doesn't adhere to making women more than men. I'm generalizing, but it's literally the conception of all of today's "Karens" (which is now unfortunately being made in a movie.... ugh.)
    I think it's fun to have perspectives on the meta and find proofs to validate it, but it's also totally worth noting that every story has different facets that everyone can take into their perspective and each story only having the one and only truth is... lame. It's a fantasy story for a reason.
    Deciding that the disney princesses are anti feminine and ending the story there is one sided. It creates exactly as you've described, new stories that refer to the meta but don't actually break it because there was nothing wrong with the meta in the first place. (it almost comes across as the husband telling his wife she's right, then the wife acquiesces and the husband gets to do what he wanted in the first place.)

  • Sean Byrne

    Sean Byrne

    10 days ago

    "2 years from Ursula", cuts to the purple and pale make-up... Yeah no way I can stop watching now until I see your big number.

  • PeculiarDoll


    10 days ago

    I neeeeeed that candle 😩

  • Brianna DeRosa

    Brianna DeRosa

    10 days ago

    I cannot deal with this budget Little Mermaid in the credits lol

  • Fairyface Jace

    Fairyface Jace

    11 days ago

    Its kinda funny that time has proven these hot takes wrong. I mean show me a generation of women more hardheaded then millennials/gen z as a whole. Like most afab raised or later female identifying people born post 1980s just don't take shit. We are the generations that pulled hair back when "boys where boys" lol And even though I wasn't huge into princesses (I was more the animal movies/villains kid) my little sister was. Hell she would wear an Ariel dress to kindergarten when we didn't have the gas to fight her on it.... And she is possibly one of the most strong/determined teen girls I have ever met. And I was in with the weird alt kids as a teen myself.

  • Victoria :/

    Victoria :/

    11 days ago

    I love the whole “girls be nurses and not CEO’s because they like princesses” is so funny because I was never into any of the Disney princess as a little girl and still went into a caretaker as an NP so like….idk that’s just funny

  • Artbug


    11 days ago

    I always just believed Ursula was blatantly based on Divine. But after seeing the side by side, and especially the other influences, she way more based on the early actresses. The only resemblance to Divine in maybe a little in looks, but she has a very generic drag look. This is mind blowing

  • Khushi Shah.

    Khushi Shah.

    11 days ago

    Relieved...that you are still making videos, Ma'am.
    *Tips cowboy hat*

  • Teesh W

    Teesh W

    11 days ago

    I came for pro gay stuff. I wasn't expecting all the amazing other stuff I got. Since we are 1.5 corona years in plus a massive bushfire thrown in I cant remember the last time I was expecting something to get better and then got a even more lovely surprise....instead of expecting an ok dinner and instead getting someone crap in my mouth. So...thankyou. it was awesome and I loved it.

  • noodle soup

    noodle soup

    11 days ago

    humans really value their legs because they use them as stilts on the land

  • 3ViL D3AD

    3ViL D3AD

    11 days ago

    What was the male choir song she used in this lol

  • Star Commander Vong

    Star Commander Vong

    11 days ago

    You show Aladdin when talking about the "Marriage after 2 weeks" thing, but if you count King of Thieves (which you should, it's a fantastic movie) and the TV show, they didn't actually get married till 2 years later.

  • anotherdrifter


    11 days ago

    Looking forward to your new book. Hoping you do audio. Love listening to books while I run.

  • MoonKent


    11 days ago

    Finally!! Someone who agrees with me about The Great Mouse Detective being the best Sherlock movie!

  • Jillian Jacques

    Jillian Jacques

    12 days ago

    I think she actually makes a really valid point for the portion of the population that doesn't go to post-secondary. When a woman is not college-educated she's conditioned to believe she only has minimum wage options. When a man is not college-educated he's conditioned to know he can rely on his body for physical labour in the trades to make a middle-class living. Women are taught that if we don't do everything we're supposed to do with no hiccups that we're fucked. Men are taught that they can always find a way to make it work wherever they go.
    That's massively a gender segregation issue and is often massively present in the media we consume as children. The rest of her statements are entirely heavy-handed and unfounded though.

  • Solange Mohammed

    Solange Mohammed

    12 days ago

    thats the world we live in. blame anyone and anything besides the system that is in place.

  • Angua Von Ubervald

    Angua Von Ubervald

    12 days ago

    But like is there room for a 5 minute video about the real victim of 90's Disney films? The reputation of Hyenas in the public consciousness. At least they made the leader a female *sigh*

  • Beril Genç

    Beril Genç

    12 days ago

    For the first time in my lifetime I'm proud of my country 🇹🇷 also I'm sure the translation will suck good luck

  • Natchy


    12 days ago

    Roflmao how did you find that br newscaster footage? I laughed so hard

  • feezlfuzzl


    12 days ago

    Disney princesses create such unrealistic standards for girls! For example, when I was little, I wondered what was wrong with me, that I couldn't get birds to land on my finger like Snow White.

  • Ann


    12 days ago

    So jealous of the starscream shrine

  • Jess Nielsen

    Jess Nielsen

    12 days ago

    I love your content, but it’s Joan Crawford, not Collins :)